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it's big brain time (pfp by bedupolker)
Hello everyone! So I recently started watching Stranger Things and I absolutely fell in love with it! I have seen seasons 1-4! Anyways, i’ve been craving a good stranger things roleplay so here we are!

about me!

• my name is Juniper, though you are free to call me juju or juni for short. You can also call me pastel!
• I am trans (FtM), my pronouns are he/purr/fox!
• I am 20 years old
• I live in the United States, EST timezone!
• I have ADHD, anxiety, and autism.
• I am honestly a slow replier, so please be patient with me!

about the roleplay!
• please be 18+ of age!
• semi-advanced to advanced! I can write around 6+ paragraphs but I can write more or less when needed! You don’t have to match how much I write, just try to do 3+ paragraphs per post!
• ghosting friendly! I am ghosting friendly, if you’re not feeling it anymore then you do not have to tell me! I get it, I understand! I am not going to poke you for a reply.
• if we are doing canon/oc, then doubling up is required!
• Slowburn romance is a must! I’m such a sucker for slowburn romances.
• Memes! Headcanons! Incorrect Quotes! I love doing these for the characters!
• Plotting! You share your ideas, I share mine!
• OOC chatting is a must! If we are not talking outside of roleplay then I am going to feel uncomfortable and awkward. So please be comfortable with OOC chatter!
• I can roleplay in PMs or in a thread!

gender pairings!
• I can do any gender pairings out there. M/M, M/F, F/F, F/NB, M/NB, NB/NB you name it! If we are doing canon/oc, then I would like M/M for my side. I will do any gender pairing you want for your side.
• Polyamory! I am polyamorous myself so i would absolutely love some polyamory ships for this!

I am definitely up for some AUs! We can do an AU, or we can follow the plotline, I am fine with either.

Alright now onto the pairings! For canon/canon, I will bold who I want to play. If both are bolded, I will play either.

pairings (canon/oc)!

my love interests:
eddie munson, steve harrington

i can play for you:
robin buckley, steve harrington, nancy wheeler, chrissy cunningham

pairings (canon/canon)!

steve harrington x eddie munson

robin buckley
x nancy wheeler

pairings (oc/oc)!

I am also up for some OC/OC too!

I do believe that is all! If you are interested, then you can PM me or comment down below!
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