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Fandom Stranger Things Request


hi there, lovelies!

my name is Taylor (18+, she/her, replies whenever obligations allow) and it’s lovely to meet you!

just throwing out a line to see if anyone is interested in any oc x canon (+doubling optional ) (totally will to do cc x cc for you if we’re doubling, though) this fandom i’m craving…but let’s lay some groundwork, shall we?

💖18+ partners only. non-negotiable I’m afraid.

🤍themes such as angst/drug use/🌶/violence/drama/ etc etc are my absolute favorite topics to enhance a good storyline. so, with that being said, i’m not looking for anything slice-of-life — albeit, i don’t mind some fluff to lighten things up a bit. 🥰

💖no one liners, please. i prefer to receive a couple paragraphs or so, but i’m not a stickler on matching lengths or anything…so, as long as i have something to work with, i’m super content!

🤍all pairings welcome. fxf, mxm, mxf, or any dynamic that may interest you. i’m also open to writing for love triangles, poly dynamics, or anything in-between.

💖i prefer to write over discord or even email. just ask for my username! here is fine, too, though.


Stranger Things;
Love Interests: Steve, Billy, Nancy, Eddie, or Robin.

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