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hi there! i'm new to this site but not at all new to roleplaying! i just recently finished stranger things 4 and my muse is now super high! right now im looking for a robin x nancy centered 1x1!

✧ i prefer to discuss plots together so that we create something we are both interested in!
✧ i'd be totally fine with playing some background characters but i'd really like robin and nancy to be in the spotlight
✧ i would like to play robin (if you can't tell from my pfp)
✧ i would love to have lots of action, horror, angst, and suspense along with romance!
✧ i only roleplay in third person and i prefer semi-lit or lit!
✧ i'm totally up for a lot of ooc!
✧ also, i would definitely be down add-in steve x eddie, will x mike, and/or max x eleven, but i would still like for robin and nancy to be the main focus.
✧ i will be super active cause my muse is very high and i will probably make some playlists because that's just how i am!

anyways, i look forward to hearing from some people! feel free to reply here or message me if you're interested!!

i will delete comments on this post either once we start plotting privately or after a week, to keep the thread clean (✿◠‿◠)
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