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Stranded in a new world (open and excepting members)

Elise Ebele

General of the Gen/Ran
Now Open to join!

The actual game play will start on Sunday, March 17th, at 6pm Eastern Standard.

Feel free to create your characters and ask me questions until then.

Glasynys: The Blue Island

Fantasy - Glasynys: The Blue Island | Characters

Fantasy - Glasynys: The Blue Island | OOC

This is the Discord link

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The Island of Glasynys is a very strange one indeed. The first thing that we notice about it is how blue it looks from a distance. Yet, up close, it is very green. Life here is abundant; too abundant. There are animals from all different types of ecosystems, and the plant life is like wise. There is even life on the island we have never seen before.

The island also feels rather magical, don’t you think? The jungle seems to be alive and very active. Things seem to move and dance around in there, and we don’t know what lies ahead.

This role play is going to take place on an island in a world that we can’t leave.
This island is filled with many dangers, and we are on our own, and must survive.

-Note: this rp will be different from most because instead of me saying “here is the plot, now play in it,” I will be dropping plot points and items to players individually, kinds like an MMORPG.

For those of you who might recognize me, this rp will be even more fun than the last one *wink*

The Story:

The last thing you can remember was living your normal life just the way you always had, so why are you... where ever you are? You slowly open your eyes, only to squint at the sun beating down on your face. You begin to try to sit up, but in that moment, you realize what is really wrong. You are floating belly up in salty water. The only thing you can see in any direction is more water... until your eyes fall upon the figures of other survivors... and non-survivors. What did you even manage to survive? How’d you get here, and where is here?

By the time those not dead have all come to, one of you spots land; a blue mass in the distance. It is your only hope, and you swim to it.

Upon arrival we are given a two facts and a suggestion:

"This is Glasynys."
"You will never leave."
"Don't go in to the jungle alone."

Will you survive?

The place we land on seems both magical and mysterious. There are aspects that make perfect sense, and aspects that we can not explaine. Both the waters and the forest are filled with plentiful lifeformes. There are also things out there that go “bump” in the night; things we should be careful of.

This is not, necessarily, a horror rp. It’s more of a survival rp with flavorful surprises thrown in.
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Elise Ebele

General of the Gen/Ran
Yeah I’m also really in to these types and I’m constantly trying to make it better.
This particular rp, I’m trying out a new method of storytelling


The Red One
If you're still accepting new players, I'd like to join. This is a kind of setting I haven't played before, but it sounds really interesting!

Elise Ebele

General of the Gen/Ran
Is there still room for more people to join?
Are you still open to new players?
If you're still accepting new players, I'd like to join. This is a kind of setting I haven't played before, but it sounds really interesting!

Yes! To answer all of you. There is still plenty of room to join.

I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you before. Fridays are usually the days I go teach but I’ve spent a lot of extra time in class rooms this week.

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