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Sebastian glanced towards Harvey, resisting the temptation to ignore what was being told to him. Maybe he had a point; the island did seem completely uninhabited. Still, there was a spark of hope in him that a bit further away, there was some kind of small town of village. It wasn't too far fetched. Energy had been jolted into him from pent up stress, and being productive would be a good way to relieve some of it. Anyway, he was in better shape than some of the other people he'd managed to float ashore with. His eyes glanced over the man laying lifelessly in the sand, then to Harvey. "Somebody needs to find us water; you can rest here with the kid," he brushed the suggestion off, turning a circle again just to make absolutely sure they were stuck in the situation they seemed to be. They were.

Sebastian walked stiffly with the others, stopped after a few steps to glance behind them at the man refusing to move. He wasn't sure what to think, hesitantly limping in the direction of his still form. It didn't take long for him to confirm his suspicions, giving him a few taps with his boot. He didn't move. It seemed unreal to think they had already lost someone, and it hadn't been too long on the island. It just seemed like a bad omen. Just to make sure, he bent over and pressed two fingers to his neck, rising a few moments later after he confirmed there was no pulse. As much as Sebastian liked to do things the proper way, they couldn't deal with a body just then. He begrudgingly left it, slowly becoming less stiff as he walked towards the remaining group.

He walked up to them just in time to hear the other man introduce himself, blowing air from his mouth silently in response. Harvey seemed like he was already planning to be camping out for a while, which didn't sound like good news to Sebastian. He didn't know who he had just been grouped up with by fate, but he did know that his job was too demanding to take any time off. They should have landed in Europe by then, and he knew there was going to be issues when he didn't arrive. "Sebastian," he spoke, his eyes wandering between them inquisitively. His mind had already been made up about the water, and he took a few steps towards the dense forest in front of them after the introduction. If the rest of their throats were as dry as his, Sebas was sure they'd appreciate having someone trying to find water.

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Carmen Hill
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Carmen glanced back towards the others, watching as they began to follow her towards the shade. "Water sounds like a plan," She agreed, continuing to inch her way towards the palm trees that grew thicker, giving off a large span of shade. Only once they had reached the cover of the leafy trees did she turn to scan the members of the group. With the mention of water, Carmen quickly realized just how sore her own throat felt. She didn't know how much water she had swallowed after the crash, but it couldn't have possibly been a safe amount. Perhaps fresh water would ease the ache the she felt.

As each person began to list off their names, Carmen glanced towards the owner of each voice. "Carmen," She breathed out, reaching up to brush a few fingers through her tangled hair. As unfortunate as it was, there was little to give them any hope in making their way off the island. "Where's the other person?" She questioned, concern edging its way onto her expression. He had been the first to latch onto her after the crash, and he hadn't wandered up to the safety of the trees. Her face paled at the realization, her eyes shifting to scan the open beach for his frame. A grimace worked its way onto her expression as she caught sight of him laying down in the sand, unwilling to consider the potential possibilities.

"Where are you going?" Carmen's eyes darted towards Sebastian, the concern only continuing to grow across her expression. "You don't know what's out there; you shouldn't just wander off." She shook her head, disbelief filling her gaze as she watched him wander off. They had barely managed to escape the endless abyss of the ocean, and there he was wandering off without a second thought. If everyone was to survive together, they needed to come up with some sort of a plan.


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When Sebastian introduced himself he was almost immediately put off by him. Was it his tone of voice or something else? He decided he was just tired, they all were, and to not let it bother him. Carmen seemed alright. Out of all of them she seemed to have her head together the best.

When mention of the other man came up Harvey shifted his gaze behind him back to the beach. A frown creased the corners of his mouth. It wasn't a surprise if he didn't make it, all of them were so weak right now. But that didn't make it any better.

He turned and watched Sebastian go ahead and heard Carmen's words of concern. It was true they had no idea what was out there. They could get eaten alive at any minute not knowing what kind of predators are out there. "You might get lost." He glanced around. "There doesn't seem to be many landmarks around here, just trees and sand." He looked back at the beach where they had discarded all the luggage and debris they had held onto. "What if two of us went to go find water and two stayed back here and go through those suitcases and see if there's anything useful?" Harvey knew it probably wasn't the greatest idea and that he'd most likely be stuck at the beach looking through suit cases but it'd be better than sitting around doing nothing. He was already less useful because of his injury, not that he was particularly fit for survival before that.

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Sebastian wasn't expecting anyone to start trying to hold him up, shoving his impatience and irritation down as he turned to glance between Carmen and Harvey. Were they not dying of thirst? He let out a hoarse sigh and stepped towards them again, deciding it was best not to go off, even if he was about to keel over from dehydration. He was silent as he glanced between them, trying to find the words to put his thoughts into sentences. At that moment, his brain really didn't want to function, and the idea of sleeping was sounding better the more his shock wore off.

"That's not a bad idea--the suitcase thing. Having two people won't prevent anyone from getting lost, though," he forced himself to speak, stepping around Harvey to the suitcase he'd thrown in the sand. Slowly, he drug it next to the injured man, crouching down to try and pop the top off. It seemed to be locked, which wasn't good news for them. Thankfully, it didn't look like it was too high security. "We could make a trail with rocks or sand or something," Sebastian offered, glancing around himself as he spoke. He scooted over a few feet to grab a rock from the sandy ground, bringing it over to the suitcase. With a few whacks, the cheap mechanism holding it shut broke to pieces, and he scooted the unlock case towards Harvey.

Still a bit stiff from the jostle, he rose to brush sand from his shirt. Already, he was tired of sand. It was crazy to think he was planning some kind of nice get away on a beach. Now that he was stuck in it, each grain sticking to his clothes and skin like glue, he wasn't a big fan of it. Sebas tried to brush most of it off, but it ended up feeling like sandpaper against his skin, and he stopped. "Who's going and who's staying?"

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Carmen watched as Sebastian began to crack open the suitcase, relieved to hear the lock splitting open. With the addition of suitcases to the island, they would have some amount of modern supplies to help them survive until rescue came. Assuming more would wash up, who knew how many things they could find. Carmen's eyes lifted from the suitcase to scan the island in search of more baggage. Her entire concentration paused as realization dawned on her, and her focus shifted from the idea of supplies to the younger girl who had just been with them.

"As nice as that plan sounds, I think we might have a problem," Carmen responded to the two men, her eyes sweeping the beach in search of the young girl. The tides were rapidly closing in, and she couldn't help but wonder if she had gotten to close to the waves. It was obvious that she had struggled to keep herself afloat in the ocean; water sweeping her up wasn't the most unimaginable thing out there. "The other girl is missing." For all they knew she could have have run out into the trees, but the thought seemed less than realistic. Carmen was wary of entering the tropical jungle alongside the others, let alone by herself and defenseless.

Carmen brought a few fingers up to run through her hair, anxious at how quickly half the group had diminished. At the rate they were going, none of them would last the day without some sort of plan. As level headed of a person she came off as, she could already feel the reality of their situation sinking in. A sense of panic was creeping its way into her mind, and she couldn't resist the thought that they might not make it out alive.


Stressed, a mess, doing their best.
When the girls disappearance was brought to attention Harvey's frown somehow deepened. "Dammit." He glanced back toward the waves and shook his head. "Poor kid." He felt bad he didn't even know her name. But then again that was probably a good thing. As he'd feel a lot worse. Whatever happened, he hoped it wasn't too painful.

Now with a small complication in their plans his eyebrows furrowed in thought. "Well.. we could go as a group and find water. Or you two go ahead. I don't want to slow you down." He glanced between the two. They were younger and more fit and not injured as he was. They had a better chance of surviving and he wouldn't want to put them in harm's way by slowing them down. "I can stay here at the beach." He looked around them and picked up a rock with a point, although a little dull. "Maybe try using this to mark your way so you can find the way back?"

With only three of them now he was starting to lose a little hope of their survival.

He began looking through the suitcase which sebastian had opened. A lot of clothing. A pair of wooden knitting needles and a ziplock bag full of tiny travel sized soaps and toothpaste. "Hm..looks like we dont have to worry about gun disease." Harvey laughed anxiously.
Sebastian grimaced at Carmen's words, glancing around with a mental sigh. They were all going to die of dehydration if they couldn't get a move on their plans, and with the girl gone, there was no way to split up. They'd all have to go. Harvey spoke just as the idea crossed his mind, and Sebas glanced down towards him, his eyes scanning the presumably broken arm.

"Going off alone would be just as stupid is staying here alone. You'll have to come with us," he argued back, stiffly lowering himself to his knees to glance over at the contents of the suitcase. Despite thinking Harvey's joke was mildly funny, he didn't laugh, much more focused on what they were going to do to get everyone to a water source. Carefully, Sebas reached over to pluck a blouse from the suitcase, holding it up to unfold it. It would do as a sling temporarily.

"How about this for your arm?" he asked, giving the shirt a shake, "Might not be much, but we can't leave it loose if we're walking far."


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"Even if your broken arm makes moving a bit harder, I have to agree. We can't split up," Carmen nodded in response to Sebastian's words before glancing around a second time. The girl certainly had disappeared like thin air, and without her they would all have to make do together. So far there hadn't been any signs of danger, meaning they would likely be able to find water without additional concerns. She could already feel her throat aching from the salt water she had swallowed, and it would only be a matter of time before she couldn't take it.

Carmen gave a faint smile in response to Harvey's joke, watching as the two began to sift through the suitcase. Likely they would be able to put anything they found to use in one way or another. Her thoughts were only verified as Sebastian offered a shirt up as a sling, nodding in approval. Hopefully having something to protect his arm would ease some of the pain he likely felt.

Carmen decided to allow them to deal with the luggage, instead turning to scan the jungle behind them. She never had been much of an outdoorsy type, and finding water would likely be more of an issue than she had first thought. "Does anyone know how to find fresh water?" She questioned curiously, glancing back towards the two as she spoke.


Stressed, a mess, doing their best.
Harvey listened to the others words. Seems like they would be sticking together. Seeing Sebastian hold up the shirt he nodded. "It'll have to work." He looked down at his arm. Which now having been a while since the injury seemed worse. The middle of forearm was swollen and red and he couldn't move his hand or fingers of that arm. The only thing he could feel with a deep throbbing pain when attempting to move it, as if the arm was on fire. He straightened his posture and gently lifted his arm so that Sebastian could tie the shirt around.

He glanced around after Carmen's question. He had done some camping before in his younger years but never anything to the extent of having to find his own water source. "Maybe following the flocks of birds? They have to lead to water eventually, right?" He was slightly unsure but that's all he could currently think of.
Sebastian concentrated as best he could on wrapping Harvey's arm, appropriating the help as Harvey straightened out and hold his arm up. It took quite a few tries to even attempt to sling it, and he was forcing himself to stay calm despite the frustration Finally, he turned his attention away for a moment, glancing up at Carmen. "No idea. I was a bit concerned on how we'll even gather it. I lost my water bottle," Sebastian sighed, glancing back at Harvey's arm and attempting once again to sling his arm. After one more try, he managed to do a satisfactory job, scooting back a few inches to take it in.

Sebastian rose a moment later, brushing sand off his knees. He stood with a sense of pride, seemingly very pleased with the sling he had made. "It can't get much worse than this, right? If we start walking, I'm sure we'll find something. Maybe a tributary is anything," he suggested, knowing very well it was the least organized and most reckless idea out of them all. Still, if they stayed still for long, they would all keel over.


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"We can worry about gathering it after we've actually found water," Carmen quickly decided, turning her attention upwards. Harvey likely had the right idea in following the birds, based on the amount what were flying around and sitting in the trees. Wherever animals happened to be, surely a water source would be nearby. "Sounds like you have a plan." Carmen replied to Harvey, nodding at her own words.

Carmen watched as the two finished up Harvey's sling, thankful that one of them had an idea at what to do. The medical field wasn't something she knew anything about; unless she could include putting a band aid over a wound. "I guess we should go that way," She directed, pointing towards the forested area where different sounds of birds chirping seemed to sing. If they were going to be walking to find a water source, they would need to start moving before the sun set. She didn't know the island well, and didn't want to be caught in the open after dark.


Stressed, a mess, doing their best.
Harvey sat patiently holding his arm in place as Sebastian tied the sling, he could sense his frustration as it took him a few tries. He didn't want to say anything for fear of annoying him further. Once he finally got it he nodded to him in appreciation. It wasn't perfect but it'd have to do for now.

After a moment he attempted to stand and with a little effort made it to his feet. "More of just an idea, but it's better than just wandering around." He replied, dusting himself off. He looked in the direction Carmen pointed taking notice of the deep vegetation. He nodded. That'd probably be the best bet. "Alright, let's get moving then." He took a step wobbled slightly and froze holding his good arm out to catch his balance. Harvey then mumbled something under his breath and took a cautious step forward before continuing to walk. They really did need to find water soon. Who knows how cold it would end up once the sun went down, or what animals would start prowling at night.
Sebastian tried his best not to show any visible uncertainty at Carmen's reply, instead cutting his eyes towards the ocean and silently cursing in his head. Although he was no survivalists, he was fairly certain birds wouldn't lead their way to water. It seemed much more important carrying water on them than just finding it. Wouldn't they return to the beach? It was the logical thing to do; they needed to find their way back home as soon as possible. In fact, Sebastian couldn't do that. He needed to be in Europe. With a deep sigh, he turned back to the others, attempting to construct a mildly less concerned expression.

Sebastian was glad to follow the others, deciding at first to stick behind considerably. Somebody needed to keep a good watch out, and he already had some sand in his pockets he planned on sprinkling along the way. However, his mind was quickly changed. As Harvey stumbled, he took a step up to hold a hand behind his back, glancing down to his arm again. "Dizzy?" he asked, trying to decide if it was dehydration or shock. Either way, they needed to get to water quickly. They couldn't afford to lose another person. It was more than unsettling that two people had died or disappeared already, and he was beginning to feel slightly paranoid.

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