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Fantasy Storybrooke

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Death is no excuse for disobedience

Chapter 1
The missing children

Some children went missing in the woods the night before, a search party was sent out but they didn’t find anything. Rumors have started circulating that the children were lured away by a witch, or eaten by a werewolf, or taken by faeries. The whole village is on edge and there are plans for more search parties to be sent out throughout the day.

  • Valorie Red

    Valorie has spent her morning at her grandmothers she sat across the room from her grandmother as they drank tea and discussed the usual town whereabouts.

    “Some children vanished last night, there was a search party last night but they didn’t find anything. They’re probably going to have another search party later.” Valorie sighed looking out the window the woods didn’t scare her but she’d grown up in them, most likely the kids were long gone or worse. Either way she already knew they’d most likely be looking for bodies. ”I don’t understand why they’re parents weren’t watching everyone knows the woods are dangerous. They probably got eaten by something...” Val took a sip of her tea as her granny giggled quietly to herself.

    ”Red you really should speak with more tact! You’re lucky it’s just me here.” Valerie groaned before finishing up her cup of tea.

    ”It’s true! They keep sending out search parties someone else is going to get lost trying to find these kids bodies. I think everyone’s just a bit scared.” she got up and took her and her Grandmas empty cups to the kitchen. She set them gently in the sink, Lily never let her wash them. She walked to the coat rack and put her red coat back on ”it was nice seeing you, but I have to get back into town, I need to go pick up some rabbit furs from the butchers I might see if Aurora or Ebony would be interested in buying them. They’d make a nice set of gloves.” She turned to face her grandmother as she got out of her chair and approached her. She smiled and wrapped her in a tight hug.

    ”I know you could’ve prepared those rabbits yourself, don’t try to tell me that he can skin a rabbit better than you!” Lily released her and gave her arms a slight squeeze ”we can get into that on your next visit, walk quickly the woods are dark and full of dangers.” With that Valorie started on her way home. It was early morning and the sun was still rising, it would be in the sky by the time she got home. The walk was only about a mile into the woods it only took about 15-20 minutes to get back as long as she stayed on the path. She was about half way home when she heard a loud highpitched scream. That scream is so high pitched it couldn’t have been a human, unless could that be the missing children? Valorie ran off the path following the sound until she stumbled upon a bush rustling with movement.

    Valorie stares down at the tiny injured ball of fluff her heart sank upon the realization that it wasn’t the missing children. She leaned down to inspect its wounds. It looks like a predator got spooked and dropped it, I wonder if it was because of me or something else. Either way I can’t leave it here like this. She stared at it for a second longer there was no way it would survive and in a weird way it looked kind of appetizing. She planned on using her knife but she couldn’t help the urge to use just her body. No tools for this one. She removed her top layer shirt to keep it clean before she wrapped the small creature up in her arms and gave it a tight hug. She held it until it stopped moving before setting it back down in its resting place. Her heart was racing and she felt like she could run a mile. The fur was too damaged for her to take and since she didn’t want to anger whatever creature had attacked it before she left the creature there in the original place she found it.

    The sun finally broke the surface of the earth chasing the darkness of the night away. After she put her top layer shirt back on Valorie ran the rest of the way back to the village as if trying to outrun the deed she had committed. Her top shirt easily covered her wet undershirt hiding the evidence. Once she made it into the town she stopped running and looked around to see who was out and about and what stores had opened their doors. The sun was up now finally starting the new day.



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Tom Bagshaw___.jpgViatiare woke at the first few rays of dawn, shivering and covered in mud. Her night gown next to her torn to rags and muddy as well. She let out a sigh, "not again." Fortunately there were no live in housekeepers or footmen to see her shame. Viatiare sniffed herself and turned up her nose. She was so sick of the smell of swamp muck. Why she would sleep walk into the bog was beyond her reasoning, let alone without proper attire.
Dawn broke into bold pinks and yellows as she walked unabashedly through her over grown garden to the veranda. Her neighbors wouldn't have been able to see her through the foliage if they were even awake to catch a glimpse. Waiting for her were two blue herrings, the great grandchildren of the ones that she knew as a child. One presented her with a clean cloth the other paid her no mind. "I suppose you two don't have anything to say about last night?" she said accepting the cloth. The birds just ruffled their feathers against the cold and sat in their respective places. "Very well." Rolling her eyes, Viatiare went inside after doing what she could to not track mud in, and drew herself a hot bath.
Two hours later she was clean, dressed and ready to face her tenants. Missing children or not rent was due. If children were stupid enough to wander into the forest at night then they would never be clever enough to be of use to anyone; good riddance. With fewer mouths to feed perhaps their parents could finally afford the rent.
Viatiare chose a stunning navy blue dress and a pointed hat to match. With embellishments in a dull orange to make the amber in her eyes glow, adding to her intimidating presence. Within two hours Vie was ready to face her tenants, her coach man was however late. She waited on the front step ledger under one arm, handkerchief over her nose and mouth to spare her from the smell of swamp. It was frustrating that no one else in the area seemed bothered by it. Just made it that much harder to argue her case to push back the tree line that marked the border of the village. The town needed the room and timber, not to mention how many people seemed to get lost in it. The fools, such a waste of time searching for people never to be found.
Viatiare twisted the top off her walking cane and quickly inspected the stiletto knife hidden under the knob. Still sharp. The sound of horses hooves on stone. Three minutes late. The coach man finally showed and judging by the bags under his eye they must have been out all night with the search party. It was no excuse, and she would accept none. "If you are not going to be on time I will find someone who can." she said sternly. He knew full well that it was no threat. He may have well lost his job just now. The only reason she was in the carriage now was that she had appointments to keep. The driver would have to wait to see if she would forget his neglect of precious time.

The ride into town was uneventful. The coach man stopped in font of the small bank Viatiare stepped out "If you wish to have a job tomorrow you will meet me here at four and no later." Her tone was cold but her leniency was not lost on him. He was a few minutes late but managed to get her into town on time. First on the list the carpenter. Old man, and often late one his rent. If it was an issue of lumber she could use him to argue her case to fell the woods. Though most like he has out lived his usefulness.
As she walked she spotted a familiar cloaked figure in red. Internally she groaned. The girl could be too chipper at times and her "grandmother" was the one that was against the cutting back of the forest line. Somehow against all logic the town seemed to always take the old woman's side. Still now was not the time. "Good morning." Viatiare said somewhat curtly to the slightly younger woman. Hopefully thing else would distract the girl so she could continue to the carpenters without interruption.
Ebony had awoken to the sound of birds chirping by her windowsill, it was a beautiful sunny day . It was almost a reflex for her to hold out a gentle hand towards the feathered animal and like clockwork, the bluejay had moved from her windowsill to her delicate index finger, where it had continued on it's little tune, to which Ebony had hummed along. "Good morning my little friend." She gave the bird a gentle pat before motioning it back to it's place on the windowsill. "I would love to stay here with you but I must prepare to go outside," Her forest green eyes glanced out the window, Ebony had lived in the heart of the town. She used to reside in a slightly rundown cottage just beyond the town's borders but the townspeople had insisted of giving her a new place, and they had gotten together to make her a rather lush home for her to stay. Though she's rather grateful for their generous act, a part of her still misses the smallest sense of personal space she had once in her old cottage beyond the border. Now that she lived in the heart, it meant the moment she went outside eyes would be on her. It was socially draining if she must admit. "you know how it is." She looked back towards her feathered companion who merely tilted its head at her, to which she shook her head with a soft chuckle as she began walking towards her golden vanity. "It's time to start this wonderful day." Ebony was unsure if what she was saying was genuine or it was just her forcing herself to believe it was.

Her routine was an endless pattern, she would run a bath, get dressed, have a light breakfast, pick up her basket, and she was off outside. Today was no different, the only thing that marks each day anew are the selection of dresses she wears, today was a modest marigold yellow dress with her trademark red ribbon neatly tied on her head. With embroidery of springtime flowers at the ends of her simplistic dress, almost to emphasize her gentle and feminine aura. It never took her no more than an hour or two to get ready, it didn't really matter, because the ending was all the same. Upon the moment she had exited her home, townspeople began giving her the usual "Good morning, Ebony.", "How was your night, Ebony?", "Did you rest well, Ebony?" To which she responded like she always has, greeting them back, saying her night was lovely, and her rest gave her amazing dreams (Though she'd never mention her dreams were about rescuing a damsel in distress, or exploring the forest only to battle a monster) Though, one question wasn't something she had heard on most days.

"Did you hear of the missing children?"
She turned to look at townsperson who had asked her, her green eyes wide and confused. "Missing children?" The townsperson then began gossiping to her the news of the missing children, and how people think they were taken by witches, evil fae, and werewolves. "That's horrible..." That's ridiculous. "I cant believe someone would take away those poor children, I must go with the search party to help find them." It was expected for the townsperson to refuse her taking part, calling it dangerous and how the town would feel horrible if something happened to the apple of everyone's eyes, Ebony White. The dark haired girl supressed the need to scoff at the rejection, instead she gave a kind smile and thanked the townsperson for his concern for her wellbeing. Even if it's unneeded . She thought of another thing for her to do, something that could contribute at least a little to the search. "Then I shall bake the search parties a nice peach pie, and I'll even craft some wooden dolls for the children once you all find them." Exhausted from the slightly objectifying conversation she began her walk towards the shop of the woodcarver and his apprentice. Ebony was admittedly, not very good at carving so maybe she could purchase some wood and get some tips while she's at it.

As she began her brisk walk towards the woodcarver's workshop, a familiar red hood caught the side of her eye. It was always a pleasure speaking with Valorie, if Ebony had to admit, the blonde was considered to be one of Ebony's actual friends. Though, upon looking directly towards Red, she noticed a navy dressed woman greeting her friend. Ebony knew of Viatiare, in relatively small town like Storybrooke, gossip and rumors were a norm. Ebony has never formally spoken with Vie, she's never gotten the chance to. But she never truly did believe the town gossip of her being a horrible person, Ebony saw the good in everyone (even if there's only a dust speck of good in a person) but no one was truly evil. Besides, the town loved to dramaticize everything they heard, some silly school children still think that Valorie's grandmother is a witch! What nonsense! She decided the two looked rather busy, maybe she'll get the chance to get to know Vie later (if she had to admit, she was rather intrigued with her) but for now she would enjoy her walk to the woodcarver's workshop.


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Aurora woke up feeling all fresh, which did not happen often, so she decided to take advantage of it. The sun was slowly rising and the day seemed promising. She could buy some clothes or walk a bit in the open green field on the outskirts of the town, she could even meet Melanie. She felt awake enough to do all that and more. She smiled to herself. Maybe she would bump into Dacian and wouldn't that be fun?

She quickly put on her favorite sky blue dress and twirled in front of her mirror. Perfect! She was not going to wear a hat today, she needed to feel the rays of the sun on her face. Picking up her little purse from the bureau in the corner of her room, she stepped outside. She breathed in the morning air and sighed. The days when she did not feel lethargic were rare and Aurora couldn't help but take advantage of that. Honestly, she hated being indoors all day. She liked the world outside the four walls of her house. If her parents had been alive, it would have been different but staying alone in that house was awfully boring. If she could help it, she'd spend all her time outside but with the waves of lethargy and sleep that always seized her at odd times, she couldn't possibly risk being outside lest she makes a fool of herself for sleeping in the streets.

Half of the town seemed asleep while the other half was bustling with activity. Shops were opening, people were milling around and the overall positive energy in the air put a skip in Aurora's steps. She decided to buy some fruit and give a visit to Melanie. She wasn't sure what exactly the wise woman liked to eat so she picked up some fresh strawberries. While she was at the shop, she heard a few of the townsfolk talking about missing children. She frowned. M re plainly lost in the woods without any mystical creature leading that away. Maybe I can help with the search, she thought. But before doing any such thing, she needed to talk to Melanie since she could advise her better on this matter. Venturing into the woods was no normal feat for her. Ever since her parents died after going into the woods, she had never once stepped foot into that godforsaken place. Aurora wasn't exactly afraid of the woods, she just didn't like them. There was something extremely negative lingering there and if she could avoid going in, that would be better. On the other, she felt inclined to help the search party in finding the children. Since she was faster than the average person on good days like these, she was confident that she could of great help in this matter. But first, I need to consult Melanie.

Aurora was on her way to Melanie's cottage when she spotted Ebony mingling with the people on the street. She wanted to stop and say hi but she was practically surrounded by people fawning on her so she decided against it. She sighed. Aurora sympathized with Ebony, it must be exhausting to be surrounded by people and be their center of attention at all times. It was surprising how she managed to stay so calm and collected even after that.

As she went further up the street, she found Valorie speaking with VIetiare (The official weird lady of the town). She pretended to be friendly but that was for her own life's safety, Vie was dangerous enough that Aurora believed she could kill if she set her mind to it. She decided to steer clear of that company because one of them (it's not hard to guess who) really creeped her out. Valorie was her friend and when Aurora did not feel lethargic, she appreciated her upbeat attitude, she could use that now but it was best for her to make a beeline for her destination and meet up with Val later in the evening. If she decided on helping with the search then she would obviously meet her, leading the party.

When she neared the cottage of the wise woman, she felt something. She was not sure what it was but it was an awful feeling and she absolutely did not like it. She pounded on the door of the cottage to be let in since she thought whatever caused the feeling was after her. "Melanie! Melanie, let me in!"
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Pinnochio's eyes fluttered open, the warming sun's rays momentarily blinding him. He let out a sigh of contentment. The sun felt good on his skin and he intended to soak up its rays for sometime. He readjusted his shirt which he had removed and wadded up behind his head to use as a pillow. He laid in a verdant field of waist high grass that was spotted with all manners of flowers. He picked one that was nearby taking in its scent as he sat up. Why couldn't every day be like this? No duties nor responsibilities. No orders to fill. No father insisting that he "further" himself, whatever that was supposed to mean. Perhaps he should run away. Then every day could be like this, but where would he run to? He would miss his father, no doubt, and what did he know of survival out there in the real world, away from the loving care of his father.

"No." He thought. Better to stay. He would do what was expected of him for now, but you can bet he was going to enjoy the days like this one. Looking around him, he spotted a Wysteria tree close, its drooping green foliage swaying in the breeze. It was beautiful. He stood, wadding his shirt up even more. Tucking it between his arm and his side, he walked over to the tree. Though he had been enjoying the sun, the shade the tree cast was a welcome relief from the heat. He chuckled lightly, then wiped at his forehead as a bead of sweat slid down his forehead and down the slope of his nose. Taking out a small notebook from his pocket, he began to sketch the landscape before him. It was quite a picturesque view. The drooping foliage cut ever so slightly into his frame of view, only partially obscuring the plain that stretched on for as far as the eye could see. He sat there, concentrated, for a rather long period of time, transferring his vision to the page.

"That's pretty good."

He startled. He had not known that there was anyone there with him. However, looking around, there was no one to be found.

"Up here."

Above him, perched in the willowy branches of the tree, was a boy, about his age. Embarrassed and still slightly on edge from the surprise, Pinocchio slid the notebook back into his pocket.

"Nah, it's-it's all right."

"Just take the compliment." The boy turned around, taking hold of the branch he had sat on and slowly lowering his slim form down enough so that he could drop the rest of the way onto the ground. His frock of loose, blond curls bounced as he righted himself and turned to face Pinnochio who had now stood.

"I-actually need to be heading back. I've got a lot to do." Pinocchio stuttered, inching backwards until he bumped into the thick trunk of the tree.

The boy rolled his bright blue eyes. "You're gonna spoil a perfectly good day, like this one, with work?" He placed his back against the trunk of the tree and slid down into a relaxed position, his hands clasped behind his head. "Suit yourself, but you should at least tell me your name."

"Pinnochio, b-but you can call me Pinoke."

"Nice to meet you, Pinoke. I'm CHIRP." A jarring sound emanated from the boy's mouth.


Pinnochio stirred a bit.


"Words, Jiminy, use your words."

"How's this for words? YOU BETTER GET YOURSELF UP AND AT 'EM!" Jiminy sat on his forehead, stomping his lead lightly.

"Okay, okay. I'm up." He opened his eyes and was greeted with the sight of Jiminy's large bug eyes a mere centimeter away from his face. He moved his finger up to his forehead, letting Jiminy crawl on, who then hopped over onto the nightstand. Still a bit disconcerted by the dream he had just had, Pinnochio got up, got dressed and brushed his hands to ensure that no one he interacted with today would receive any gifts from him (in the form of nasty splinters). "Papa in the workshop already?"

"Sure is! Already finished two orders, too."

Pinnochio sighed. "I guess I'd better go help him." He pulled his suspenders on over his shoulders as he started towards the workshop.

"And I guess you haven't heard of the kidnappings?"

"Huh? Morning, Papa." He sat down at his workstation, starting to set up his tools. Jiminy cleared his throat, admonishingly. "Sorry, I'm late."

"Oh, no need for that, son." His father, a frail, kind-hearted elderly gentlemen, passed him a large block of wood. "Why don't you get started on this table leg. The design sketch is already at your station."

Pinoke took a bit of time to look at the design and then started his work carving out the basic shape of the leg. Jiminy nimbly hopped from Pinoke's front pocket to his shoulder, getting close to his ear.

"Some children went missing last night. Lost in the woods, they say."

"The woods are dangerous. Everyone knows that."

Jiminy guffawed. "Well, that's some sympathy. Their poor parents and those--those sweet, baby angels."

Pinnochio chuckled lightly, not at the disappearance of the children. He didn't really feel one way or another about the missing children. No, he laughed at Jiminy's good heart. When the Blue Fairy had imbued Jiminy with a strong conscience, a strong sense of right and wrong, she had no idea just how strong it would be. Jiminy was one of the most kind-hearted, understanding and sympathetic people Pinnochio knew, even more so than his father who possessed very similar traits. He chuckled again and resumed his work on the table leg.


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goldren had started the day as he normally would, he wasn't the biggest fan of using beds opting to just sleep on a bunch of mattresses on the floor slowly he'd get up with a yawn heading downstairs form the unit above his shop he'd walk to the back to grab something to eat that being raw meat something that goldren rather preferred over most other things owing to his species... he would have started chowing down something smelled.. off... it was the same smell that always made him... annoyed for some reason he could never tell why but he knew exactly who it was.. Valorie... great... getting up he'd walk outside following his noise towards the scent of the girl opening his shop's door only to see the particular girl outside "oh... hey Valorie.... what... are you doing out so early?"


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  • Valorie Red

    Interaction: @Huntertabbysandshark3 @spooked.duke @Alonthra

    ”Good Morning!” Valorie responded to Viatiare giving her a smile. She was always a bit unsure of how to act around the woman. She was her landlord but she was also very serious and at times she came off as almost cruel. While she disliked her attitude she was also in awe of how open Viatiare could be with her opinions. ”How’s your morning been? I’ll have my rent money today after I’ve sold my rabbit skins, I was actually on my way to the butcher now.” She explained attempting to make some sort of small talk with her. She was about to try to drag out an unwanted conversation when Goldren opened his door.
    ”Good morning Goldren!” she gave him a smile before looking back at Viatiare ”Sorry to cut our talk short but business is business. See you later Viatiare!” she gave the stern woman an enthusiastic wave goodbye before noticing Ebony and giving her a good morning wave as well. She turned back to the butcher. He was always kind of odd around her, she liked all the odd characters in her town though. ”Actually I just got back from breakfast at my grandmothers! I was wondering if you by any chance finished those silver rabbits I brought by the other day?” they had a good business system working. He’d get the animal meat for free to sell and she’d sell the fur after he prepared them for her. ”I’m going to see if Ebony or Aurora would be interested in them, they’d make some really good gloves don’t you think?”



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The Golden Stag
In the woods away from the town of StoryBrooke the forest was peaceful. The sounds of nature filled a clearing as a brooke whispered nearby, in the very center of the clearing a massive animal was grazing. The beast looked like a mountain of bright golden fur, with a pair of pointed trees sprouting form its head. Lysander to a step forward as he had his morning graze. Lysander quite liked the field for grazing especially in the morning as the morning dew gave the different flowers very pungent flavors. Lysander lifted his regal head, while chewing a mouthful of flowers in his mouth. The stag lazily surveyed his surroundings as he ate. Ten years ago he may have been nervous about eating while being so exposed, but now Lysander thought of himself as one of the strongest creatures the forest had to offer, no wolf would dare charge an animal of his size and if it did he'd make it wish it hadn't. The stag swallowed his breakfast of flowers and turned on his rump, plodding over to the brooke where he dipped his head and took a drink of the cold water.
Lysander lifted his antlered head once more, now it was dripping with water. He looked around the tree line and huffed. He missed his sister. The realization made the stag stop for a moment and huff loudly, his short fluffy tail waggled back and forth as he looked to the right through the trees. It had been fifteen years since his sister had died and sense then the loneliness had only gotten worse day after day. Lysander shut his eyes and tried to stave off the thoughts he didn't care to remember. The stag turned away from the river and began to make his way into the forest. Now that his needs were taken care of Lysander supposed he'd be wandering the woods to take up his time. The Golden Stag shook his head back and forth causing his fur to flow back and forth. The deer's nostrils flared as a familiar and yet alien scent reached his nostrils. Humans. That didn't seem right to the stag, humans rarely ever entered the forest, and when they did they never went this far into the wood. They feared the forest as they should. This was no place for a creature as weak as a human, Lysander had learned that from his sister. These humans smelled... Young. Lysander could sense the youth to them. They shouldn't be out here, Lysander could not smell any adults with them, were the humans using their children as bait? Perhaps these children had been abandoned just as he had all those years ago? Should he seek them out? No it wasn't worth it, human children were more trouble then they were worth. They'd just end up dying like his sister had, he didn't want to go through that again......... Lysander spurned himself in the direction he smelled the children. He couldn't leave them alone they wouldn't last another hour if that. The stag leapt his way through the forest until the rustle of leaves and cracking of branches betrayed the existence of creatures who either did not know or care to hide their existence to carnivores. Luckily the trees were not too thick for him to go into. Sure enough a pair of children stood before the deer. "What are you doing here"? The stag's thick voice rang out as he loomed over the children. "This is no place for you".

The King of Cats
"What shameful behavior" a silky tone voiced out from the top of a building. A black and white cat was reclining on his back taking the sun into his fur. The cat giggled a bit, he'd spent that very first of the morning watching the search party of humans return from their night of fruitless searching. Sir Bao had figured that, humans had dreadful night vision after all, he didn't know what they'd hoped to find last night apart from their deaths. But it'd been funny to watch them stumble through the dark as they tried oh so very hard to find their poor lost kittens. Perhaps Bao should've gotten some of his people to assist them, but then again why would he do that. Cats did not solve human problems. It simply wasn't the way of things. The entire town was abustle with excitement about this. The cat yawned widely and scratched his tummy before sliding his way off of the roof. The cat shook itself out and disappeared into an alley. Out the other end of the alley came Gaer, the spritely young lad who made his way down the street throwing his eyes all around looking at just about everyone. "Good morning to you. And you sir. Doing well I hope ma'am" the strangely well dressed street kid said to the townspeople. As usual no humans caught the cat king's eye, they all looked so, mundane and humanish.

The Headless Horseman
The road of Gooseberry Lane was dusty and covered in the sun as it always was. The road looked very peaceful and the tops of the tallest buildings of StoryBrooke could be seen over the trees that surrounded it. Had the ghastly figure that stood on neverending sentinel not been there those trees would've never been able to grow. In the middle of the rode a mare which looked little more than a shadow given life stood stalwart, not moving a single muscle and atop her back sat the Headless Horseman who seemed unaffected by the insects buzzing over the road. Gooseberry Lane seemed completely devoid of life save for those insects. The Horseman tightened its grip on a wicked curved sickle that it held in its right hand. And it shall stay that way.


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Tom Bagshaw___.jpgViatiare Smiled coldly at Valoire and continued on her way "You have two hours before I reach your burrow. Don't be late." Once her back was turned the smile faded as there was no heart to put into any genuine politeness.

Viatiare passed Valoire as if she was not there and continued her path towards the carpenters. She entered with out knocking. Her height and visage imitatively recognize able. "Geppetto! Your books. Rent is due." She took a moment to inspect the work comparing object that had been sitting in the shop for ages and others newly carved. "Your work is slipping." Viatiare mumbled to her self, "It is no wonder you have been short as of late." Just by his work alone the carpenter's hand was no longer steady and his so called appearance was sloppy. This was not likely to change as the difference in marks and detail had worsened. It was not the lack of wood but a lack of skill that but this man out of work. That and too many toys for a town that had few to no children. Making toys would not help them find their way back. He should have left long ago for young villages without troublesome woods or brainless offspring of evermore brainless men. Viatiare hammered her walking cane on to the hard wood floor. "Now Geppetto! I don't have all day."
She had been thinking to use him to bluster her argument before the town council but he would only butcher the wood and be unable to make anything of it. She would have to look into her contacts in the capitol. Lumber was a high demand commodity and this town could hardly make taxes to the crown. She could easily force the villager to give up and surrender to the inevitable. At least she could get her cut if the crown took the trees.
Where was that old man? Vaitiare looked and only caught a glimpse of the boy that worked for him. "If Geppetto isn't here perhaps you could show me the books. I don't have time to waste."


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Just as Aurora thought the source of the ill feeling would catch up to her, Melanie opened the door. "Oh thank heavens, you opened the door!" She rushed inside, casting a glance backwards before the door closed. There was nothing outside but Aurora could swear something had been following her. Maybe she shouldn't have taken the route near to the gooseberry lane after all. Was she being paranoid? Maybe. She shook her head to put those confusing thoughts out of her mind. She would figure that out later but first, she needed to greet the woman she considered her family ever since her parents died. "Hi, Mel. I guess you're not wrong about that, " Aurora said as she was led to the couch by the host. "I hope you like the strawberries."

Melanie was a motherly figure in her life and the only person Aurora could trust to give her a sensible advice. She had met her the night her parents died. Aurora had run out of her house in fear and something had attracted her to the woods. If Melanie hadn't been there to take her into her cottage, she would have become wolf food.

"It's great to see you, I missed you too." She squeezed Mel's hands gently and smiled. "I meant to come earlier but I've been spending more and more time sleeping, so I couldn't even leave the house." She yawned. Oh this wasn't good, this was supposed to be a good day. Aurora could feel her strength trickling out of her body. She no longer felt as good as she did when she had set out from her house. No! I won't let this day go to waste! Aurora sat up a little straighter and with all the might of her will, pulled back some of her strength. She was not going to succumb to sleep today. She needed advice from Melanie and she was going to take it without any hindrance.

"I heard about the missing children this morning. Did you? People are saying they're lost in the woods. That can't be a good thing, right? I want to help everyone search for them but it's the woods..." She yawned again and that reminded her to sit up straight. "Everyone is worried for them and I'm sure almost all of the people in town will participate in the search, I don't want to be the only one left behind, I want to be of help. On one hand, I want to go and on the other, I kind of don't. I think I might be a little scared of the woods," Aurora admitted but she did not want to look like a coward, so she added, "I mean, who isn't scared of the woods, right?" She smiled weakly.


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Ebony's eyes had widened in surprise as it came to her realization that the woman in navy was going the same direction as she was. The town sweetheart however was a few steps behind, no matter where she went she felt as if she were barricaded by the people who loved to fawn for her. How she kept calm? The world will never know. Hurrying the pace, she made it just before Viatiare could slam the door shut, catching it with her hand just before it could close. Before fully reopening it, she gave a gentle knock on the wood. Ebony wouldn't be caught dead without showing the proper respect and etiquette to her the people of Storybrooke. "Ah... Good morning. Is now a bad time?" Ah yes, how could it have slipped her mind? Viatiare was the landlandy of most of the residents of Storybrooke. Though it gave the townspeople no right to demonize her, seeing her means of retrieving the rent made Ebony understand to an extent why they would say such poor things about her while she wasn't listening. She looked to Viatiare and gave her a kind smile before noticing the boy working on the table leg. Almost as if her mind was filing through the names of all the people in town, she quickly knew who this young man was. "You must be Pinnochio, Gepetto's son, right? I'm Ebony White." Like Viatiare, Ebony didn't know much about Pinnochio, she didn't even know Gepetto had a son up until recently when she caught a glimpse of him as she delivered the old woodcarver a batch of cookies a few months ago and she had asked Gepetto who the boy was. He was adamant with telling her at first, but Ebony almost always had her way with people, call it natural charisma. Though it didn't make much sense to Ebony, she chose not to judge nor think much of it. It was Gepetto's life and he could do whatever he wants, she supposed. Gepetto never explained to her how he somehow turned up with a son one day, perhaps he adopted him. Though even if that were the case, it would still raise suspicion to Ebony, she visited the town's orphanage practically every other day to teach them, and she never saw Pinnochio there before. No matter, it was none of her business.

"Maybe you should call your father to solve his matters with miss Viatiare and if you wouldn't mind, you could help me. I'd like to purchase some wood, and perhaps some wood carving tips." Ebony's smile was beautiful and full of genuine sincerity, though it was just a simple smile, townspeople would say they have never seen anything more pure. Another case of her endless charisma that she had on the townspeople of Storybrooke. Even she was sick and tired of it sometimes. But in times like this she found it relatively useful. She didn't want this poor boy having to focus on his father's rent, and at the same time she didn't want to wait for god knows how long for this whole matter to end just for her to purchase some wood and learn how to carve dolls. Admittedly, her plan was rather self-beneficial but everyone got what they wanted if it were to play out her way, right? So it wasn't that bad. Could you blame her? Carving and baking are fun and all, but in a case of missing children, the situation didn't call for that, it called for action. What she truly wanted wasn't to be stuck in her house baking pies and carving dolls. Perhaps she could do something about that... But for now she'll play her role of being the sweet and innocent damsel who would stay home as the oh so strong townsmen find the children. And luckily for her, she's quite good at playing such a role.
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"well yeah there ready for ya... was actually wounder when you would show up..." he'd say putting his hands in his pockets with a huff he always got like this around Valorie... it was infuriating "though I left them inside so.. your gonna need to come inside you feel me?" he'd say slightly disgruntled slowly walking inside only to realise that he'd left his "breakfast" out the raw meat still sitting on the kitchen counter he hoped the woman wouldn't actually you know... notice this little issue especially the obvious bite marks within the meat "so you grabbed anything else today? then" he'd asked clearly awkwardly at least Valorie would be about to notice his mild stress.


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Belle had been up all night. Sleepless nights were quite often for her. She usually either spent them reading a book, drawing up plans for one invention or another or sometimes even both.
As she felt the the warm rays of sun beginning to stretch threw her window she sat up and stretched herself. She looked around her home. It felt too big for just her, even if it was just a one bedroom area above her store. Her eyes trailed to the door to the bedroom. It was were she had packed most of her fathers things away. It held inventions big and small, clothing and paintings. She had kept all of his books out though and she had read every one. She went out onto her balcony that faced the street as she thought of her father. The room was packed with things that could be sold. It was over two years now since her father died but the thought of selling his belongings all but tore her heart out. She grasped the railing and sighed. Rent was coming soon and selling a few things could help. Looking down at the street to people watch she made a decision to at least go through the room today. She went pack inside and built a fire in the fireplace before putting a kettle over it to boil while she went downstairs to her bookshop. She came out of the back room with a piece of paper and a quill. She sat at the sales desk she had down there and in beautiful script wrote, "Will Be Upstairs Cleaning. If Here To Buy A Book Please Shout Or Knock Loudly". She then went to post it on the door but as Belle stood up her dress knocked the ink onto the floor spilling it everywhere. She internally groaned and went to the back to grab a rag and clean it up. Belle realized she was getting clumsier as the days went by. It was mostly because of her lack of sleep, she knew this, but something frightened her about not staying up all night. Like she would change form. She laughed at the absurdness as she cleaned. If she was something that could change form then her father would've told her. She was just plain, human Belle.
After the ink was cleaned she posted her note outside the door and went to change then clean her ink stained dress. Belle then made tea and breakfast for herself reading a book as she went.


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    The children were muddy and scared they had been traveling in the woods along all night and now the sun was up and they still had no idea how to get back into town. They were still traveling when a large golden stag suddenly appeared before them. The older girl wrapped her arms around her brother in a child’s attempt to protect when the stag spoke. They stared in awe before the daughter responded to his question ”An evil witch tricked us into going to her cottage last night when we should’ve been in bed! She said she had money for our parents and candy for us and then she locked us in a cage and said she planned to eat us. She stole our shoes thinking we wouldn’t be able to run in the woods but my brother managed to reach through the bars since he has small hands and he undid the latch.” The brave girl explained as the brother broke out into sobs. They’re feet were covered in mud and blood from their travels. They both were exhausted and their feet hurt too much to run. She patted her brothers head to try to calm him ”Please help us! We barely made it through the night...”

    A raven watched them in the branches above clicking its throat as it showed it’s master what had happened to her prey.



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Pinoke was busy carving out the intricate design of the table leg when his Father shakily stood up.

"I'm going to go and fetch some more wood. Mind any customers while I'm gone."

Pinnochio gave him a quick "okay" signal without looking up from his workstation. While he had been working, Jiminy had scurried off and had been gone for quite some time. It was then that he came scurrying back into the workshop. In three nimble hops he was back up on Pinoke's shoulder.

"Seems there's gonna be a search party sometime today to find those little ones!"

"That's good, I guess."

"Well, are you just gonna sit here? While the whole town will be out there searching? Come on, you should help out if you can. Bring along some of those old toys you made when you were first learning to carve!"

Fortunately for Pinnochio the bell hanging above the door rattled just then, as someone stepped into the shop. It was Viatiare, of course. She was a regular visitor, though she always came for one reason and one reason alone. She entered in her usual fashion, mumbling to herself and casting disdainful glances all about the room. Pinoke rolled his eyes, facing away from her.

"You know I have nothing to do with any of that." He replied. It was then that a knock sounded on the workshop door. Ebony poked her head in.

"You must be Pinnochio, Gepetto's son, right? I'm Ebony White."

"I know who you are." This was not said aggressively, necessarily. Pinnochio had no ill will towards Ebony White. Indeed, he generally thought of her as a very kind and considerate person. He was not quite sure, however, if the sweet, girl-next-door act was, well, genuine. He was all too aware of the expectations that society could put on you, and he knew how difficult it was when you didn't fit in with those expectations and he wouldn't necessarily blame her if it all was an act, in order to not rock the boat. "You can call me Pinoke. And I'm sure Papa will be back any minute now." This was said to both women standing in the workshop. "He was just going to fetch some more wood. Papa?" He called out.

Geppetto's thin frame reentered the workshop, but staggered back a bit, struck by Viatiare's presence.

"Oh, Viatiare, of course. That time again, I suppose." Jiminy wobbled back and forth on Pinoke's shoulder, irritated at the tactless woman. Trembling a bit, Geppetto roughly placed the wood he was carrying down in a corner of the room. "Right this way, please." He said motioning for Viatiare to follow him into his office. "Pinnochio, would you take care of this young lady?" He gestured to Ebony.

"Sure. And it's Pinoke!" Pinoke shouted after Geppetto and Viatiare as they exited the room. He looked up at Ebony. "So you said you wanted wood?" He pointed a bit jokingly at the pile his Father had just dropped into the corner of the room. He wasn't trying to be curt, but this was not at all the first time someone had purchased wood, failed their attempt "But you'll need more than a few carving tips if you want to turn these into--"

Jiminy stuck one of his prickly legs into his ear. "Manners!"

Pinnochio realized then that he still didn't ultimately know what Ebony wanted to do with the wood. Or even what she wanted to learn. "What exactly were you looking to carve these into, anyway? If you have me do it, it'll cost you less." He stood up, his skin of wood making a solid thudding sound as he crossed his arms. "I am just an apprentice, after all."

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Tom Bagshaw___.jpgViatiare slowly turn as the unexpected custom came into the shop. Her face was cool and expressionless. "I would prefer Ms. Frydenlund. From those that are not,... friends." She couldn't say she liked or disliked Ms. White. The townspeople paid for the rent on the cottage they insisted on giving to her. It gave her a reason to hike up their rents and took that shabby run down shack she grew up in off her hands. Of course Ms. Ebony White didn't know a thing about the arrangement. It was insisted upon that she be kept in the dark that her existence put such financial strain on her beloved admirers. Though one would think that she would have learned something by now. After all nothing came free.

This left one of two possibilities in mind. Either this girl was as vapid as the children who played in the woods in the middle of the night. Or she purposefully used her charms to free load off other people making her the towns most successful beggar. Both scenarios meant that Ebony was a waste of space. But if the town was willing to pay for it then it was little interest to her. "Making toys for nonexistent children no doubt... just as worthless as the old carpenter."
The carpenter came out of the back with half worm eaten wood. He couldn't even remember how to properly address her. It was one thing from Valorie the girl called her by her first name just to try to get on her nerves and Viatiare knew this. However a tenant would know better. Still she was going to be late arguing a relatively pointless manner.

Ledgers open and coffers out the two went over the carpenters accounting. They were a mess. His handwriting was worse than last month and the income even less. She opened her ledger and made a few notes. After about ten minutes Viatiare closed the books. "Clearly you can't make up last month's rent let alone what is due to day." Viatiare's voice was factual and with out sympathy. "Time for you to retire. You have two days to make arrangements. In the mean time your tools and remaining goods will be auctioned off to pay your debt." She closed her ledger and gave the carpenter back his. "I have other tenants to see to. Good day." She didn't expect or even care whether or not these three had a good day. It was simply a courtesy programmed into her. A polite means of saying her decision was final and nothing could change her mind. After all she did give him time to make up the difference as law required.

Leaving the office she caught the eye of Ms. White and the boy she gave them only a nod of acknowledgment before leaving the store. She made a mental note to write letters to contacts in the capitol as she walked away to her next destination. She made notes of who was home and who wasn't. Those that were got the figurative gold star in her books. Those that were not would be charged extra tomorrow for wasting her time. All the while a small crowd forming in the square.

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Aya is walking through town with her latest kill, a few hares, she hasn't had any requests and she needes food, so she had gone hunting early in the morning and now she heads towards the butcher, of course she had changed at home or she'd be getting disgusting looks from everyone. "Should be open" she says once she arrives and she knocks on the door, loud enough for him to hear, she hasn't decided if she wanted them skinned or if she would sell them, one would cost her money, the other would earn her money, but she didn't really need the money right now "Anyone home?" she asks, adjusting the sack over her shoulder, she had somewhat heard about the missing children, but she hadn't seen any last night so she couldn't really help with that, joining the search party would be good, but they'd go when they have the most light in the forest, which wasn't in her favor in the slightests.


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Lysander stood impassively as he waited for the children to explain themselves as they spoke the elk’s eyes scanned the two lost souls. They looked positively pitiful, which he supposed could be expected seeing as the predicament they were in. Lysander wasn’t quite certain he believed the children’s story, though he didn’t doubt it. Of course, he knew there was a witch’s hut in the wood and he ran into her unfortunate victims from time to time though he had a hard time imagining a pair of children escaping that crone’s clutches. That didn’t change how the stag was going to handle the situation however. The children were hurt, scared and bone tired by the looks of it. Lysander’s golden gaze looked up to the crow which seemed to be watching them, they were even being followed by scavengers for goodness sakes.

Unfortunately, being an elk, he didn’t really know what he could do for the children, he did not have hands to wrap up their hurts with bandages nor did he have any idea on how to get them back to their home in the village. Even in twenty years Lysander had not tried to go back, there was nothing for him there anymore after all. Lysander pawed at the ground with a hoof as he thought of what he should do, the children would certainly be thirsty if they’d been walking all night, though he wasn’t sure if they could make the walk back to the river. He looked over his shoulder at the way he’d come before he let out a deep huff from his nose, the stag equivalent of a sigh. He wouldn’t just leave them to their fate, his conscience wouldn’t allow it.

Lysander sunk down to a sitting position, lying like a camel. He looked at the children whom sitting down he still dwarfed. “Climb onto my back. I cannot take you back to your home, but I will help you. The two of you must be thirsty” Lysander told them as he waited for them to move. Perhaps they could wash the blood from their feet at the water as well. It wouldn’t be good if a pack of wolves tracked the blood scent to them, Lysander could fight them off. But he wasn’t sure if he could protect the wayward children while doing so and he didn’t wish to test it.


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Kanade Utsurobami

'Don't go wandering the woods', people said. They had warned Kanade and others just like her time and time again, but more often than not, those people just did not learn - and they were right to warn those who dared even think of it. Those were harsher times when people undertook the wanders and not getting anything for it, but coming out with less - in some way, shape, or form. Enter Kanade, who suffered just that once upon a time (with no happily ever after) and now resides among the woods in question. Presently, the young girl was in her own doors in the comfort of her own range and home, not willing to step outside for a period of time - though the most unwelcome of news, or at least news of the recent happenings, still found their way to Kanade's ears and knowledge... "...So, people are vanishing once again, are they?" She thought aloud to herself with distaste in her tone.

To Kanade, this sounded all too familiar and in no way safe or good - it's worse off, and she knows that. Who knows how many people have already vanished, and how many are to follow them shortly. Regardless, Kanade now had a reason - a motive, to go and explore and investigate - this new incident shall be prime suspect for that. "The woods hold plenty of ground in them, so finding people in there is nigh impossible unless there's some kind of telling..." She thought to herself aloud as she would rise up from a seat from which she was on, and then opted to head for her door, promptly opening it, going through it, and closing it behind her. Thus begins her wander from her house to the town, where she can hopefully try and dig up some more - maybe get extra hands? If anything, putting her own time into this mystery, as a 'could have been' missing child should be easy thanks to her experience.

"...It's time to go." She muttered to herself as she would take the first dozen steps away from home, heading to the town and will be there shortly.​
Ebony's expression didn't falter at Viatiare's passive aggressive correction nor Pinoke's rather blunt way of talking to her. If anything it felt like a breath of fresh air to her. "I'll be sure to remember that, miss Frydenlund." She gave a light nod to the woman before focusing her attention back at Pinoke. "Alright, Pinoke it is then." Ebony didn't blame him for his neutral tone with her, for the townspeople who weren't blinded by their fantasies of the idea of Ebony usually thought horribly of her. They saw her as a gold digging leech ready to sink her teeth into the likes of prince Dacian, or that she just acted nice for the rewards she would reap after. It's never been her intention to do any of that, really. What the townspeople didn't know was that she had her fortune, after escaping her hellhole of a predicament she was in for most of her teen years, her step-mother had passed away of a weak heart (more like wicked heart if you were to ask Ebony) and because there was no one left in the family bloodline, she inherited everything. The grand estate, the jewels, and all the money from being from a family of aristocrats. But she didn't want that life. She couldn't, at least not there. He could be waiting there for her. Ebony wanted to explore life in peace, she wanted to live in the forest, hunt for food and eat what she has found. And for a while, she had just that, after inheriting her money she changed her last name and lived her life of solitude. Up until she began befriending the people of the town just by the border her old cottage. It was nice at first, being able to befriend others who weren't of nobility, helping them solve simple problems like gifting them handmade garments, baking them food, and teaching their children how to read and write. When they started seeing her as a saint, that's when she should have left. And now she feels indebted to these people, if she were to leave, the home they built for her and the rent they paid for her all would go to waste. She couldn't do that to them, she had to play her role as a obliviously kind girl who loved living here, where in the first thing she would do if given the chance would be to run away. Run away like she always does. Her acts towards them were genuine, they really are but her desire to stay was but a debt she wanted to pay.

Seeing Gepetto enter the workshop snapped Ebony out of it. Her smile widened as she gave him a gentle wave. What a nice old man. She enjoyed giving him some brownies every now and then just to chat with him, he provided pretty could insight and wisdom which at times, she badly needed. Her smile couldn't help but falter when she saw the look the woodcarver gave to Viatiare. Perhaps she'll talk to him later about helping him pay for his rent, it would eat her up inside if she saw someone struggle where she's free to not worry about financial burdens. With him leaving her to be helped by his son, Ebony couldn't help but laugh at Pinoke's doubt in her, and the way he attempted to shift into a more "respectful" way of treating a customer. "I was hoping to carve some dolls." She glanced around to see if anyone was listening in, after seeing no one attempting to listen to the conversation between the two, she continued, "You see, most of the townsfolk don't want me to join them on their search for the missing children, and I hate feeling useless in all of this." The tone she used was the closest you'll ever get to her in a mood that isn't happy or kind. Her green eyes widened in surprise when she heard Pinoke's arm make a considerably loud thud. "Awfully strong bones you got there." She teased, ending her little show of disappointment she earlier had.
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Aurora was glad that Mel agreed with her. She knew the wise old lady was sensible and wouldn't consider her worries as pointless. This put her at ease, now that she wasn't seen as a coward, she could relax. What confused her though was Melanie's last statement. Light shines brightest in the darkness? Of course it did, it was only logical but that didn't make it any less scary.

As Mel got up to fetch something, Aurora's gaze followed her. She picked up a big book and brought it to Aurora, puzzling her. They were going to read today? Aurora had thought Melanie would clear her doubts but she couldn't see how reading would help. She was thinking this when she read the title of the book on its cover, things started making a little sense then.

Aurora gasped when Mel told her about the dark creatures and again when she told her about the good creatures of the woods. How had she never heard such stories? The book contained story after story about werewolves, witches and faeries and spirits but only one story caught her eye and that was the where Mel stopped flipping the pages.

The golden stag... It was an interesting tale but was it true? It was a beautiful creature, who would want to hunt it and why?

"What kind of a reward would make people hunt such a majestic being?" She asked, looking at the picture of the stag shining golden.

She had not at all expected such rewards like Melanie mentioned. She couldn't believe that there could be a cure for her problem but she trusted Mel and if she was telling Aurora there was a cure, then there had to be. "If it's real, if the stag really exists then I need to get its fur. I need to kill it." She murmured while reading the book but then she realized what she had said and her eyea widened. She couldn't kill anyone! Even if it was a stag, it still had life, she couldn't possibly harm a living being. She was neither that cruel nor that brave. But if she didn't get the fur, she would not be able to cure her sleeping problem. She wanted to live a normal life and the golden fur could be a direct ticket to it. If she couldn't kill that stag, somebody else would have to. She just needed to find a good enough hunter for this task and convince them to do it. Aurora believed that if she offered the right price, hardly anyone would refuse to help her.

She looked up when Mel spoke again. It was true, light could chase away fear and her light had become the golden fur now. "I— I guess." She said in reply. "I should probably go, there's so much to do today. Thanks for listening to me, I'll visit soon." She smiled at the wise lady and with that, she left the cottage in a hurry.

While she made her way into town, she made a mental list of all the hunters available. There was Valorie and also Goldren. She didn't exactly know Aya much but if she was willing to work for money then she could also be hired by Aurora.

She reached the butcher's shop after walking with as much speed as she could. She was going to talk to Goldren first and then find Val. Aurora entered the shop and called for the young owner. "Goldren! Goldren are you there?" She had ripped the page containing the golden stag's picture from the book and now she fumbled with her purse where she had put it. She hoped Mel wouldn't be mad at her for mutilating her book like that. She wouldn't have done that if it wasn't an emergency.

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Aya enters the shop and she sighs seeing the two others "Why are people so loud?" she mumbles "Pretty sure the sign says open" she says, not seeing the owner yet, but she does hear talking, Red and Goldren, one of those she needed, but she supposed she could wait a few more minutes she supposed, let Valorie get what she came here for before waiting her turn, she just hadn't taken Aurora for someone who just barged into the butchery of all places, since she's inside she can take off her sunglasses, but she's not planning on staying longer than needed, but than again, it could be a potential job for her anyway, so that would be a plus for her since she has no jobs at the moment, although a day lazying around in the forest didn't seem that bad either, she would just end up training anyway.
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"you sure about that because... I can smell rabbit on you, whatever" Goldren would respond with a dismissive shrug though his face became redder when she would mention the meat at the table. god damn it "err... don't mind that... its.. iv got my reasons for it ok?" he'd say with a snappy nerviness only to have Aurora show up as well.. thusly making him sigh and grit his teeth this was getting worse and worse. heading around the counter he'd grab the rabbit skins setting them into the table in front of Valerie "there you go val... now... if you would excuse me... YES IM HERE WHAT DO YOU TWO WHAT" he'd call out to the other two that had walked in sounded kinda annoyed sure he could smell them walking in but honestly it was a little rude of them


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Kanade Utsurobami

Kanade's wandering from forest to town was smooth sailing - empty as it were, as normal, the girl would find herself among the town very easily and safely, much to her surprise and apparent relief. Dusting herself off upon arrival and glancing around, the girl tried to figure out what to do - someone in here would probably have more grounds on the situation than she does, as she herself has only just heard of it. But then again, the whole incident is probably only just popping up to everyone's attention, so that plan is figuratively out of the window! The girl sighed and glanced around - she would notice a book shop presently open for business - perhaps if she pays a visit to there, maybe the one in charge of that shop inside would know anything - something at least would be a worthwhile find and conversation! The girl approached the door and knocked before daring to do anything.

"...Anyone in?"



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"I have other tenants to see to. Good day."

Jiminy bounced off Pinnochio's shoulder, bounding towards the door as it shut behind Viatiare.

"And don't stumble on the way out!" He chirped, angrily. There was certainly no love lost between Miss Frydenlund and Jiminy, or any of this household, for that matter.

"I do hope you take some time to enjoy this beautiful weather." Geppetto barely managed to finish before the door swung shut behind her. Always one for empathy, he had often tried to befriend the woman. Having lived as long as he had, he knew that no one is born cruel, but circumstances of one's life can change people, indeed they always do. His kindness and inquisition had always been met with cold and bitter remarks and dismissive attitudes. It seemed clear to Geppetto that no one had ever tried to get close to Viatiare, not without wanting something in return, that is. Despite her cruelty, his heart broke for her, but there comes a time in every selfless person's life when they must realize that it is not their duty to help everyone they meet, especially when that person is unwilling to be helped.

Pinoke chuckled a bit at Ebony's joke. Maybe this girl really was different. At least she didn't ignore the fact that he was made from solid wood, as most did. He supposed that most people didn't bring it up out of some twisted sense of "propriety". But if people hadn't treated it as such a taboo subject perhaps he wouldn't feel the shame that he did. This was his reality. There was nothing wrong with it. And there was nothing wrong with him. This...is what he wanted to believe, anyways.

Jiminy, his frustrations vented, hopped onto the top of Geppetto's. head, nuzzling the bald scalp, gently.

"I want to carve some dolls." Ebony stated.

"That's definitely easier said than done. There's just more to it than just the carving." Pinoke said, taking a couple pieces of wood from the pile and pulling them over to his work station. "But, if you have some time, and are willing to pay, I can definitely show you how to get started."

Geppetto suddenly seemed to realize who it was standing in his workshop. "Ebony!" He exclaimed, his body trembling ever so slightly. "My apologies, child, with all the hullabaloo I didn't notice it was you." He clasped her hand in both of his fondly. "How are you my child?"

Jiminy was perched at the forefront of Geppetto's head, his bug eyes scanning Ebony in an overly protective manner.

"Furthermore, I wouldn't dream of charging Ebony for a thing after she's been so kind to us!"

Pinoke rolled his eyes. This was the true reason they couldn't afford rent. it seemed every job his father took was either done for free or for some sort of barter, which, thought it kept their larder filled with all sorts of savory and sweet treats, it didn't keep the roof over their heads. Perhaps he would speak to Viatiare later to see if there was any sort of bartering he might be able to do with her in order to keep her off of his Papa's back. She wasn't good for his health, of that he was certain.

Geppetto continued, "Besides, don't forget we're joining the search party soon to help search for those poor children. I'll go get some supplies ready."

Pinoke walked up to Ebony.

"I know a thing or two about people not wanting me around. Why don't we join the search party together?"

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