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» Mary Feldstein
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Location: Ballroom
Mood: Blushing, shy, smiling, and curiosity.
Mentions: Aamir Karim

Mary was unaware of Jian’s thoughts towards her, because not only were her siblings very distracting. She knew during that moment how they were in the right for trying to protect the Citrine and Jasper chosen from those horrible people. Especially the Jasper chosen, for she was alone when it came to dealing with her mother’s mind control. ‘I definitely did nothing wrong. Those girls had no one to protect them, so it was reasonable for me to jump in. Even more so when people were attacking me, because of their grudge towards what I did to them in the past. I just hope my grandma, grandpa, aunt, and uncle don’t hear about this chosen one thing. Who knows what would happen if this news got into their ears.’ thought Mary.
They didn’t want to know what would happen in Vinsumi if the chosen one situation reached the other parts of her family. Especially if the news got to her aunt and uncle, because who knows what they would do with that kind of information. After all, Mary knows about her uncle being a spokesperson, but her aunt never told her what their actual job is. She keeps telling them how it wasn’t important for her to know something like that, or suggests Mary to go shopping with her siblings to avoid the conversation. Not that she minds going on a shopping trip with her siblings, but her aunt’s behavior towards a simple question like that was always very odd.

As for what she said about Jian’s lessons, Mary only did that in case he goes way too far with it. They knew how strong the belief towards Anya’s ideals are with the Vinsumians. In order to protect herself, she was making sure Prince StoneFace didn't try to shove those ideals down her throat like her parents would do. ‘If I keep a prince like him at a suitable distance from me. He sure as hell won’t hurt me if his lessons were to go wrong. I will make sure that a possible hypocrite like him would know what he is dealing with by mentally putting my foot on his neck. Ain't nobody going to force their rigid ideals of what it means for me to be Anya’s chosen to get in my way. I will stab it to the ground if I have to, since nobody is going to take away the true freedom I felt from protecting those girls.’ thought Mary.

While Mary was thinking about that, Jian was complimenting on how lovely her family’s formal attire was.

“Aw. Thank you for the compliment, your highness, and you look mighty fine while wearing that formal attire of yours.” said Sarah, flirting.

However, Mary had a different reaction towards Jian’s compliment. Her face was blushing, because this isn’t the first time she was called lovely here. “…Thank you for saying that, Jian.” said Mary, as she was looking down at the ground for a bit. She was being a bit shy towards them.

After the compliment on their formal attire was done. Jian had to ruin the pleasant moment he created by telling the siblings how they can’t say his first name like Mary can. They weren’t happy with the revelation of their sister’s special treatment at all.

“We know who you are, your highness, but why are you letting Mary get away with saying your first name? It is ridiculous how you are letting her do that, but we can’t say it at all just because of her fancy new title as a chosen.” said Robert.

“Yeah, and we wouldn’t be the only ones who would call the royal family by their first name. If the news of the end of the world gets to Vinsumi; there would be a lot of chaos.” said Sarah.

Both of Mary’s siblings were crossing their arms, since they were jealous of Mary’s special treatment.

“Even auntie, uncle, grandpa, and grandma would have done the same thing as us upon hearing the end of the world news. They just stop caring, because they know how meaningless the title of being a royal would be.” said Sarah.

Mary was quiet during this. Her siblings were right about nobody caring about the royal family’s special treatment during the end of the world situation. If anything; they might give their kingdom’s chosen, some special treatment instead if they find out about their special title.

“They are right, because everybody in Vinsumi would become crazier upon hearing the news of the end of the world. It would also happen if the news of the seven girls being chosen by the founders were to get out.” said Mary, who was then behaving a bit strangely after saying that. “In fact, please don’t make me go back to Vinsumi when we get there. I don’t want to deal with them.”
Mary was worried when she brought up about the Vinsumians’ behavior towards her. She knew how the Vinsumians were a bunch of nutcases towards Anya’s ideals, so she didn’t want to imagine how they would react upon finding out about her being Anya’s chosen. ‘I hope nobody holds a grudge towards me if we head towards Vinsumi, but I doubt it. After all, if there were people who were throwing their hatred towards me during the masquerade ball. I don’t want to know what they would be like if we go back there.’ thought Mary.
They were terrified by their own people, since she didn’t want to get into their crossfire with her title as Anya’s chosen.

Jian later brought up his concern about Mary's hesitation towards his lessons, and it reassured her when he didn’t use his scolding tactic again. Hell, you can say how Mary is being a puppy towards Jian, the big wolf if you thought about it.
“The only reason I said I won’t listen to you is if you go way too far with it. Although, I appreciate how much you want me to become a better person, but when people keep comparing me to become more like Anya. It is just so irritating to deal with. Please try to make your lessons a bit bearable for me to handle, because I won’t always get it right at the start.” said Mary, who understood the situation she was in. She technically belongs to the royal family by being Anya’s chosen, but it also means that Jian belongs to her, thanks to the Empress selling his soul to become her protector and guide.

Things became interesting when Prince Aamir threw a comment in Jian’s direction, and mentioned how he would be a good sparring partner for them. That made her curious, since Mary never saw him in a battle. They just know how Jian is a military general and the second prince of Vinsumi. “I can’t wait to see your sparring match against Prince Aamir, because I am betting on you to win.” said Mary, smiling. She secretly wanted Prince Jian to own Prince Aamir’s butt with style, as she wouldn't ignore the fact at how the Empress hinted at his strength. It would also make up for the wait-what comment she said earlier, as she was unfairly judging him. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on Jian with my judgment. He seems to care about me despite this first meeting of ours being a bit rocky. ...No. I need to keep an eye on him if his strong belief towards Anya’s ideals bleeds towards me in a negative way.’ thought Mary.
Mary wanted to trust Jian’s words, but she just couldn’t, because of how badly her parents’ attempts to force Anya’s ideals towards her were. ‘I just hope Anya can forgive me for my behavior towards Jian.’
Salvador Cesar Allegro Monterio
Every leaf has a mystery, and every truth has a lie. How does one see the mysteries in the leaves and tell the truth from the lies?

Standing up, the prince plastered a grin on his face. He was slightly puzzled by the actions of the family. She looks like I stepped out of a fairy tale, he sighed internally. Of course, when a royal kneels before you and offers his ha... help to a non-noble it causes shock and giddiness. As expressed by the teasing no doubt. The fact was, Salvador wanted nothing to do with this prophecy, this girl, the stone, or saving the world. All he wanted to do was go back to one of his family's isolated tree castles and practice his archery, spear work, and his general moping about. His charismatic façade was already cracking. He smiled and acted princely and charming, but inside all he wanted was to be away from people. He didn't deserve to be around them. Looking back at the family, a slight sadness tinged his eyes.
Followed by a brief spark of worry. These people were entrusting their daughter, their sister to him. At least there would be other princes. But that was just more people he had to deal with. The cracks in his façade were growing.

"I hope your trust will be well placed," Salvador said gravely. "I will try with the best of my ability to keep your daughter safe during this venture. Now if you don't mind, I must go and start preparing, we must be leaving soon as this matter seems to be of the utmost importance."

Whirling around with what he hoped to be an air of importance and professionalism, he hurried towards his quarters. His left eye twitched, the first visible crack in his mask. Marching through the palace to the section the Histadel royalty was staying, his façade slipping more and more. Slamming the door to his room closed he sagged against the wall, his true emotions bursting through his body like a flood. Tears threatened to flood his face. This girl... she looked so much like her. A sob escaped from his chest. He felt the paranoia creep into his soul. I'll get them all killed, a dark thought said as it wrapped his mind in its darkness, strangling him. A sharp knock at the door rudely brought him to reality. Standing up, he stood before the door, wanting nothing to do with whoever it was on the other side.

"Hello?" he called out weakly before clearing his throat. "Hello? Who's there?"

"I have a message from your eldest brother,"
A familiar voice called through the door. "He says he'll give you twenty minutes of hiding before he'll come here and drag you back out himself."

"Thank you for the warning," grouched Salvador.

"Your welcome your highness,"
the voice said curtly.

Listening to the footsteps as the man walk away, the prince sighed. Walking towards a large chest, he opened it. Pulling out a seemed to be a pole wrapped in leopard skin. Putting it on his bed, he brought out a full quiver—its green fletching made from a deadly avian hunter—and his bow. String the bow in one swift, well-trained action, he grab an arrow and knocked it. Pulling back, his muscles relishing the familiar action, he sighted down the arrow. Slowly releasing the arrow he put it back into the quiver and unstrung the bow and put it away before unwrapping the leopard leather. Taking out a four-foot spear with a foot-long double-sided spearhead, he stroked the beautiful feathers that hung below the shining head before untying them and putting them on his belt. Grabbing an oiled rag, he started polishing the spearhead. After it gleamed like a mirror he stood before an actual full-sized mirror and preened himself to a presentable look. Plastering his façade back on, he opened the door and was (not) prepared for what was to come.

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Ajna Bastard Prince
Hallbjorn Osbjornsen
Troll Hunter
Mascaraed ball

A smile laced the prince's face. Yes, the strong will and pride of his people. Refreshing, especially after the mother of Mulada's chosen actions. Turning to the chosen, he nodded his head as he searched for something in his pockets.

"Very well, young warrior," he said gravely. "I shall not state myself as your guardian, instead as your companion. I have no doubts about your abilities or training and shall be eager to see your level of training. I am positive that your father and mother will be safe, and if you wish, I can have one or two of my personal guards personally escort them to your hometown. Here, show this dagger to them and tell them what you wish. They shall help you with what equipment they have and escort you. I must go now and check on my bear-friend."

Bowing slightly to the chosen, he turned around and rushed towards where Boris was being kept. Nothing is as intimidating as an Ajnan moving with purpose. Nobody stood in his way as he rushed to the private stables. Fortunately it seemed that the stables were not damaged badly. Rushing in, his cloak flowing around his legs caught on a piece of scrap metal. Yanking the material off his back, he walked into a musky mountain of fir that hugged him tightly.

"Boris, my brother," Hallbjorn wheezed.

The bear let him down with a pathetic moan. Boris's eyes were full of fear, he smelt the prince over, scrunching his nose at the smells of the strange humans that his human brother had to socialize with. Boris laid down, the adrenaline rush draining away. Hallbjorn sighed and sat down, leaning into his best friend, and some could say only true friend, and fell asleep.

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Jian Ishikawa

Interactions: Discussing certain things with Mary ( Blackrose7 Blackrose7 ) and her family.
Mentions: Bringing up Jian and Aamir's ( Zodia195 Zodia195 ) future duel.


Mary herself seemed to be lost in thought as Jian complimented her and her family's attire. He couldn't blame the girl after everything that had happened in the last few hours of this disastrous night. Still, Jian was proud as a prince that he managed to lift their spirits up just a little with a practiced compliment here or there. “Aw. Thank you for the compliment, your highness, and you look mighty fine while wearing that formal attire of yours.” Sarah spoke rather confidently and her voice was heavy with flirtation. The young prince simply glazed over the girl's tone and gave her a smile and nod; being respectful towards the compliment but not acknowledging her romantic moves. “…Thank you for saying that, Jian.” The prince's eyes opened and he turned his head to the left, seeing Mary blush and shrink in on herself. Now that was a response he hadn't expected. He would have to tuck that information away for later, perhaps it would be useful later on. For now, however, Jian simply smiled and nodded to her as well. "Of course."

Ah, the atmosphere was finally calm and honestly, much warmer than before. People were settling down around the room and Jian himself found his shoulders slumping ever so slightly at the relaxing atmosphere. Of course, the man had to ruin it all by enforcing the proper way to address himself and his family. The young man didn't think it would cause such an issue, but Mary's siblings seemed to take offense to the fact. “We know who you are, your highness, but why are you letting Mary get away with saying your first name? It is ridiculous how you are letting her do that, but we can’t say it at all just because of her fancy new title as a chosen.” Robert spoke, seemingly annoyed. Sarah then crossed her arms and tagged in. “Even auntie, uncle, grandpa, and grandma would have done the same thing as us upon hearing the end of the world news. They just stop caring, because they know how meaningless the title of being a royal would be.”

Narrowing his eyes, he began to open his mouth, intent on lecturing the two about how it wasn't 'the end of the world' and even if it was, that was no cause for disregard of ethics and normality. In fact, Jian would argue during such a dire situation, tradition and respect were at their most in importancy. Mary cut him off though. “They are right, because everybody in Vinsumi would become crazier upon hearing the news of the end of the world. It would also happen if the news of the seven girls being chosen by the founders were to get out.” Her mood seemed to shift a bit, making Jian focus all his attention on her again. “In fact, please don’t make me go back to Vinsumi when we get there. I don’t want to deal with them.” Ah yes. She seemed to be at odds with just about every other Vinsumian. Jian could see why now. Most Vinsumians would stay quiet and keep to themselves when it came to other kingdom affairs, especially when it was such a touchy subject. He himself included of course. But Mary seemed very intent on sticking up for others, as well as herself. Jian could see the value in that, especially now that they would be travel companions. But his more logical side could also see the wall of problems it may bring for the future group if she decided to stick her nose into every situation like it was her own.

Sighing, the man held his hand up in peace, attempting to quell the annoyances that were Mary's family. "Fine. You have some fair points. You are the chosen's family after all. While I would like to keep the norm and follow the rules of respect and lineage, I also understand that we are in a time that is anything but normal now." Turning to Mary, he frowned and shook his head, his slightly wavy, brown hair shuffling against his brow. "That isn't for me to decide. Our journey together might take us back to the capital. But there will be no need to worry. No one should mess with you when you have a band of protectors and other chosen surrounding you. I'm sure we will have time to prepare as well." He gave her a smile and a pat on the shoulder, not too unlike the one he gave Kajsa back in the fragment room. "You'll do well."

A little more back-and-forth conversation happened before Mary brought up his point about his teaching. She explained a bit further why she refused and gave reasons for her comparison to Anya. "Please try to make your lessons a bit bearable for me to handle, because I won’t always get it right at the start.” Jian scratched his chin and raised an eyebrow at that. Truth be told, he never did have an apprentice or much teaching experience so he didn't know what exactly would be 'bearable' or not. Still, he appreciated the heads-up. "I see. I'll try to keep my lessons to a minimum at first until you get used to them. Thank you for telling me ahead of time. Though, I will remind you. They won't be easy per se. This isn't a walk through the gardens after all. We need to prepare you for the dangers ahead."

Finally, the conversation seemed to wind down full stop when Mary mentioned his soon-to-be spar with future King Aamir. “I can’t wait to see your sparring match against Prince Aamir, because I am betting on you to win.” Jian felt himself smirk a little at that, his competitive nature leaking through his facial expressions as he gave the girl a nod. "It will be a good match but from our previous bouts, I believe I'm faster. Speed win battles." Of course, he would say this, but during their previous sparring match, Jian was kept on his toes for most (if not all) of the fight. Prince Aamir is no one to scoff at, and showing his strength helped solidify his kingdom's ideals.



Location: Royal Palace

Chars: Everyone

After everything had settled down finally, King Kamir invited the Chosen and their families to stay in the palace in the Royal Guest quarters near the Muladi royal quarters. He sent two servants to find the Chosen of Citrine and Jade to let them know also. Noirin had asked about their belongings, so the king found out where they were staying and had soldiers get their things. As for the rest of the guests he made sure to find out where they were staying and if it suffered any damage offered to board them in inns free of charge and offered to pay the innkeepers. Even other Muladi folk after to board other foreign guests to stay with them. To say the hospitality of the Muladi people was pretty off the charts since they took their duties very seriously as hosts.

It was in the middle of the night when Noirin dreamt. She was walking in a foggy area and could barely see in front of her. What was going on? Where was she? It was then she saw something or someone and it was coming closer. Noirin couldn't see who it was at all for the person was covered in a cloak.

"Hello Noirin." The figure said.

The voice startled Noirin and it took her a second to realize the voice came from the figure in front of her. It was distinctively female too.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" she asked.

"I am here to help you. I have a clue for you to get you and the others started. Listen carefully now."

Noirin wasn't sure if this person was lying or not.

"How do I know I can trust you?"

Noirin did not see it, but the figure smiled.

"Then the clue I tell you will just lead to nowhere."

Noirin thought about this and decided to at least listen to the clue first. Another question popped in her head.

"What if I forget all of this?"

"You won't. But I recommend writing this down as soon as you wake up though. Here's your clue. Whether you chose to follow it is up to you.

'In the library of Isladam, count the number of years from the Ancient Prophecy to find the category, plus the number of the tarot card representing the Chosen of Jasper to find the ancient scroll. This category is hidden from eyes and can only be found by Mulada's first king. The ancient scroll will lead you to your next clue.'

Best of luck to all of you." The lady said before vanishing.

Noirin didn't say a word as a light shone through and everything else vanished.


Noirin woke up instantly and saw sunlight coming through the windows. It was morning all ready? Remembering her dream, she jumped out of bed, but tripped out of it. She forgot that their beds were low to the ground. The noise woke up her mother, who was in the next room. Lady Ingrid looked through the open doorway and saw her daughter get off the floor and rush to a nearby chair and table before writing something down with a quill and ink. Getting out of bed herself, she walked into her daughter's room.

Never one to prod, she simply said, "Good morning Noirin."

"Good morning mother. Sorry I am trying to write down this dream I had. Someone appeared in it and gave me a clue to help with the quest."

"Oh really? And how did you know she was being honest?"

"I am not sure. If this clue is rubbish, we'll find out right away. I am going to need your help with this clue too. There! I finished it. Can you read the clue please? There's a part talking about tarot cards." Noirin said before handing her mother what she wrote.

Lady Ingrid nodded and read it. Her eyebrows rose up at the clue.

"I can tell you what the number of the Chosen of Jasper is. The answer is found in my last reading. I always write down my readings and I brought that reading with me. I'll go get it." She said before going back to her room.

Soon she returned with a manuscript and opened up to her latest reading. Noirin got up and looked at the drawing of the spread. It was very big and took up both pages.

"Look at the center dear. The Jasper holder is represented by the card 'Strength'." Lady Ingrid pointed.

Noirin looked and saw that the number was 11. Well, that part was easy, but what about the rest? She thought about it and decided to discuss it with the other girls and their guardians. She couldn't recall if Stella or Asta had guardians yet. She wondered where Flaithri was at the moment. He would definitely want to see this. The sooner they got started on this clue, the better.

"Mother, can I write down the cards and whom or what they represent?" Noirin asked.

"On the next page I wrote down all the cards and their meaning. You can copy that," Lady Ingrid said.

Suddenly they heard a knock at the door and a servant appeared.

"Good morning, ladies. Breakfast will be served soon. I'll be outside the door. Let me know when you're ready." The young lady said before leaving them.

"I'll write it down Noirin. You get dressed," Lady Ingrid said.

Noirin nodded and did as her mother instructed.

When the two arrived to a dining room, they found Belinha's family there already. Like last night, the dining tables were close to the ground with cushions for chairs.

"Good morning." Noirin said shyly as she sat down.

She was back to wearing her normal clothes, which was a relief. Noirin's hair was pulled back into a chignon behind her neck. She had her reading spectacles in a pocket of her lavender long sleeved, button blouse. She had a buttoned up long plaid skirt that was violet with green and yellow lines on it that went down to her shin. It was light material so she wouldn't get hot. It felt good to be back in her normal clothing. She looked more like a scholar than a noble though, which is what she preferred.

Belinha's family wore simple garbs that were common in Histadel. While their clothing covered important parts, they were still short. This was to prevent their clothing from getting caught in the trees. Belinha wore a simple peach dress that came to her calves but had slits on the side to walk easily. The top part of it wrapped around her shoulders to keep the gown up. Her blonde hair was loose with a simple flower in her hair. Maria and her mother were in similar garb while her father and brothers wore light trousers and short sleeved tops. Belinha personally missed the gown she wore last night since it was rare for her to dress up, but she knew it wouldn't be appropriate to wear now.

"Good morning, Noirin. Sleep well?" she asked, but it was obvious she wasn't in the best mood.

After all the excitement of last night, it really dawned on her what her task was to be and she started to worry about why the Carnelian chosen her, especially last night when she was alone with her family for the first time. Her mother had broken down again, admitting how worried she was. Even her father almost teared up, which was rare. It really started concerning her, so she had trouble falling asleep last night but managed to get some. Her family had immediately noticed her change in demeanor so tried being more positive.

"I slept fine. I have something I wanted to share with the other girls. I dreamt something last night that might help us with the quest."

"Oh really? I guess I can wait."

A different servant came in.

"The king told me to serve all of you soon. Prince Aamir will be joining you soon, but the rest of the royal family will be seeing to the needs of the city and would like to apologize for not joining you."

"It quite all right, miss. Thank you for your hospitality." Lady Ingrid said.

The servant nodded and soon more servants appeared, bringing in trays of food on them and placed them on the table. Juice and water were served for drinks. The food consisted mostly of flat breads, vegetables, eggs, cheese, and spreads. The food was served family style so the guests could grab whatever they wanted. Each was given a plate and utensils to eat with. As food was being served, Aamir came in. He was glad to be back in more regular attire also. His lightweight closes were sturdy but still regal. His dark brown pants flared out a bit with a brown belt that tied at the waist. He also wore a tan short sleeve shirt with a red and red-brown vest that didn't tie up. On his upper arm though, he still wore his golden armband and at his side he carried his scimitar. He actually had wanted to inspect the city with his father and the royal guard, but his father wanted him to be a host to their guests. His mother and sisters were still at the palace but those who had lost their homes or were injured or worse, were being brought to the palace and his mother and sisters were going to see them. Well, his two youngest sisters weren't allowed to see the injured or dead since they were considered too young, only 15 and 13. Both protested but their mother always got her way. His other sisters were old enough to make their own decisions since they were 20 and 18. He had just come from the medical ward himself and agreed with his mother fully. He'd seen injuries, but nothing that serious and some were even children. That was hard to see. Not wanting to be a bad host though, he tried putting on his best demeanor.

"Morning. I see the other Chosen haven't waken up yet. How were your sleeping quarters?" he said as he sat down at the head of one of the tables and started getting some food.

"Very comfortable your highness. The service here has been outstanding too." Ingrid said.

"That's good to know. Take your time eating," he said.

The others nodded and did so while waiting for the other Chosen to show up and wondering what the other royals were doing.
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» Mary Feldstein
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Location: Ballroom —> Mulada’s palace —> Dining Room
Mood: Happy, Tired, and No Sarah no!
Mentions: N/A

Robert and Sarah give each other a high five when Prince Jian bent the knee at how unfair it was to let only Mary call him by his first name.
“YES! He bent the knee for us, Sarah.” said Robert.
“Now we can say his first name if he ever visits our house. said Sarah.
Mary was standing there with a look of pure disbelief on her face, since she wasn’t expecting for them to say that. She just thought her siblings were jealous about not being allowed to say their prince’s first name, because they weren’t chosen by the aquamarine fragment like her. But no, they apparently wanted to have the excuse to call their prince by their first name whenever he visits them.
“Seriously? You guys overreacted, so you can have the liberty of saying his first name when he visits our house?” said Mary. They then turned her head for a bit to look at Jian, as the confusion for her siblings’ behavior was seen on her face.
“Yep. Both of us knew how he wouldn't let us do that even if we were to go home.” said Sarah.
“Getting him to bend the knee, so everybody in our family could say his first name is the ultimate power move, Mary. After all, we won’t let you get away with that because of your fancy title. Especially when he visits our house as a special guest.” said Robert.
“I guess that makes sense. I wouldn’t imagine seeing you guys saying Prince Jian’s first name while he is in public, as it would be disrespectful to do that.” said Mary.
“Oh, good heavens no. We just wanted to have the freedom to say his first name when he comes to our house.” said Sarah.
“It also lets him feel like a normal person for a bit, so we can take the burden of him being a prince off his back.” said Robert.
“Yeah. Nobody in our family is going to care about him being a prince, because they would most likely want him to feel like a normal human.said Sarah.
“It would also make grandma and grandpa happy. You know how they are when someone isn’t being humble towards them or our family. They go on a lecture on how you aren’t better than them, because of your material possessions or titles.” said Robert.
“Nobody wants to deal with that again. It’s annoying to hear their lectures, and I doubt Prince Jian would be happy to listen to their ramblings.” said Sarah.
Mary turned her head to look at Jian again, so she could explain to him what her siblings were talking about.
“Our grandma and grandpa see Anya’s ideals a bit differently from the rest of our family. They like to say how people should express their humanity towards the rest of the world with pride and honor as long as it doesn’t harm anybody.” said Mary, as she mumbled the next part. “They are my favorite people to be with for that reason. Their humanitarian belief on life is something to be seen.”

Jian continued with the conversation with how it wasn’t him to decide on her not going back to Vinsumi. But he reassures Mary by mentioning how she would be surrounded by the protectors and the other chosens. It put a smile on her face to know how caring her prince is. “Thank you for the words of encouragement, Jian. I hope to do my best as Anya’s chosen. Even though, I am not used to being the center of attention nor receiving special treatment from other people.” said Mary. She was looking at the ground for a few minutes while fiddling with her fingers. It was just her showing how uncomfortable she was with this predicament. It also doesn’t help them to know how normal they are, because unlike the rest of her family. Mary wasn’t born with the ability to use magic. ‘Please don’t let Jian ask me if I have magic. He is going to pity me if he ever finds out about that.’ thought Mary.
Everybody in Mary’s family has magic, but nobody was allowed to use it thanks to their grandma. She told everybody not to use their magic for Mary’s sake, since they didn’t want their poor grandchild to feel left out. Grandma also brought up how they don’t need to be so dependent on their magic in order to have a good life.

The conversation went on to the next topic, and upon hearing Jian’s consideration of how he was going to minimize the lessons in the beginning. It put Mary’s heart at ease, despite him not wanting to go easy on her. “I don’t expect you to go easy on me with your future lessons, Jian. Just in the beginning, so I can understand what you are trying to do a bit better.” said Mary. “As long as you are patient with me, and you are willing to answer my questions. I will get it eventually.”
She had a smile on her face, because it wasn’t hard to do that when the Winter Prince’s presence was so relaxing to be in when he wasn’t scolding her.

The winding down of their conversation had reached its conclusion when the sparring match topic was brought up. Mary noticed the minor smirking on her prince’s face before he gave her a nod. That caused her to chuckle within her mind for a bit. She can tell how Jian was eager for their sparring match against Mulada’s future king from looking at him. “I bet you are faster than Prince Aamir, and I hope you can beat him again. Even more so when the other princes and us chosens are going to see it, and I will root for you from the sidelines.” said Mary.
She was excited to see their sparring match, because it’s going to be legendary to see the mighty power of Vinsumi’s general prince vs. Mulada’s future king in action.

While Mary and her siblings were talking to Prince Jian. Her parents were watching them, because the earthquake ruined the buffet table. That was when King Kamir invited the chosens and their families to stay in the palace in the Royal Guest quarters near the Muladi royal quarters.
Upon finding out how they were going to be staying in the palace, because of their daughter’s fancy chosen title. Mary’s mother couldn’t help herself at the thought of how a normal family like them was getting the privilege of a lifetime with the palace treatment.
“I should tell the kids how we’re being invited to stay in the palace, but look at them,” said Mary’s mother: Minato. “I have never seen them talk to someone this much before.”
“That prince sure knows how to keep their silly conversation going, but we need to interrupt them before it gets late.” said Mary’s father: Kazuki.
Being the responsible parents they were, Mary’s parents made their appearance. “I apologize for interrupting your wonderful conversation with my kids, your highness. But it’s getting pretty late, and King Kamir invited us to stay in the palace within the Royal Guest quarters near the Muladi royal quarters for the night.” said Mary’s mother: Minato.
It got both Mary and her siblings’ attention when they heard what their mother said.
“Are you serious, mom?” said Mary, who couldn’t believe how they were going to stay in Mulada’s palace.
“Of course, she is serious, you idiot. This is our mom we are talking about here.” said Robert.
“Rude.” said Mary, as she looked away from her big brother. They never liked it when he insults her like that.
Kazuki was sighing from his kids’ behavior, since some of them were treating this situation like it was a game. “You won’t explore the palace by yourself if that is what you are thinking of doing, Sarah. As for you, Mary, we are going to be staying there for our own protection.” said Kazuki.
“What about our stuff?” said Robert.
“About that. They should be safe from the earthquake, because you guys know how your mom and I love to make sure our stuff is protected from an earthquake situation.” said said Mary’s father: Kazuki.
“You kept doing that during your visits towards another kingdom, Dad?” said Mary. She wasn’t aware of how her parents kept doing that earthquake emergency habit with the stuff they bring along on their journey.
“Of course, I do that, Mary.” said Mary’s father: Kazuki. “I just didn’t think it would have worked in a place like Mulada, but it was worth it.”
Mary’s dad was proud of himself for keeping their stuff safe from the earthquake.
Mary, on the other hand, wanted to facepalm herself. Her dad was being silly near Prince Jian’s presence.
“So who is going to get our stuff?” said Sarah.
“One of the chosens asked the same thing as you, Sarah. It turns out the king sent his soldiers to go get it for us.” said Minato.
“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go to the palace!” said Sarah.
Even though, Mary had to leave with her family for the night. She looked at Jian one more time, and said something real quick to him.
“Sorry for judging you like that. You didn’t deserve it, and if you want, you are free to not want to be my friend after this journey is over. I am just going to be a pain in the neck if I continue to be with you.” said Mary.
They left the ballroom with her family upon saying that to her prince.

The next day:
It was an ordinary sunny day within Mulada’s palace with no signs of another earthquake like what happened yesterday. Mary was sleeping on their low bed until Sarah rolled them out from their blankets onto the floor.
“Wake up, big sis! It’s time for you to get some breakfast!” said Sarah, cheerfully.
Mary was moaning on the floor, since she hates it when her siblings rolls her out of their low bed during the morning.
“Go away, Sarah.” said Mary.
“No, and don’t you want to go talk to Prince Jian again? I bet he is waiting for you to jump right into his arms.” said Sarah, flirting.
“…What the hell, Sarah.” said Mary, as she got herself off the floor, and then rubbed her tired eyes.
“You know how much you want to do that towards an adorable prince like Jian.” said Sarah.
The little flirty idiot then got a karate chop on the head by Robert, because he heard what she said. “That is enough flirting out from you, Sarah.” said Robert. He was yawning after saying that, but unlike his little sisters. They were ready to go get their breakfast for the day.
“Ow, and come on. I was having fun messing around with Mary for the day.” said Sarah.
“You can do that when we go home, but right now. You two need to focus on changing out of your pajamas, so we can get our breakfast.” said Robert.
“Fine.” said Sarah, who was pouting in her defeat.
“Do you know where our parents went, Robert?” said Mary, as she was curious.
“They are just waiting near the door for us, since they know how much of a heavy sleeper you are, Mary.” said Robert.
“Hey. I can’t help it, because the palace’s low bed is very comfortable.” said Mary.
“You did the same thing when we were in Vinsumi, Mary.” said Robert.
“I like to sleep on my low bed.” said Mary.
Robert sighed before dragging Mary into the bathroom, so she could wash her face.

Once the girls took a long time to get ready for the day. The kids went towards the door their parents were leaning next to.
“Looks like you kids are ready to go get your breakfast.” said Kazuki.
“Let’s go, so I can go hit on the princes.” said Sarah.
“Not on my watch. You either behave while you are in this palace, or I am going to punish you when we go back to Vinsumi.” said Minato.
“No mom, no! Please don’t do that.” said Sarah, as she was panicking from the possible punishment.
“Then no flirting with the princes.” said Minato.
“Fine.” said Sarah.
“Good, and you better not make me repeat myself.” said Minato.
“Can we go now, mom?” said Robert.
“Oh, right.” said Minato, who opened the door to exit into the hallway. “Ms. <Whatever the servant’s name is>, we are ready to go now.”
The servant, who was waiting for Mary’s family, heard the voice of Mary’s mother.
“Alright. Please follow me to the dining room.” said the female servant.

Doing as the servant told them to do, Mary’s family were guided to the dining room with no problems. Mary was behind the rest of her family, since she didn’t want to be seen by the other chosens, their families, or the princes so fast. Especially when Sarah would most likely try to embarrass her in front of them.
“Good morning! How is everybody doing today, because I am having a wonderful time here.” said Sarah, cheerfully.
“Sarah, can you please go get your breakfast, so you can shut up already.” said Robert.
“Fine, but I am going to continue to do that once I am done. said Sarah.
“Please stop trying to be an attention seeker, Sarah. It’s early in the morning, and I really don’t want to deal with you.” said Mary.
“Boo.” said Sarah, pouting.
Mary was rolling her eyes at her little sister’s behavior as she went to get her breakfast.

Everybody could see Mary wearing a ponytail, a china dress, and white hanfu flats when she was getting some flatbreads, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and some spreads on her plate. She then took her seat on the cushion, ate her sandwich, and glanced at the other chosens and Prince Aamir for a bit.
“Geez. You look mighty fine…” said Sarah, who had to interrupt their flirting attempt.
“Sarah, what did I tell you about flirting towards the princes while in the palace.” said Minato. She was glaring at Sarah, because her daughter was doing something they aren’t supposed to do.
“Oh come on. How can I not say that when Prince Aamir is still hot in his normal outfit. said Sarah.
Mary was covering her eyes with her right hand, since she can’t believe her little sister said that. ‘I swear to god. Sarah is going to be the death of me if she continues with her flirting spree towards any hot boy she sees.’ thought Mary.
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Ajna Bastard Prince
Hallbjorn Osbjornsen
Troll Hunter
Mascaraed ball

Sand stretched as far as the eye could see. Drab, sandy brown. Waves of heat rose from the dunes. Hallbjorn felt his shadow seem to melt from the blazing sun. Walking forward, no... sloshing forward, his legs sinking in the sand up to his shins. Tiredness crept up from his feet, sapping his spirit. He felt hope seeming to be melted, pouring from his pours like sweat. Suddenly darkness seemed to swirl from the valleys between the dunes, and it was filling up like an inky tar, slowly creeping. Panic threaded through Hallbjorn's being. Slogging up the dune, every muscle screaming fatigue and pain. But this pain was nothing. Survival was key. He felt like a trapped animal, full of every energizing, stressful hormone. But the tar was too fast. It entrapped his legs, pulling him down. He fought, screaming his fear to the world.
Darkness flooded, pouring into his eyes, his ears, his nose, and his mouth. He felt despair creep into his soul.

"Foolish mortal," a resounding, deep, grave voice called. "You cannot escape your fate."

The prince woke up to Boris licking his arm. Sitting there, he leaned into his friend's bulk, letting it support his scared spirit. Finally bringing the nerve to open his eyes, he looked around, relief welling up as tears in his eyes as he recognized the stable. Standing shakily, he patted Boris on the head.

"I'll make sure you have some fish for breakfast," he smiled to his bond.

Looking down, he frowned at his sweat-soaked clothes. What is this vision? The inky darkness, the voice, it is all the same. But the desert? Why? He pondered his dream as he headed to his guest quarters. Arriving, he noticed a servant paling at the sight of Boris.

"He is my bond," he said simply. "The royal family has said he could be with me."

The servant bowed hastily and scampered off. Entering his quarters, he instantly started peeling off his clothes. Wiping off his sweat, he put on some clean pants and his hunting boots. Wondering the halls, he watched with hidden amusement as the servants and guards paled at the sight of Boris. Boris was a Kodican Bear. One of the largest that graced the mountains of Anja. Hearing the sound of people, and the smell of... fish. Yep definitely fish. Boris emitted waves of anticipation. The one true motivator of the bear's life. Shaking his head he turned to Boris.

"Listen, I will ask for a platter of fish just for you," he told the bear. "I do not want you being a pig and causing a panic. You will walk stately with me and when the fish come you can inhale them in the most polite matter you can."

The bear guffawed, his way of chuckling. If his elder brother wanted him to be polite, he would. Although, the fish smelt so dang good. Shacking his massive head, the bear let out a sigh of longsuffering.

Hallbjorn let out a loud laugh at the bear as they entered the giant dining area. His hunter's gaze settled on all the people, automatically picking people he recognized. He quietly waved down a waiter, who looked at his shirtless appearance with thinly veiled resentment.

"May I have a couple of platters of fish for my bond," the prince said softly.

"Of course your highness," the waiter said with a loud, strained voice. "I do recommend you wear a shirt. The sun here can burn easily."

"I appreciate your concern, but I have an amulet that protects me from the heat and the sun," he smiled icely.

Once the waiter turned and walked away, his smile melted away and a cold look crossed his face. Unconsciously tracing the outline of a runic tattoo on his shoulder, he turn and started walking towards the only familiar person he remembered from the night before other than the poor Jasper chosen. He slightly froze before greeting her.

“Oh come on. How can I not say that when Prince Aamir is still hot in his normal outfit."

A lady that looked a lot like Lady Mary was smiling devilishly as Lady Mary covered her eyes, probably in embarrassment.

"Good morning Lady Mary," he coughed and smiled. "I hope you had a good night's sleep. I happen to have been unable to give you your scissors back. Thank you once again for lending them to me to remedy my foolishness."

Blackrose7 Blackrose7
Code by Serobliss
stella ainsley.
sleeping quarters ---> dining hall
noirin + mary (mentioned)
white dress shirt + black pants
When Stella awoke, her sleeping quarters were bathed in the glow of dawn, with the rays of the rising sun streaming in through the windows.

Despite the events of the night prior, she’d slept quite well. She’d spent most of her nights over the past year either under the stars or at a modest inn - whatever she could afford. This was the nicest room she’d slept in for some time.

In fact, the crisis at the ball seemed like a distant dream - too surreal to be believed. For a few moments, she really did believe that it had all been a terrible nightmare. However, as she looked around, the realization set in that it had definitely not been a dream.

She’d woken up at the break of the morning, but stayed in her room until the oranges of sunrise in the sky had faded into the blues of day. She didn’t have much to do, but she needed some time to think.

She still couldn’t quite believe that what she had experienced at the ball was real. In one night, her life had been turned upside down. She’d learned of the world’s impending demise, been chosen by the citrine fragment, encountered the Council, seen her parents, and fled from the ball all in one night.

She couldn’t help but give a mirthless chuckle. It all sounded like some kind of fairy tale.

Sighing, she finally stood up from her bed. Her belongings, though quite limited in quantity, had been brought over from the inn she’d been staying at. She selected her best clothing - a simple white button-down with small ruffles down the center seam, along with a pair of black dress pants. A thin golden rope was tied beneath her shirt's collar, tied elegantly in the front. In her hair, she wore a white bow, along with a hairclip adorned with a golden rose and lavender ribbon. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it would have to do.

After ensuring she looked presentable, she moved to the door of her room. She knew she’d have to leave eventually - a servant had already been at the door a while ago, letting her know that breakfast would be served soon. She wanted to hide, to avoid leaving the room at all, for a part of her was still in denial - but she knew that she couldn’t avoid it any longer.

Straightening her posture and raising her chin, she turned the knob and opened the door.

Breakfast had already been served by the time she arrived in the dining room. The table was filled with a variety of food and drink, and a few people were already seated. She recognized Noirin, the girl she’d spoken with the previous evening, before the evening had descended into chaos. It seemed like an eternity ago - back when everything was, for lack of a better word, normal.

She also noticed another girl dressed in Vinsumian attire, who she also recognized from the night before. She hadn’t spoken to her at all, but she’d heard whispers and rumors about the aquamarine fragment’s chosen. Apparently, she’d caused quite the stir in the ballroom after Stella had departed, verbally attacking several of the ball’s attendees - including the Puranians that had unmasked her. Why the Vinsumian had chosen to defend Stella was beyond her - how could anyone believe that Stella was worth defending?

She considered trying to talk with the girl, but she was having trouble working up the confidence. She had no idea what had been said about her after her flight from the palace - for all she knew, everyone in this room could secretly hate her. Instead, she quietly took a seat by herself, taking a small portion of food for her plate. Perhaps keeping to herself would be the best course of action for now.

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Damian's night had gone about as well as expected with everything that had happened the night before. When he'd finally caught up with the Citrine chosen, all he could think about was how similar she looked to a girl he'd played with as a child. It wasn't strange that others reminded him of people he knew, but this girl looked almost exactly like her, or at least what she might look like as a young adult woman. Now that he thought about it, she didn't look all that different from the girl he remembered, just a little older. He remembered the last day he saw her and it hurt him to feel like he could do nothing to help his friend with whatever she was dealing with. It hurt more that he never saw her after that day. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind and got dressed. As soon as he exited his room, his older brother Hunter was leaning against a wall in the hallway just outside, waiting for him. "I assume you're done packing your things. Good, as soon as we have said goodbye to Mulada's royalty, we are going home where you won't cause any more trouble."

Damian didn't have the full details since he had set to helping people outside the castle after having his conversation with the Puranian runaway, but when he got back, he heard rumors of princes helping the chosen on some grand quest. He looked at his brother, confused. "Aren't you going to be going along with the other princes and the chosen on their journey to save the world?" he asked, wondering why his brother was in such a rush to leave. Hunter was the oldest, so Damian figured he would be the one to take on the role of protector for the Citrine's chosen. "The other princes appeared to have made some pledge to protect the chosen, so I figured you'd be doing that too...wait, are you just trying to get me ready to make the journey home alone so that you can take on this noble quest? I knew the rumors about your cold personality and harsh treatment of common folk were wrong!" he stated as he patted his brother on the shoulder. He always denied all the terrible things people would say about his brother because he knew his brother was a good person deep down, even if the way he acted in public didn't show it.

Hunter scoffed at his brother's comment before speaking, "No, you dimwitted brother of mine. As I said, we are going to breakfast to eat, say our goodbyes, and leave—nothing more. And another thing, why would I, the crown prince of Puran, have to go on a "quest" as a commoners protector? The whole ordeal sounds like some poorly written comedy." He was well and truly done being in Mulada and just wanted to return home where he could focus on preparing to become the king when his father retired. All that was said had left Damian noticeably shocked. Hunter sighed after looking at his brother's expression, "Come, let's go and eat. It'll help you relax after the night you had." he said as genuinely as he could. He led Damian to breakfast, where the others were all present.

When the brothers arrived in the dining room, they noticed some people had already sat down to eat, and others were arriving like themselves. Hunter quickly detached from his brother's company and made his way to greet Prince Aamir. Damian, on the other hand, went to grab something to eat and look around for people he knew. He quickly spotted the girl from last night sitting apart from everyone else and decided to give her some company, "Hey, we didn't really get to talk a whole lot last night with everything going on. Hope you slept well!" he said smiling before taking a seat next to her. He still couldn't get the memory of his friend out of his mind when he saw this girl. "Sorry, I don't think I got your name last night. I'm Damian Harvey-Lottway" he said, introducing himself as he sat down with his plate.

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» Asta Ariti
『 Freedom 』
Location : Sleeping quarters ~ Dining Hall
Mood(s) : Careful, worried, "OH MY LORD, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE", and hunger
Mention(s) : Mary, Stella, Belinha, Noirin, Bjorn, Damian, Stella, Aamir
Interaction(s) : Miss Ma'am Maid.

The evening was a blur to the brunette. Royal palace? She got to stay in a royal palace? She didn't know if she wanted to squeal with excitement or squeal with worry. But her mind was with a constant rhythm of "He'll be alright." how long had it been since they had been separated this long? Almost never. Sleep felt like it would never come, but after putting on her nightgown she felt at ease at the slight scent of her island, the bed was a bit strange like sleeping on the floor which she had done many many times before, she let herself lay on the bed closing her eyes as she drifted into a dreamless sleep.

A habit of waking up at dawn made Asta realize she had no work. The sun was barely peeking over the horizon which made the sky breathtaking. Although it was the same as always. Due to the time she had she decided to do some daily exercise put her mind to ease. She began stretching, by the time she stopped she realized the sun was already up. Somehow Asta felt restless. She wanted to do something. Such as a maid's job, or run across the entire kingdom until she got tired. A sudden growl from her stomach made her think about all she ate last night. She was sure she ate more than enough for 3 people. She guessed the stretching gave her hunger.

However Asta was too nervous to open the door and get out to find food. And in the first place she was most likely to get lost. Just then a sudden knock brought her attention. A maid came in. "I have come to escort you to breakfast." she said in a rather monotone voice. Asta quickly dipped her head in acknowledgement. "Yes ma'am." she replied, the maid seemed surprised for a moment, "You do not have to address me that way." she told him politely, Asta took this in consideration and by looking at the maid she realized she must have been not much older than Asta herself, "Oh! I'm sorry, Miss." she replied, the maid seemed confused but escorted her out of the room.

As she walked behind the maid every little detail caught her eye. But then she remembered not to touch anything, not to break anything and be careful. She looked at the floor she was walking on. Was it expensive too? If she broke something would she be fined? This brought a flare of fear in her heart as she tiptoed while being guided making sure she wasn't dirtying the floor.

The walk had enough time for Asta to fix her messy hair which she had forgotten to braid which is why pulling her thick hair she tied it into twin ponytails due to the fact her hair was too thick to be in a ponytail.

The dining hall was extravagant in Asta's eyes and she blinked twice to look at the beautiful people there. She had forgot that they were no longer wearing masks. Her eyes were blinded by the sight of beautiful women and men. She looked away in order to heal her eyes from the masterpieces.

But oh lord. If she brought Mina or Eren they would've began screaming and fainted on the spot. She recognized Miss Noirin, and Sir Bjorn who... had no shirt? Confusion hit her at once but she shrugged it off, there was the other girl, Belinha who introduced herself. There were a few others which she had never seen such like the purple haired man, the two white haired men, although Asta didn't remember the blonde girl with the white ribbon she swore she saw her outside... Then she saw the girl wearing a vinsumian outfit who if she recalled correctly watched Bjorn and Asta talk, who was surrounded by a few others. Most likely family members.

Now she and Bjorn were talking. Which brought a small smile. Somehow the energy here... felt... nice.

Although she wanted to interact with everybody hunger took over her body. She took a seat trying to ignore if she had any gazes and helped herself with a few serving... Enough for a few people. But in a matter of minutes the food disappeared. Just looking at her eat would make a normal person feel nauseous but the brunette seemed unaffected.

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Jian Ishikawa

Interactions: Finishing his conversation with Mary ( Blackrose7 Blackrose7 ). Making a comment in Asta's ( supermartinbros supermartinbros ) direction.
Mentions: Prince Aamir, Noirin, Belinha ( Zodia195 Zodia195 ), Damian ( GreyGremory GreyGremory ) Bjorn ( The Grand Fool The Grand Fool ) and Stella ( aurivee_ aurivee_ )


Jian could feel his left eye beginning to twitch in silent irritation as Marys siblings continued to express their happiness at him ‘bending the knee’. He was doing no such thing. Reaching out a hand of understanding does not correlate to bowing before the subjects of Vinsumi, his very own subjects mind you. As the conversation seemed keen on dragging, Jian decided to find a place where he might cut in, hopefully dashing any thought of bringing him down to their level for the rest of the night. “Grandma and Grandpa?” Jian asked with a raised eyebrow, directing the question more so at Mary than Robert or Sarah.

“Our grandma and grandpa see Anya’s ideals a bit differently from the rest of our family. They like to say how people should express their humanity towards the rest of the world with pride and honor as long as it doesn’t harm anybody.” Jian couldn’t say he disagreed with their thinking. Though he couldn’t really see that flying high with much of the other Vinsumian royalty. They, including his own family, seemed much more closed off than even he was comfortable with sometimes. He was so entranced in thought, he almost missed Marys next mumbles. “They are my favorite people to be with for that reason. Their humanitarian belief on life is something to be seen.” Jian let out a low but mostly quiet hum of acknowledgment, not exactly sure what to say in response.

Soon the entire conversation between himself and the siblings died down with Mary bringing up her appreciation for his words of encouragement. Jian nodded in response, understanding that not everyone was born in the torchlight. Mary would have to adjust quickly, however. She went from being herself, a simple Vinsumian, to being a full-on Chosen, guarded by royalty; princes no less. Special treatment was sure to start falling from the sky right into the girls' lap. Jian sighed a bit to himself. He would be the one to have to monitor her, making sure she wouldn’t get complacent. Something told him, a small itching feeling in the back of his mind, that he wouldn’t have to worry too much. Hopefully, his intuition was right.

“I don’t expect you to go easy on me with your future lessons, Jian. Just in the beginning, so I can understand what you are trying to do a bit better. As long as you are patient with me, and you are willing to answer my questions. I will get it eventually.”

“Of course. No one should be subjected to a leap of faith, so long as you have the tools at hand to safely make it to the bottom. Not even my brother would follow through such a practice without a plan. Allow me to be your ladder so you may take one step at a time.” A common phrase his tutors would use on him. Jian took it upon himself to memorize that phrase, as it has gotten both him and countless other officers trapped in their own stubbornness to ask for help.

Their dialogue soon shifted back to the spar and Jian couldn’t help but get a little more excited, looking for their bout in the future. Mary seemed assured that he would win, but Jian understood not to underestimate the man. He was confident in his speed but Prince Aamir was surely well versed in tactics he has yet to even experience, along with the strength to back it up. That’s why Jian was so excited. The match would get his blood pumping, but will also bring the flow of knowledge. It’s always good to be on the same page as your troupe. It wouldn’t do for them to get in the way of each other while trying to protect their desired Chosen.
Soon enough, Mary and the siblings' parents approached the small group. Jian offered up a bow in response, accepting their inclusion even if it wasn’t needed. “I apologize for interrupting your wonderful conversation with my kids, your highness. But it’s getting pretty late, and King Kamir invited us to stay in the palace within the Royal Guest quarters near the Muladi royal quarters for the night.”

“Ah, that’s no problem. I should probably head back to my family and fill them in on everything. I’m sure they wish to go over certain ideas before sleep.” As Jian addressed Marys mother, he began to get ready to head off, giving Mary, Robert, and Sarah one more bow for good measure. Before he could fully leave, however, Mary caught him one last time. “Sorry for judging you like that. You didn’t deserve it, and if you want, you are free to not want to be my friend after this journey is over. I am just going to be a pain in the neck if I continue to be with you.” Before he could say anything she responded by turning her back to him and leaving with her family, quickly walking away.

Crossing his arms, a frown formed on the usual neutral face of the general prince. Right now, Jian viewed the girl as more of a responsibility, or maybe that of a student if he were to push it. While he didn’t view the girl as a friend (just yet), that didn’t he would simply cut ties with her when the journey was over. As far as he was concerned, she would most likely be welcomed with open arms at the palace after finishing her duty. ‘Despite her strong will, she seems keen on placing herself lower than most. We’ll see if she can clear that up after a little bit of travel and companions.’ Jian made a note to himself, walking back over to where his family was.

When the sun rose up the next morning, Jian was already up. He had gotten enough sleep to keep him going for the rest of the day but insisted on still waking early so as not to break routine. Bidding his sister, father, and mother goodbye, Jian left his room. Outside of his door stood a man, who upon seeing him, offered him a smile. “Ah, Prince Jian. I was told to lead anyone who wished, to the dining area. A magnificent breakfast spread has been laid out for the chosens, as well as the royal families. Would you like me to show you?” Jian looked down at himself. He wore a loose long sleeve shirt, decorated with black swirls down the sleeves. Thankfully it was light and didn’t cause him to sweat from the heat. He had slipped on a pair of harem pants, devoid of color and mostly just layered black. His favorite pair of sandals fit perfectly on his feet, giving him about an extra inch in height.

Looking back up at the man, he gave a small smile and nodded. “Yes, that would be lovely. Thank you.”

Arriving at the room, the servant smiled and gestured for him to enter, before taking his leave. Jian walked in and took note of the large table, filled with flatbread, spreads and more. He spotted Mary and her family already eating, along with the large man from last night talking with her. Along with Mary and Bjorn was Prince Aamir who seemed to have just finished grabbing his fill. His eyes flickered across the table even more as he moved to sit down on one of the ends. He noticed Noirin and her mother, though he hadn’t been properly introduced to them as of yet. Along with those two, he spotted Belinha and her family, another chosen he hadn’t gotten acquainted with as of yet. Prince Damian was also here which eased Jian a bit, having someone he personally knew besides Mary and, to a degree, Prince Aamir. He was currently starting up a conversation with another Chosen, presumably the one from Puran. Finally, when he was about to sit down, he saw a girl scarfing down her food like her life depended on it. Jian forced the grimace on his face to settle as he took a seat next to her, silently grabbing a few flatbreads and spreads. His breakfast would be a light one today as his appetite did a 180. Glancing over at Asta, he gave her a small quirk of his eyebrow. “Mulada certainly doesn’t falter in the food department, do they?”
Kajsa Thostenson
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With the king stating that the chosen would be staying within the confines of the palace for the evening after the devastation that shook the city, Kajsa glanced towards her father. "Go find mother, you'll be faster than the guards. Besides, their presence would give the wrong impression if they are the ones to bring her to the palace. I shall remain here as instructed by King Kamir." Her father, Egil, gave a stiff nod of his head before turning and quickly making his way out the door without question. Though she was only his daughter, and by hierarchy held more power than herself, Kajsa had fought to earn that level of respect.

Time waned on, but soon Egil arrived back at the palace with Revna at his side. A pair of guards followed suit as they carried what amount of luggage they had brought with them to Mulada. "Oh Kajsa! Are you alright?" Revna asked as she rushed to her daughter, a gentle hand caressing the young woman's cheek. A rare, warm smile spread across Kajsa's lips as she placed her hand over top of her mother's. "I am fine mother. Most I possibly have are a few bruises and cuts, nothing too serious," her smile dropped a bit as she added, "I apologize for the state of the dress. Though it feels more comfortable this way." The older woman sighed heavily as she let her hand slip away from her daughter's face, "I figured you'd say that much. Though I forgive you as this quake was something unexpected." Before either one of them could get another word in, one of the palace servants interrupted the family. They told them about the sleeping arrangements and had them begin to follow her as she led them to where they would be staying for the night.

Once in the room, and they had settled in, Kajsa told her mother about what happened during the earthquake with the young boy. Soon, Egil chimed in with weaving the tale their daughter being chosen by the Sapphire fragment and all it entailed. The discussion was long and lengthy as Revna was not fond over the idea of sending her only child out on a dangerous journey away from home. Though she began to settle down some once Egil explained to her that Ajna's third prince, Hallbjorn, would be with her during the journey. After a while more of discussing, Egil and Revna headed off to bed. As for Kajsa, she stayed awake a while longer. Sharpening her seax while she went through the thoughts in her head.

The next morning, Kajsa had awoken and changed into clothing more suited to her tastes, part of her hair braided back to keep from getting in her eyes. Once more she was found sitting and polishing one of her blades. This one now being her sword. Soon enough, there was a knock on the door of the room. "Ma'am, breakfast is ready. Please have yourself dressed so that I may escort you and your family." Kajsa raised a brow as she heard what the palace servant had said. Her pale eyes glanced over her shoulder to see that both of her parents were dressed and seemingly ready to go. So, without a word, the young woman got up and walked over to the door with her parents following in stride. Her father's attire was similar to what Kajsa wore, while her mother wore something simple.

Upon entering the dining room, she took stock of what she could see, and who exactly was there. Most of the girls from last night were already seated and enjoying their food alongside their families, as well as most of the princes. The Vinsumi and Histadel chosens seemed to have rather large families with them compared to the others who were there. It appeared that Bjorn had even brought his companion bear with him to this meal. Though as Kajsa walked towards empty seating, her cold pale eyes glanced towards the other Vinsumi girl in the room. It was clear to Kajsa that the girl's antics were only going to progress during the meal when the others would arrive and make the girl a greater nuisance.

Kajsa managed to find an empty spot for both her and her parents to sit at and eat comfortably. The food served was more of the traditional food she had come to expect seeing when she had original come to the palace the night before. Now that there weren't any foods from her own country overshadowing it, she had no choice but to try it. So, she placed a few pieces of flat bread on her plate as well as a few spreads and began to eat.
stella ainsley.
dining hall
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A familiar voice startled Stella for a brief moment, and she quickly turned to look at the speaker. Immediately, she recognized the young man as the Puranian prince that had found her outside of the palace the night prior. Her pale cheeks briefly went red with embarrassment, but she quickly hid her nerves behind a flustered smile.

When he introduced himself, Stella couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity. She could have sworn she'd heard that name before. In fact, the prince himself looked vaguely familiar, and she could not for the life of her figure out why. They'd never met before last night.

She tried to dismiss the feeling - she'd probably just heard his name before, he was a royal after all - but she couldn't help but ponder the thought.

"O-oh! Did I not give you my name?" How rude of me, she thought for a moment. "I'm Stella. Stella Ai-" She cut herself off abruptly. Her family name was a well known one, and revealing her last name would surely expose her for who she was. It was more than likely that the prince knew already, but on the off chance that he didn't, she'd prefer to keep her identity as the Ainsley family's black sheep private.

But if he knew who she was, then why was he even bothering with her? She'd failed so horribly that her own family had disowned her. Why would a royal have any desire to associate with her like this?

She stopped herself. She couldn't think about that now. It'd just make her more anxious than she already was.

"-Stella," she finished. She laughed awkwardly. "Sorry. The chaos last night has me... on edge."

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Location: Royal Palace

Chars: Everyone in the Dining area

It wasn't long for more people to show up. First to arrive was the Chosen of the Aquamarine and her family. Aamir had to chuckle at Sarah's flirtation. He actually was used to the attention, but it was interesting for someone to be so direct. Then again, Vinsumians could be a straightforward lot.

"Your daughter doesn't beat around the bush though, doesn't she ma'am?" Aamir asked Sarah's mother.

Turning back to Sarah, he replied, "You might want to be a bit more careful my dear, you might scare away potential suitors. Regardless you do flatter me. Being tactful is important when it comes to courting someone. My own father had a ball of a time convincing my mother he would be faithful to her since in his day he was known as a major playboy and my mother suffered no fools. So young miss, I would be careful to not built a reputation of flirting 'too much'."

Noirin kept looking at the Aquamarine chosen and felt bad for her. She looked embarrassed by her sister's actions. Belinha found the Vinsumian folk interesting to say the least, but what got her attention was their wardrobe more.

"Pardon me, but I just want to say I love the clothing of your people. It's so much more different than Histadelian fashion. Oh, I am Belinha Batsuro. I figured since we're going to be traveling together, we might as well get acquainted."

It was in that moment that the Ajna prince appeared. Ingrid and Noirin recognized him even though they didn't know him personally. But since Ingrid visited her family in Ajna at least once a year, Noirin always went with her and a few times they did travel to the capital. If Noirin was honest with herself, she did prefer the more simplistic lifestyle of Ajna, but they didn't have Sasuren's wealth of reading material and that was something Noirin could never live without. She had heard Prince Bjorn had a bear companion, but she never seen it in person, so it was a little surprising to see the beast with him. She kept that surprise to herself, but the same couldn't be said for Belinha.

"Oh my Calliope, what is that thing?!" she shouted, not hearing the prince address the one Vinsumian woman as Mary.

"Belinha, that was uncalled for," her mother scolded.

Belinha turns bright red.

"Sorry, I just never saw anything like that before."

"To answer your question, Belinha, that creature is called a bear. They are very common in Ajna." Ingrid replied.

"Oh, well I hope he doesn't do anything . . . . sorry we were raised to fear the beasts on the ground of Histadel and that bear looks like he could be one of them. Sorry your highness. I am sure . . . your bear . . . is safe . . ." Belinha said, trying to keep calm for the beast was still unnerving.

The next person to arrive was Stella. Noirin perked up at seeing her and would have greeted her, but the girl preferred to sit by herself. It wasn't long for the two Puranian princes to show up. Hunter was quick to greet Aamir, which he did acknowledge, while the other prince greeted Stella. This put Noirin at ease since she didn't like the idea of the girl sitting by herself.

Noirin's attention was diverted though when Asta arrived. Much like Stella, she was pretty quiet as she sat down. Again, Noirin would have gone to talk with her, but Prince Jian arrived and interacted with Asta instead, commenting on the food.

Aamir overheard this and commented, "We always take pride in our ability to take care of our guests, Jian."

It was obvious he had a lot of pride in his kingdom, especially when it came to producing food in a desert kingdom like his. Greenhouses had become invaluable here.

The Ajna chosen showed up with who Noirin presummed was her family. The woman looked fierce, like she could take on the world. Noirin definitely felt this desire to get to know her. She also realized that the only Chosen that had yet to appear was the Jasper one. Hopefully she could show up soon so Noirin could discuss her dream. For now she would try to get to know the Ajna Chosen. Taking her meal, she moved closer to them.

"Um, high, is it okay if I sit with you three? My name is Noirin, and I am the Sasuren chosen. My mother is originally from Ajna and I visit my mom's family there once a year."

Ingrid smiled at her daughter, it looked like she was trying to be more social.
Location| Royal Palace
Mention| Everyone within the dining room

Nadia wished she could remember the events that happened afterward, wished she could grasp onto the fleeting details that seemed to allude her fogged mind, scenes blurring together into nothingness as she tried and failed to comprehend the situation she was forced into. Pressing her lips together, the young woman closed her hands against the smooth stone fragment, it was the only thing that seemed to refuse to melt away. Its presence there, pushing against the back of her skull, insistent on not being ignored. Funny how the cause of the problem was the only thing ankering her to reality, it's was laughable if she had it in her to see the humor in it, for now, she struggled not to drown under the uncertainty and if it prevented her from spiraling then so be it. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that she was so disoriented, perhaps the prevention of grasping what was happening was a good thing-then she could ignore the emotions swirling uncomfortably just below her chest. Pressing the stone against her breast, she closed her eyes, If she pretended not to notice it...

The events that followed were insignificant, she found herself listlessly trailing behind her mother, nodding when needed and generally just allowing any decision to be made by her. A part of her was aware that this dependency wasn't natural, the confrontation earlier from those foreigners had forced her eyes upon it, yet the thought of it was far too strange-and frankly it scared her, she didn't feel sure of herself. With her mother, she knew her purpose, knew her role, and it was a comfort to her-she took solace in the identity that was given to her. When everything else didn't make sense, at least she could fall back on her mother's teachings, however, unnatural others saw it-it worked for her. A part of her knew it was out of cowardliness, refusing to see what was glaring in front of her for fear of her world falling apart.

Pushing the stone further against her chest, Nadia listen to the silent breathing of the women that lay beside her, eyes tracing over her silhouette. It was odd, the distance that was between her and the figure seemed wider than usual, yet she couldn't bring herself to close up the distance. Curling closer into herself, Nadia continues to observe, watching the rise and fall of her mother's chest. She looked so peaceful, unlike the angry women before, but was it just anger that had her reacting this way? For a moment, just a second, Nadia could have sworn she saw a look of hurt flash within her mother's eyes that time, a hurt that seemed deep-rooted. Her mother moved then, turning towards her daughter, her body letting out a soft sigh as she resettled back into slumber.

As if an invisible rope that had been tying her back finally broke, Nadia found herself scrambling to close up the distance, curling up as close as she could. Instinctively her mother's arms wrapped around her, and with a sigh Nadia relaxed, snuggling against the warmth of her body. Why was she overthinking this? That was her mother, the woman who gave her life, everything she did was for her good. She wasn't wrong, Nadia wasn't worthy of this role, this task that seemed to come from the blue, her role was here. Besides her mother, to marry and bare healthy children, be a loving wife and mother-fulfill her mother's dreams. The thought brought an odd calmness to the young woman, it was familiar against the uncertainty that had been thrown her way, and it grounded her. Finally closing her eyes, she allowed herself to slip into the world of dreams, allowing the steady rhythm of her mother's heart to lull her into sleep.

━━━━━━༺༻ ━━━━━━

"No" a flurry of blue and gold was thrown towards the young woman, bringing her from her daze as she quickly caught it, the familiar garment-one that she had worn many times-now looked drap against the pile of splendor that was draped around their room. It had flustered her when a servant had arrived bringing "gifts" from the Royal Family, much to her mother's delight that excepted it with the enthusiasm she should have had. Yet she didn't feel it, instead, she felt burdened by their kindness, almost as if she was taking advantage of this opportunity. Their home, though damaged, hadn't been worse than those further away from the castle considering the number of things the guards were able to bring back. Yes, some of their belongings, upon arrival had been damaged beyond recognition, but that was due to the delicate nature of the fabric. Yet. Her eyes trailed over to the fine dresses her mother was currently going through, her face a light with girlish delight as she stared at herself within the bronze mirror within their room. She couldn't find it within herself to accept them, or even imagine her wearing them, it felt as if she would be pretending to be something she wasn't. "They truly know how to treat their future princess" her mother sang, draping a piece of intricate gold jewelry that was probably worth more than she could comprehend, her smile brightening as she saw her reflection, "It's a sign".

Nadia frowned, folding some of the garments neatly onto the lowers bed, her hands trailing over them. They truly were magnificent, the designs reminded her of paintings she had seen when she had first entered the castle. " Mother, what are you saying? " withdrawing her hand, she tried to hold back a smile when she saw how her mother was happily twirling around. Her dress of choice bloomed around her. "I'm just a guest, they are being hospitable"

"Oh pish posh stop that! " glaring over her shoulders at the girl, Nadia's mother gathered the dresses, rummaging through them, eyes gleaming. "Did you see the way the prince looked at you? My good genes have come in handy, he's positively smitten with you! " triumphantly pulling away two dresses that scarily resembled those a bride would wear, her smile softened as her gaze linger on them "trust me, my dear, I know when it comes to these things, besides did you see the other so-called chosen girls? You are the best-looking one amongst them. I wouldn't be surprised if you completely steal the show"

Not saying a word, she simply watched her mother entertain the fantasy she's created, hands circling a candle holder. Her grip tightened the more her mother went on, she hadn't realized that it had broken till her mother cried out. "Your hands! "
Blinking she glanced at her hands, pieces of the broken holder had embedded themselves into the flesh of her palm, startled she drew away from her mother. Her foot caught on something, and she wasn't quite sure what happened, the world tilted. One moment she was standing, the next she was laying on a pile of broken objectives, her back aching. Her mother's face came into view, her face a mix of worried and angry. Gently kneeling, she quickly glanced over the mess her daughter had made.

"For goodness sake! How are you this clumsy, do you think we can pay for all these things you've broken?! How should we explain the d-door..." Her voice trailed off, and her eyes changed. A strange look came into them, where the one prestigious-looking door had been, was now an empty walkway, Nadia herself stared dumbfounded at her hands. Seeing the blood, she nearly felt faint. The commotion hadn't gone unnoticed, some servants rushing to see, by the look on their faces, even they were shocked. Without hesitation though, they jumped into action, her mother quickly taking over the situation to start barking orders. All while her daughter stared blankly at where the door was supposed to be, was the Royal Palace architecture truly that cheap that it would break that easily? Then how did it withstand that odd tremor?

The room was quickly cleaned, her wounds tended to(her mother clucking at how she had ruined a part of her body, gloves were promptly placed on them to hide the disgraceful sight) and she was stuffed into a dress that she was embarrassed to say looked suspiciously like a wedding dress. Her mother had left no room for argument, dressing up her daughter as she pleased, Nadia could feel some of the stairs of the staff but she kept her mouth shut, only pressing the jade chard tighter within her hands.

On their way, the journey was oddly chaotic. No matter what she seems to do, things just happened to break at random, even when she didn't even mean to touch them. It always happened at the randomest of time-leaving her a flustered mess, it got to the point where her mother had to practically hold her hands and dragged her behind her, Nadia's face red from embarrassment. Due to this, their arrival was later than it should have been, something her mother wasn't all too pleased about.

"Don't move, touch or breathe on anything. Better yet just sit and look pretty, that shouldn't be hard" glaring once again at Nadia, who nodded her head, The entered. Her mother took the lead to greet the others, the Royals first, before taking an available seat. Nadia eyed the seat cautiously, almost afraid that if she did sit, it too would break. Gently touching it with her hand, both she and her mother breathed a sigh of relief when it didn't noticeably crumble, perhaps not everything in the Royal Palace was fragile. Settling down, she absentmindedly glanced around the table, face turning even redder when she noticed the poor girl she had mistaken for a male. Averting her eyes, her eyes locked onto what looked like a huge wild animal. Startled, she grabbed her mother's arm, staring wide-eyed at the creature. What on earth was happening today, was this normal? The others didn't seem to be all that bothers or if they were they hid it pretty well, trying to control herself, she pulled her eyes away from the strange creature. Eyeing the food, there was a set of her favorites, her eyes brightening, some of the stress leaving her shoulders. Finally, something familiar, yet when she tried to grab them her mother slapped her hands away. She was still smiling, looking in the direction of the royal, specifically the prince who seemed to be enjoying a conversation with a few of the guests (she saw some familiar-looking faces)

"Did you forget what I told you? Due to your odd clumsiness, you aren't allowed to touch a single food on this table, you'll ruin the dress"
Nadia opened her mouth, but a sharp glare had her closing it, suddenly the strange animal wasn't that terrifying.



Location: Royal Palace

Chars: Everyone in the Dining Room

Finally the last Chosen arrived. Belinha's family and Aamir were quick to notice the attire Nadia was dressed in. Aamir couldn't help but look at Nadia's mother suspiciously. Still he greeted her when she addressed him. Belinha couldn't help but be baffled by the gown. Histadelians loved anything that had to do with weddings and one of Belinha's many aunts made wedding gowns and got inspiration from Mulada for her current collection. Why was Nadia wearing such a garment that obviously resembled one?

"Morning, um, that's a lovely gown, but why are you dressed like that?" Belinha couldn't help but ask.

"Young lady, that was rude to ask!" her mother scolded her again, blushing from embarrassment.

"Sorry, but I am just confused."

Her family groaned and shook their heads. Soon though Nadia's mother shouted at her daughter again. This angered Noirin for some reason because she felt this sudden need to protect Nadia.

"Really, ma'am, do you care more about that dress more than your own daughter? Gowns can be replaced, your daughter can't," she stood and said in a commanding voice that sounded different than her normal one.

Suddenly she blushed and covered her mouth. What just came over her? Ingrid would have spoken up, but Aamir intervened.

"While I appreciate your kindness Lady Noirin, I'll take care of this matter," he said before turning to Nadia first.

"This food was prepared for you and the Chosen Lady Nadia. It would honor me to have you eat it for you'll need your strength."

Then he glared daggers at her mother.

"As for you madam, if you continue to insult and treat your daughter in such a careless manner, I'll have you banned from the palace for mistreatment. It be a great insult to the cooks if your daughter didn't eat the food they prepared."

Not quite done yet, he turns back to Nadia.

"Did you pick your outfit, Lady Nadia? If not, you are free to wear what you feel comfortable in."

Things seemed to settle after that. By this time, Noirin had calmed down and remembered her dream. She had been waiting for Nadia to appear and decided to get everyone's attention, even though she was very nervous. She stood up again to get everyone's attention.

"I had a dream last night, and I believe it's a clue to help us get started on our journey. This cloaked woman appeared before me and gave me this clue- 'In the library of Isladam, count the number of years from the Ancient Prophecy to find the category, plus the number of the tarot card representing the Chosen of Jasper to find the ancient scroll. This category is hidden from eyes and can only be found by Mulada's first king. The ancient scroll will lead you to your next clue.' My mother is a tarot reader and she did a private reading the other day. She always writes down her bigger readings and I have a copy of it right here. She believes the reading is about all of us and our guardians. Nadia, my mother believes you represent the card, "Strength", which isn't too much of a surprise considering it's one of your kingdom's virtues. I am sure the Jasper and Lady Jennah picked you for a reason. Anyway, Strength's number is 11. So if 11 is one part of the clue, we need to figure out the rest."

"And how do you know this cloaked person can be trusted?" Pedro ended up asking.

"She could be giving you a red herring," Marco added.

"I know we barely know each other and it's okay if you don't believe me, but the more I think about, the more my instincts feel I should trust her. I felt some kind of connection to her and it feels similar to how I feel about Stella, Asta, and the others. I just can't explain it."

This made Belinha think. She did feel a connection to all of the other Chosen. Despite her outgoing nature, it was hard for her to trust people, but she trusted these young women for some reason.

"Yes this connection of ours is really scary."

"Well, since I am committed to help Lady Nadia on her journey, I will do my best to assist the rest of you young ladies. I am sure Jian, Bjorn, and Damian will do their part too." Aamir pledged, looking at the other princes present.

"That you your highness," Noirin said.

"You can drop the title, Lady Noirin,"

"Then you can drop the Lady. I am not a decent noble anyway."

This got a hearty chuckle out of Aamir.

"So it mentioned our Library in that clue right? Well, fortunately for us, the Library is in decent condition due to its close proximity to the palace. As far as the rest of the clue is, I can't think of anything."

"Maybe I can check it out for now and see if I can find anything then. Does anyone want to come with me?" Noirin asked those at the table.
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Salvador looked up at the ceiling. He tossed and turned. He couldn't sleep. Fear tugged at the hole in his heart. It was cracking, pain leaking slowly. He couldn't. But he had too. He made the promise. He was forced to. But he promised. He was a man of his word.

Sitting up, he casted off his blanket. Walking over to the wardrobe he opened the doors. Eyeing the clothes. He picked a green shirt, brown pants, and a locket. He looked at himself in the mirror. He smiled, tilted his head to the side, forcing a gleam into his eyes.

"Aren't you a handsome devil."

He slouched.

"Who am I kidding."

He looked again, fiddling at the locket. Pain flooded through him. Every nerve revolted. Every vessel seemed ready to explode. The devils in his head were ready to wreck havoc. Whispers in the shadows. Tearing at his sanity.

"Your not worthy."

"Your a shameful existence."

"A nuance."





"How can I forgive you? The one you loved you left behind."

"You could of saved us!"


The voices assaulted him. Voices of his family. Friends. Those dead. They rung through his head. Resounding, bounding, cutting, tearing, cracking. His vision went blurry. He fell. Sobbing.

Knocking. His head hurt. Eyes felt dry. Throat raw. Standing up he limped towards the door, his leg shooting sharp pains up it. Opening the door, the maid jumped.

"S-s-sir did someone attack you last night?" she asked in shock.

"No," he said sharply. "It's none of your busines what happened last night. What are you doing here."

"I-i-i was suppose to let master know that breakfast is being served. I was tasked to lead you there. I've been waiting for over an hour."

"I'll get ready in a little bit," he said softly.

He pulled on a jacket, and gasped when he touched his leg. It felt like he kicked the bed or something. Pain laced up his entire leg when he put pressured on it. He sat with a gloomy expression. His leg hurt like hell, and now he was suppose to go and eat with the chosen and the princes. Standing up with a gasp, he grabbed a staff. He opened the door.

"It seems I bruised my leg last night. The wine was strong," he smiled as he limped beside the maid.

Silence tingled the air. Demon's threating to break out, but the pain kept them at bay. Something already preoccupied him. If there was already pain, the demon's couldn't give more.

They entered the banquet, and the room was already full. There was a bear... A BEAR. A shock riled through his body. A tiny head of curiosity lifted up. But demons quickly strangled it and sucked it back. He walked and sat down to an empty seat next to the Anjan chosen.

"Good morning," he smiled brightly. Pain leaked from his eyes, but he hoped that it wouldn't be noticed.
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'Stella?!' he thought to himself in shock. How could she not only look extremely similar but also have the same name? Damian was shocked but he quickly put it to the back of his mind "Thats quite alright. It's my fault for not asking when I had the chance." he said before taking a bite of the food from his plate. He was about to continue the conversation with Stella when he heard his name come out of Aamir's mouth in succession with the names of the other princes, "I'm sorry, Aamir, I think you made a mistake. My brother being the first in line for the Puranian Throne should be the one to go shouldn't he?" he asked after clearing his throat. He looked to Hunter who looked less than pleased at his brothers question "I do apologize for my brother. what he means to say is he'll be happy to do it in my stead. I have much to do back home and regret not being able to help but I know Damian will bring honour to our family in this endeavor." said Hunter with a big smile on his face.

aurivee_ aurivee_

Even though Hunter was smiling, Damian could see the rage hidden behind his brothers eyes and from the vein making itself evident on his forehead "Of course brother. You have my word that i will do everything in my power to ensure not just Stella, but everyone makes it through this ordeal alive together!" he said standing from his seat abruptly and placing his right fist over his chest as though he was making a vow or an oath.

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Asta hadn't realized the handsome man was talking to her, and when she did she slightly turned her head to see a stunning man in front of her, she nearly choked on her food but grabbing a glass of water she quickly calmed down her face full of shock and confusion for a second. But she knew, if she had to travel with these beautiful people she was most likely going to go blind sooner or later, making sure that she wasn't be rude or bad mannered she wiped her mouth with a piece of cloth just as Eos instructed to and made sure she didn't have any food in her mouth before talking to the gentleman trying to avoid looking directly in his face by staring directly into his brown hair. At first glance it would look like she was looking at him but her eyes would go anywhere his hair went.

"No, Sir highness prince, they do not lose, they make mega excellent delicious food which is why since this event does not often happen to my everyday life I was trying to enjoy the delicious meal in order not to forget but I do eat like a pig." she responded, laughing a little in order to lighten the mood.

The rudeness and strictness from the beautiful girl who appeared to be dressed in elegant clothing which was unknown to Asta and what it meant was too. She furrowed her eyebrows looking at the mother directly, however she dared not to speak in front of anyone rudely. One word could lead her head to be disconnected after all. She didn't know who or what they were or high they were in rank... Asta was a mere commoner with no ties to any rank higher. The moment another stunningly handsome man with purple hair intervened she felt a piece of weight lifted off. The poor girl was told she couldn't even eat! If Asta were in the position... Oh lord, she would've went berserk. Food was her life...

Miss Noirin began talking about her dream. Now that she had a clear look at her. OH LORD HELP- was the only plea Asta could make out in her head. Why in the world did she agree to go on the journey she asked herself. She tried intently focusing into the dream, trying to ignore the glammoring faces of the other chosens and the boys. The moment numbers came up out of Miss Noirin's mouth, Asta already knew she wouldn't be able to help.

However it didn't stop her from listening in the conversation. She stopped eating the food, which was a shame but she knew when to be respectful. When her name was mentioned for a brief moment she felt oddly connected to the lady just like she had said. It was such an odd connection. Although it was a pity to be unable to help Miss Noirin go to the library she gave her a warm smile. Watching the chosens siblings made her face sink for a second, looking for a moment, forlorn. How was her brother doing? That was all she could think about.

She felt immense guilt poking and prodding at her head. She knew how badly it felt to know promises being broken and furthermore the fear of ships being lost at sea was not foreign to them. The sea was such a beautiful place, however beauty always had something attached with it and the sea had danger. She didn't feel eating anymore and decided simply to look somewhere away from the people for a second. She wanted to do something. It felt strange waiting for something to happen.
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Jian found himself visibly relaxing at the table he was sitting at, his usual posh posture slumping ever so slightly as he took in the surrounding smell of food and good company. He gently took a bite of his flatbread and immediately covered his mouth to give respect, hiding his chewing from the entire room. He let his eyes drift from his small portions over to the girl he had addressed upon sitting down, listening to her speak. "No, Sir highness prince, they do not lose, they make mega excellent delicious food which is why since this event does not often happen to my everyday life I was trying to enjoy the delicious meal in order not to forget but I do eat like a pig." Amused at the title she chose, he joined in her laughter with a small chuckle of his own. The girl spoke quickly and without much tact, but there was something charming about her enthusiasm that Jian could quite easily find. Nodding his head, he picked up his small cup of water and took a small sip, quenching his thirst for the time being. "I see. You are wise. One must take every opportunity one can attain." He gave her another nod of acknowledgment as his attention was quickly stolen by his fellow prince.

"We always take pride in our ability to take care of our guests, Jian." Prince Aamir spoke, a lace of pride tinged in his voice as he let his eyes flicker from Jian, to the food, and back to his own conversations. Looking back over to Asta, Jian waved a hand as if you say 'well there you go'. If the prince of Mulada wasn't upset by her...erm...gorging, then why should he make a deal out of it. He continued to eat his meal in silence, enjoying the murmuring of conversation as a nice background noise that helped fill his mind besides his own thoughts. All was going well, the room eating in peace, until a small outcry made itself known to just about every person in the room. "Did you forget what I told you? Due to your odd clumsiness, you aren't allowed to touch a single food on this table, you'll ruin the dress."

Opening his left eye and peeking across the table as he sipped on his drink, he took in the appearance of the source of the banshee that shattered his peaceful morning. She was quite the looker but that seemed to be heavily offset by her personality. This hadn't been the first time she embarrassed herself, in front of royals no less. Last night's commotion between his own chosen and her had been the first. Sighing into his cup, Jian took a glance at Prince Aamir to gauge what he would do and how he would mediate the situation. He was to be king after all, and Jian wouldn't throw away any chance to see how the man would act. Surprisingly, Jian found his head turning as it wasn't Aamir who spoke first, but Noirin. "Really, ma'am, do you care more about that dress more than your own daughter? Gowns can be replaced, your daughter can't." He quirked an eyebrow at her words, erupting from her mouth like daggers laced with poison. It was almost as if she took the whole ordeal on a personal level of her own. "Hmmm..." He let out a low hum, not loud enough for anyone to hear, but enough for expressing his own interest. Prince Aamir finally cut in after Noirin seemed to back down after her outburst. He let Nadia know she was welcome to eat however she wished and immediately set a glare on her mother. "As for you madam, if you continue to insult and treat your daughter in such a careless manner, I'll have you banned from the palace for mistreatment. It be a great insult to the cooks if your daughter didn't eat the food they prepared."

Jian smirked, hiding it behind a convenient napkin he was using to wipe his lips from any residue. Ah, there he was. The future leader of Mulada. Every word boomed with a strength hard to find elsewhere and left little to no room for argument. Jian felt that much more confident that Mulada would be fine in the coming years with him leading. After the confrontation, things begin to dip back into the peaceful breakfast that it once was. Jian pushed his plate a small bit away from him to indicate that he was finished with his meal and then proceeded to lean back in his chair, his eyes closed once more. Another man had come in between the time of the argument and peace. His darker skin tone gave a hint as to where he originated, and while Jian took amusement in seeing his briefly shocked face at their bear guest, he otherwise had no interaction with the young man.

A little ways off, Jian then heard a young woman clear her throat, presumably to garner the attention of the room. He opened his eyes and watched as Noirin stood up from her seat and glanced over the crowd of eyes that were surely burning holes through her at the moment. Nonetheless, the young woman spoke up. "I had a dream last night, and I believe it's a clue to help us get started on our journey." A dream? Jian closed his eyes again and leaned back in his chair. If the girl was confident enough to speak to an entire room of royals about a dream then Jian could only assume said dream was veiled in magic in some way. He perked his ears up as she continued, listening to the young Amethyst wielder.

"This cloaked woman appeared before me and gave me this clue- 'In the library of Isladam, count the number of years from the Ancient Prophecy to find the category, plus the number of the tarot card representing the Chosen of Jasper to find the ancient scroll. This category is hidden from eyes and can only be found by Mulada's first king. The ancient scroll will lead you to your next clue.' My mother is a tarot reader and she did a private reading the other day. She always writes down her bigger readings and I have a copy of it right here. She believes the reading is about all of us and our guardians. Nadia, my mother believes you represent the card, "Strength", which isn't too much of a surprise considering it's one of your kingdom's virtues. I am sure the Jasper and Lady Jennah picked you for a reason. Anyway, Strength's number is 11. So if 11 is one part of the clue, we need to figure out the rest."

Jian nodded, mostly to himself but in accordance with Noirin's logic. He wasn't gifted with the knowledge of tarot reading but he understood that they had their own place in this world. His mind was already trying to piece all the things about this puzzle together. An 11, combined with a number of years from the Ancient Prophecy. He hummed in thought, tapping his fingers against his chin. At least it gave a clear location for them to start. Jian just hoped this wouldn't lead them on a wild goose chase throughout the palace. "I am sure Jian, Bjorn, and Damian will do their part too."

"Hmm?" Hearing his name broke Jian out of his thoughts and looked up at Prince Aamir with a brief air of confusion before he regain his composure. "Ah, yes. Of course." He turned his head over to Noirin and nodded in her direction. "You are a chosen amongst others the others as well. While I may have been tasked with looking after Ms. Feldstein, that task does not incite to neglect your care as well." He smiled as he finished. Off to the side, he listened as Damian expressed his own commitment to his brother to their task. He vowed to protect his chosen valiantly, standing and pressing a fist against his chest. A show of dedication. Jian narrowed his eyes slightly, his previous words directed toward Noirin a bit downplayed now at his enthusiastic tone. He couldn't let his rival gain that bit ever so ahead of him.

"Maybe I can check it out for now and see if I can find anything then. Does anyone want to come with me?" Jian stood abruptly, his eyes shifting from Damian and towards Noirin. His narrowed eyes were now closed, a pleased smile on his face. Ah, how nice it was for an opportunity to get ahead of the herd to fall into his lap. "Allow me to showcase my dedication and accompany you to the library, Lady Noirin. I'm sure we can solve this mystery with a little searching." He spoke with confidence, hoping to put the woman's mind at ease. The more people that backed her, the better this group would function, Jian knew that. It was just that, Jian was happy to be one of the first to show his loyalty to the greater cause. His eyes glanced back to Damian and his chosen, a small twinkle of mischief showcasing if one were to look close enough.
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Baran Aenon
Second Prince of Anahaly
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Baran woke. He had a headache, and plus, his family had told him the night before that he was to replace his "beloved" brother. He always felt like he was the least important in the family. His brother? He was being groomed by his father to become the next king. His younger brother? Private tutors, magic lessons, and being spoiled by their mother. Him? Sent off to become a sailor on a warship. He didn't let it drag him down, the abandonment he felt. No, he threw his whole soul into the Navy. Through hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, he climbed the ranks. He swabbed the decks, raised and lowered sails, loaded canons, fought pirates on the decks, navigated storms, and captured pirate ships and pirate coves. He became a captain, then a lesser admiral, then finally the Grand admiral. The navy called him the Storm Admiral for his fierceness in battle and use of storm mages. All that glory, all the striving, got him what? Sent away once again. And from what his bratty little brother described the chosen didn't want to go and save the world.

He rolled up, sitting on the side of the bed. Looking up, he snarled at his reflection in the full mirror. His dreads fell into his face. He didn't look like an admiral. He looked more like a pirate captain in his loose linen pants and no shirt. Scars decorated his shoulders and chest. Some were from rope burns, others from wooden shrapnel and two from a pirate captain. Standing up, he stretched, flexing his muscles, enjoying the feeling of sleep being wrung from them like salt water from sails. Turning around he walked towards his bag. Opening it up, he put on his deep red captain's jacket and kicked off his linen pants. He pulled on another pair of pants, something a bit tighter, but still baggy enough not to hinder his movement. He took his rapier and strapped it to his pants.

A maid was just about to knock when he opened the door. The maid gasped and blushed when she saw his open jacket. She smoothed her apron as she gathered herself. "S-s-sir the prince of Mulada has invited you to the dining room for breakfast," she said shyly.

"Thank you," he said irritably, his voice slightly rasped. "If you don't mind, could you lead me to the dining room?"

The maid nodded her head quickly before turning and hurrying down the hall. Baran scowled as he walked behind her. He didn't want to talk with people so early in the morning. He spent nearly all night riding to the kingdom. He was curious how the magic caused the earthquake, but as his brother explained it he started getting dizzy and told him to stop. He said it rudely, and his brother looked hurt. But regretted the way he said it. He loved his little brother. It wasn't his fault that their parents cast favorites. But Baran never had anyone that put any effort into teaching him how to express his emotions. He was trained to be tough and to not show any emotion other than anger, irritation, disgust, and bloodlust. His little brother would be much better at dealing with the reluctant chosen. He would probably say something that make her cry, plus he betted his favorite hat that he wouldn't get along with any of the other princes.

The maid turned and curtsied. "This is the dining room your highness," she said softly.

"Thank you," he said calmly. "I will make sure to tell the prince about you."

Sheer terror came over the maid's face as she ran away. Five steps into her departure she started to sob. Baran felt shocked. Why did she run and cry? Maybe did she think he was going to complain about her? He mood worsened even more after that and he walked into the dining room in an absolutely terrible mood. He gazed across the table. There were many princes. There was one that was shirtless with a bear. He raised an eyebrow and shook his head. His eyes landed on a girl that fits the description that his brother gave him. He walked towards her, ignoring the mother ranting at her daughter.

"Are you the Chosen that doesn't want to save the world?" he said with a slight snarl, looking down at her. He tried to restrain his irritation, but it still shown out his eyes.

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Kasja Thostenson
Noirin ( Zodia195 Zodia195 )
Aamir ( Zodia195 Zodia195 ), Nadia's Mother ( Paradiso Paradiso ), Jian ( LieutyXII LieutyXII )​

Upon hearing a voice speaking to her, the warrior from Anja glanced off to the side in order to see just whom the owner of the voice was. A wave of familiarity washed over Kasja as her pale green orbs laid their sights on Noirin. She recognized her from the night before as the young woman who was unconscious in front of the amythest fragment; but, that sense of familiarity felt as if it had a deeper meaning than what was on the surface. That is what her gut told her.

In order to appear a little more friendly towards the girl, Kasja's stoic expression softened as her lips turned into a rather gentle smile. "Aye, you may sit with us, Lady Noirin." Placing a hand on her chest the Ajna went on, "I am Kasja, a warrior of my home in Ajna. These are my parents, Revna and Egil," motioning to her family as they bowed their heads respectfully to the young woman. Kasja's gaze found itself taking a look at the girl's mother, Ingrid, who sat away from them. Noting the Ajna traits she had, such as her pale ivory skin. As Noirin sat down to eat with them the raven/ snow tip-haired warrior quietly went back to eating her spread. Unfortunately, it would seem that the quiet atmosphere was broken by the same annoying voice that she had heard after the quake.

Cold eyes glared daggers at the mother of the Muladi Chosen. This woman's disgraceful and shrew behavior was unlike any Kasja had witnessed back home or in any of the other lands. But it was not her place to scold such ill behavior, nor worth her time. It seemed that the Sasuren girl was not able to keep such emotions under wraps as she verbally lashed at the older woman before the prince intervened. Slowly, Kasja placed a calm hand on Noirin's shoulder and guided her to sit back down with light pressure. "The prince is right Lady Noirin, let him handle his subject as he sees fit. Your words shall not have such an impact compared to His Highness', but your heart lies in a good place." Once Noirin was settled back down the warrior moved her hand from its place on the girl's shoulder.

A few moments passed before someone were to speak, yet again it seemed that Noirin had something to say. A dream she had the night before. Riddles given by a woman cloaked in mystery, all too suspicious. Though perhaps there was some truth to it. Jian was the first to offer himself to accompany the Sasuren Chosen to the kingdom's library, though he seemed to be the only so far. Silently, Kasja rose to her feet as she glanced down at Noirin. "I shall accompany you as well," her voice quiet while her stoic expression found its way back to her.


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Hanako stared down at the plate of food Akihiko had placed down in front of her, taking bites here and there; though she was mostly just pushing the food around, lost in thought as she processed everything that had happened. Her life had taken quite the turn and not in a direction she had expected. What was supposed to be a simple trip to Mulada to peddle their wares and enjoy the festivities had ended with a situation that had complicated her once simple life.

The ball was supposed to be a relaxing ending to their evening, where she could sample the different types of food and dance to her hearts content, but it had been interrupted when she had gone to investigate a sudden commotion and had unexpectedly fainted once her eyes had landed on the Aquamarine fragment on display for the party goers.

It had certainly given her siblings a fright. When her eyes had fluttered open, Koichi looked seconds away from bursting into tears and if she had not awoken at that very moment, she was certain that Akihiko would have dragged the nearest healer into the room to examine her.

She was glad her siblings had been with her when the earthquake hit, especially after news of the damage in the outer parts of the city started to circulate; she couldn't stand to think of any of them being hurt by the sudden disaster that had struck.

And if life hadn't thrown enough surprises her way, after the prophecy had been read out, she had been chosen by the Aquamarine fragment. She had hesitated to accept it, uncertain what would happen to her siblings should she embark on this daunting task that had been forced upon her, but these doubts had been over-shadowed by the fear of what would happen if she didn't help resolve this issue and in the end her fingers had closed around the gentle blue gem.

Her hand dropped down to where the gem now rested in her pocket, blinking as she emerged from her inner thoughts. Her attention was drawn towards Noirin as the girl stood and started to explain the dream she had to those present.

"I can also provide assistance in the search if you would like." She spoke up, her soft and gentle voice calm despite the uncertain boiling inside of her.

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