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Fandom Steven Universe: Severed Stars

Sub Genres
AU, LGTBQ, Magical


Oddnesssssss never endsssss
You wake up in a weird laboratory. The walls are various shades of green, faceted like gems. The lights are dim, but still allow you to see people around you. Various teens around you age in weird costumes and a few other peculiarities. Then you look down noticing that you are in a weird alien-like outfit and something about you seems off. You run your hands across your skin as if to make sure you are all there. And then you find it, A giant gemstone imbedded in your flesh.


About two years ago Steven Universe son of Pink Diamond ushered in Era 3. This came with many changes to how gem society functioned. And well that didn't work for some gems. So Moissanite began going around and collecting gems that shared their view. The gems across the universe to establish their own homeworld and escape the changes of Era 3. They formed the Court of Moissanite.

Then a month or so in an gem came across an idea. If a single half gem could change so much about their entire world, what would more do? So gems from Moissanite's court began taking humans from earth to experiment on. After a year and a half of testing they finally succeeded creating a gem hybrid. A human within the age of 13-18 can have a brand gem implanted in them creating an artificial gem.

So they made what they considered the perfect specimen. Moissanite's court assembled a group of gem hybrids of several types to trial creating a superior society of hybrids. Unfortunately, that's you.


So now more ooc information. I'm looking for at least 4 other people to play gem hybrids. Ideally we'd have more of 7-9 people. The role play at least begins with everyone playing an artificial hybrid of an existing gem type and a teenager was abducted to the home world of Moissanite's Court.
Depending on how things play out there will be the chance to play gem Ocs, and possibly humans or other aliens.

And just as some prior knowledge for characters all of them will be hybrids of existing gems, except for one person to be cubic zirconia a kind of diamond substitute Moissanite's Court created. Other than that it's pretty much up to you!​


Happy Necromancer
Interested. I love Steven Universe. Can't wait for the next season which will sadly be the finale.


Oddnesssssss never endsssss
Here we go! Everything but IC is done!

Also if someone is interested in the cubic zirconia hyrbid please PM me. I'd like to discuss it a bit first


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