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Fandom Steven universe rp? ( more fandoms in the description)

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hi :')

I would love to get back into writing and start some new rp(s) ! As the title already suggests im looking for asteven universe one, but there are more fandoms i am interested in :

-Steven universe ( obviously XD) *****
-supernatural ( the show or something supernatural in general )

I am not exactly a fan of having too many rules for a rp as i belive that kills the fun, but there are a few things i would like to mention:

-While i prefer using ocs i can also (additionally) play as canon characters, if needed. You are free to use whoever you choose, of course ^^

-english is not my mothertounge. Of course i always try to avoid mistakes , they do happen, i hope you dont mind.... the other way around: as long as i can understand you its
alright, i wont judge anyone for spelling mistakes XD

-please be 18+ ; i just dont feel very comfortable rping with someone who is much younger , sorry....

-I am an rather active rper. I will usualy reply at least once a day or as soon i see you message

-no one liners. please, dont. I will try to match the lenght of my replies of those of my partner, but one liners or even one word replies are a big no go D:

-i can rp up to 10 characters at once if needed; but we can also just use one character each, thats up to you

if you are interested just contact me :'D

zachie mel

the demon prince
((a demon would be his test subject, seeing all his power and trying to use him as a monstrous weapon

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