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Nation Building Stellar Legions

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Gestie Rhubarb

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well im going with an imperial guard theme, the faction would own multiple habitable planetary worlds and as a result they would have excess population.
this faction would be massive and the bureaucracy is encumbered as a result, distress signals for help are sometimes answered decades after it's no longer relevant
meaning that the many strategist that rule their provinces are responsible for what happens,

the imperial faction uses their massive population to their advantage and thus creating the common soldier, nothing truly special other then some flak armor and a decent pinpoint rapid fire laser rifle. the gear of these soldiers are often very cheap and are made in mass manufacturing. while these soldiers teem in large massive numbers they can easily be repelled against in battle, they are only troublesome when their strategist assume control and utilize such soldiers and allow for mechanized constructs to take place allowing tanks to enter the battlefield which makes the situation a whole lot harder for the enemy

the imperial faction is extremely slow with their reaction time but make up for it by being massive, they are fanatic loyalist determined to hold the line and as a result they can be the most resilient faction around, they are supremacists hellbent on taking as much territory as possible but they are very docile as a result of their excessive need to fortify their worlds

Gestie Rhubarb

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(Regulars: Imperial guard)
(planet type: Fortress Worlds)

(Trench warfare) 7
(Air power) 1
(bigger is better) 2
(sneak) 17

(my edit was to swap mecha 13 with sneak 17 instead)
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Gestie Rhubarb

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(trench warfare: guardsmen dont take it easy, they will make it hell if it means winning)
(bigger is better: for those baneblades)
(air power: apart of their aggressive stance, and their use of artillary and such)
(sneak: their strategist allows for such deepstrike and offensive moves against the enemy)

(Fortress worlds: Rogal Dorns efforts)
(the imperial guard theme)
Imperial Guard

Overlord Chou

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(Regulars: Imperial guard)
(planet type: Fortress Worlds)

(Trench warfare) 7
(Air power) 1
(bigger is better) 2
(sneak) 17

(my edit was to swap mecha 13 with sneak 17 instead)
Ok saw this now. Indeed I have pride. Sorry about lack of updating, found out my family is visiting and got to do good buy them. Wil update though, dedicated in my way.

Overlord Chou

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Well time to get the equipment ball going.

Notice: During play can get other stuff and units and etc. depends on faction choice. If bold enough aside research can copy alien tech.

Starting with Emperor as I cannot start convos.

1, 4, 12,13.

Forge World: This means have access to fire power quicker and easier, while being high quality.

Cult thing in play for first hero type.

Mecha Priests: Think a D and D Cleric, with access to this worlds tech. Comes 95 percent cyberized.

Captain: Star Ship captains in this universe are augmented with surgery and implants to remote control craft and have the stats of a Freakken Space Marine ( Warhammer not these) so yeah a combat hero/one unit with options.

Extra Hero for patience:

Golem Shifter: Has human parts, mostly machine. In battle the machine is triggered and becomes a hulking machine of death with helmet and plates protecting the human stuff. Met to be hard hitting action/commando hero type.

Air power:

Have access to two air craft.

Gun Ships: Count as a Flying apc to deploy soldiers and has fire power for strafing runs or clearing extraction/drop zones.

Ray: It is aanta ray shaped flier met to cut down enemy vehicles and fliers.

Cyberware: Oh Hell, got a ton of Cyberware listed ( over one hundred.) would rather you thinknof stuff to start out with. Say 12-18.

Mecha: Due to Cyberware and Mecha strt with four. As tech select allows it so.

Dreamer Pod: Cyber Pilot goes into chamber for sleep as the machine hooks in, like a dreadnaut except not crippled/dying to be inside.

MEC Jockey Frame: Like in X con, Cyber limb plugs so acting out as a Mecha except instead of panels and etc, just move and it obeys. Has options, Typical Weapon are its fists and macro scale guns.

Golem: Large Enough to fit a standing active human. It is controlled that way and is mostly close corners combat, as the Golem copies motion of pilot and the commands for gun stuff is vocal.

Spider Tank: Extra agile and climbing Tank Bot with one pilot, comes with interesting options for exotic work.

Energy guns:

Start off with Chemical Lasers and Imperium style plasma. Get to pick two more listed below, rest research or gain to study.

Sonic guns: Raw sound waves to rio and tear.

Disrupters: Hyper activity frequency beam bubbles that cause material to weaken and break in extreme ways.

Kinetic Gun: Using particle guns as super punch gun. Literally it punches through things.

Phase Gun: Different levels of Radiation a shot to decide what it does.

Lightning Gun: A gigantic taser basically. But can kill.

Fusion Gun: Low range but burns stuff good, Anti vehicle gun.

RED System: A gun using home grown microbes, comes in six gun types with unlimited shots and just needs cleaning. Each gun different role.

Hell Fire: A brief moment of antimatter reaction conjuring a green energy wave that acts as plasma and fusions big mean brother. Risked still than plasma, kills things dead though.

Troops: Below are four regular units you start with.

Privateer Squads: Faithful Body guards of the Captain class hero.

Androids: Machines that look like people.

Biodroids: Humans, with so much Cyberware look like Machines.

Clone Troops: Because we all need cannon fodder to protect the prized units.

Aside Energy Weapons Your Gear is a tad more updated than our current human race stuff. Get to equip them how you see dirt ( not bringing up bullets or flame throwers or grenades/rockets/missiles/bombs because we have that tech now.

Next is the Scholar/ Elite, lastly our Imperial Guard.

And still three factions left. My own “create a faction” starts after turn 1. Due to them being npcs ( Who never research.) they get 6 instead of 4. So not over powered.
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Overlord Chou

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Theme: Super here elite k
Planet:CBCBcccb c Scholar world
Tactics/Toys: 3, 6, 11, 18cbccCCaccAbvc
Correcting now.
Scholar World: Means all commanding officers know tricks and triggers/tactics/strategies that help win battles and overall war efforts. When things start up get prompted to select something that makes a front easier to deal with, sometimes it is constantly though.

3: Bio Ware: Can geentically alter soldiers, have clone troops with extra features, or uplift local animals to sapient status as soldiers. Can also just make up your own creature troopers as well. (And yeah made a bioware list almost as big as cyberware.)

6: Magic!: Below pick the three magic systems you wish to employ. Each is different to make things, interesting.

Schools: Dungeons and Dragons style.

Reality Spheres; Mage style.

Elements: Channeling raw element power of nature and universe.

Symbolism: Basically have a system that casters make up heir own spells, within reason.

Wild Magic: Good luck as your spell caster in question is having mind invaded by random spells at all times, sometimes even life threatening, but wide range of effects.

Nature: Shaman/Druid/Preserver/Defiler deal. One way or another tampering with natures energy based on planet.

Alchemy: Altering things through symbols and ingredients.

Runes: Language of the Sacred Ancestors which great power comes forth. There are limits to how many runes at a time, unlike most magic here there is no level limit requirement, can access all from start, just less abilities that cannot be upgraded.

Pact Magic: Frowned upon but in this case spell caster made a deal, with something not all that kosher. Interesting magic though.

Tech Magic: It is cheating but your spell caster is not really making up magic. Rather has a device that provides the power effects as caster does calculations for machine to put into action.

Genius Disciplines: Reality altering super science. Works by sheer belief and knowledge. Magic, not super science. Though they believe it as science.

Chi: Have skills in chi flow/martial arts mastery or kung fu. So leader/hero types extra handy in a struggle. (Will post whole starting army list when magic selection is done.)

*- Get the Hero type "Sensei" for now.

Teleporting; it is dangerous, but it makes for interesting hit and run tactics. Dice must not fudge up though or could lose people.

Current Forces:

Goliath Squad: 30 foot tall troopers with macro weapons to serve humanity.

Uplifted: Local animals, made to be like people. Drafted into the war.

Servants: Totally created minions from human/critter experiments. Includes half human/half dinosaur stuff. Though note the Church hates artificial life. Robotic and biological.

Seed: The combat hero unit for now, young (20-early thirties) who were brought up on war as toddlers, with advanced combat, studies, and altered biology. They are typical action heroes.

Bio Troopers: Space Marines, clone space marines with selectable flesh stuff.

Last one for now (Until Magic decides hero types)

Dire Troops; Basically Uplifted troops, who can evolve into a gigantic version of their beastly assets to engage in brutal melee combat.
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Overlord Chou

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No link. I just had a crazy long list of Cyberware. Since your just starting, I guess 14 or so listed below? Given it's over 100 entries.

Cyberware: If a machine, no limits to it (as your a machine and

cyberware grafts other machine parts to you, but in sake of game play,

limits in operations and price and how many.) If organic? Well

cyberware is cheaper than bioware, and operations are hours long at

best, but they eat your "soul." So unless have right trait, can only

get up to six cyberware options. Please note that "fashion ware" like

eye change, hair change, glowing tattoos and skin jobs are "free." As

they are so minor they do not alter your body or mind enough to screw

with you. Get 8 choices unless cyber affinity at 12 or a robot.

1:Hidden Compartments: Hide up to 4 "small" options inside body


2;Smart Targeting Eye: Think Robocop. Eye vision has a HUD/Targeting

cross hair or ball, for super accurate shots.

3:Eye Band: Think Star Trek, Eye visor job that allows one to see in

full 360 degree sight.

4:Wired Reflexes: Computers and adrenaline pumps to super speed

reflexes via "triggering" for brief boost of speed.

5:Sub Dermal Armor: Armor plating under the skin.

6: Dermal Armor: Armor mesh on the skin, can tell now.

7:Finger Razors: Finger nails are really sharp now.

8:Cyber Spurs: Wolverine style claws of assorted metal.

9:Mono Claws: Hidden spring claws in finger, when triggered finger peels

back and claws unleashed, cut good.

10:Cyber Limb: Replacement limb for a cripple. Also needed to store in

the fancy built in cyber weapons.

11;Laser Eye: Eye now replaced with a laser eye, that fires a shot

range,powerful eye beam.

12: Oral Slasher: Under tongue is a retractable wire with a baton with a

cutting edge, for dangerous strikes.

13:Cyber Tentacles: Think Doctor Octopus style cyber arms, surgically

attached to the spine.

14:Chameleon Skin: Skin changes color to match surroundings, only works

when holding still.

15:Mind Shield Mesh: Harder to mind screw as plating helps defend

telepathy attacks.

16:Body Bomb: Stored on body, at dying or at death, trigger is on.

Various different pay loads for explosions. From 5 meters to 2,000

feet. For suicide bombers, people with a death wish, or a warrior who

will try to take his enemy with him.

17:Bio Monitor: A computer display to tell someone's health,also

computer acts to counter toxins and diseases.

18:Environmental Guard: With this baby, the person with mod can survive

in any environment. Let me repeat, any environment, no problem.

19:Bone Coating: Various prices based on what kind. From Plastic all the

way to freakken Adamantium. For bone toughness score increase.

20:Cloak Device: A portable stealth field to mask one's presence even

when in motion.

21:EMP Shielding: Protects your cyber parts from EMP attack.

22:Tactical Computer: When seeing a hostile, gain two die for dealing

with them, in predicting actions and counter reaction.

23:Body Plates: Plates inside body to shield organs directly. Take

damage off and ignore critical results in body cavity (Except highest

of rolls based on weapon in question.)

24:Hand Taser: Does not need cyber limb. This is a taser that can fire

twice. Before restock, twenty feet range, and delivers nasty voltage to


25:Flash Bulb: Cyber limb weapon. A flash bulb in palm, when open palm

it flashes a intense light designed to stun targets like a flash bomb.

26:Micro Missiles: Cyber limb weapon. Holds up to 24 micro missiles,

fires eight at a time before reloading. Smart missile,s zoom into

target. Damaging, illegal, and pricey.

27:Smart Skin: Skin armor that heals quickly when damaged and gets

TOUGHER to damage each time. Really expensive.

28: Power Limb: Cyber limb, only now super motors for +20 in strength or

+20 in speed. Can add on effect if more than one limb said field is

replaced with a Power Limb.

29: Dragon Claw: Massive arm weapon, cyber arm, with massive claws.

30:Custom Arm: Cyber limb. Think the Cyborg's Arm from Treasure Planet

in it can do lots of different things, six modes in total, just keep

within reason, including weapons.

31:Cyber Teeth: Metal infused tooth to make it harder to break and nasty

biting power.

32;Anchor Blade: A cyber blade weapon in heel of the foot, for nasty

kicks. Has set limit, if target has a toughness higher than 12 in terms

of armor/etc. It will not cut. Also, can use to anchor user into


33:Body Jet Drive: System of gas jet systems in body. In atmosphere, use

air from environment and gas to fly. Literally. Eco friendly jet pack.

34:Servo Arms: Spare cyber limbs like the Doctor Octopus arms. This

time, based on arms of being in question. Nanite construction, living

in "pods"in the back, when mentally activated, they pop out. Think

Asura's spare arms from Asura's Wrath.

35:Restorative Mist Container: Container in cyber limb or body cavity.

Unleashes healing mist to all those in close area of user, including

user. For medic support. Machines immune though, and can heal organic

enemies, so no melee for this.

36:Cyber Blade: Cyber hand now replaced with a big bad cutting blade.

Said hand cannot grab anything until it is popped off and replaced.

37:High Five: Cyber limb weapon. Hand retracts, reveals a high powered


38:Smart Gun: Able to hook a "smart gun" to body and use it as if had

smart eyes targeting.

39:Wrist Flamer: Hidden cyber limb weapon, flame thrower style.

40:Shielding:Very expensive. Stored force field unit in body, turns on

in battle.

41:Aggressive Defense Net Work: Nano bot drones that attack any

projectile heading towards user. Mainly detonates explosive ones

premature like.

42: Data Probes: Mentally controlled probes that launch out and record

data directly to user.

43:Magnetic Coating: Cyber limb special, said cyber limb can at will

attach self to metallic, magnetic surfaces.

44:Rebreather:Helps subject breath in any environment.

45:Silent Motion Field: Walking, running, etc you make no noise.

46: Data Jack: Download brain directly into a port of computer or machine

to make use out of it.

47:Vision Adapter:Eyes now adjust to all vision conditions.

48:Heart Restarter:Has multiple uses, at HP 0, will restart the heart,

if it can, to revive target for 1/10 full health.

49:Balance Tail:Tail for extra Dex/balance in tight corners and motion.

50: Knuckle Bombers: Warp field projectors in cyber fist, makes it hit as

hard as a power fist.

51:Intelligence Chip: Boosts intelligence by 30. Pricey.

52:Recharger: Hand based cyberware, with a energy weapon equipped, it

keeps said device charged with no need of fuel cell usage.

53:Compartment Tooth: Now a tooth or two that contain spare things, and

met to break if bite down hard enough. Need will power roll of 2 or 4

based on what it is, Tracking device, poison, explosive, health

injector, lock pick, etc.

54:Bionic Ears:Super hearing.

55:Radio Telepathy Array:Able to talk and while talking can contact

anyone the person "knows'brain wave wise on a range the size of the

Earth's radius. Bionic phone basically.

56:Recorder: Can play back and record anything you have seen or heard.

With Data Jack, can do it on a screen/computer/etc.

57: Burst Sphere Mod: Placed ball points throughout the body, when

triggered, magnetic forces fire them off, shredding targets nearby with

ballistic fury.

58: Eye Filter: Protects eyes from dirt, ash, smoke, other nasty

particles, water, and flash flare.

59:Chain Saw:Cyber Arm weapon, makes a chain saw blade appear.

60:Shoulder Laser Implant:Implanted two shot laser beam via shoulder.

61:Hidden Gun Holster:Cyber limb, keeps a gun inside so when needed,

springs out.

62:Quick Draw Holster:Like above, but now propels hand gun sized weapon

in quick speed to hand on command.

63:Radar Implant:Now have radar sense.

64:Sonar Implant:Now sonar sense.

65:Sleep Regulator: Makes it so you do not need as much sleep as you

used to.

66:Hand Laser:This does not need a cyber limb, but a small, laser from

fore arm. Six shots.

67:Hydrostatic Pressure Adaptation: Adapt to pressure change/gravity.

68: Plasma Sail Implant: For swimming faster in space (If you survive

out there) Or gliding on air on atmosphere. Need sun light to be

touching to work. Makes a large hump back deform look on you though.

69:Infomorph implant:Implant a AI system inside your head to help you

in all your actions in guidance, multi tasking and etc. + Die rolls

over all. Expensive.

70:Knuckle Blades: Knuckles now have big blades for nasty punches.

71:Life Recorder: Like recorder,but in memory of nervous system. When

recorder, it charts EVERYTHING that user is doing, and in death leaves

a recording, just in case.

72:Nanophanges: Nanobot machines that patrol body, helping it heal and

fight off infections/diseases/poisons. Cyber form of Symbiotes. Also

super pricey. More so as these things do not need food and water like

the symbiotes, only the electric current muscles make and thought

processes for powering. So may lead to head aches.

73:Wrist Mounted Tools: Store and use tools from the wrist.

74: Olfactory Booster:Super sense of smell.

75:Torso Plate:Instead of skin based plating, fuse metal plating of

choice to torso.

76:Face Plate: Like Torso Plate, but now it's your face getting chromed.

77:Icer:Fire defeating chemical canister stored in fore arm.

78:Extendable Wrist Tentacle(S): Think Omega Red's Tentacles,come from

wrists and stretch for sake of violence.

79:Super Sized Arms:Replaces arms, makes them super big, for carrying,

punching and smashing purposes.

80:Grapple Hand:Cyber arm attachment, the hand of said arm now can

launch out via rockets and attached to a strong cable, to be used as a

grappling hook.

81:Nanite Swarm:Mental command cloud of nanites that live in tanks in

body points. Can attack enemeis, up to 4 turns tkaing away 4 actiion

die away.

82:Live Wires: Prehensile interface cables, for data jacks and use in


83:T Ray Emitter; Fore head mounted scanner to scan things without need

of a coder. Via Electromagnetic T Rays acting as a x ray of sorts.

84:Multiple Personality Beta ware: Have a second personality in your

mind, switch back and forth. Second personality has same stats and Skill

points as you, but invest points in OTHER things, and act differently.

85:Variable Tail: It shortens and gets longer on a whim.

86:Blade Tail: Tail ends with a razor sharp dagger.

87:Combat Tail; Powered and meant to hurt when impacted.

88: Techno Mage Limb: Able to invest in programming a Power Level 2

spell into cyber arm, to use once a scene.

89:After Burner Legs: Makes legs move really fast now in motion. +15 to

speed over all in moving.

90:Bunny Ears; Artificial Antenna that stick out, listen better ,and

talk like limited Radio Telepathy. (500 mile radius.)

91: De attach Tail: If someone grabbing tail, hit mental button and it

pops off, so they grab tail but not you.

92:Bomb Fingers: Tear off hand toss cyber fingers, that are bombs, need

replacement fingers each use though.

93:Alternative Transporter for legs: Rollers, wheels, propeller,snake

tails, etc. Just no legs anymore, depends on what your looking for.

94:Glue Gun: TO capture or restrain attackers or patch up holes in

armor/ships. Six shots before refill.

95:Cyberntic Organs: Replace major organs with cyber ones. +40 hp. +20


96:Microscope Eye: See super close up for detail work. +8 Per bonus

with actions requiring aim.

97:Force Wave Adapter:Grants Telekinesis power. 12 times before battery

charge needed. Will = Strength of force.

98:Creation Matrix: Have a Maker Field Generator in your body with

nanobots, with enough mass, Will, and battery power, can create things

out of thin air! Up to 2 large objects, 4 regular, or 5 small or 8 tiny.

99: Personal Power Plant: Stranded with no food ?This little baby will

keep you alive with energy needs up to 78 years. Transfers energy from

plant into safe bio energy by nanites. Need to eat to refuel cells when

used however. And if damaged, can cause horrorfic damage.

100: Puppet Sock: Allows body to be used by someone else. Mainly used to

pay off company debts and whatnot, over use can cause mental stress to

puppet and the one pulling strings needs a way to do it. Either

programming a info morph in puppet or a direct network feed by visual


101: Ether Field: Now cyborg can phase, through walls, floors and etc

for up to three turns.

102: Heat Claw: Arm replaced by a claw, it heats up in combat making

steam and shreds targets with raw heat.

103: Socket Suit: Cyber frame for beings without limbs, a body just for

them to move around and such. +30 str. +30 con and 10 dex. Body armor

rating 180. For things like uplifted snakes and such.

104: Fly Eye: Prosethic eye that can deattach from eye and be a spy

drone to see things user cannot reach.

105:Slash Wire:Take a hand, said digits now deattach to have

mono wire. Really sharp wire to use as a whip or assassin tool.

106: Ammo Maker: Makes ammo out of cyber limb bank. Like a

maker. however need material in bank to convert to ammo.

It is regular ammo for small fire arms. Process takes 2 scenes.

107: Gun Hand: Programed on mental command via neural wiring to transform into a gun arm. (Akin to a compact Gatling gun.) That feeds many bullets pre minute. Needs reloading and maintenance as it can jam.

108: Subdermal Gripe: For hand, now when equipped a hand item, it will not fall out of said hand, and can read out condition/bullets of weapon.

109: Deconstructor: Using strange rays, can break items down and store them in cavities in your bones. Can reconfigure them on a notice though.

110: Hive Eyes: Series of lit eyes akin to monitors one ones face, disfigures the user, advantage to it is one can use sight of other team mates with hive eyes, or any cyber eye as their own, as well as security systems if one knows the code.

111: Adaptor Digestion: Immunity from environment damage and can eat/drink anything.

112: Nanotech Genetic Reforge: Science and nano nonsense to allow for transformations.

113: Electro Claws: Shock claws in finger, charge lasts for 8 impacts.

114: Hand Blaster: Energy blasts from fingers and palms. Runs on metabolism so got to eat a lot.

115: Liquid Oxygen Network: Visible tubes thorughtout body that provide oxygen for subject to breath, without even needing to open mouth and such. Filter system needs a update once a month, also as a warning the tubes can be attacked to halt benefits. Said benefits are breathing anywhere and bonus in stamina/endurance rolls.

116: Nutrient Cache: A device in chest/stomach that pumps out liquid food for body, so no need to eat. One charge is good for a month, need replacements at end or else will die quickly from malnutrition.

117: Reactive Arms: Which this declare after punching something including fellow arms (Both arms same deal anything) The arm declared glows. Said glow means next attack a +4 damage and +2 to trigger a critical. Should that happen body part in question gets a +3 in total critical damage results.

118: Eye Swarm: Bunch of machine eyes that down load info to user, can scan, and early alarm settings as well.

Now correct the above with correct answers. (Lap top, because fuck the phone.)
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Overlord Chou

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(trench warfare: guardsmen dont take it easy, they will make it hell if it means winning)
(bigger is better: for those baneblades)
(air power: apart of their aggressive stance, and their use of artillary and such)
(sneak: their strategist allows for such deepstrike and offensive moves against the enemy)

(Fortress worlds: Rogal Dorns efforts)
(the imperial guard theme)
Imperial Guard
Fortress World: Your planet has three of them, in unison to safe guard. Your enemy I rolled is Ancient type, 1. Kinda like Protoss in they want to secure their home world, no matter what. Lets just say there is something they want, but your guarding it. Needless to say, why the fighting (Got bonus against them.)


- War Chief: Basically one who maintains order with the feral members of the army. Equipped with stuff they actually can comprehend due to intelligence, great at creeping for surprise attacks.

- Commissar: Yep. These guys, to not fight is to die by their bullets, and are capable of fighting against the enemy as well.

- Leader: Just a humble young soldier now leading groups of men through victory and defeat. The only special thing is able to equip this guy with maximum point spend. (Instead of 3 items/etc. Leaders can get 5. 5 plot items/war gear picks/etc. If one gets bio mods and cyberware, counts towards it.)

super sized siege units:

Earth Shaker: A cannon the size of a skyscraper. Cannot move, but can blast mighty big holes into enemy flanks.

Colossoi: Bane Blades, customable gigantic tanks to crush or gun enemy down.

Emperor Class Bomber: A bomber so big, it eclipses the Sun, to drop down exploding/burning death.


Armor Division: Basic tanks go here in this class.

Speed Troops: They are on gun supporting motorcycles, yay.

APCs: Armored Personal carriers. Mixing it up while deploying troops.


Convicts: Low morale, habit of steal from dead enemies though for profit. Decent in pitch. Kept under control by comissars and implanted bombs.

Battle Thralls: Crazed natives who lost tribe wars and sold into Imperium slavery, their superstitious ways are interesting to say the least. THey are fighting to be free. A dream that has unlikely odds.

Caste Warriors: Those who grew up in a feudal world situation. Their business, is war. TO die a glorious death is worth having as long you take the other guy with you.

Flight Troops: Soldiers with devices to get them to fly. Great for ambushes and such. As well as hit and move and just being a nuisance.

Storm Troopers; Actual good quality fighting men and women with cool toys and has seen war. If no leader on field, the squad leader takes contorl of army.

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