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Nation Building Stellar Legions

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Action, Cyberpunk, Magical

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Well after a long wait. Decided to finally post this game. It is four games in one. Story game (players with votes affect plot.) strategy game ( ordering and shuffling troops/Units/fleets to do stuff.) Arms Race ( invent new gear, develop cool stuff, upgrade units or make new ones.)

Lastly there is adventure elements in which main character (s) who are picked with players to go out and explore/missions with a war band or a adventure party/ Squad/etc.

Now. Onto the main map.


It’s our galaxy as setting. The southern sprawls is wher our Sun is, so we start there ( it’s like really low in southern spiral, we are near border.)

Story game time!

1: What United Humanity to a Empire?

A: Fought off a alien invasion and decided to rampage across the stars in one banner, glory to humanity!
B: A final war on Earth. We won, they lost.

1: Exiled, So stilll in space, just unknown.
2: Forced to be slaves in bowels Of Terra and Mars.

3: Still accepted as humans though their leader got killed in a duel with our fearless leader.

4: Attempted genocide: A good deal of them died. The survivors decided to do absolute serfdom so they would be spared.

C: Fearless leader showed up one day and solved all our problems. Minor wars, disease, and energy crisis a wete, along with space travel.

D: Who said we were united? Humanity is now 12 large tribes/nations still in alliance but looking out for themselves.

Tech: Slow but capable space flight ( Interstellar)
Nothing else. All other tech is our tech ( in the Alien one, get 30 toys. Because you will need it with difficulty spike.)

2: What is most important world?

A: Earth: Hone sweet humanity, cradle of humanity.

B: Mars: Because most tech and production is there.

C: Eden: First interstellar world. Also supposedly the state religion was found there as our ruler got a vision while there.

3: Supernatural elements/

A: Nah, this hard science.

B: Soft sci fi. So psionics are a thing.

C: Sci Fantasy: Holy crap There can be space wizards, cyborg Cleric priests and super cool martial chi stuff. Balls to the wall madness here.

Each choice adds to game, will announce with votes and if not happy willing to tweak it around.

Also will be nice and helpful with Arms Race Thing.


A Clumsy Adventurer
Hey! I saw this and action, cyberpunk and magical fantasy stuff are my favourite things. I haven't done this sort of roleplay before, but I'd be happy to have a go at it.

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Oh sure no worries. Just yeah require like 2 or more players as you vote on plot development. I do my own twists and turns to it.

This should be good.

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
If no one else signs up by Tuesday can start, willing to roll dice to stop tie breaksrs. if anyone joins after choice, that’s fine too.


A Clumsy Adventurer
I just looked back and I realised I've already my character is going to be some stereotypical martial arts guy who says everything as a riddle. This is probably not a good thing. XD

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
: rolls dice, 1-3 A and 4-6 D. Three times for tie break.... A wins.:

Sorry for not posting enough real life is currently busy.

Will post the tech toys from A bit be warned that this means game has a enemy from the start ( up to six at a time.) and when background is finished both of you will have your own legion to setup.

Think Warhammer40k. Where this case you make up your own faction/group/chapter/Company/etc.

And due to sci fi Fantasy. Psionics and different types of magic exist and will play out I future votes to give ya a trade mark.

Next post will be aftermath/growth/alien toys given, and magic type selections. ( magic type selection applies for both of you solo, no need for a tie breaker situation.)

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
N. Sorry for not responding. Busy, sweaty day.

N is where our solar system is supposed to be on galaxy map. So N and the touching sector tiles are Humanity.


A Clumsy Adventurer
That's fine and thanks. Also to do with the grid. Touching sector tiles: Diagonally too? Or just vertically and horizontally?

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Just the latter. It’s like 5 zones in a square. The human race has roughly 100 worlds in business in these sectors while not considering total ( not as big as Imperium as they are thousands of years old, but still variety of worlds.)

Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Next post. Ton of shit going down so latest is Wednesday. But that is the faction build/tech stuff in play.
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Overlord Chou

Junior Member
Got time! Donposting next thing. This system works with your voting, after it I will pm your results. Faction build time ( with picking toys.)

1: Get 1 option here

What is your theme?

Regulars ( Imperial Guard)

Militarized Cults ( Sisters and Tech priests of Mars here.)

Elites ( Space marine tier)

Super elite ( Grey Knights)

That decides strength and cost of armies with points ( literally unit currency is points to represent time effort and materials for Units.)

2: Get 1 option here

Planet type ( Decides base function and points)

Agri: Farm world.

Forge: Production world.

Scholar: Studies and so forth.

Caste: Militant feudal lord deal.

Feral: Natives are border line animal, here to recruit and civilize them.

Mana world: Magic troop academy and nodes for mana/mako use

Psi college: Top secret place where military psionics go,

Death World: Tougher soldiers in general.

Hub: Pretty much Hive worlds. Lots of manpower in drafts and production.

Fortress world: Pucking this brings out another enemy type will roll for, world under constant invasion of said type, Big Tough Fortress cities. They do however get a bonus with fighting against said enemy.

Void: No world, All Nomads in space ships.

3: Get 4 options here.

Toys and tactics for all!

1: Air Power: Livrsal use of flying devices, para drops, deep strikes/bombings and so forth. Air power!

2: Bigger is better: Use Of Attack vehicles and such more. Not just that but bigger types.

3: Bio Power: Able to gene mod troops for better troops.

4: Cyberware: Yge Flesh is weak, Machine is strong.

5: Zealots: Absolute loyalty and power to Humanity! Long live the church!

6: Magic Users: Not mete psionics, but actual magic use. ( with zealots Get Clerics too. s for magic in question, flavors exist.)

7: Trench Warfare: Fight dirty, defensive and to the last man.

8: Big Guns/ Can Access bigger Guns. For the troops, depends on their build.

9: Xeno use: Attack pets, Calvary steeds,and even local non ftl xenos can be employed to serve. As cannon fodder mostly.

10: Mind Of Matter: Psionics, actual honest to God psionics. Comes with their own abilities and rules different from spells.

11: Embrace The Chi: For super martial arts and Typical tricks like that.

12: Energy Weapons: Have Access To Energy Weapons to the start. More than just lasers and plasma as well.

13: Mecha: Have giant vehicle walkers.

14: AI: Have Machine Servants.

15: Power Armor: Nuff said.

16: Energy fields: As Force fields for protection and includes weaponized fields.

17: Sneak: Go For ambushes and sneaking around.

18: Teleporters: Bot always safe but when it works, it is glorious.

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