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Fantasy Stellar ARMOR Satellizer (Ranix Aurus & Admiral19)


Ranix Aurus

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"We might not need to," Akira roared. He had to raise his voice if he didn't want to get drowned out by the endless rumbling around them. "That huge explosion of energy must be glaringly visible to the old man's boss. They should've noticed it already, but they'll need some time to get here. We should-- get out first!"

Another rock was falling above him, only to get sliced in two by a flash of light passing above them. True to what he said, Shouji didn't force Rui to fight the Kaiserin directly. He was focusing his attention at keeping the others safe during their escape.

But even if they got out, what then?

"Do you think we should... kill her?" Akira frowned. No, in the first place, could they? Akira could see that the Kaiserin wasn't simply turning into a monster like the others; she was far bigger, stronger, and not a simple wild beast. It would be a difficult battle. He wasn't even sure if the army could even handle this.


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"Sure," Aoi said, "let's just kill something that's absorbed the power of every medallion, I'm sure that'll go great!"

"We can't afford to argue, Aoi!" She knocked another boulder out of their way. "The exit isn't far, we can figure this out when we leave!"

"My question is," Rui started, "how much of this did Alfred know? And why did he not tell us?!"

It wasn't something they needed to wonder about now, however; it's not like Alfred would be outside with an answer. All everyone could do right now is exit.

The entrance to the mine was made significantly wider by the time the Holders came out and the Kaiserin crashed through it. She made another screech that probably shook multiple stones from their places and stared down the prey that was running away.

Ah, if only those infernal Patriarchs could see her now! She was probably twice the size of them, at minimum!

Ranix Aurus

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Akira rushed out of the entrance as fast as his legs could take him. He was the only one not wearing the ARMOR. Thick layer of dust in the air almost choked him to death as he coughed hard, his lungs burning with pain, scraping for whatever air he could take in.

They were out in the open now-- whether it was good or bad was up to debate. Fighting the Kaiserin inside was dangerous, but at least the cramped interior restrained her movements. Here, they were like ants in front of her; one simple slap would be decisively fatal.

Shouji-- and, on that note, Rui-- landed between Kanae and the other holders, staring blankly at the Kaiserin.

"Rui, if we don't fight her... I think we can't make it out alive," the eyepiece on his side of the ARMOR lit up as he muttered in exasperation. Was this really something that they could even handle?


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"I know." Rui had to shake off their guilt, at least for now. None of them could afford to be merciful; this thing would be the death of them if they were.

As Rui said that, the Kaiserin's claws tore at the ground, kicking up massive rocks and sending them hurtling towards the group. Aina and Aoi managed to destroy most of them, but shards of rock pelting into ARMOR were still not the best thing in the world. Aina flanked to one side and tried to bring down one of the Kaiserin's legs; that was met with a swipe of the claw that was parried just enough to only send her backwards a little.

"Shouji, Rui, Leo, I hope you both realize this is a distraction!" Aoi called out over the Kaiserin's growls. "If we can't kill her, we gotta keep her restrained! Find something to restrain her with!"

Ranix Aurus

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"Easier said than done..." Shouji harrumphed. He took the chance to retreat to a higher ground, and then let go of the blades in his hands. They disintegrated immediately. Raising his left hand, a different weapon materialized on his palm-- a bow. He took a stance as he pulled the string as hard as he could. An arrow made of pure energy soon appeared, ready to be shot.

"Rui, let's do this," Shouji mumbled before shooting it out. The deadly energy roared like a thunder as it cut through the air, aiming straight at the Kaiserin's head--

--until a flash of light descended from above in a straight line, clashing with the arrow. An explosion soon followed, and when the dust settled, there were silhouettes standing between Shouji's line of sight and the Kaiserin.


Draped in his white lab coat, the usual glasses was no longer framing his eyes. Another familiar figure was right by his side: Haru. Her transparent tentacles were sprawled behind her, looking slightly worn out.

"My Kaiserin... look at what you've become..." Alfred glanced at the sight behind him before letting out a rueful laugh. But he wasn't paying attention to her. Instead, his gaze was locked to the sky.

Large shadows were circling the sky above the mineshaft. Monstrous creatures flapped their collosal wings, their glares aimed at the figures below. On one of the beasts' head stood their leader. Three pairs of incongruent wings were spread out of her back, while her eyes glared at Alfred with unquenched rage.

"MO. HYOGO!" Hotaru shouted, her voice burned with killing intent.


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Holy fucking shit. "Hotaru!" Instinctively, Kanae called out to the swarm above.

"You..." The Kaiserin growled, multiple spider-like eyes focusing on Alfred, spitting her words like venom. "How could someone like I be above someone as grand as you? Alfred called me his Kaiserin because he was helping me! But you—Hyogo, Enjyuu, Alfa...when I said I wanted to better myself, to become stronger, you all denied me!"

Grabbing a boulder from beside her, the Kaiserin threw it upwards at the monster swarm.

"I looked up to you all! You all filled my head with dreams, dreams that you crushed beneath your uncaring sole!"

Kanae held Akira close as a monster fell from the sky, crashing and sending debris their way.

The Kaiserin screamed up to Hotaru next. "Your anger is deserved, Enjyuu! He chose to follow me until the ends of the Earth, to bring about the "new world", a world where monsters rule. But you're not absolved of sin either. How long did it take for you to be found out, hm?"

Ranix Aurus

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Hotaru was blinded by her rage toward Alfred. She wasn't paying attention to the people around her until she heard Kanae's voice coming from below. It was like a bucket of cold water had been poured on her. The frown on her face was replaced by utter shock, then fear, then a sudden urge to run away.

The Kaiserin's throw jolted her back to reality. She flung her eyes toward the giant monstrosity at the center, and listened to her berating.

In the end, she had a slightly confused look as she stared at her.

"Do... Do I know you?" She timidly asked.

"..." Alfred had the urge to smack her on the head.

"Kaiserin," he turned around to face her. Haru and the other people around him quickly rushed forward to protect him from Hotaru.

"That power isn't suitable for us. You have to let it go. It'll corrupt you until your mutation is no longer controllable."

His eyes glow in gold as numerous tentacles burst out of his back.


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Upon hearing Hotaru's question, the Kaiserin hissed indignantly. How dare she!

"This power isn't suitable for you." The Kaiserin glared down at Alfred. "Which can only mean one thing; this power is mine, and mine alone!"

Kanae waved the dust out of her face. "Pff," she muttered sarcastically, "surely it wouldn't kill ya to share, would it?"



Kanae looked down at Akira. "Are you okay? Hey, I think I have an idea. Everyone's got a medallion, right? I wanna...try something selfish. And really fucking crazy."

Ranix Aurus

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Alfred had suddenly transformed. The cold man from earlier was no more. In his place stood a creature seemingly composed of writhing tentacles, with a bulbous head akin to an octopus. A pair of golden eyes glared at the Kaiserin as he made his stand clear.

"You are intoxicated by that power... I'll help you clear your head."

The people that he had brought aside from Haru followed suit, transforming parts of their bodies into monstrous forms, preparing for the inevitable confrontation.

At the side, Akira had an incredulous look on his face, but soon he nodded at her and put his medallion on her palm.

Shouji and Rui landed right beside them. He undid his transformation, separating the two back to their own bodies.

"Rui," the medallions were in Rui's hand. He wanted them to decide whether to believe in Kanae's plan or not.


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"My head is crystal clear, thank you."

Aquarius and Capricorn were placed into Kanae's hands. The sounds of combat could be heard for miles. Aoi and Aina rushed over, undoing their transformations and taking cover from the oncoming fight.

Aoi looked at Kanae. "Have a plan?"

"Yeah." Kanae undid her own transformation and held Leo and Sagittarius in her hand. "I'm gonna need all of these."

"...You can't be serious."

Kanae glared. "Do you have a better plan?"

Aoi fell silent and tried to look over at Aina for insight, only for her to shrug. Taurus and Scorpio were swiftly placed in Kanae's hand, along with Aries, Virgo, Libra, and Pisces.

Rui walked up to Kanae. Quietly, just to her, they said:

"I...love him dearly."

Kanae knew exactly who they were talking about.

"I want to stay with him. I still haven't told him what I wanted to, so...please."

Gemini and Cancer were placed into Kanae's hands.

"Do what you can."

Kanae's watched plenty of shows like this.

The hero's backed against the wall. The great evil monster is wreaking havoc, and if it wasn't stopped here, humanity's fate would be uncertain. In a last-ditch effort, everyone's power was brought together. And even if it had the chance to kill its host, even if failure was imminent...

There were so many medallions in Kanae's hands right now. She chuckled when she remembered Hotaru's reaction when she first saw Leo. That felt so long ago.

She held the medallions close to her chest, closed her eyes, and breathed.

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