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Fandom Steins;Gate Roleplay

I hope I can find at least one person to do this with. I want to do a Steins;Gate roleplay. I will be playing my OC, Kurisu, and Mayuri. You must be okay with playing Okabe and Daru.

My idea is that Kurisu introduces her friend from the states (my OC) to the other lab members. Upon meeting her, Okabe immediately falls in love with her. However, my OC finds out about their D-mail system and decides that she wants to send a D-mail to a guy that she has a crush on.

It's gonna be a long shot, but if you're interested in doing this, please comment here or PM me :)


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This may be a long shot, but I love Steins;Gate and I wanted to try getting into rp so I could do some Steins;Gate to in the first place if you never found someone to do this with.

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