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Multiple Settings Steely's Partner Search!

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Stressed College Student
Steely's Partner Search (Periodically Updated!)
Hello everyone! Welcome to my new and updated partner search thread. Here you'll find not only information about me as a roleplayer, but also a number of ideas, plots, genres and fandoms for you to choose from! This thread will be more or less open at all times, though I do hold the right to turn people down if I'm a bit swamped with partners and ongoing roleplays.

Now, onto my content:

    • -I am currently 18 years old, turning 19 just this month. Usually, I'm not picky with age, but if we're to include more mature themes (sexual content being obviously forbidden), I'd prefer someone my age or older.
    • -My time zone is GMT -03.
    • -Be aware that my mood is really, really fickle, specially now as I have a very tough semester ahead of me in college, combined with a possible research project I've just enrolled in. This means that sometimes I might log away from the site for a couple of days to a week; albeit I will try to give you a heads-up beforehand, as I've ghosted good people in the past and I'm aiming to avoid repeating that.
    • -Following what was said on the previous point, I will always strive to be honest and fair with my partners. That said, I too value honesty and criticism. Is there anything you don't like about our roleplay, or perhaps you feel we don't click? Don't be shy and tell me! Communication is key. I'll always work towards being straightforward and transparent with you.
    • -Don't fret if I don't immediately reply to you! I usually leave RPNation open on my browser as I'm doing my college stuff, playing games, doing chores, etc. So if I'm online but not replying, that doesn't mean I'm avoiding you. Of course, if I've read your message and haven't answered in a while, do send a little reminder. Sometimes I forget to properly check my inbox.
    • -I'm very friendly and open to conversation! If you'd like to just chat with me, exchanging ideas and concepts before starting a roleplay, I'm all for that.

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Stressed College Student
Updated! Re-worded some of the stuff and added a new original prompt. College is on lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak, so I have more free time - which translates into being available to a couple of new partners!


Stressed College Student
Bumpity bump! I've got a few slots open still, so if you're still looking for a partner, I'm available!

Style Kella

The Lonely Wind
Not gonna lie, very well made post.

So, to start off, hi, if you still have an opening I would like to see if I can be a partner?

So recently I've just gotten into Nier Automata and was my main focus, but seeing what else you offer I am a little stuck.

The revolution plot sounds really fun and I would love to really work with that. And Dead Space is also a favorite game of mine, a more horror oriented RP would be really cool.

So, between Nier, Dead Space, and the revolution whichever you have a craving for works. Or, if you'd like we could attempt to world build with a small combination of a pair or all three somehow.

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