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Fantasy Steamfantasy Adventures in Mocon (Custom Steampunk/Fantasy setting)

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Mythy The Dragonwolf

Four Thousand Club
Hey there! I had a custom world that I would like to do an RP in.

A steampunk-fantasy setting, where magic and tech are entwined - the epitome of which are the Airships and the Automata, the machines built with rudimentary intelligence and dog-like loyalty to the one bonded with their cortex. Magic, or Magia as named after the goddess that created it, is split into two forms, which an individual can only learn one of. Will Magia and Wild Magia - Manifestation of energy and manipulation of the environment. Technology is advanced by an individual gaining the spark of creation form the god Teknik, and creating a technology never seen before. Beyond that, technology is improved and enhanced by those with the knowledge, desire, and drive.

There are four races in the world. Ranked in order of the amount of Magia they hold, they are: Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and Orcs.

Elves are the dominant race and are split into castes and subraces based upon their features. These features are determined at birth by their lineage, but may change during the first few years to be more similar to a different caste due to their childhood environment. High elves are the noble caste, stone elves work in the cities. Wood elves are found more often in nature, and dark elves are often consigned to the dredges or as wandering nomads. Each caste has something special about them, such as the High Elves greater Magia pool, or the Dark Elven ability to meld with shadows, and each caste looks distinct from the others through coloration and their body type.

Dwarves are longtime allies of the elves, though their alliance was born of rivalry. They have a smaller magia pool than elves, but have long been pioneers in forging and creation, gaining the Spark much more often than Elves. They also created the art of Runesmithing, which is the art of imbuing magical runes into an object in order to let Magia flow through it. First from this art came magical weapons, and without runesmithing, the first Automaton would never have come into being.

Humans are an oddity on the world, as the first of their races appeared first on a steamship on the coast, and no trace of memory of their origin remained. They are said, though, to be the chosen of Teknik, as they have been gaining the Spark much more often than even dwarves. As well, they breed much faster than anyone else and thus are beginning to catch up to their numbers. Their magia pool is small but their ingenuity allows them to also become pioneers in spellcraft.

Orcs are a green-skinned, muscle-bound race that stand even taller than elves. They have a small magia pool and almost never gain the spark, but are blessed with powerful muscles and an uncanny knack for knowing how something works. This allows them to know how a machine works, and intuitively know how to fix it, improve it, or even break it. This, of course, also translates well to biological bodies...


The player characters will begin in a local skill festival, which celebrates all kinds of skill: Martial, Magial, Forging, Mechaniceering, Runesmithing, and all others. From there, the adventurer-type player characters will be hired for a job that just might grow into something never expected.

And that's that! If you're interested, please feel free to post here! If you have questions, comments, or ideas as well, feel free to leave those too!​


This sounds right up my alley! Would you allow hybrid races? Either cross species or cross caste. For example a Dwarf-Human or a wood-dark elf?

Mythy The Dragonwolf

Four Thousand Club
@Faded_Neon @Topless @Maskruelty Thanks for your interest! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Speaking of which...

Would you allow hybrid races? Either cross species or cross caste. For example a Dwarf-Human or a wood-dark elf?
The cross-caste elf would have somewhat mixed features, though their environment would also play a role. As well, half-elf and half-orc make sense mostly because I've heard of them before. Human-dwarf, elf-dwarf, elf-orc, and orc-dwarf are likely also possible?

That's a good few people interested though. I should probably get working on the OOC. Which probably means a bit more lore.

Sir Monsieur

Connoisseur of all things.
No questions at the moment. I really like the concept, and I have a few concepts for characters already!

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