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[Station 01] Project SOPHIE the Macaluso


I am the one who flakes
Name: Theater of Operations Directing Unit, CODENAME: SOPHIE


XP: 0/5



Do Something Under Fire, Go Aggro


Seize by Force


Seduce or Manipulate


Read a Sitch, Read a Person


Open Your Brain

Macaluso Moves

Luck: At the beginning of the session, roll+weird. On a hit, give +1 to everyone else making a beginning-of-session move. On a 10+, mark experience for each other's beginning-of-session move that also hits with a 10+. On a miss, give -2 to everyone else making a beginning-of-session move.

Sustaining Influence: When anyone of your secret society dies, erase their information from your playbook and create a new person to replace them. Use the same secret society segment or an unused one.

Marytr: When you take a blow for another player's character, mark experience. When anyone of your secret society dies, mark experience.


If all members of the secret society pool their jingle, it totals up to 2-barter.


When you and another character have sex, choose 1:

- Your psyche fixes upon theirs. Next time they improve, mark experience.

- Ask then any 3 questions you want. They must answer honestly.

- They may use you for augury. You roll and they make all the decisions.


Coming soon!

Sam: Hx=+1

Navarro: Hx=+1

Mister Quick: Hx+2

GLaDOS: Hx=+1

Six: Hx=0

Secret Society

Name: Frans

Look: Concealed, Golden-Eyed

Stats: Hard+2 Sharp-1


I have a hunting rifle with a good sight (3-harm far loud reload)

I have a spike-studded baseball bat (3-harm hand messy) and crude body armor (2-armor)

I have oddments worth 2-barter

Elaboration: They wear a heavy, full body suit scraped together from pieces of tactical outfit made of bullet-proof material underneath a concealing grey cloak. Their face is nearly entirely taken up by a breathing apparatus that synthesizes their voice into a deep, synthetic tone. The eyes are clearly cybernetic implants, metal and glass that glow faintly with a golden light that can be seen behind a veil coming off of the garment that covers their head. The rifle is a DMR from the security forces that previously kept the peace on the station, while worn from age and use it is clearly well maintained by Frans. The melee weapon of choice was the long handle from a heavy sledgehammer riddled with large bolts originally used for metalworking. The pieces of barter Frans likes to use are a series of passkeys labeled "SPEC VIS" that allow passage through most locked doors, but only for a limited number of uses.

Name: Dystart

Look: Woman, Compact, quick-eyed, lithe

Stats: Sharp+2 Cool-1


Member of Gwendolyn's gang. (Free from Gwen's permission)

I have wicked knives (2-harm hand) and fashion worth 1-armor.

I have a distinctive presence in the local population; I command attention when I come into a room.

I have a bike (you detail) [Going by the Chopper bike creation] Strengths: Rugged, Aggressive Looks: Massively chopped, Flashy Weakness: Bucking power+1 looks+1 1-armor weakness+1

Elaboration: Dystart's presence comes from her ride so much as it does herself. In person she does not appear to be much, most people have to look down to look her in the face. The graceful way she carries herself, the set of knives she does not hesitate to use and the growling machine she rides are enough to command attention. The knives were liberated from a recycler, blades that had been intended to rend unwanted metal apart into smaller pieces to be processed. Coupled with a homemade handle borrowed from a lever and bonded together with some sealant used to stop air leaks on the station she fashioned a nasty set of weapons. Her outfit consists of a bright orange jumpsuit with a jacket that came from the upper half of a suit meant for someone to go out into space for maintenance purposes. Dystart's mount if a semi-autonomous robotic unit patched together originally from a transit unit. Meant to deliver packages, the chassis was changed to resemble that of a quadruped animal. Modifications to a recently written AI program gave it the aggressive personality that wisely keeps any would be thieves away from the machine.

Name: Mox

Ambiguous, slight, long-haired, tattoed, calm-eyed

Stats: Hot+2 Hard-1


I have access to Palmer's infirmary, and I can work on people in it.

I keep hives of bees (vicious, swarming little bitches who love only me)

My rooms are atmospheric, cool and well-appointed. I get +1 to read a person within them.

Elaboration: Mox works as a nurse at Palmer's infirmary, but has a reasonable amount of experience that he can work on patients himself. Outside of his work scrubs he prefers to go around in vividly colored silks that cost more jingle than he'd ever admit to spending on clothing. His lodgings are fairly close to Mister Quick's joint, one of his favorite haunts. They're pretty luxe by all standards, most of the features are in good working order leaving it fairly comfortable. The reason why he can afford it so cheap are the swarms of little insects that dwell nearby. Most people who go poking their nose too far wind up getting swarmed by the stinging and biting critters, as for Mox? The little things are crazy for him, going so far as to not harm him if he accidentally crushes one.


get +1 Weird (Max Weird+3)

add someone to your secret society

add someone to your secret society

get a new Macaluso move

get a new Macaluso move

get a car (detail)

get 2 pieces of brainer gear

get followers (detail) and fortunes

get a move from another playbook

get a move from another playbook

get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)

retire your character to safety

create a second character to play

change character to a new type

choose three basic moves and advance them

advance the four other moves
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