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[Station 01] Gwendolyn - The Hardholder

Teh Frixz

That lady robot

  • If one can control oneself, one can control the world

    For nearly as long as she could remember, there had been an urge to control. The more she could run, the more she could maintain. The more she maintained, the more soundly she slept at night. On the station, that control was once in the hands of hundreds of Tech experts. Each stationed in groups and placed throughout the whole of the station. As things began to spiral, they began dropping like flies. Easy to blame and mostly harmless targets.


    Grievously wounded, Gwendolyn clambered to the last place of safety. Central Hub. Locked in and with no place else to go, Gwendolyn buried herself. Trying to save as much as she could, her mind started to go and her body with it.

    After many years, surviving on mush and reserve air, she was located and given a new life.

    Help us they demand.

    Help them she would.

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