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Multiple Settings star's search thread

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Mourning Star

- otherwise known as star -
[ - star's search thread - ]

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thanks for taking the time to click on this thread. my name is star and i go by she/her pronouns. i've been writing for a few years now and am pretty laid back when it comes to writing length and waiting between responses.

01. i prefer to roleplay with people who are 18+. i'm not trying to seclude anyone, i'm just in my 20s and would prefer a writing partner who is similar in age.

02. i'm not picky when it comes to gender but my usual pairing(s) consist of m// or f//. i'm still open to any pairing, those are just what i've roleplayed the most.

03. if you need to ditch, just let me know! i'll have no hard feelings—this is just a hobby and i know motivation can be fleeting.

04. i prefer to have an ooc chat alongside our roleplay! that way we can swap ideas, make jokes, and just have fun in general!

05. not required but i prefer to write in third person, past tense and would be interested in writing with someone who writes the same way.

06. i prefer to use multiple characters but if you just want us to use one oc each, that works for me!

[ - pairings - ]

creature & hunter
creature & human
creature & creature
magic wielder & familiar
noble & assassin
pirate & siren
mermaid & mermaid
superhero & villian
villian & civilian

[ - plotlines - ]

*** = very interested
** = selective but interested
* = semi-interested

01. fantasy, magical world, action/adventure ***
Character A wants to be a successful wizard. Character B is a famous wizard that has a long list of notable feats. When both characters meet at a party, Character A asks them to directly apprentice them. Amused by their boldness, Character B agrees. The roleplay will begin with their first day of the apprenticeship and how they develop into their roles as teacher and pupil.

02. fantasy kingdom, unlikely duos, action/comedy *
Character A is a prince/princess in a divided-by-war kingdom. The king appoints a legendary warrior, Character B, to keep track of the heir-to-the-throne. Despite Character A's protest, Character B is nearly always by their side. As time (and political tensions) progress, the two learn how to tolerate one other.

03. fantasy kingdom, rivals, action/adventure **
Character A is a rogue attempting to get away from their past. Character B is a pirate captain looking for someone who can sneak into a castle and steal an artifact. The two meet—shenanigans ensue.

04. modern, mermaids, adventure/horror **
Character A is a merperson trapped in an underwater lab. Character B is a scientist. Although Character B can't really do much, they're sympathetic to Character A's struggles. One night, during a storm, the lab looses power and Character A gets a chance to transform into a human and escape. Character B stumbles upon them and going against all their fears, they take Character A home and promise to hide them until they can be returned back to their home.

05. modern, supernatural creatures, comedy/drama ***
Character A is a loner looking for someplace to live. Character B is part of a supernatural circus that travels all around the world. Character A wants to join and find some peace and quiet—Character B just wants someone to be friends with. Also... they have to be roommates.

06. fantasy, monster hunters, action/adventure **
Character A is recruited to be a part of a hunter's guild. Character B dislikes their new member. Somehow, the two become partners. Forced to work together, the two must learn to co-exist or die trying.

07. fantasy, multiple characters, supernatural/action/adventure **
Character A is trying to run away from the past. Character B is a pirate captain who takes in misfits. When the two meet on shore, Character B welcomes Character A in—for a price. Their loyalty in protecting the ship and helping the crew collect treasure. What could possibly be so difficult about that?
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