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❞  ꒦꒷ seaweed brain ! ꒰ 🌊 ꒱
hello, thanks for stopping by! my name is star, my pronouns are she/ her and i’m almost twenty four. i have a few cravings that i would love to indulge.

about me/ expectations:
✶ 10+ years of roleplay experience
✶ would prefer to write with those that are 18+. i am not comfortable writing with minors due to how big of an age gap there would be.
✶ at this time, i am only interested in writing with other females. nothing against males, it’s just a matter of preference.
mxf pairings only, please. i’m lgbt+ accepting, but i am only comfortable with this. i can write either gender or would be happy to double.
✶ please have decent grammar and spelling. i will lose interest fast if i can’t understand what your message is conveying.
✶ i will always write at least 400 words per reply, and I expect the same from you.
✶ contribution is a must! i do not like being the only one suggesting plot ideas or moving a roleplay forward.
✶ ooc chatter is always welcome and encouraged. i enjoy gushing about characters and getting to know my partners.
✶ not ghost friendly. i’d at least like an explanation if you decide you are no longer interested in our roleplay.
✶ response time will vary, but i can guarantee at least a reply a week. additionally, i would be glad to give a writing sample if requested.
romance is a must. it doesn't have to be insta-love, but i would like for it to be one of the main themes.

please note that any fandoms mentioned below will be ocxoc, as i am not comfortable with writing canon characters.
interests/fandoms (cravings are bolded):
✶ soul eater
✶ avatar: the last airbender

✶ fairy tail
✶ superheroes
✶ sky high
✶ percy jackson

✶ danny phantom
*winx club
✶ h20 (just add water)
✶ runaways with powers
✶ once upon a time series
✶ anything power related honestly

pairing ideas:
enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, childhood friends to lovers, fake dating, forbidden love

thanks for taking a peek at my thread! please message me if you are interested instead of posting here. i'm looking forward to developing a roleplay with you!
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