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Starpath: Burning Sails [IC] [CLOSED]


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Petar stopped as the plasma and bullets started coming out the door. Jericho even got hit. He peaked in to get a good look at who was in there as he reloaded. Some were engaging the crew in melee, hard to help them with a fucking shotgun, so he switched to one who was free and fired.
"Hey, wait." Vincent said as he followed after Shelby


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Snrt. "Fuckin', yeah right. Only if I get to call you something like Muerto rather than Demon." There was a cursory glance over towards the scanners, which only gave the woman pause after a couple moments. "Yeah, we definitely gotta hash out a cool nickname over... beer, though." [...Hmn.] "...Hey, you worked with these kinds of ships, right? They don't have some sort of, I dunno. Dead man's switch that calls in a massive patrol fleet to buttfuck us if they get attacked, right?"
Shun stopped just at the entrance of the hall upon seeing the enemies lying in ambush, spreading his arms as he regained his focus and took stock of the situation. Vance had been wounded a great deal but his warrior's spirit would insure that he would not go down so easily. Even still, tactically withdrawing so that his most critical wounds could be mended was definitely the smarter call.

"Vance. You need medical attention. Pull to the back with the medical staff and we shall take up position as the bulwark." the cyborg Ayr suggested, performing a circular motion with his arms before bringing them back in. If his attempts to spread his attacks were not so effective, he would focus all of them on a single enemy. Coalescing energy built at his palms before he outstretched his right hand and brought the left inward, a barrage of psychic bullets fire out of his palm and batter the farthest enemy.
Grommy was following Lauren, jogging beside her as Vance's group was heading to a corner. They appeared in the hallway as Grommy witnessed several of the others get shot.

He had to admit, he wasn't good at analyzing enemies. He slowly marched, fist raised and tried his best to not outright murder those Upyri people closest to him. Oh lord, Grommy cringed.
Daniel ducked as the team rounded the corner and walked into an ambush. He peeked out from cover and opened fire at one of the crewmen.
Seeing Vance get hit was bad. If the spaceman continued acting this reckless he'd perhaps be the first one to die on Daniel's watch.


Nathalie dodged the firefight altogether. She moved around the corridor, looking for alternate routes which didn't lead into an ambush.


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Hallway - TURN 1
Vance = 3. Missed Crew #7
Jackson = 10. CH Roll = 5. With trait, does 4 DMG to Crew #8. Crew #8 Dead.
Typhon = 5. Does 1 DMG to Crew #7. Crew #7 HP = 2.
Jericho = 9. Does 1 DMG to Crew #6. Crew #6 HP = 2.
Petar = 5. Does 1 DMG to Crew #9. Crew #9 HP = 2.
Shun = 8. Does 1 DMG to Crew #9. Crew #9 HP =1.
Grommy = 6. Does 1 DMG to Crew #6. Crew #6 HP = 1.
Daniel = 4. Missed Crew #7.
Karina = 9. Does 1 DMG to Crew #9. Crew #9 Dead.

Lauren = 10. CH Roll = 5. Does 3 DMG to Crew #6. Crew #6 Dead.

Hallway - TURN 1 (ENEMY)
Crew #7 = 10. CH Roll = 9. Does 4 DMG to Vance. Vance HP = 5

Hallway - TURN 1 (Misc. Rolls)
Nathalie = 3. Roll to find Alt Route Failed.

Vance launched himself past the first enemy, zipping right by him, before attempting a sharp uppercut to the Upyri's comrade. His uppercut, however, missed as it was thrown off a bit by the sharp pain in his ribs from the bullet still lodged there. The Upyri dodged it, leaning out of the way. He didn't dodge the next hit, though, as a bullet caught him in the side. Fired from Typhon, whom wanted revenge against the man whom shot him. Daniel opted to take a shot at the same man, but he managed to dodge his burst of gunfire as well. The bullets ripping by his head and peppering the wall next to him. Fighting for his life, the Upyri swung his pistol about and fired a shot into Vance's stomach. The kinetic round ripped through the suit with ease, piercing through Vance's body before exiting out the other side and hitting the floor. That one didn't hit any bone.

Closer to the group, Jericho engaged one of the men using a plasma pistol. His blade struck like lighting, slicing through the armor and clothing on the man's neck and carving a gash into him. He grabbed his neck, but wouldn't have the time to counterattack as Grommy's massive rock fist popped him in the face. He stumbled backwards, before one final blow ended his existence. A large ball of plasma from Lauren's pistol darted down the hall and collided with his chest, melting through the chest plating and bare chest beneath. Within moments, he was dead. His hearts gone.

The Upyri in the back on the right didn't fair much better, as he was hit with buckshot from the double barrel that Petar was using. The steel balls shredded the chest plate of his light body armor, tearing the clothing beneath and knocking the wind out of the man as he stumbled. Shun's barrage of psionic 'bullets' would force the man down to the floor, being pelted by near invisible pellets formed from the cybernetically enhanced Ayr. He would attempt to get back on his feet afterwards, but one final shot from Karina's laser rifle would cease his attempts. The laser burned a hole through his throat, and forced him to collapse back to the floor.

Perhaps the one to receive the worst of wounds would be the Upyri in the back on the left, near the door to the Rec Room. Jackson swung his weapon up, actually taking aim for once, and fired off several 25mm shots at the man. Three of them hit, blowing massive holes in the man's body. A hit to the left shoulder ripped an arm off, a hit to the leg kneecapped him, and a final one to the stomach punched a hole through and severed his spine. The crewman would collapse where he stood. In pieces.

While the others were busy combating the enemies in the hallway, Nathalie attempted to look for a way around. She did find a vent that seemed to lead into the Crew Quarters, which was connected to the Rec Room. The problem was that it was sealed off, and Nathalie lacked the tools to remove the vent cover. She'd either have to attempt to bash it open, or enter through the standard route in the hallway after her allies were finished.


"...Hey, you worked with these kinds of ships, right? They don't have some sort of, I dunno. Dead man's switch that calls in a massive patrol fleet to buttfuck us if they get attacked, right?"
"I think your missile to the bridge might have fucked that up. Usually they'd be here by now. A cluster of fighters would show up to investigate, with a frigate. I don't see anything incoming on long-range sensors, though." replied Aesha, glancing to the screen on her dash. "Just relax. We'll be out of here in no time."
“Vance! Stay back!” yells Typhon. Things were starting to look pretty grim for the All-American American. He falls behind cover again and pulls out a medshot from his pocket.

He tosses it as hard as he can to Vance before firing back again at the crewman that shot him. “Catch!”
Vance knew his punch had been thrown off by the bullet lodged in his rib, and was silently cursing himself as a new bullet passed cleanly through his body. At least it wasn't lodged into him like the other. However, as long as nobody else was getting hurt he was fine taking this damage. He'd live from it anyway. He caught whatever Typhon threw at him almost instinctively and glanced for a moment before realizing it was some medical device of sorts and injected it nearby his newer belly wound.


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Jericho looked to Lauren and gave her a thumbs-up, before flicking his blade to the side. The blood of the Upyri crewman splashing across the floor of the hallway. He then launched towards the remaining crewman whom had just shot Vance, aiming for his neck just like the other.
The ambush seemed to be down to it's last man. Obviously never dealt with pirates before. Should have just given up. Probably would have spared everyone the trouble He reloaded and aimed at the last crewman left. He ignored the want to say something smart and just fired.
Grommy pressed his hands to his mouth as he just saw the guy he punched get killed. It was a hell of a surprise. But it is what it is. He marched towards the last Upyri standing and raised a fist, delivering a strike.
Shelby was trotting along behind the others without much awareness. The fury of the fighting renewed up ahead and around the corner, and she was glad she didn't rush ahead like the others. But by the sounds of the fighting, the pirates were doing well enough as they fired back. What a terrible business this was. The corpos back home did this all the time, but up close like this, it really was somewhat deplorable.

She noticed Vincent behind her, and then finally heard what he said a few seconds after he spoke.

"What?" She asked blandly, waiting back nearer to the airlock while the fighting continued up ahead.


Lucy was also behind the group by fortune of being near the rear after she made her kill. The return fire up ahead only gave her pause when the others started to take hits, but very fast it was resolving in their favor after the counter attack. She peered out into the hallway to see one last Upyri remaining as the others fired upon them. How sad for that individual, she thought, with a light sting of sympathy for something so soon about to be annihilated.

With no reason to join the attack, she glances around at the nearby wall to find any computer panel, network, or entry to access the ship's mainframe and systems.
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"Huh? Yeah I'm fine, why would I not be?" She says, sounding a bit hollow. She seemed distracted, too, glancing between Vincent and down the hall where the other fighting was occurring.
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Shelby simply gazed back blankly at Vincent as he decided to cut the conversation off. "Okay mister...."

She turned and began to wander towards the hallway with the combat, and turned the corner, finally seeing the full carnage. Part of her was horrified at the broken and shattered bodies bleeding all over the place, but another part of her simply... didn't really care. Like the dead Upyri weren't even real to begin with.
Daniel gestured towards Jackson. "Cover me!" With that said he stepped out of cover, fired two shots in the general direction of the last Upyri.

His target was Vance and while he was relieved to see Typhon forcing Vance to stop it was clear that the spaceman needed a closer inspection.

Daniel stopped next to Typhon and nodded towards Vance. "You want to take care of this one?"


Nathalie inspected the vent. Too bad I forgot my ladder and multitool.
She shook her head before noticing Shelby and Vincent standing nearby.

In any other situation Nathalie would've tried to boost Shelby up into the vent though in this case she would refrain from doing so. By the look of things Shelby was a bit shaken.

Recognizing the expression Nathalie shook her head once more as she knew it would take alot of thoughts to cope with your first kill.

Noticing that the ambush was dying down Nat moved at a fast pace past her comrades and beyond, hoping to scout a route there.


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Hallway - TURN 2
Typhon = 7 - 1 (6). Does 1 DMG to Crew #7
Jericho = 7. Does 1 DMG to Crew #7.
Petar = 5. Does 1 DMG to Crew #7. Crew #7 (Very) Dead.
Grommy = 2. Misses Crew #7

Daniel = 1. Missed Crew #7, hit Jericho (Kinetic DMG Roll: Successful). Does 1 DMG to Jericho. Jericho HP = 11.

Hallway - TURN 2 (Misc. Rolls)
Typhon healing Vance. Vance = 3 + 2 (Doctor Assistance). Vance HP = 10

The remaining Upyri crew member wouldn't last very long, as his foes would begin their onslaught targeted at him. Typhon delivered the killing shot, shooting the man in the chest before tossing a one-use medical injector to Vance (whom promptly used it, quickly sealing the gunshot wounds and forcing the bullet lodged in his rib out of his body.) Jericho and Petar's attacks just added insult to injury. Or in this case, made sure the Upyri was dead. Jericho's blade sliced clean through the man's neck, beheading him, before Petar's shotgun blast blew the man's legs out from under him. The display of overkill made Grommy miss his target, stepping past the collapsing corpse. Daniel got his shot in late, his two bursts of gunfire instead hitting Jericho in the back and piercing his armor.

The hallway was now clear of enemies, as the remaining members of the group began to fill it. Nathalie would find a door to the Rec Room just past where the enemy Jackson had obliterated now lay. There didn't seem to be any other ways inside, as the only other doors in the hall were one leading to the engine room, and one leading to an elevator down to the Cargo Bay.

Lauren spoke up, as she lowered her weapon and looked to the others. "If you're heading down to the cargo bay, now's the time. The rest can check the Rec Room. Crew quarters, restrooms, and medical bay are through there. I'm heading to the crew quarters to look for the Captain's Quarters. He's likely got a manifest of what's being transported in those large containers fitted to the side of this fucking can." she said, before patting Grommy on the shoulder and moving towards the Rec Room door.

Karina straightened up, glancing to Vance and Typhon before moving towards the Cargo Bay elevator. "Going down?" she commented aloud, before pressing the call button.


Just after Aesha commented on if any reinforcements would show up, something appeared out of warp nearby. Aesha's attention snapped about, before looking back to her long-range sensors. "Oh fuck." she spat, hitting the the screen with her fist. Nothing had shown up on the sensors, but immediately following her punch, a large dot appeared along with six smaller ones. "Mordred, this is Demon! We've got incoming hostiles! Fed patrol vessel, Ferrum-Class! Confirming launch of three fighters from the patrol vessel, and three others incoming!" she said via comms, before switching back to Olivia's channel. "Heads up! Fucking patrol ship, and six fighters! One of the other fighters must have got a message off before we wasted 'em!"

10 HP
TRAIT: +1 Damage to Enemy Fighters
Shun was glad to see the ambush dwindling with little resistance, and Vance seemed to be healing just fine. Quietly he floated down the hall and into the elevator, maintaining his hover as he looked between Nathalie and Vance. He crossed his arms over his chest, soon facing forward as the elevator was preparing to close while he took the time to relax himself for a few moments. It was fortunate that he did not suffer any damage, though he had a feeling his luck would not persist for too long now that they were splitting up.

Just then the comms came to life, a patrol ship and its entourage would be closing in on the ship soon. The Ayr uncrosses his arms, curling his arm and gently closing his hand into a fist yet again. "We cannot leave empty-handed. We will quickly extract the cargo and then let us be on our way." he replied back over the communication channel, not a great deal of panic in his voice.
Red blood seeps through Typhon’s pale, long fingers as he picked up the head of the man that struck him with a lucky shot.

In response to Karina’s question, he declines. “No. Medbay.”

Now unlike last time, Typhon gets low and slowly creeps forward against the wall with his SMG pointed infront of him as he enters the rec room, just in case there’s another ambush waiting for him and the others in there.
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"Oh my!~" said Jericho, as he beheaded the dying Upyri. The poor crewman's blood splashing over him. He let out a small chuckle, but was immediately interrupted by two shots to the back. His white coolant liquid oozing out of the wounds. But of course, he really didn't feel the pain. He looked back at whomever shot him. Daniel, the combat medic of the crew and all-time hunk. Jericho simply laughed aloud and waved at him. "Not even a first date, and you're already shooting me? How rude!" He looked to the others afterwards. "Okay, time to clear the crew quarters. Lead the way, darling!" he said, following after Lauren while coolant dripped from his armor onto the floor.
Vance spruced up nicely as the healing came into work and patched him up for the most part. He walked into the elevator as the bullet popped out of his rib and fell onto the floor, his wounds now healing from both Typhon's healing and himself. The burn on his chiseled chest also began to slowly go away as he walked towards the elevator to join Karina. "Anyone who wants to help secure the cargo bay should go along with us." Vance announced to the crew of his intentions. "Could use as many hands as needed to move whatever they got lyin' around down there."


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"Multiple bandits and a frigate? Remind me to tell--" Feet scraped along the top of consoles, and heavily thudded against the floor as not one, two, or even three, but seven contacts lit up Olivia's long range sensors.

"Aw motherfuck-- thanks for jinxing it, fuckface." She couldn't help but feel a little indignant for being told to relax right before an even worse force came to fuck their shit up.

"Ghhn, ten-four. You deal with the fighters, I'm gonna try and get a hit in on mother ship!" The fighter's engines sparked to life once more, cyan trailing the ship as it darted off in the direction of their new assailants. [Just like before. I could take a pop at it from out of their fighter range, I can do it again...] Olivia'd decided to just blast the shit out of whatever was at the front of the ship. Her targeting computer could find out whatever it actually was, all she had to do was keep her eyes on the prize. "Locking... Locking..."

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