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Fandom ☆» starlight magic『otome search』

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Adventure, Anime, AU, Foreign, Historical, Horror, KRP, LGTBQ, Magical, Mystery, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Zombies

Hello potential partners and welcome to my lil space on rpn~! (∩。・o・。)っ.゚☆。’` You can call me Fan, she/her pronouns. A lover of otome games, shoujo and josei manga, as well as Asian dramas. I'm just another writer looking to pass this lackluster year of being stuck at home with some sweet roleplays to dive into. As you can guess from the title, this search is focused on otome fandom roleplays, though I'm not opposed to throwing some beloved tropes, settings and stuff together for something more original flavored. Otoges are somewhat of a guilty pleasure. The romance, the character tropes, drama, angst, fluff, and that sweet sweet tension are my bread and butter. I find it really fun to explore playing canon muses and/or using an oc in these settings. So, if this is something you'd possibly be interested in as well, keep on reading below to learn more.

»»————- WRITING DETAILS ————-««

m or f I happily play either role.
double friendly I really enjoy doubling with canon x oc roleplays and aim to indulge with the characters I play. That said, I am currently not accepting solo canon x oc requests at this time. So doubling only please, unless you're aiming to play only a canon yourself. Split fandom doubling is also an option - as in we do two separate roleplays featuring two separate fandoms instead of traditional doubling in a single fandom.
canon x oc preferred I love seeing the kind of characters people create and will probably fangirl over and cheer for them as much I do the canon characters, so canon x oc is my absolute fave! That said, I am open to playing oc x oc using a game's setting or similar story elements. Canon x canon isn't off the table either, but it is not my go-to for these series. I'll list the LIs I'm able to play below and I'd appreciate it if you sent me a list of who you're willing to write as when you contact me.
m/f or f// are all I'm really looking for atm. And despite otome being romance-centric, I'm also open to writing a platonic story.
plotting together I may have some plot seeds for some series, but I'd rather work on something we can both enjoy together. I'm open to any ideas, including playing along with the original storyline, writing a sequel after a route, the aftermath of a bad end??, AUs or using the overall vibes/world setup to cook up something more original. Feel free to come at me with whatever you have in mind!
18+ Sorry, but I'm only comfortable writing with other adults.
third person, past tense is my usual writing style. I always proofread my posts and do my best to prevent mistakes, but I'm not perfect. Same can't be said for ooc as a heads up - I break down into lazy chatting, memes and other nonsense the more comfortable I get with a partner.
no set post length Post length varies depending on current scene and often what my partner gives in return. That said, I can promise at minimum 1-2 paragraphs per character from me and my word count ranges from 200-1,000 per role. Please write whatever you're most comfortable with. I'm never fussed as long as I have something to respond to. But at the same time, I'd like at least one paragraph of juicy detail to feed off of.
response times vary I can post anywhere from once a day to once a week depending on muse, schedule, reply backlog and etc. I try my best to let partners know if something will delay me longer than a week.
patience is a virtue Post at your own speed, I will never pressure you for a reply and I'd very much like the same consideration in return. If I don't hear a peep from ya in a month, I typically consider the rp dead. And no hard feelings if interest drops or we just don't click.
rp on site with heavy preference towards PM's. I am open to ooc on discord after hashing out some details on RPN first and don't mind roleplays taking place on there either as long as posts are more on the casual side (i.e. < 300 words or so) in view of the app's pesky character limit.

»»————- FANDOMS ————-««

Series (canon characters I can play). If something is crossed out, then that means I'm not open to playing it at the time. Peep post below for series or idea cravings.

☆ Amnesia (Shin, Ikki, Kent, Toma)
☆ Class Trip Crush (Rintaro)
☆ Code:Realize (Victor Frankenstein, Impey Barbicane, Saint-Germain)
☆ Crimson Memories (Carroll)
☆ Dandelion (Jiwoo, Jihae, Jisoo)
☆ Dangerous Fellows (Ethan, Lawrence, Harry, Zion, Eugene)
☆ Dangerous Relationship (Ryouhei Shindo, Akira Senba)
☆ Enchanted in the Moonlight (Yukinojo)
☆ Era of Samurai: Code of Love (Hijikata, Okita)
☆ Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome (Saito, Miki)
☆ Finally, in Love Again (Yoh)
☆ Flower Boy Athletic High (Chansol, Kangjoon, Taeyoon, Yeonho, Chayu)
Hakuoki (Souji Okita, Hajime Saito, Heisuke Todou, Sanosuke Harada)
☆ Kings of Paradise (Shun, Yosuke)
Kissed by the Baddest Bidder (Baba)
☆ London Detective Mysteria (Akechi)
☆ Mr. Love: Queen's Choice/Love & Producer (Victor, Lucien, Kiro, Gavin, Shaw) *Played up to Chapter 24
☆ My Forged Wedding (Yuta)
☆ Mystic Messenger (Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, 707, V, Unknown, Rika)
☆ Nameless (Lance)
☆ Norn9 (Kakeru)
☆ Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk (Jed, Hugh, OCs)
☆ Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly (ocs with some similar elements/concept)
☆ Pub Encounter/Dandy Shot (Mamoru Arashiro, Hideaki Kodama)
☆ Romance MD (Takado, Hosho)
☆ Rose in the Embers (Kyosuke Takatsukasa, Tsukumo Kobayakawa)
☆ Sacrament (Noine, Raphael)
☆ Scandal in the Spotlight (Kyohei, Fumito)
☆ Secret Fan Crush (Woobin, Haejin, Dohwon, Taehee, Parang)
☆ Secrets of Me/Stalking Love (Mizuki, Ryunoske)
☆ Steam Prison (Ulrik)
☆ Sweet Fuse (Shidou, Wakasa, Meoshi, Urabe, Mitarashi)
☆ The Amazing Shinsengumi: Heroes in Love (Sanosuke Harada)
☆ The Charming Empire (Toki Tanba, Koichiro Sera)
☆ The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya (Ageha)

;; aka ticketed games on my old phone that i don't play anymore or series that didn't garner interest

☆ Blood in Roses
☆ Cafe 0
☆ Guard Me, Sherlock
☆ Ikémen Sengoku
☆ Lost Alice
☆ Love Tangle
☆ Ninja Shadow
☆ Re:Birthday Song
☆ Wicked Wolves
☆ Wizardess Heart

I'll be constantly updating this thread whenever I finish a character's route and play other games, so be sure to keep a lookout! And while I only add a LI once I play their route, if there's a side character who doesn't have a route that you'd be interested in doing a story featuring, feel free to ask.

Thank you for checking my thread out, please message me if you're interested! ヽ(・∀・)ノ Or even if you're not looking to rp and just wanna chat about any of these games, feel free to hmu. < 3
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updates and cravings

last route completed:
fila - yoh's an owner's manual


- mlqc, love365/voltage
- AUs, applied to any fandom. there are countless of them out there, so let's get experimental w these characters~
- in honor of spooky season, really feeling supernatural-themed AUs or series atm < 3 vampires? werewolves, reapers, etc. all the trash pls.

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