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Fandom Stardew Valley | Doubling | Detailed Only | All Romance Types Welcome

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Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, Slice of Life


Galactic Princess
So uh, I want to do a Stardew Valley rp but instead of one farmer, there are two. They can be siblings, cousins, not related at all. I don't really care. But the bottom line is at least one (if not both) own the farm and they live together there and fall in love with one of the bachelors or bachelorettes. Duh. And obviously they go fishing and mining and stabbing slimes and such. But I just thought it would be nice to get a bit more romance out of the NPCs, like a cute date, maybe watch Jas and Vincent grow up rather than stay the same age. Ya know, stuff like that.

What to know; I will be playing one of two farmers, and will likely be the main holder of the farm if our characters are not siblings. . .

So uh yeah, anyone interested? :)

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