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Fandom Stardew Valley 1x1 Roleplay?

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LGTBQ, Romance, Slice of Life


Hello! I got back into playing Stardew Valley and I would love to do a Roleplay! I’m willing to double up and I can do MxM, MxF, and FxF

I am 18 years old and female and I would like for my partners to be 18+ too. I am semi advanced to advanced and I tend to be a little slow with replies so please be patient with me!

Who I want YOU to play for me: Shane, Harvey, Leah, Elliot

Who I can play for you: Penny, Maru, Sebastian, Emily

I have a male OC named Winston who is homosexual and a female OC named Clementine (Clem for short) who is bisexual.

Hope to hear from you guys!

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