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Realistic or Modern starcrossed [CS]



you attack my heart
here is the required info! code is optional and you can go into as much extra detail as you'd like :]

[realistic face claim]
Gender + Pronouns:

Headcanons [10-ish minimum]:


[fc; Aiyana A. Lewis]
Name: Nina Simone Rivera
Age: 22
Gender + Pronouns: Female She/Her
Sexuality: Pansexual
• Can ramble about anything for hours
• Easily scared by loud sounds
• Her favorite pastime is listening to people talk
• Cries when someone is nice to her
• Will call you "honey" or any other pet name
• Simps for all of her friends
• Her favorite movies is Matilda
• Listens to Mitski
• Was voted most 'likely to move into a little cottage in the woods and never be heard from again' in her senior year
• She probably attracts toxic men like a magnet
• The best at Mario cart
• Gives her friends gifts, kinda like a cat would.
• Bilingual (Spanish and English)
• Very emotional, has cried during every Pixar Movie


you attack my heart



the queen bee.


full name

ophelia kim






closeted lesbian


cis female (she/her)

flower shower







120 lbs

hair c.

bleach blonde

eye c.






- was the queen bee in high school
- kinda lost her popularity once she went to college
- wanted to pursue fashion, but her parents pushed her to pursue law
- was super kind and bubbly in high school, now she's kind of jaded
- used to be a party girl but hasn't been to a party since she enrolled in law school
- still very fashionable bc her sense of style is the one thing her parents can't take away from her
- has known she was gay since high school but only came out to her close friends
- hasn't ever been in a relationship that wasn't secret
- was a cheerleader in high school and knows the cheers by heart
- did ballet as a kid, still dabbles in it
- the one to say "excuse me, he asked for no pickles"


dancing, fashion, the color pink, pastels


her parents, law school, spicy foods


not living up to her parents expectations, being a burden



♡coded by uxie♡


always learning and growing (he/they/she)
Good Morning~!
Full Name: Jake Hikaru Morikawa
Nickname: Jakey, Sunshine, Mr. Morikawa,
Age: 23
Place of Birth: San Francisco
Gender + Pronouns: Cisgender Male (he/him)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Teacher
Face claim: Mashiho (TREASURE)
Ethnicity: Japanese
Height: 5'8
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Almost Black

Headcanons [10-ish minimum]:
~1~Jake is the human embodiment of a golden retriever. Kinda naive and a bit stupid socially but the most loving and warmhearded dude you'll ever meet. He's always willing to help others to the point where he made it his job.

~2~He has a bit of an obsession with Cherry Cola. He insists its way better than any other form of soda. He also runs on caffeine as he's a very busy man.

~3~He's always had a fear of bugs and spiders and will go into full fight or flight mode around them. He can't fight for shit tho he just flails his arms about.

~4~Growing up Jake had three younger siblings and this has unconsciously been the reason he wanted to be a parent as he helped raise them all as he grew up.

~5~His parents always pushed the family into volunteering and helping the community which left a big impression on him.

~6~He loved school to the point he'd not go to classes that he didn't have to study for to focus on other subjects. He wanted to make sure he was in control of his education which was what he cares the most about.

~7~Jake did have a rebellious phase however during middle school where he got his ears pierced and dyed his hair outrageous colors. He still keeps the ear piercings as they are an easy accessory but stretched his loves a bit too much that they'll never close again.

~8~He eventually realised that he needed to try and balance his life better. He became happier and more open to friendships. His true golden retriever personality shone through and he kept on top of his grades, excelling at points.

~9~It was a no brainer that Jake would go to high standard far away university. Not many people knew he wanted to be a teacher though. He studied education and english literature and got his degrees really quickly. He wanted to be a teacher because it was a way to help people without getting bloody. He teaches at a standard high school and has done for a short period of time and has already made an impact there with his charming personality and love of reading.

~10~He also volunteers at a day care and looks after the babies as a way to help out the shortstaffed local community. Little did he realise this was how he'd know that he wanted to be a dad.

~11~Jake hopes to eventually get a doctorate in education to teach people how to be better teachers and to improve the system that many people hate and the one that destroyed lives.

~12~He does the most. He feels like he has to stay busy to be productive and make a difference.

tenor.giftumblr_a137298927aaeea9eef2760e5d9b8499_44c74459_400.gifmashiho.giffbbb84b1223025e36d8a441ff42d147a.jpgmashiho-takata-mashiho.gif3022e441af57dec6c01ff2c49f94892d.gifmashiho-mashi.gif68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f...gifmashiho-pom_shiho.gifmashiho-yg-treasure.gifunnamed (1).jpgmashiho-treasure.giff394ca1b1177e00a128550221aaf5785.jpg
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Sheng Ling

Webtoons ;)


Name :: Pheonix Celestial Sanchez

Age :: 23

Gender/Pronouns :: male, masculine(he/him)

Sexuality :: Pansexual


— he tries his least hardest to do stuff and always gets some good remarks
— prior before graduating and working, he lived a boring and controlled life which meant things like lack of freedom though his position as next patriarch
— he sucks at communicating
— he has the ambition to usurp people over their so-called "powers and thrones" of where they'd be sitting high up on but appears extra lazy
— since the day he turned eighteen, he has been acting rather mysteriously and no one knows what he is up to or really?
— will never admit to his huge past secret crushes
— has the tendencies to like s&m
— is secretly a sociopath, psychopath and narcissist
— he is someone who has an eccentric, mysterious, profound plus a cold aura that others would perceive as unapproachable.
— has an invisible presence, meaning except when he shows himself or the attention is focused on him, he is most often to be ignored.

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