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Fandom Star Wars: Will to survive (closed)


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Five years… No, more. Seven? Eight? At some point, Obi-Wan had lost count. Time seemed both meaningless and overbearing at the same time in this desolate part of the galaxy. The more days went by, the more he lost his purpose. But the passing moons were also a sign that the boy he had sworn to protect was still safe.

He found a job among the locals and built a simple home in one of the many caverns outside the settlements. A true hermit, who talked little and socialized even less. He didn’t care what people thought of him. The less they knew, the better. His old self was long gone anyway. He was no longer Master Kenobi or General Kenobi or even Obi-Wan. He was just Ben.

Yet every night, he was plagued by nightmares. The fight on XX wouldn’t leave his thoughts and tore at his heart at every turn. He had failed, it reminded him. He had failed Anakin, and he had failed his fellow Jedi.

After yet another sleepless night, he had gone to one of the settlements after work to stock up on some supplies. It was planned as nothing but a quick errand run, but something felt odd. He no longer had the same connection to the Force as before, but the feeling did make him pause. Something was coming. But what?

He stood in the middle of the marketplace and looked around, trying to find anything that seemed unusual. A pair of eyes in the shadows? A stranger he had never noticed before? Nothing stood out. Slowly he turned again, inspecting some fruit on display, yet the tension would not leave his body.

Without buying anything, he turned to find his loyal mount instead. Whatever was coming, he wanted no part in it.

That wasn't entirely true. A part of him screamed to investigate. To help. To try to fight whatever injustice was about to befall this place. It was just how Jedi were. No matter how many years passed, some instincts were harder to drown out than others. With a sigh, Obi-Wan forced his way towards the stables, doing his best to empty his thoughts. He had just one last task: To watch over Luke. Nothing else mattered. Nothing.

Inside the stable, however, the feeling of unease grew.

"Hello?", he called into the darker part of the structure, fairly certain that he had sensed movement inside.


Tahri was staring at the passing stars and planets with a frown on her face. She honestly wasn’t looking forward to their next destination. Tatooine was too hot with far too much sand and with way too many problems. Slavery, severe gambling and an abundance of blackmail were just a few of them.

Why would anyone want to live in a place like that?”, she wondered out loud, as the planet finally came into view.

It really wasn’t the most inviting habitat, but it did offer plenty of opportunities to hide from the world. A chance many a Jedi were grateful for these days. And it was the very reason why Tahri and Cal were on their way to Tatooine. For a couple of months now, they had been part of a secret network that specialized in finding and sheltering Jedi survivors, as well as those loyal to the Republic or helping the budding rebellion.

It was still a massive surprise whenever they actually managed to save someone from the order. Most of the time it was Padawans, like themselves, who had somehow managed to escape the massacre. Tahri still remembered when she had first crossed paths with Cal in an Imperial weapons factory, they had both gone to take down. He had been the first member of the Order she had seen since Order 66 and while it had been overwhelming, it had given her hope that there could be more out there.

So even though she hated the idea of going to Tatooine, they had good reason to do so. Every surviving Jedi was a potential ally or fighter against the Empire after all. And they needed every person they could get, really.

I got the coordinates for our landing.”, she said, pressing a few buttons on her part of the cockpit, as they began to approach the planet. “Do you really think we will find someone?”, she asked her companion, looking over to her fellow Jedi, as he did his own part to prepare their ship for landing.

Many a time, their leads had actually been dead-ends or worse, traps for them laid out by Inquisitors. It was impossible to tell how reliable information about Jedi was, but every hint was worth following up on. Tahri still secretly hoped that they would one day find a Master, who had survived. Someone, who could be a real general and leader for them. Even more, she hoped that they would find and rescue familiar faces…

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Solia Pavond
" you see me now, a veteran of a thousand psychic wars . . . "
As the Jedi stared through the hazy heat waves of the near endless desert, she allowed her body to succumb to the sand, letting it pull her body down the hill. Her weak legs didn't allow any more proper movement, and it would be the fastest way down the hill. The only downside was the amount of sand that then clung to her disguise. With a long coat wrapped around her wrapped and a hood covering her face, she easily blended in with the rest of the population. Well, she could only assume. Having met only one man on her journey through Tatooine, it was difficult to make anything of the small Outer Rim planet. Having only heard the occasional description from her Padawan, Solia never thought much of it other than it being filled with criminals, smugglers, and other illicit activities.

But that was far long ago. Now, it was simply a planet like any other, attempting to survive the reign of the Empire. It was peaceful . . . for the most part. No planet went without its fair share of wildlife and other insanities. However, outside of the pounding rays of sunlight and occasional beast, it seemed like a nice planet to settle in, hoping no one would discover your presence.

It was the perfect place for say a runaway Jedi, or . . . a missing Padawan. A frown appeared on the woman's face as her body came to a full halt on the burning terrain, pulling her gaze from the pale-colored sky to the neighboring town. Immediately, Solia pulled herself from the ground, dusting herself off as she made a beeline for the first remnant of civilization she had seen in days.

Even if no one had any useful information, at the very least she could ease the stabbing sensation throughout her stomach. The once mighty General stumbled through the village, getting odd stares that were met with her own piercing blue eyes. Usually, it was enough to avert any onlookers, however, the further she went in the more the feeling of being watched refused to subside. It was a strenuous feeling as if twisting her sense of direction, causing her to take sudden turns through the sand-built buildings. 'Where am I going?' she thought to herself, yet didn't break her stride. If . . . If it was the Force again, attempting to assist her, she wouldn't dare turn it down. After so many years of fighting with her own psyche, pleading for the Force to envelope her being, it was now reaching out on its own terms.

Yet, when Solia found herself cowering inside a stable, she couldn't help but cock a brow. Stealing a steed wasn't beneath her, but for what? Where would she go? She was no closer to finding Val than when she first stepped on the planet. As the woman took a step further, she felt it. Slowly, she turned her head to stare across the market, careful not to step far too into the light.

Was it possible? Admittedly, the old habit flared up once again, staring at the hooded man for far too long until she slowly shook her head. No, it was impossible. Anyone that had survived the Emperor's dastardly execution was given a swift punishment not far too long after. Although . . . that voice. As it echoed through the stable, it pulled back distant memories from the before times. Before the Empire's venomous tar ruined the Galaxy, before there were soldiers stationed on every Spaceport, before the days Solia's life was devoid of any meaning.

"So it is you, General," she spoke, turning to face the man. "I never thought I would see a nonhostile again." It was a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Cal Kestis
" run boy run. this world is not meant for you. "
"Easy to get away with a lot of things," he pulled out a simple answer then shrugged. "The Empire doesn't really have any eyes out on here. It's kinda lawless, y'know?"

The Outer Rim had always been impossible to fully control, especially since it was -- well, in the outer rim. Unless the central power was there, no one would obey said power. Like the Hutts. They controlled a large portion of trades and planets because they were stationed right in the middle of the action. The lack of any real authority caused crime as a whole to spread like wildfire throughout the planets, drawing in anyone who didn't like the Empire shoving its nose in their business. It meant their journey would be that much harder, having to navigate not only through potential Inquisitors but any assassin or bounty hunter who wanted to serve their heads on a platter for a nice reward.

But, no one said their job was easy. It was for the greater good. Or, in hopes for one. Although Tahri and himself were a part of a large secret network, that didn't mean their numbers were still small. Any type of assistance they could get was appreciated, even if they had to venture to far-out lands that were filled with a near hundred ways to die.

As the ship slowly landed on the planet, he pulled his gaze towards the woman, mustering only another shrug. "I can't say for sure, but we have to try. I have a good feeling though," he nodded, an optimistic grin coming to his face as he moved through the ship. "Most Jedi's spread out across the galaxy, to places that weren't even marked on most maps yet, and this seems like the perfect place."

Tatooine . . . Admittedly, he had never heard of the planet before, and judging by the fact it had no official landing spots of major cities, they didn't have to worry about soldiers. As his boots met the sandy terrain, he gestured for Tahri to follow. "We should move while we still have daytime. Roaming 'round here during the night doesn't seem like the best idea!" he raised his voice as he ventured further into the world.


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There was movement in the shadows and Obi-Wan took a step further inside, meeting the hooded stranger head on. A female voice spoke, calling him by a title he hadn’t heard in years… and honestly wasn’t too thrilled about. He was about to argue, but when the stranger revealed herself, all words left him.

It was impossible. Her name escaped him at the moment, but he recognized her as one of his own without a doubt. He had seen her around the Jedi temple more than a few times. Anakin had sparred against her Padawan, if he remembered correctly. The pain in his heart returned, causing his gaze to harden.

A dangerous greeting.”, he said slowly, moving into the shadows with her as if anyone outside was a potential enemy.

Realizing his tone might have been uncalled-for, he let out a sigh. She was probably glad to find another survivor of the Order. Someone who had managed to escape death for so long and be living proof that there was still hope. He, too, was positively surprised, but her appearance also worried him. Where there were Jedi, the empire would soon appear in large numbers.

I didn’t think anyone else had made it.”; he admitted, folding his arms, as he studied the familiar face. And suddenly the memory of her name returned: Master Solia Pavond. The last few years had worn her down, as much as they had brought him to his knees, but he could still see a familiar spark in her. A drive to do… something.

What brings you to this planet?”, he asked outright. If she was looking for a hiding place, he would be willing to give her pointers, while also making sure she stayed far away from Luke. But he had an inkling that she wasn’t here to stay. Was she on the run? If that was the case, he hoped that whoever was after her would not be showing up any time soon.

When he learned the reason, he blinked a few times, before letting out another weary sigh. He was certain it was a futile search. How high were the chances of a Padawan making it out alive? Yet Obi-Wan didn’t have the heart to say it out loud. The mission obviously gave the other Jedi hope and a last spark of purpose. “And what makes you think that he is here?”, he continued. What followed were more things to worry about. Rumors about Jedi were often enough to cause trouble and he didn’t need the Empire at his doorstep.

He could deal with some stormtroopers alright, but recently people began speaking of far more troublesome individuals. Inquisitors, they called them. Force-users working for the empire and hunting down anyone that needed to be eliminated, especially those close to the Republic and the Jedi Order. Having buried his lightsaber far away, Obi-Wan wasn’t keen on making their acquaintance.

Come, it is too dangerous to talk here. You never know who might be listening.”, he said eventually, inviting her to join him on his mount. If they wanted to talk openly, it was safer inside the cave he called home.


Usually Tahri was the more optimistic one between them, so hearing Cal say that he had a good feeling about their mission was actually strange. Especially since she didn’t really share the sentiment. Still, she knew this wasn’t a fun trip, but a serious mission, and so she threw on a white cloak to shield herself from the sun and followed her fellow Jedi out of the ship.

The heat hit them like a wall, and Tahri made sure to pull her hood up for some additional protection against the merciless sun. They had landed a short distance away from the nearest settlement, meaning they had to track through the sand. They had braved wild jungles, muddy swamps and bleak cities before, but this was definitely the worst, Tahri thought, every time she felt some hot sand find its way into her boot.

By the time they reached the first buildings, she felt like she was already covered in a thin layer of sand. Then again, so was everyone else running around.

I didn’t expect so many people.”, she admitted, looking around the bustling street. Everyone was going about their business, but upon closer inspection, Tahri noticed that many also seemed on edge, always glancing around, as if expecting something to happen. In fact, there was a weird tension in the air that kept everyone on their toes. Yes, this really was the perfect place to hide and get lost, as long as you learned to play along.

Well, now comes the fun part of the job.”, she observed, hands resting on her hips. The only information they had received were the coordinates, meaning that the rest was an open search for… well, they didn’t even know who exactly they were looking for. The only way to get started was to tap into the force, trying to feel anyone else nearby who responded to it. A dangerous thing to do, but the only way to actually get somewhere.

I don’t think there are any Inquisitors here.”, Tahri said slowly, though there was hesitance in her voice. They had been surprised before and had barely made it out alive. “But it’s best to make a small round and check.”

They had walked all the way to the main marketplace when they stopped. There it was. So very faint, but clearly present. A small pulse in the force. Tahri always had a harder time tapping into this mystical power, so she turned to Cal to see if he had picked it up as well.

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