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Two Thousand Club
Inspired from IMPs the Relentless and TROOPERs this rp focuses on a slice of life perspective of the soldiers of the Empire.

Patrolling order in the galaxy is hard to do in a mega city planet. As a stormtrooper, this will function as a basic city patrol.

Unveil criminal syndicates and rebel cells working with other members of the Imperial Military to do so.

Commissar Darman

By word or by bolter, Inspiration comes to all men
are saying what type of unit(Airborne, Mechanized) the squad will be or everyones specialization within the squad?(trooper, scout)


Two Thousand Club
I was thinking of creating squad roles and then having individuals apply for them.

Mainly a group of stormtroopers with possible scout troopers or depending on the installation, I was thinking shoretroopers.

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