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Well considering you are between resistance or first order im guessing this will take place before any final order event, and the start of the first order vs resistance? Also I kinda already have a character named Dex, he is more independent tho...


I’m the big Nothing
Well considering you are between resistance or first order im guessing this will take place before any final order event, and the start of the first order vs resistance? Also I kinda already have a character named Dex, he is more independent tho...
That’s ok. We love our independent characters, cough cough mando and boba.

and yes.


Searcher of distant places
Name: Coorayne
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Shistavanen

(Racial Abilities:
  • Lupine appearance
  • Enhanced senses
  • Increased speed
  • Increased strength
  • Healing ability

Brown fur and a wolf-like face with amber wolfish eyes are his Shistavanen inheritance. He is athletic, but rather sinewy than bulky built.

The Shistavanen is curious and partially driven by a sense of exploration and wish to learn new things all the time. His rational and dedicated personality help him in learning new skills required for his specific missions. True to his wolf-like nature, Coorayne is fiercely loyal and possesses a strong team spirit (pack mentality). Although, the wolf man appears fierce and rough at first impression partially due to his natural appearance, he is actually compassionate and typically very calm, not raising to insults easily. True kindness however he mostly shows to animals or children of any species or race which is dedicated to protecting.

Unbeknownst to him, he is a force sensitive and possesses some abilities which however never appear like obvious force use. He possesses the ability of precognition which aids him in being an excellent marksman who can even without aiming hit a target point blank at any distance possible for the weapon. This ability also allows him to have an uncanny "sense of danger" and "sense of direction" even on unknown planets which many rebels have rather explained by his wolvish instincts however. Using his sense of smell extensively to learn about other's emotions independent of their words or external appearance, he is unaware that this ability to tell more than just fear or nervousness from sweating is also partially due to his force sensitivity. His most "obvious" force ability not explicable as natural skill is his ability to bond with animals and calm them down or even persuade them to aid him. Again, many rebels believe that due to his "beast-like" nature as a wolf man, he has this ability.

Born and grown in a Shistavanen clan of hunters, back on Uvena Prime, he followed his elder brother to join the rebellion after witnessing the first order murdering several of their clan mates under the suspicion of aiding the rebellion. "If they kill us for aiding the rebels, we might as well do just that", his brother had argued and so the two young wolf men had joined the scout troops of the rebel alliance. While his brother was an excellent fighter, handling heavy armament and machinery well, Coorayne turned towards being a marksman and wilderness expert. Upon joining the rebel alliance's scout corps, its leader Rakkaney, an experienced Wookie scout, took an immediate liking to the young wolf man and became his personal mentor always challenging him and driving him towards greater achievements.
The wolf man has worked for the rebel alliance as a scout and saboteur for 10 years and gotten to know many planets, climate zones and species along his travels. The death of his brother in battle 2 years ago has only driven him deeper into the folds of the alliance who he considers his pack by now. His uncanny ability to hit almost any target at any distance made him a sniper and saboteur in addition which also made him learn a lot about technology and how to destroy it. The Shistavanen is extremely dedicated to preparing himself well for missions, studying planets' terrain, climate, fauna and flora, ways to find shelter, water and food before scouting or practicing mechanical skills, trying different ways of deactivating or destroying machines before sabotage missions. He could be an excellent pilot and gunman, but he actually dislikes flying and gets sick from loopings or spinning air crafts which is the reason why he avoids having to fly in small air-borne vessels as much as possible and always feels most happy as soon as he is dropped on the surface again.

Resistance or First Order: Scout, Saboteur for the Resistance (for 10 years)


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Name: Dex

Age: 51

Race: Human

Race Powers (If any):
Enhanced Bargaining and Negotiating ability.
Very good at sneaking.

Force Sensitive?: No

Occupation: Bounty Hunter in the Outer Rim

Appearance: (Profile Pic)

Weapons: MSBR-10 "Dawn Striker" Marksman Rifle

Ships (If any): None, sneaks on to major shipping frigates (until he becomes friends with someone who has one :) )

Very quiet, warm at heart but very hostile to those whom he does not like.
If he has the slightest hunch that he is being followed he will make sure he disappears. This makes him very hard to hunt and find, he is overly paranoid.


Dex's bounty hunting career is the result of his childhood. Growing up in a corrupt underground slave trading ring on coruscant, his parents were assassinated when he was 6. Dex soon learned how to bargain and sneak out of situations with ease, he became a very good thief. Eventually, stealing ran him in to trouble with the crime lord Jabba the Hutt. Once tracked down, Dex was captured and taken prisoner by the notorious Boba Fett. At the age of 14 Dex was sentenced to death by Jabba the Hutt, the execution was to be carried out by Boba the Fett. Boba Fett, promising execution, instead took the young Dex under his wing for 4 years. Boba taught Dex the art of Bounty Hunting, and Dex would soon become one of the best Bounty Hunters of his time. When 18, Dex's training by Boba was complete, and they departed. Dex's bounty hunting career was promising, however, Dex decided to lay low after learning that Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt were killed in an incident on Tatooine. To Dex, the details were never disclosed as to the cause of their death, however he felt as if he too would soon be assassinated if he didn't disappear. Dex re-emerged after the war ended between the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion, he made quick buck off of assassinating hiding Galactic Empire officials who escaped the war. To Dex, there was no party bias, as he would soon change is client focus to that of assassinating minor leaders from the Rebellion. After the very lucrative season, Dex's name was a target by the Rebellion, however Dex didn't want such fame and he returned to the shadows. Now, Dex comes back, eager for new work as the two forces take battle once more.


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@Severinus Thereee we go :) Say?... do you do the art yourself or just source it from google? I really like your character concept and it seems like your art is very consistent across account to post.


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Name- Genesis Armo

Age- 1000

Gender- male

Personally- cold hearted cyborg who hates every living being ever created. He hates jedi and force sensitive kids so much.


Genesis was originally a cyborg ordered to protect the republic and was made by the time Anakin Skywalker had become a Jedi. When Anakin betrayed the Jedi Order Genesis tried to wound him failing to and ended up in lava. Papatine found him years after the empire fell only finding a small chip on the land. Repairing him and filling him with hatred Papatine made him disguise as a storm trooper who rose through the ranks.

Resistance or First Order- First Order

Google Image Result for https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-0kvv9/images/stencil/1280x1280/products/171607/244032/apigzwarj__60917.1504881115.jpg?c=2&imbypass=on

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