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Fandom Star Wars: The First Order at War (CS)



The meaning of life is the fine game of nil


Born: (RP start at 30 ABY)



Appearance: (picture are preferred)



Commands held(if applicable):


Other info(optional):


Name: Darth Yavik

Homeworld: Dathomir

Born: 42

Species: Dathomirian

Gender: Male

Appearance: 2sab.jpg

Affiliation(s): Dark side

Darth Yavik was raised in the forest of Kintan by his master. He taught him the way of the Grey Jedi. Half Sith Half Jedi both sides of force in perfect harmony. As soon as he was about to become a Master him and his master were ambushed. He took on five enemy's at once. Every saber strike was with a purpose. As he was about to turn to slay the last enemy when he was struck with a saber. His Master killed him with a swipe of his saber his master put his hand over his wound he was surely going to die. Master Yakif started chanting in another language. His wounds started to close and as he arose his Master told him to come close. Remember the way of the grey. The light and the dark must always balance. You did well young one. I grant you the rank of Master. My ship is yours. Master Yakif said as he drifted away. After his Master's passing the power of the Darkside took over and Darth Yavik was born.

Commands held(if applicable):

Weapons 2 sabers


The meaning of life is the fine game of nil
Name: Matthias Russell

Homeworld: Lianna, Allied Tion sector, Outer Rim Territories

Born: 27 BBY

Species: Human

Gender: Male

relic_of_war___commander_character_concepts_by_hendryroesly_d4t0x7a-fullview (1)_auto_x2.jpg

Affiliation(s): First Order

A human male hailing from Lianna, Matthias Russell served in the navy of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil Wars, now serve in the First Order navy.

As a child growing up in the planet that is the headquarters of Santhe/Sienar Technologies, Russell became fascinated with starships and was determined to become a naval officer. He attended Melford Star Academy and earned a degree in engineering, before he was accepted into the most prestigious Coruscant Imperial University.

After graduating at the top of his class from the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant, Matthias Russell was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Imperial Armada in the Outer Rim. In 2 BBY Matthias was promoted to lieutenant commander and placed in command of a light cruiser fleet in the Sertar sector, where he fought against the gangs of pirates and rebels alike infesting the area, to overwhelming success and effectively protected the shipping route in the region. He also became known for his stern and unforgiving demeanor. At the same time, Russell's men respected him. He implemented numerous reforms to improve their quality of life, including better food and housing. He also refused to risk his men's lives unnecessarily.

Matthias was at times criticized for the brutal tactics he employed, which may have qualified as war crimes, such as the destruction of enemy vessels after they'd already surrendered. Despite such criticism, he was soon promoted to the rank of Captain to command Dreadful, an Imperial-I class star destroyer, on board which he participated in battles including Battle of Yavin and Battle of Endor, before she was critically damaged and had to be abandoned in the Battle of Jakku. As a seasoned commanding officer from the Galactic Empire, Russell would continue his service with the First Order, where he was given command of the Resurgent class Star Destroyer Hecate.

Commands held(if applicable):
Speedwell (Arquitens-class cruiser) (formerly)
ISD Dreadful (Imperial-I class star destroyer) (formerly)
RSD Hecate (Resurgent class Star Destroyer) (current)

SE-14r light repeating blaster

Other info(optional):


Senior Member

"This is the only life I have ever known. My heritage is to Mandalore, and my loyalty to the Hand; for they are the ones who will usher in a new age of stability and security for my homeworld."


Universe: Star Wars (OC)

Character Name: Noraella Mali

Character Species: Zabrak

Character Sex: Female

Character Age: 32 (Born 2 BBY)

Character Height: 6’0” (182.88cm)

Character Weight: 145lbs (65.7kg)




-Mandalorian Protectors (formerly)

-Clan Saxon (formerly)

-Empire of the Hand

Backstory: Born on Concordia in 2 BBY as Noraella Theala to a Human father and a Zabrak mother under the governance of the Mandolorian Protectors, Noraella was destined for a reality she would never fulfill. With the second Mandolorian Civil War resulting from the formation of the Galactic Empire, Noraella's clan was slaughtered mercilessly during the siege on the third moon of Concord Dawn; the infant secretly being kidnapped into Clan Saxon and indoctrinated throughout the years to be utterly loyal to the aims of the Empire, with her surname being deliberately changed to Mali to indicate a former member of an old and inferior clan. Following Gar's demise after the invasion of Krownest, and the subsequent civil war between the two warring clans, Noraella was relocated off-world prior to the bombardment of the planet and eventually trained by the few remaining Supercommandos that were recruited to Thrawn's newly founded confederate faction known only as The Empire of the Hand three years later. When the Galactic Empire fractured at the conclusion of the Battle of Endor, the Hand quietly kept away from the disarray in the Uncharted Territories as planned; watching from the sidelines as the galactic stability changed; becoming an independent power and beginning to expand its territory soon after. Upon reaching her teens, Noraella was taught the value of the Hand's true goals as they became more pronounced; simultaneously instructed in the ways of her distant Mandolorian heritage, and to ensure her loyalty, lied that Mandalore was still under threat by the Sith takeover decades ago- that perhaps with her assistance, she may one day be able to salvage it from total collapse and ensure its protection under the Hand. Upon reaching the age of 21, Noraella was deployed to Kariek where she assisted the 501st Aurek Company and the Eickarie population in repelling the Warlord's Lakran mercenaries. Following the success of the battle, Noraella would again partake in the Hand's campaign to assist the Chiss Ascendancy, New Republic, and enigmatic Jedi Order to stop the third Vagaari war.

Throughout the numerous campaigns she undertook in her service to the Hand's conquest to rebuild the former Empire under Thawn's image, none were as widespread and as devastating as the beginning of the Second Galactic War. Tragically, all Commandos were present on Hosnia compiling a report on New Republic activity when the planet was obliterated. Stricken with grief and overcome with vengeance, Noraella's loyalty to the Hand only deepened in her quest to ensure Mandalore might someday be saved. Yet, even that would have to wait. For five long years, all she could do was undertake small, solo operations to ensure her training and experience never faltered. Adhering to Thrawn's core principle that any enemy can be defeated if fully understood, Nora worked tirelessly to understand this new threat; ensuring to be able to eliminate both standard trooper and Force-user alike.

Personality: Focused, driven, and duty-bound, Nora rarely allows her emotions to get the better of her in most situations; placing her assignment above all else. Yet, beyond that stoic nature and hardened exterior lies a charismatic, hopeful soul that would go above and beyond to save those that manage to gain her favor.


-Noraella is highly intelligent and consistently analytical; only succeeded by her battlefield prowess and ruthless efficiency in combat. In everyone she meets either on the battlefield or in social dialogue, she never lets her guard down and is always scanning for any weakness to exploit as a potential threat to herself or anyone she considers a true ally.

-Being a Zabrak, Nora is exceptionally agile and dexterous due to her two hearts being able to pump blood much faster around her body; allowing her to endure much longer movement before tiring.


-Noraella’s only loyalty is to the Hand; being pestered into defection will most likely lead to hostile action.

-Nora’s only other disdain is toward Force-sensitives like Jedi and Sith, who she views both sides as being fanatical extremists.


Mandolorian Supercommando Armor: Assembled around the wearer in two parts, the first distinct feature being the bodysuit and neck guard made of armorweave, with the supplemental armor plating and helmet being made of Beskar. Despite the substantial protection her suit gives against elemental, kinetic and energy-based attacks, significant bruising or internal injuries can result from impacts all the same- even if they do save her life. In addition, her helmet is able to see in thermal, night and ultraviolet EM vision modes.


  • EE-3 carbine rifle: This scoped carbine blaster fires in three-round bursts and provides greater ergonomic control, but is overall less accurate at longer ranges and has diminished stopping power compared to other rifle models.

  • Czerka Arms 'Adventure' model Slugthrower Rifle: This elongated scoped rifle fires solid projectiles; capable of eliminating targets from long range and ridding of troublesome hostiles if the situation calls for it.

  • Vibro-blade: This close-quarters weapon is kept on Noraella’s right thigh as a means for close engagements as well as being used as a tool.

  • Thermal detonators: Possessing two of these spherical devices, these powerful throwable explosives can be programmed to be adjusted for blast intensity, time, and even radius. With an effective radius of up to 20 meters, this explosive operates by creating a miniature fusion reaction that can vaporize anything caught within ground zero of the impact. It can also be programmed to act as a dead-man’s switch, and can also only be turned off by the user when they are activated.

General Equipment:

-Modified NJP-900 Jetpack: Mounted into a backplate on Nora's armor, this First-Order jet trooper equipment has been reverse-engineered to operate in conjunction with two pairs of controls, being the helmet and the underside wrist gauntlets. Uninterrupted, this jetpack allows for virtually limitless flight at speeds of upward to 155mph provided the user has ample clearance and favorable environmental conditions. After one continuously sustained minute, the main battery of the jetpack will become drained; forcing the user to land as a short three-minute cooldown engages to recharge the battery back to 100%. In addition, this jetpack's high-energy signature enables heat-guided munitions and radar to track the user's location when in use. Lastly, the jetpack will automatically disable if equipment-jamming devices are present on the field.

-Wrist-mounted zip launcher (right arm): This small trapezoid-looking port fires a small, barbed projectile attached to a high-tension cable; measuring thirty meters in length. By moving the dominant arm when engaged, this device can effectively be used to immobilize targets by gripping and wrapping around their bodies or to break a fall by wrapping around an object.

-Micro missile pod launcher (left arm): This horrific little needle-shaped cone contains a single pack of twelve micro-missiles, able to be dumb-fired or guided using the helmet's Heads Up Display. Upon impact with a target, the projectile embeds itself into its victim's weak spots before detonating a small explosive payload.

-Deflector shield pack: Situated just below Nora's tailbone is a small, flat rectangle that emits a circular shield of electron particles around her body. On the upside, it can disperse up to three low-yield blaster bolts before breaking. On the downside, the shield is disabled if the jetpack is engaged, or if there is significant environmental or mechanical interference on the battlefield.


'Shadow-One' TIE/vn 'Silencer' space superiority fighter: An elite combat prototype designed by Sienar-Jaemus Fleet Systems, this sleek, vicious starfighter was equipped with the most advanced weapons, technology suites, and subsystems of the First Order. Its factory specifications are listed below.

17.43 meters (57.190 ft)


7.62 meters (25 ft)[1]


3.76 meters (12.34 ft)

Maximum acceleration​

4,500 g MGLT
(155 Megalight per hour)

Maximum atmospheric speed

1,850 kph

Engine unit(s)
Twin ion engine

Hyperdrive system​


Power plant​

  • Equipped
  • Solar collectors


Deflector shield generator and projector


Armored cockpit canopy

Sensor systems​

2 sensor arrays

Targeting systems​

4 targeting sensors

Navigation system​

Torplex flight computer


  • Medium SJFS L-s9.6 laser cannons (4)[2]
  • SJFS L-7.5 heavy laser cannons (2)[1]
  • Missile launchers (2)[1]
    • Arakyd ST7 concussion missiles[1]
    • Mag-pulse warheads[1]
    • Proton torpedoes[1]

Escape craft​

Ejector seat[2]


Pilot (1)


5 days

Life support​


Other systems​

Advanced stealth field generator
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Name: Agadan Gatreel “The Ghost of Alderaan”

Homeworld: Born Alderaan, Raised on Dantooine.

Born: 1BBY (31yrs)

Species: Human

Gender: Male

(in his form 2 Makashii stance, great for dueling other saber users.)

Affiliation(s): Mercenary, Ex-Jedi, Bounty Hunter, Hutt Clan, Black Sun syndicate, Pyke Syndicate.

Backstory: Born one year before the destruction of Alderaan to a happy couple Agadan was spared his birth worlds destruction by mere chance as his parents took the youngest additional to their family to visit his aunts and uncles on Dantooine. Though only five at the time Agadan would display a strong connection to the force right around the time the empire fell and Luke skywalker began to form his new Jedi order. While agadan possessed a natural talent for usage of the force and seemed to have a balanced mind with a knack for resisting the temptations of the darkside, he seemed to struggle to embody the Altruism and Diligence of a jedi. He would often take shortcuts and cut corners when it came to his training and more so when it came to action. Eventually after seventeen years with the jedi order he would become a jedi knight, and shortly afterwards he would leave the jedi order.

Over the course of his training he would find that his parents had been assassinated. An obsessed wealthy criminal lord who used to be an imperial officer would send bounty hunters after them seeking the death of all the survivors of Alderaan. Despite being warned by grandmaster luke that vengeance was not the jedi way Agadan would seek to target this wealthy man only to be stopped by Luke. The two jedi would clash in a duel and Agadan would be defeated. Vowing that he would not end his pursuit of the man he left the jedi order, yet luke did not ask his lightsaber be returned stating thaf Agadan had yet to walk away from the light and hoping his saber would help remind him that he was in fact a jedi.

It has been nine years since Agadan left the jedi order. While luke and the order may have forgiven his outburst Agadan himself no longer identitifies as a jedi. He has made a comfortable living as a bounty hunter, Body gusard, and all around mercenary of unique discipline and ingenuity, one who can be counted on take even the most “impossible” of jobs. His title of the Ghost of Alderaan came to him when he finally cornered the ex imperial officer who paid the contract for his parents assassinated. He managed to methodically destroy the mans security force and cut down the mercenaries in his employ leaving behind carnage with the Symbol of the Alderaan planetary defense force as an insult to the man amongst the wreckage. While this act earned him notoriety and respect in the criminal underworld and republic, it only served to mark him as an enemy of the first order and all things related to the empire and sith Not to mention left him needing a breathing apparatus after having his lungs burned by acidic gas. Unfortunately his ”code” as a mercenary prevents him from working for free, even if said work is in his best interest.

Commands held:
Yt-2400 Freighter “Alpha Manka”- A corellian Yt-2400 freighter modified for sneaky mercenary work. Upgraded with sensor jamming technology, advanced scanners, Ionic mines, A stealth field emitter, and a very high class hyperdrive that allows it to jump out of sticky situations. These upgrades keep it out of combag for the most part for a very important reason. The Alpha Manka is poorly armed for a shit its size boasting only two dual linked lazer turrets for anti fighter defense and having practically no options against vessels larger than a fighter. The escape pod located behind the cockpit has target scrambling technology as a last ditch defense against being shot down.

X2 DL-48 heavy blaster pistols- Modified versions of han solos blaster. These weapons are less powerful but fire faster than hans dl-44, are more accurate, but less powerful.

X3 Thermal detonators- Though not very advanced the magnetic stick variant of thermal detonators are still useful in breeching, trap setting, and environmental effect.

1x Custom Defensive Lightsaber- an improved Deflection emitter is fed energy from a Superior Diatium energy Cell to emit a beam through a Pure Bryothsis lense, a beam that has been shone through a lorridian gem, and a Jenraux crystal. The end result is a vibrant green lightsaber with an exceptionally strong and stable blade that although not the top of the saber pile in terms of damage output, is likely one of the most durable saber blades you could create. It can reflect even the most powerful of blaster bolts, will not be broken even by the most aggressive of enemy lightsabers, and can even reflect force/normal lightning.

X2 Heavy sedative gasses- Taking full advantage of his breathing Apparatus Agadan will often emply the use of gas based weapons to incapacitate targets without a fight.

Other info(optional): While he was once a jedi Agadans tactics are a bit less altruistic than a standard jedi. Many have stated he walks the path of vengeance and dances with the darkside, his old master fears he may one day fall but Agadan states that the jedi council will simply shackle themselves and repeat the mistakes of the orders before them. Thus he does not consider himself a jedi and rather refers to himself as a “Hand of the Force”

(Using saber to light dark path)
(Form 3 Soresu, his specialty, Great at deflection and defense)
(the start of a battle)
(Laser cannons in full fire, not exactly where this ship shines.)
(the internals of the Alpha Manka. The storage hold ,numbered 9,Has a clone wars era speeder bike, an old jedi duelist training droid , And a variety of books and artifacts from both alderaan and any old jedi relics he can find, the medical bay has an expensive bacta tank, and the lounge has a state of the art holo table and a hookah.
D3-R9- the training driod that Agadan helped build as a child. It has several jedi holocrons worth of dueling and saber forms programmed into it making it a master of all seven forms of lightsaber dueling, and a few other combat styles adopted from mandalorians and Sith dueling skills. That said it lacks the ability to improvise very well and will only use preprogrammed moves rather than adapt. The driod is mediocre at literally all other tasks except dueling.

The son of an old alderaanian military commander, trained in the ways of the Jedi by Luke skywalker, Disillusioned with the jedi order due to the death of his parents. Having achieved his vengeance but gotten no solace from it, he now works as a very talented mercenary, using his force powers and crafty mind to find a place for himself, and Earning the Name the Ghost of Alderaan after eliminating a criminal syndicate that sought to see all of the survivors of Alderaan dead. Though injured in his pursuit if vengeance Agadan made a full recovery and now travels the galaxy in his Yt-2400 frieghter named the Alpha Manka.
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Name: Scheht’hen’azade (Thena)

Homeworld: Jamiron

Born: ABY 4 (26 years old)

Species: Chiss

Gender: Female


Affiliation(s): Empire of the Hand, Chiss Ascendancy

Backstory: Scheht'hen'azade, or Thena, was born on the Chiss Ascendancy world of Jamiron. At the age of 5, Thena was discovered to be force sensitive. She was taken from her family and trained to be an ozyly-esehembo, a hyperspace navigator using precognition to make safe jumps. Due to the chiss force users connection fading away in their teen years, Thena was assigned to a military vessel at the age of 7. There was much secrecy in her role, even to the lower ranked crew, leaving Thena feeling disconnected from others. At the age of 14, Thena's connection to the Force started to fade. What was to be her last mission became a dire bid to hold off an alien attack while civilians evacuated from a colony world. A plan to draw off the attackers was successful, but the Chiss heavy cruiser was cut off from escape itself. With the enemy drawing in, Thena was instructed to make a jump away from Ascendancy space before attempting to return. As she was looking into the future to safely pilot the ship through hyperspace, she felt something. A call? Entranced, she followed the call...
When Thena awoke, she found the ship had crashed, the bridge crew dead, and her trapped under debris. For what felt like eons, but was perhaps only a day, she was trapped there until a salvage ship began sifting through the wreckage. She was found and pulled out, her crushed right arm cut off to accomplish this. With no way to communicate with these aliens, it became clear to the scavengers that she wouldn't be able to pay them, so she was sold as a slave. While waiting for a final buyer, the pin she was being held in was raided by a group of stormtroopers turned mercenaries. While they were only there to save one of the slaves, they took everyone with them. One of the former Stormtroopers seemed to take an interest in Thena, making sure she was properly strapped in as they escaped aboard their transport. With the mission complete, the former Stormtroopers decided to take in Thena, who didn't speak basic or any known language. One of them, named LeRone, took her under his wing personally, teaching her how to speak basic and some other general skills. Thena kept quiet about where she was from and what she was, not wanting to give an alien anything on the Chiss. At this point, her connection to the Force was completely faded. During this time, Thena learned to disguise herself as a Pantoran, another blue skinned near-human species. She was outfitted with a droid arm as a prosthetic.
After nearly 6 years acting as support for her new mercenary family, the squad was contacted by the Empire of the Hand, calling former Imperial Loyalist to return to duty. A recording of this message featured Grand Admiral Thrawn, to Thena's shock, a fellow Chiss. LeRone admitted that he had met Thrawn before, but thought he was dead. After a meeting to discuss the options, the squad agreed to head to Imperial space and report in. It didn't take long for the former ozyly-esehembo to be brought before the Grand Admiral himself. After hearing her tale, Thrawn promised to arrange for her return to Ascendancy space. While there was a level of relief from this, something felt wrong. That night, Thena dreamed of the call that drew her off course. She could hear a voice telling her she had a greater role to play. The next day, despite a path back to a cushy life back in the Ascendancy, Thena choose to remain in the Empire. Thrawn at first insisted she return, but was convinced that she could be an asset to his Empire and safeguarding their people.
For the next 4 years, Thena was trained and deployed as a Imperial Spy, wondering the Outer Rim gather intelligence. The growing power of the First Order was something she tried to keep a special eye on. She had the same dream several times, always calling for her to go somewhere, but she could never hear where. As a side mission, she began collecting records and artifacts of various force traditions, including Jedi and Sith, in an attempt to understand her people's connection with the force in general, and her own connection in particular. As the First Order begins enacting it's offensive to retake the galaxy, Thena must balance her duty to her Empire, her Ascendancy, and to her own need for answers.

Commands held(if applicable):

Wrist Blaster built into her prosthetic arm
Blaster Pistol

Stun Baton

Other info(optional):
  • Owns a customized HWK-630X named the Pyrefly.
  • fe8b0520b9a5dee0fe1947391d81e4d2.jpg
  • Owns an modified HK-series droid designated HK-CG (CeeGee). Acts as medic, ship security, and secondary pilot.
  • Owns a ID10 Seeker Droid designated "Deci".
  • Right arm is robotic, and contains gadgets to help in her investigations and espionage.
  • Has extensive disguise kit for making herself up to look like other people and species. Default is some yellow face paint and darkened goggles/glasses to pass as a Pantoran.


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Name: Riar Duinn (Ri, The Raven)

Homeworld: Mandalore

Born: 6 ABY

Species: Mirialan

Gender: Male

Appearance: MandoCreator (2).jpeg

Affiliation: Children of the Watch (Former)

Backstory: Riar Duinn was born to the Raven Clan and grew up on Mandalore. However, before Mandalore fell, His father brought his family offworld to join the Children of the Watch. As such, Duinn spent a number of years among their ranks and living by their code. However, once Mandalore had fell and a few factions started to pop up with the goal of restoring Mandalore, Duinn's eyes were opened to a few things he felt were important truths of reality. Truths that he felt were missed by the Children of the Watch. As such, he started to drift away from his coven. He became a smuggler by trade and began to build his reputation. His armor was iconic, and by the year ABY 34, he was rather widely known among the relevant circles. He was known as The Raven. A mysterious figure that would appear and disappear without warning, always seeming to get his job done. Some claimed that The Raven lived by a vow not to kill. Others considered him to be more of a bounty hunter than a smuggler. In other words, he's a wild card.

Commands held: N/A

Weapons(optional): Railrifle, Blaster, Jedi-Era Songsteel Blade

Other info: Riar Duinn flies a modified version of an Extended Kom'rk Fighter Transport named Darkwing.

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