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In Vino Veritas
Height: 5’11’’ Weight: 50 Kg Hair colour: Black with light grey streaks Eye Colour: Lavender Body Type: Lithe, Athletic Outfit/Equipment: Westar-35 Blaster on Hip Dx-2 Disruptor Pistol in the small of her back under her jacket when out and about. Many T-shirts and sleeveless vests Cargo Trousers Combat Boots that often get abandoned when on the ship Tool Belt containing a eclectic mix of tools Wrist mounted interface with scomp link on her left wrist​
Lexa was currently upside down in the engine bay of the YT-2400 transport (Nightingale), her legs hooked over a support beam while her hands were busy in the bowels of the fuel system. Her bastard of an owner and captain had been cheap at the last refueling stop and had bought several tanks of dirty low grade fuel which meant that the pumps were now clogged and the filters wrecked. Of course none of that mattered to the captain all he cared about was that the Nightingale was sluggish and low on power and so it was Lexa's fault and job to get her up and functioning again. Sighing, Lexa pulled herself out of the floor depositing a fuel filter on top of her nearby toolbox before raising a hand to tug at the metal collar currently fastened around her neck.

It hadn't been the plan to get captured but unfortunately she ended up stuck between slavers and a group of jedi a few months ago when she was working on tattoine. In the end slavers were infinitely easier to deal with at least they were a known. It wasn't even that she was particularly trapped, this collar wouldn't be more than a tiny speed bump to get off but if she didn't get out from her owner first then she would be wanted by the Hutts and that was an enemy she definitely did not want.

Shaking her head to banish the thoughts she grabbed two new sized hydrospanners one going straight into her mouth before sitting back down on her support beam and spinning over to resume her previous position. There was no point ruminating on it at the moment, they were currently on Cato Nemoidia and that was no place to escape to even if the war had apparently ended according to the little news that she could pry out of the holonet out here.

Hiuly of Starmoon

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Our Illegal Band (Bnha) - Chapter 8 1_2.jpg Height: 5'0’’ Weight: 50 Kg Hair colour: White Eye Colour: Blue Body Type: Short, athletic, flexible Outfit/Equipment: very black, often wears a mask to hide her identity. Currently, only the force and two green kyber crystals, since her lightsabers broke during a fight with purge troopers
Rhea was running through the streets of Tarko-se. She needed to get away as soon as she could, which was rather hard to do, because everything was going haywire at the moment. She had seen a man, that looked quite a lot like one of the clones she used to fight side by side with. The clones, once her brothers, now only a symbol of how the galaxy was destroyed.

She dodged a stand she almost didn't see, since everything started to get quite fuzzy. You should let them kill you. She froze as a blaster shot almost hit her head and turned. Purge troopers. Once again, just her luck. If not the clone-like looking man and the intrusive thoughts weren't enough, the force just had to send another set of Purge troopers after her. Hold still, you don't deserve to live. She saw an alley leading to a spaceport. That was her way out. She always felt a lot better onboard a ship, where she had a chance to defend herself. Rhea took off as fast as she could, while trying not to stumble over her own two feet, as she world around her was really fuzzy. Give up. No, she wasn't done yet. She had already survived up until here, she's not going to stop now. So close to finally once again, getting away.

She ran into the spaceport, immediately seeing a YS-2400 Transport, quite close to her, that had the boarding ramp lowered, ready for it's owner to board. Rhea ran towards the ship, up the ramp and into the cockpit, without checking if anyone else was on there. She was way too distracted, trying to stop the oncoming panic attack as well as trying to get herself out of there as fast as she could, to notice the other force presence on the ship. While doing some breathing exercises to slow down her breathing, she quickly shut the ramp and started pressing the buttons for the starting sequence. Now that she was out of immediate danger, the flashbacks started flaring up again. Once again she wasn't in the ships cockpit anymore, but standing at gunpoint by CT-4356, while her master was being executed. After that flashback she quickly was back in the cockpit, activated autopilot before the entire world turned fuzzy.

Rhea stumbled back from the console and to the wall, sliding down into a sitting position, though she didn't register a lot of that and before she knew it she was back in another flashback. Finally being in the present again she looked at the floor, hyperventilating because she feels as if she can't breathe anymore. She knew if she closed her eyes now, she'd just see her master's face staring blankly at her. She had made that mistake one time. As always she was sitting there trembling, while the world around her was fuzzy and she herself was really dizzy and nauseous. "I'm okay", she started muttering for herself as well as she could, in hopes that it would help something.
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In Vino Veritas
Lexa smiled to herself, the fuel system was all cleaned and good for flight, all she had to do now was check the reactor and injection chamber. Faintly she heard the sound of running feet on metal gratings but thought nothing of it space ports were always full of noise and this one was no different. However she couldn't ignore or hold in the scream when centimeters from her hands the pumps, that she had just finished assembling, suddenly whirred to life as the entire engine bay lit up like a christmas tree. Before she could even get up there was a sudden lurch as the ship took off, unfortunately for Lexa she had still been hanging inverted and so with the extra force of the take off her legs slipped and she faceplanted straight into the bowels of the engine bay.

Cursing Lexa hauled herself up and out of the bay one hand cradling her bruised nose the other pushing the grate back over the access tunnel so she wouldn't accidentally fall down before storming towards the Bridge. ".....Fucking, Shithead no good, Kennock what the hell were you.." Lexa tailed off as her eyes flicked around the cockpit trying to take in everything. Most obvious was the curled up human in the corner repeating that they were okay like a mantra or something. Next was the fact that the ship was on autopilot burning hard for orbit. "Fuck"

Lexa's mind raced as she tried to calm it, right priorities Firstly get this collar off before the ship get's to far from Kennock that was achieved easily laying a hand on the collar she nudged it's systems with the force resulting in it clicking open. Even as it clatters to the floor she knelt down in front of the pannicking human extending a hand palm up half way between them. "You're fine, could you tell me your name" any further comfort was interupted by a beeping from the console, mentally cursing bad timing she stood and headed over to the console before feeling her heart drop. Looming ahead of them was the brutish form of an imperial star destroyer, the beeping signifying an icoming signal from the affore mentioned destroyer.

Looking back at the curled up ball of human Lexa sighed "what have you gotten me into", her mind quickly span over the options she could fly but not well enough to outfly either the destroyer or the ties that it caried in it, and although the nightingale was fast it wouldn't outrun a fighter. However she wasn't one of the youngest navigators in the sector for nothing "Hold on tight you this is going to be very rough", flicking the switches the hyperdrive began spooling moments before Lexa placed her hand on the console, pulling on the force she layed in a course that the empire would have to be insane to follow. She opened her eyes to the beutiful sight of all the stars stretching as with a roar the nightingale transited to the chaotic realm of hyperspace.

Hiuly of Starmoon

Hey! How's it going?
Seeing the other girl enter the cockpit, she immediately put all the attention on her and as soon as she tried to help her with the force, she was able to do some breathing exercises, that actually calmed her enough to speak a bit. Still out of breath and dizzy she muttered barely loud enough for the other to hear: "You know those only work on weak-minded people, right?". Then she saw how the other girl struggled to steer the ship clear from the star destroyer. How had she not thought that wherever purge troopers were, that there were also star destroyers!

Gathering all her strength and will to make sure that every being should have a chance to live she got up and walked up to the pilot chair, so she could help the other girl. Though she then noticed that the girl just got them out of there. "Thanks", she said, while looking at the familiar tunnel of hyperspace. "Sorry for getting you into that. I'll be leaving shortly again", she said. Rhea was really tired and wanted to sleep to regain her strength, but she knew she couldn't sleep. Mainly because she always gets nightmares, seeing her master die over and over again. She tried to think back to when she had actually slept through once, but she couldn't find an answer.

So since she couldn't sleep, but was too tired to really do anything at this point, she just sat there and looked at the star streaks. "Where are we going?", she asked tiredly after a moment and as soon as she had completely caught her breath again.

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