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Fandom Star Wars- Something Beyond

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May The Me Be With You.
Set 680 years after the Sequel trilogy the galaxy we know and love had changed considerably. The Galactic republic has consolidated its borders and has rebuilt to near pre clone war conditions. Separatist regimes and remnants of the empire still exist in the new territories and wester reaches however the republics greatest concern is the growing Sith influence popping up in the Slice. Despite the Jedi order once again growing to its pre clone wars majesty, a split in the Jedi order two hundred years ago is believed to be what is behind the rise in Sith activity as many Jedi left the order and the core worlds going instead to take up residence in the slice.

However something new has made its way to the galaxy, on the planet Naos. A large vessel from outside of the galaxy has landed there and with it comes a massive disturbance in the force detectable by Jedi and Sith alike. As of yet no communication efforts have been returned and manned missions to the landing site are being organized on both sides. However rumor has it that the native population of Naos has already allied themselves with the new arrivals.

Between the new arrivals, the resurgence of the Sith as a faction rather than as two individuals, and the sharp spike in crime and corruption the republic once again seems to be under threat. It seems as if they Will need the full power of the force the Jedi wield and maybe even Something Beyond.

Hey guys I have made a Star Wars setting I think can really allow the thriving of nearly any kind of character you may want to create. A Jedi master who has reached his peak and is known throughout the galaxy? Go for it. A Sith Lord who is feared and fills the hearts of even their fellow Sith with dread? That’s fair game as well. A bounty hunter with the capacity to match a Jedi or Sith in combat? You do you boo. There are only a few things I ask of you.

1.) no main character Mary Sue/Gary Stu immaculate conception super force users. sorry but Both Anakin and Rey kinda had way to much plot armor and this story doesn’t really have room for chosen ones as the whole plot is chaos and danger which is hard to give to force Demigods.

2.) no canon characters. Much as I love the canon cast I’d prefer if there were no surviving members of the Star Wars movies. You can however make a descendant of them but I ask that you limit it to two tops and no one player can make both of the limited 2. In other words you can make a skywalker, and someone else can make a skywalker up to a limit of two, but you cannot make both of the Two skywalkers unless you have been given the go ahead after the story has begun.

3.) No godmodding or meta gaming. One of the most annoying things in all of the rp community is the person whose character has seemingly watched the entire franchise and knows everything about it. Sorry but it’s not realistic nor does it make it fun. The same applies for the guy who is so unbelievably broken op that they can fight against three top tier people at once. Now if your a master facing down two padawans and a bounty hunter maybe that’s doable but the idea is that each and every player will face some form of peril. I will not be killing any characters without their permission, but that doesn’t mean you will win every encounter, sometimes you’ve gotta run. Loss is just as much a part of a good story as victory is.

I’ll update the lore and have more detailed descriptions of the Factions in the cosmos. You may be surprised to find more than one Jedi order, more than one Sith order, and a few criminal syndicates.


May The Me Be With You.
The factions

Iron shadow legion- a Sith Faction that hold true to the tradition of giving ones self over to the dark side completely with their only goals being to seek greater power within the dark side at any cost. It is said that an iron shadow has no allies as they are just as likely to lash out at one another as they are a Jedi, or a random stranger. Some of the most powerful dark side users can be found in this loose faction, unfortunately they also tend to be a lot more wild and destruction than any other faction.

The Imperial Hand- a remnant of the empire formed by Darth Sidious. This faction is the most organized Of the Sith factions and its officers and leadership class are all Sith lords, apprentices, assassins, and scholars. The goal of this faction is to create an eternal Sith empire fueled by the dark side. As such members tend to be logical and willing to negotiate and even make deals to a limited degree as they wish to be a more legitimate government. This faction tends to have a lot of resources and their territory ranges from listehol to Cantonica and everything in between including Mytus VII.

The Ordus Republicus- The galactic republic with the capital world of coruscant at its heart is by far the largest faction consisting of dozens of worlds and an entire functioning government and military. In addition the Jedi order of old is operating from the Coruscant Jedi temple and consists of hundreds of Jedi Knights, masters, padawans, and younglings. Their reach is widespread and their influence just as far. However recent diplomatic attempts with the Imperial Hand has cause a lot of public outrage and threatens civil unrest.

The Jedi sages- a faction of Jedi based on Hoth, Endor, and Degobah. These Jedi believed they should play a much less militaristic roll and separated from the coruscant temple 200 years ago. They lead a life of adherence to the tenants of the force and seeking ancient Jedi temples and ruins in order to come to a better understanding of the force itself. While not openly aggressive it is said that some of the strongest users of the light side of the force can be found here and their ability to defend themselves should not be underestimated.

The Kybal Syndicate- What was once hutt space and The hutt criminal syndicate was taken over by a mandelorian named Kybal. This faction is surprisingly well equipped having gained several old Imperial Star destroyers and retrofitted them to their needs. As such no faction enters Kybal space without the proper permissions. They deal with the Imperial hand, the republic, and any who are willing to pay for their services.

The Metal Bones Clan- A clan consisting almost entirely of droids, remnants of the clone wars, the galactic empire, and a variety of other sources. Rising out of dullest they have launched several military campaigns against their neighbors and even some further away. These include the successful conquest of mustafar, a large scale raid on Endor which was repelled by the Jedi sages, and an ongoing invasion of Naboo. They are seemingly going to be a problem as they have activated the Sullest ship yard and have begun to churn out a fleet.

The Naosian Alliance- forged by the extragalactic visitors and the native populations of Naos this young alliance is a complete unknown to most in the galaxy. All that is known comes from the force sensitives who can feel a large gathering of powerful force presences coming from Naos. Strangely enough these force users from another galaxy seem entirely disinterested in the Jedi and Sith of the galaxy.

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May The Me Be With You.
Extragalactic Visitors

While none in the galaxy beyond Naos currently know of the visitors I figure it may help you decide if you know what the shiny new option is.
They are Called the Valen, and surprisingly enough they seem to be very very similar to the lifeforms of this galaxy. However there are two different species that came together for survival. The larger population are actually humans, the vast majority of which have cybernetic augmentations and none of which have any kind of force sensitivity. The much smaller population are the Eldra who seem to represent the ruling class. They are all force sensitive and will rarely if even have any kind of cybernetic augmentations. Their ship, the Yagrius carried an incredibly large population of nearly four million in suspended animation and upon landing opening itself like a box to reveal a city within that acts as the home base for the Valen. They offered advanced medical technology and other things to make the lives of the Naosian population much easier in exchange for learning their language and what they knew of the galaxy.

While it may seem as if the Eldra have taken advantage of the Humans that is actually not true, humanity was on the verge of extinction in the Valen home galaxy, their civilization had focused on nuclear technologies which worked but a chain of accidents had irradiated humanity to the point of sterility and cancerous death that could only be prolonged with cloning but never cured. The Eldra were themselves facing a catastrophe, the mitochlorian counts of their small population was beginning to drop and with that would come the collapse of their way of life. As such a deal was struck between the two species who as it turned out could interbreed. The Eldra would extract the mitochlorians from the humans and grant them the technology to cure their genetic damage and even augment themselves further. As a part of the deal all Hybrids were selected by their parents to be either human or Eldra and would have their genes edited and mitochlorian count adjust as required. This would keep both populations secure and preserve the cultures of both.

After their alliance grew the Eldra with their lengthened lifespans and Force powers were natural candidates for leadership and thus the civilization grew into a two tiered system with the Eldra taking management roles mainly and the Humans making up the bulk of the population. Sadly this would eventually backfire and the two sides would rise up against one another in a civil war that literally tore their galaxy apart over several thousand years. Eventually a collection of them that sought peace United and boarded the Yagrius to leave their ruined galaxy in hopes of finding a place they could rebuild before returning home to rebuild and quell any more pockets of violence.
humans despite not having force abilities have made up for this with cybernetic augmentations that make them incredibly versatile in their individual abilities and make them dangerous foes in combat even if they are just a farmer.

the Eldra on the other hand tend to have far more organic frames lithe and thin most of the time. They are powerful force users on par with any Jedi or Sith and possess unique abilities not found in this galaxy. Their technology seems to operate predominantly on force power though not exclusively as they have things designed for human use as well that can be operated by any race. Aside from what they can gain from force augmentation and their advanced technology they are an otherwise unimpressive species.


May The Me Be With You.
Uh, yeah, I think yes.
Awesome. I’m hoping we can get a lot of folks in this one. All faction leaders are open except the Naosian Alliance which I’ll be running. That way the decisions of players can influence the way the story progresses.

Pet Panda

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If none of the above is a valid answer, then that one. Although I will spoil that ex-ISL is my current take on his connections.


The Northwind
Interested in Iron Shadow Leigion or The Imperial Hand. I have an idea for a nautolan sith ive been wanting to use for awhile


May The Me Be With You.
Wait I think I get you. the iron shadow legion…duh should have seen that. Being an Ex member of a faction like that is bound to be difficult. I look forward to seeing what you have in mind for it.


The Northwind
Yea Kit is one of my all-time favorite characters so I figured I would do a sith member of his species. there's also the option of doing a Togruta like ashoka.


Pseudosanctioned psyker
I am torn between an imperial hand agent/tech expert or Jedi sage explorer investigating these new arrivals in the galaxy.


May The Me Be With You.
Also anyone interested in making a Grandmaster, Emperor, or other faction leader let me know and we can discuss it over private messages. They have different stats and perks that must be balanced with responsibilities.


Everyone shall be friends...

I've been in the mood for Star Wars ever since the Visions came out.

I'm interested though let me read all the lore you've put up first lol


I pull levers
Probably gonna rock a bounty hunter/mercenary sort of fella. Though I'm tempted to lean towards mercenary if anyone's looking to hire.

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