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May The Me Be With You.

Surface level
(All this stuff is self explanatory.)

Faction: (I’d prefer if everyone had a faction. If you don’t want to be in any then just pick N/A and you influence must be capped at 3.)
Alignment: (Like Dnd You Pick good, evil , or neutral, then pick chaotic, lawful, or neutral again. If both neutral you just put true neutral.)
Rank: (Jedi ranks are Padawan, Guardian, Knight, Master, Council member, and of course Grand master. Sith Ranks are Apprentice, Assassin, Warrior, Lord, Master And Finally Emperor. You may rank bounty hunters as you see fit. The Extragalactic Visitors ranking system starts with Scout, Wayfarer, Explorer, Pioneer, Ambassador, And Administrator however the last rank is not open. Message me to claim either Grandmaster or Emperor.
Force sensitive: (Y or N)
only fill out if you are force sensitive.
All Jedi and Sith share the same general abilities of Force augmentation to strengthen their bodies, they both also possess the limited precognition to make themselves able to deflect and react to seemingly impossible circumstances. Both have access to force push and pull in addition to force Re-quiping (pulling your weapon to you.) and finally they can sense the force in others. Sith all possess Sith lightening while Jedi uniquely possess the Jedi mind trick power. Masters of either side can access battle meditation. So with all that said don’t include any of those aforementioned abilities on this list UNLESS you are uniquely like one in a million talented in them. Instead each character who is a force sensitive will have Up to Three special force powers which I’m sure you can find on the internet.

Things like force fire, force flight, energy absorption and other niche powers that are not something everyone can do.

If you chose to play as an Eldra then let me know before you post your cs and I’ll inform you of the abilities they possess that are unique to them and what they share with Jedi and Sith.
Skills: (What forms of saber combat do you use? What kind shooting style do you use run and gun or gun fu? Are you a distance fighter, an ace pilot, a master gunner, the greatest duelist to breathe since Dooku in his prime? The most deceptive master of manipulation since the sinister Sith Lord Jar Jar Binks?)
Gadgets: (What kind of blaster do you use? What about your lightsaber? Any special gadgets. If your a robot or cyborg this section is your bread and butter.)
Ship: (optional but recommended unless your okay with being a hitchhiker.)

Special stats
(You get 35 points to spend in this stat block. The maximum is 10 for any one catagory and the starting point is zero. Bear in mind a zero means you are for some reason completely incapable of the mentioned catagory while a ten means your practically a legend. Only one ten stat per character is allowed. )

Tactics- (How intelligent your character is and what they can do politically, tactically, and other forms of non combat genius…and of course combat tactics as well.)
Force/Special power- (This is not just to measure ones strength and reliance on the force but also special abilities other races may have like the strength of a Wookiee, or the regeneration of a Gen’dai, or even the immunity to mind tricks of the Toydarians or hutts.)
Martial Skill- (either with a lightsaber, a blaster, or your bare hands. Martial skill is how well you fight in general and when paired with a high tactics score can make a deadly foe even if there is no force or special powers present.)
Influence- (this may seem irrelevant to a lot of people but it’s actually crucial to how you interact with the universe. A high influence could get you a ride on another factions vessel, could bring an entire army to your side if you call for it, and can get some much needed safety within your faction.)
Piloting skill- (this may not seem important at first glance but let me ask you…what do all your Jedi and Sith powers amount to if your starship is blasted apart in the vacuum of space. Furthermore what if you have to cover a hundred miles in ten minutes or outrun an explosion but find yourself unable to fly a speeder out of there? It would be a shame if the greatest Jedi and Sith fell to a simple fleet bombardment or bomb.)

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Name: Xonqroks Bhuvoth
Species: Codru-Ji
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 2m
Weight: 73kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Solid yellow, like slightly opaque amber.

Faction: N/A - Ex-ISL
Alignment: neutral-chaotic
Rank: Officially? Assassin. Now, even though he's not much of a confrontational fighter, he might be worth a few warriors.
Force sensitive: Y

Force Powers:

  • Force Concealment: His bread and butter. How else do you hide from a network of vengeful psychopaths connected to all other living things, including you? You conceal yourself from the inside out.
  • Mechu Deru: After fleeing ISL, Xon become a student of The Force in as a matter of intuition and desperation.
    Several years went by where his ego had questionable status. He was constantly in fear, looking over his shoulder. Before he mastered his fear, its scent rippled through the force like blood in the water for sharks, ISL hunters pursued him gleefully. He had to stay moving constantly, and move so quickly that they couldn't intercept him. Eventually, the cycle of survival wore him down and broke him to pieces. Days without sleep for fear of being found slurred his mind into something like a waking meditation. At points the force was moving through him in a way he didn't understand, accomplishing things he didn't know he could do. Several times, he would flee ISL through a mechanical door which would open automatically for him, but he would will to stay closed. One time, ISL hunters captured him and loaded them onto their ship. After a few hours of delirious fear over his condition, he fell into a dreamlike state of half-consciousness during which he dreamed that his restraints fell away, the control panel outside of his cell spoke to him as a friend, the ship's lights showed him to the escape pod, and the escape pod asked him how his day was going. He told it about his day, and it promised to keep its departure a secret as it fired up and sent him back to the planet. After living on the verge of death or some months, he learned first to hide his fear. Then, he learned how to expel it. At the end of this five year process, he was a haggard and wan creature, but one who could inexplicably interface with machines, not through computers, but through The Force.
    The specific effects are: he can use The Force as a 'scanner' to understand a machine's structure and to a limited degree influence it's working, i.e. through the flipping of a circuit or affecting a sensor of some kind. This power could eventually become incredibly dangerous.
  • Force Weapon: For a long while, his sabers were broken as a result of a scuffle he engaged in to escape from ISL's hands. It was an accident that he figured out how to use an object, imbue it with The Force, and it saved his life.

Skills: It's hard to classify what kind of form one uses with four arms, three lightsabers, a vibrosword, and two blaster pistols, but in fights with intelligent opposition where he feels the need to use his sabers, he prefers to draw out a fight with form three while waiting for an opportunity where the opponent's footwork is bad, or their position is poor, at which point he unleashes an explosive and sudden form seven-inspired attack to capitalize. In most fights, he simply uses two pistols and a vibrosword in a high-mobility, high-stealth type of acrobatic shooting style which relies on breaking line of sight and using his extra arms to find impossible angles to fire from. He is by no means a master pilot.

Gadgets: He possesses two blasters, both sidearms. One is a military grade red-firing, long handheld, deadly to flesh and packing a pretty big kinetic punch. The other is a rather small, scoped, green-firing sidearm. It's effective only to flesh and is modified to fire quite quietly, releasing a lower intensity laser beam for a fraction of a second rather than a 'package' of plasma. It is entirely possible to injure rather than kill with this gun. The vibrosword is old and designed for arena fights; it's not really miiltary-grade stuff. It's also made for races larger than Codru-Ji. If it weren't Xonqroks it would be a nightmare to use. These three objects are scavenged from his time away from civilization, all of them are rather outdated and difficult to replace exactly since none of them saw wide use around the galaxy in this century.

His three sabers, one yellow and two red, are ones he's owned since his time with ISL. They are a mismatch of shiny, mass-produced parts and dingy, weirdly designed, obviously scavenged replacements. All of them are carefully hidden in various places on his person: in false pockets in one of his pouches and one of them rests in a hollowed out chamber in his armor.

Unidentified armor:

When he escaped ISL for the third time, the escape pod he took from the civilian transport sending him nearer to neutral space crashed on some deserted jungle planet in a useless system without valuable resources or apparent civilization. It took him four months of living off of terribly ugly, awful-tasting and unfamiliar wildlife to stumble upon an apparently advanced bunker. Though he did not even faintly recognize the design of the grey-painted place, it took him three weeks of careful delving to map the place out. It was not large, just unpowered and mostly empty. Whoever built it had knowledge of the standard trade language of the galaxy and had access to reasonably large computing power. Though nothing like a recent model, he managed to wire up a few of the rusted terminals, steel bases with glass panes jutting out from the top which projected holographic information, and learned that it was apparently meant to be some kind of military research station. It was shut down as a result of a peace treaty with some other planet; he recognized neither of them. This one was apparently named Qap.

In the armory he found strewn about pieces of technology. It seemed this group had only recently stumbled upon methods of integrating electronics with armor. The armor itself was made out of a modern material, though, and despite its heaviness, Xon estimated it would be totally sufficient to stop blaster fire. Of course, he estimated by shooting one of the blasters he found at a random piece and found it to be intact, though almost burnt-through.

From the refuse, he had more than he needed to piece together a full suit for himself, even with four arms. Although he hated to cut up the chestpiece and rewire all the crap inside, he made quick work of the armor. He found all of the synthetic fabric bags laying around to be quaint and he decided to pick up a few for the road. All of his MacGyvering paid off in the form of security. He cobbled together a machine that would send out a distress beacon of the proper format and sat around for a couple more weeks before some nice trader came by and picked him up on their way to Ordus space.

The suit blocks a few blaster shots and is equipped with bog-standard communication equipment. Luckily, the design is super space-inefficient and he has plenty of room to modify it.

Ship: A little 3-room, civilian-grade junk shuttle puttering through space. It's got a nice hyperdrive but once out of hyperspace, it has some trouble staying afloat.

Special stats:

Tactics- 8
Force/Special power- 10
Martial Skill- 7
Influence- 3
Piloting skill- 7
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Surface level95FFE66A-0478-456A-A1DE-87E8DEC421F9.jpeg
Name: Zardon Qurias
Species: Eldra
Age: 433yrs
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 166lbs
Hair: Black mid length cornrows
Eyes: Brown

Faction: Naosian Alliance
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Rank: Ambassador
Force sensitive: Yes
Adherence- A power unique to the Eldra though not particularly rare. Using this Zardon is able to cause objects and people to stick to another object or person with the force acting as the glue between them. Using this Zardon can walk on walls and ceilings and moving objects with an unnatural ease.

Fortify- Another force ability unique to the Eldra though similar abilities exist for Jedi and Sith. Using this he can imbue objects with the force making them vastly more durable. He often uses this to fortify his armor or ship in moments of need scraping out one or two more hits than it normally could.

Energy Web- Perhaps the most rare ability amongst the Eldra, of the nearly seven thousand Eldra in the Alliance only three possess this ability. Effectively it allows the user to subtly weave a web of invisible force energy that acts as guiding lines for energy. So for example connecting a web line to a blaster then connecting the other end of it to a wall behind him will make every shot fired out of that blaster curve to hit the wall. Likewise if he connects a web to his own blaster and links the other end to a target his rounds will be able to curve and shift to strike that target. Perhaps the most useful function of the web is the ability for one to mask their force presence by linking it to another individual and making them a scapegoat of sorts.
Skills: Zardon is a military commander and as such has training in a variety of unarmed combat styles, knife fighting stances, and of course is well trained with a gun of almost any make. He is also rather talented in the usage of stealth and espionage to gain an advantage. He is a phenomenally skilled pilot arguably one of the best of the entire Naosian Alliance, yet his greatest skill set and the one that sets him apart from his fellow Eldra are his survival skills. You drop this man naked on a planet and he will have shelter, clothes, food, and probably some weapons by the end of the night.
Gadgets: VG03 compact pistol- The Eldra version of a blaster pistol, this takes a small Metal sphere and strikes with with a flurry of superheating lasers inside of the weapon then unleashed a cloud of vaporized metal at the target. While it’s range is limited to about 30 meters within that range it is equally effective against Flesh, armor, and shields…though you are likely to never see it take down a vehicle it is still a problem for most defenses in the galaxy especially those provided by a lightsaber.

SG07- A rather large sniper rifle on his back that uses similar technology as the VG03. The main difference is the size of the metal slug and it’s density which allow it to hold together after being superheated by the lasers in the chamber. It fires an eight inch long metal rod that is superheated to the point of giving off a vapor trail like a comet. Similarly to the VG it is effective against armor, flesh, and shields, though sufficient armor can nullify the damage from a single shot

Hexcloak Armor- A staple of the Eldra military forces hexcloak armor has an ability to mirror its surrounding and adjust its color and texture using small hologram panels to match its surroundings and greatly improve the stealth capabilities of the wearer. The armor itself is about as tough as Mandelorian armor.

Concussion blade- A knife which stores in it powerful concussion force, similar to a virboblade but it unleashes all of its charge in a single blow allowing it to blow limbs off rather than cut them off. Unfortunately this blade cannot stand up to a lightsaber.

Star sword- A modded version of the Void Blade Ambassador Ship. This vessel is very fast ,and is capable of rapidly engaging in warp jumps even for very short distances. It’s maneuverability is top notch however it is very lightly armed and poorly armored as it is not a combat vessel. It does possess twin lance missile launchers, and a Single Star cannon Which fires actual lightspeed lasers that can reach temperatures comparable to a star.

Special stats
Tactics- 8
Force/Special power- 5
Martial Skill- 8
Influence- 4
Piloting skill- 10
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Weight:184 pounds

Skin: green with black highlights


Faction: Jedi sages

Alignment: chaotic good

Rank: Master (elder)

Force sensitive: (Y)

Force powers:force insight(years of exploring forgotten ruins on dangerous worlds has heightened his ability to detect danger or opprotunity)

Skills: astrogation, xenobiology, survival, tactics

Gadgets:blue vibroblade, sporting blaster with ascension cable, two emp grenades, flash grenades, two frags, hooded robe, lightweight plasteel armor, portable sensor suite, electro binoculars, utility belt, rebreather

Ship: the Endeavour is a Corvette class ship designed for speed and exploration sporting an advanced sensor suite and a plethora of counter measures.1633564298226.png

Tactics- 8

Force/Special power- 7

Martial Skill- 6

Influence- 7

Piloting skill- 7

Bio from a young age he was at odds with the restrictive lifestyle of the Jedi order. while the precepts of the jedi gave his life structure. As a Padawan in the temple he was plagued by the consequences of his ideological differences arguing with many contemporaries that the best way to experience the force in its entirety lay far beyond the meditation cushion. Shortly after finally completing the trials he joined the underfunded Jedi exploratory corp, in the depth of his being he knew the answers he sought after lay amongst the stars. During an exploration mission he was ordered to destroy an artifact found on thoranna, he refused and instead left the planet at this time two sith ambushed his fellow Jedi after returning he decided to leave the order it he saw the Republic as a whole at fault for what happened he took his ship the endeavour with him he still maintains contact and even friendship with some members of the Jedi order.
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Name: Fenris Solitido
Species: Human
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 180cm
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Amber

Faction: N/A
Alignment: True Neutral
Rank N/A
Force sensitive: Y
Battle Precognition: Allows one to sense the flows of the Force and anticipate an opponent's moves, increasing reaction time in combat. Battle Precognition goes above and beyond the usual Force-user's ability to sense danger. These warnings are usually rare, and sometimes not very effective against a much quicker foe, but the ability can be honed by advanced users to make it more effective.
Force Drain: Refers to a spectrum of offensive and defensive Force powers, tied to the same concept, which used the dark side of the Force to tap into the strengths of an organic target. Mastery of each technique could scale the area of effect, sometimes dramatically, or exhaust the victims almost instantaneously.
Force Healing: Force Healing, otherwise known as Force Heal, Cure or Health, is a power that uses the Force to rapidly accelerate the natural healing process.

Fenris has a particular set of skills that was gained through a gauntlet of trauma. His early life had him violently shaped into a Force User with experience in wielding both the light and dark sides of the Force. He possesses particular skill with both Form III and Form IV of Lightsaber Combat. However such experiences caused him to distance himself from such training. Which is where he learned the trade of Bounty Hunting. Chasing down criminals, getting into firefights and dealing with the scum of the galaxy have taught him how to survive in the wider world. He's extremely quick on the draw, incredibly observant and extremely dedicated to ensuring his own survival.

Lightsaber: A saber made up of scraps that Fenris was able to find over the years. Its orange blade comes from a khyber crystal that came from a client who didn't even know its true value.

Dual OC3LOT Blasters: Paired blaster pistols that are capable of producing blaster bolts that can ricochet off of hard surfaces. These were collected from a former colleague who met an untimely end due to a snake.

DuraPhrik Armor: Sparse armor plating consisting of Duranium pieces with light layering of Phrik. Incredbly tough and durable. A low rate bounty hunter like Fenris only possesses such gear due to murdering its previous owner in a disagreement over a payment split. He does his best to ensure HE isn't murdered because of it.

BD-0P3R: Affectionately referred to as "Booper" by Fenris. This little exploration droid is the only constant in Fenris's life. Sold to Fenris by Jawas on Tatooine. Booper was running on old software with a few pieces missing. Although the upgrades dipped into his savings. Fenris fixed the little droid up. The two became the best of friends, going on many high-risk adventures together.

The Lone Wolf: A repurposed Corellian freighter that Fenris bought once he had saved up money working jobs on Mandalor. Its neither fancy nor will it get one through a complex space battle. However its enough to get Fenris and Booper to wherever it is they need to go.

Special stats

Tactics- 7
Force/Special power- 10
Martial Skill- 9
Influence- 3
Piloting skill- 6
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Name: Sartorius Khumar “Sarti” “The Jedi Hound”
Species: Chiss
Age: 39yrs
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 195lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red

Faction: Ordus Republicus
Alignment: Lawful Good
Rank: Knight
Force sensitive: Y
Malacia- A force ability where the user instills a feeling of dizziness and nausea in a target by turning their equilibrium against themselves. Very easy to use and effects an area around him.

Force Stun- Temporarily dampen the senses and perception of the target while restricting movement. Moderately difficult to use and can only effect one target at a time, made much easier if the target is under the influence of malacia.

Force Stasis- A more powerful version of force stun that can induce a near catatonic state and freeze the target in place. Nigh impossible to use under duress and will only effect a target who has been caught in the force stun.
Master Duelist- Sarti was not always one to enjoy the lightsaber. However after he was badly wounded and lost his arms and with them a large portion of his once great force power he was left with only two options, learn to make up for him discrepancies, or fade into obscurity. He chose the latter diligently focusing on the Forms he already was adept in like forms 3 & 5. However he went on to study Form 6 in an effort to gain mastery over them all, and recently has begun practicing Form Seven Vapaad. his skill with a saber has grown to the point where the republic has him stationed in the Coruscant temple teaching the younglings to wield sabers.

Terrifying Presence- Sarti may not be the powerful force juggernaut he once was, but his reputation is something he has cultivated to make him somewhat of a scary figure. Rumor has it he willed himself not to die when facing down two Sith from the Iron shadow legion, and despite terrible injuries he managed to score a win against the duo. As if that weren’t enough to make the hairs on the back of a Sith neck stand up, he has since then earned a reputation for being one of the greatest duelists in the Jedi order, and a very successful Sith hunter having scored several more notches on his belt since recovering from his injuries. This has earned him the title of the Jedi Hound by those who try to avoid the republic authorities…a title he bears with no shortage of enthusiasm.
the twin sabers made specifically by and for Sarti after his injuries. They are very stable beams that are very hard to disrupt or damage yet they don’t have the damage output of a standard Sith saber. They are very adept at deflection.

The Millennium Hawk- After hearing of the tales of Han Solo and his legendary ship as a child Sarti decided he would take a crack at the legendary millennium falcon. Giving it a bit more armor and firepower at the cost of speed. The vessel is a great all around ship with balanced stats being capable in all regards but the best in none.

Special stats
Tactics- 8
Force/Special power- 5
Martial Skill- 10
Influence- 6
Piloting skill- 6


Different timezone, who dis

Surface level

images (35).jpeg

Name: Vek'Tafel, often Shortens it to Vek
Species: Twi'lek
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Black

Faction: The Imperial Hand
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Rank: Warrior

Force sensitive: Y
Force Rage -Vek can tap into her innermost fears, pain and hate, and convert them into an intense rage. She can then channel the anger to increase her own strength, speed, agility, endurance, stamina and ferocity. However, her body can't handle such rage for long periods of time, so she becomes greatly weakened for some time after the rage subsided

Drain Knowledge - Along with reading simple surface thoughts, Vek can disrupt The Force around a person to steal deep memories and information in a violent and merciless way. Such a process might damage the subject psychologically.

Memory Walk - Also known as Tortue by Chagrin, Vek is able to force a person to relive their deepest most painful memories or merely very embarrassing ones over and over again to the point that it seems to cause physical harm

Master Duelist - Vek prefers to use Form VII, specifically the Juyo style although she knows how to use Forms V and VI as necessary. She very much enjoys the deception and seeming randomness that the form employs when fighting. To compliment this style of fighting Vek is also learning the Tràkata style which uses a lightsabers unique ability to turn off and on, unfortunately though since she is a Sith, Vek struggles to keep her emotions in range long enough to actually think level headed enough to turn it off and on.

Feared Presence - Despite her small stature the way Vek'Tafel carries herself with an upright posture and a completely straight face can cause even the most rowdy of soldiers to fall silent if they have the misfortune of her ire. This cold, calculating presence on the battlefield has made her terrifying to fight, if someone even has the cajones to fight her after seeing her. The way she glares has often stopped a fight before it even began and if that weren't enough she has a reputation of toying with her food once she does start to fight.

Calculations and Manipulations - Despite her less than stellar upbringing Vek'Tafel is deviously smart. She often takes advantage of how her race and specifically the females are used as entertainment slaves to hide in plain sight. This has earned her the derogatory nickname "The owner less slave" which she hates but tries her best to not let it show. In addition to her brilliant mind she has an exceptionally silver tongue having to use it so that she can actually get what she wants and make sure that her plans come to fruition

Lightsabers - Two curved hilt designs that she "earned" on Korriban she does her best to keep them in pristine condition as she has great pride in both of them
images (37).jpeg
Medical Kit - A standard Medikit that contains items to keep her alive after a fight until she can get to a proper medical droid or Medbay.
images (36).jpeg
Hate's Beginning: A standard by the books Fury-Class Interceptor at least on the surface. Unlike most Interceptors it is much faster and lighter on the weapons suited for manoeuvrability as well as run and gunning in space battles.

Special stats

Tactics- 9

Force/Special power- 8

Martial Skill- 10

Influence- 3

Piloting skill- 5



The meaning of life is the fine game of nil

Name: Emilia Hohenjäger
Species: Human (half cybernetic due to old injuries)
Age: 37
Gender: F
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Hair: Light-blonde
Eyes: Red

Faction: Imperial Hands
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Rank: Rear Admiral
Force sensitive: Yes.
(Power include:
Battle Meditation: considerably boost the morale, stamina, and overall battle prowess of allies while simultaneously reducing the opposition's combat-effectiveness by eroding their will to fight.
Mind probe: Sift through the thoughts, emotions, and memories of the victim, seeking useful information.
Grip: Choke or crush the opponent etc.)

Skills: Solving Rubik’s Cubes, Speed Reads, Spinning Pens, and leading military naval campaign.


Red Lightsaber

Blastech A-180 blaster pistol: highly versatile design which could be easily reconfigured into a blaster rifle, sniper rifle, or ion launcher depending on the situation.

Slugthrower pistol: she use it when she had to deal with Jedis----aka very rarely, she usually doesn't even had to personally fight anyone to begin with. Despite weaker compare to blaster on sheer power, bullets had the advantage of travelling faster than blaster bolt and cannot be deflected by lightsabre, in some cases even pass through the blade as plasma slugs and deal damage to the Jedi behind it.


Imperial Task Force 58

Flagship: Imperial-II class Star Destroyer “Endeavour”

1x Interdictor class heavy cruiser “Diligence”

1x Dreadnought class heavy cruiser “Adamant”

2x Arquitens-class light cruiser “Hazard” and “Pearl”

3x Raider class Corvette “Speedy”, “Rattler” and “Valorous”

Special stats

Tactics 10
Force/Special power 7
Martial Skill 7
Influence 7
Piloting skill 4

Bio: Emilia was born in the core world of Coruscant but grew up on the mid rim planet of Naboo. Her parents were killed in an interstellar accident when she was four, and custody was given to her aunt Claire. After taking care of the child for a year, Claire finally had enough of it, and brought Emilia to the planet of Naboo, her family’s ancestral home to live with Grandpa Albrecht, her only relative who was residing in a wooden cabin half way up Gallo mountains, his dog was his only companion before 5 year old little Emilia became his responsibility.

Albrecht was an old-fashioned Imperial aristocratic officer, who gained his nobility status through war merits in the conflicts between the Imperial Remnant and the Republic, and this background gave him a fearsome reputation in the Naboo mountain village.

Little Emilia with her cheerful manner and enthusiasm didn’t get along well with the old soldier, albeit she did later recall the 8 years she spent on the mountains until 13 was a happy childhood, giving her a love for nature and outdoor activities. She never stop trying to impress her grandfather, she did well in the private school she attended, winning awards in competitions, but she never felt any proud from her grandpa ——although she knew that he loved his granddaughter.

At the age of thirteen Emilia ran away to the galaxy, with the promise in her mind that she would not return until she was wearing "the Emperor's naval uniform, and with honour".

For 5 years she worked in a bewildering array of occupations: Tauntaun hunter and wampa tamer on Hoth, a bargirl who later became a tavern keeper in Nal Hutta, an assistant accountant for an interstellar merchant ship sail between Coruscant and Corellia, on board which she made friends with a young girl called Lilya Sphyrna. When she turned 18, Emilia entered a galactic navigation training school where she passed the exam for her Chief Mate’s certificate, which later secured her a naval commission in the Imperial Hands when she volunteered for service. Upon enlisting, Emilia was discovered to be Force-Sensitive, and she was promptly sent to the Imperial Academy for officer training. Emilia had vowed not to return to her grandfather except in uniform, and indeed was eventually welcomed back by him, who had given her up for lost.

Emilia achieved captaincy of a light cruiser when she was twenty-nine, mostly dealing with pirates in her patrol, where she accumulated enough merits to be promoted to commodore with command of a squadron of cruisers.

The name Commodore Hohenjäger was made famous during the conflict with the republic fleet. When the situation went into debacle for the Imperial, in order to cover other vessel’s retreat Emilia’s cruiser squadron stood against a fleet of enemy several times her own strength. The cruisers successfully held off the Republic’s attack, but her flagship was so badly damaged, Emilia barely survived with a crushed vertebrae bone, multiple cracked ribs, crushed chest with collapsed lungs, shifting heart to the right side of the chest cavity, and numerous third-degree burns. As the result, most of her body were converted to cybernetics. For actions above and beyond the call of duty, Emilia was awarded the Imperial Medal of Honour, subsequently promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and given command of Task Force 58.
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Name: Lilya Sphyrna
Species: Human (Corellian)
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4 ft
Weight: 121 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Faction: The Ordus Republicus
Alignment: Lawful Good
Rank: Senator
Force sensitive: N​

Skills: As a Senator Lilya's primary skills revolve around diplomatic communication, negotiation and deal making. As a Corellian her second best skill sets involve anything and everything relating to a starship. With an early career in the Corellian Engineering Corporation as a pilot and then later as a lobbyist, she acquired a respectable knowledge of ship engineering, maintenance, astrogation, and a reputation as an ace pilot and ship captain. She has received self-defense training and has decent aim with a blaster, however she is no ground-side soldier and is only able to stay alive and provide small support during any real ground engagement. Her true power lies in her influence and contacts (known and unknown) within various factions, governments, powerful individuals and companies throughout the galaxy.


Gadgets: For official business, diplomatic, or ceremonial matters Lilya wears Corellian Diplomat Robes. They are distinctive in appearance with a deep red, black, gold coloring and a half-face veil. When traveling she wears a far less conspicuous outfit that any other traveling citizen would wear, along with a Second Skin Armor underneath. The only weapon she normally caries is a simple, easily concealable CDEF Blaster Pistol and stealth vibro-knife. A few other items she has on hand for official business are a concealed recorder, data dead drop, sound dampener, signet ring, security sweeper, and a communications media manipulator.

Finally, she owns a CZ-series communications/business droid which acts as her assistance. Common job functions for the droid include taking dictation, organizing files, scheduling, and making calls. It is modeled after the Stacchati species. It has a preloaded number of languages, and it knows all modern and old business regulations and tax codes for thousands of governments. It has a vast data storage capacity protected by an almost-impossible-to-crack firewall. It also has a sophisticated programming that allows the droid to act as a switchboard for all incoming audio comlink communications (surface-to-orbit range), text and data messages from planetary networks, and holographic messages from the HoloNet.


Ship: The Coppergrin is a Consular-class light cruise; also well known as the Republic Cruiser. The Consular-class is propelled by three powerful Dyne 577 radial atomizer engines situated at the aft of the hundred-and-fifteen-meter vessel. It is also equipped with a Longe Voltrans tri-arc CD-3.2 hyperdrive, and protected by sturdy deflector shields generated from a cluster of radar dishes forward of its three engines. A docking ring is located on the side of the vessel, and the bridge was situated at the fore, above a diplomatic salon pod. The Coppergrin is armed with 4 turbolasers and 2 concussion missile launchers. It also has several life-pods, business and diplomatic office space, and various luxuries for a variety of species.


The Consular-class cruiser is recognizable throughout the galaxy due to its distinctive shape and hue. Painted with a striking red color scheme, the cruiser's hue declares the ship's diplomatic immunity, as red marked a starship as neutral in the Republic. Armed Consular-classes are also referred to as Charger C-70s. The Coppergrin flies with a well trained nine person crew made up of members from the Senate Guard and Corellian Security Force. A small smuggler's compartment is hidden on board with CDEF blaster rifles and carbines, falsified credentials for various factions and groups, SoroSuub's Wipe-3 Data-Purge and Merr-Sonn N-4 Noise Grenades, Brennkeyes Syndicate Knockout Mines, and finally a Holonet pirate array.


Special Stats
- 9
Force/Special power- 0
Martial Skill- 2
Influence- 10
Piloting skill- 9​

History: Lilya Sphyrna was born the daughter to a rather strange and unlikely couple. A father who was a Corellian smuggler for The Kybal Syndicate and a Coruscanti mother who was a Senate Commando. Through an adventure that her parents refuse to tell her the details of, the two somehow met in the deep interior of the Slice. Within a few years Lilya was born on Corellia. Her childhood was mostly spent traveling to and from Coruscant and Corellia; her mother still working as a Senate Guard and her father working as a pilot for the Corellian Engineering Corporation after her birth.

In her teens Lilya's parents retired and settled on Vreni Island on Corellia. Lilya herself took up her father's trade and began working for the Corellian Engineering Corporation as a pilot and later as a lobbyist to the Senate. Her piloting days took her through nearly all the main trade routes in the galaxy, while her lobbying days took her to nearly all of the major financial players in the galaxy. During her early twenties she decided to join the diplomatic corps and quickly rose through the ranks thanks to her non-traditional background, experience, and unique connections with various corporations, her father's old smuggling buddies, and her mother's Senate Guard colleagues. She became the Senator of Corellia at 26 and has steadily built up her own and Corellia's financial, military, and political power for the past two years.

Personality: Lilya is a woman who likes to see achievements and growth, both in herself and in others. Her parents highly valued success and hard work that contributes both to the individual and to the whole of society. In Lilya's mind her success is others' and others' success is her own. She greatly values cooperation, loyalty, and courage. Starships are her guilty pleasure and passion in life; whether its piloting a small fighter, captaining a frigate, fixing a hyper drive, or viewing the unveiling of a new capital ship. She has a great passion and love for her current duties as a Senator and most often than not her thoughts are on trade routes, treaties, and building connections within the various factions in the galaxy.

In her early twenties as a pilot and lobbyist she made several friends and had more than a few flings throughout the galaxy. Lilya is very well respected within the republic and Senate by virtue of her own and Corillia's position in the galaxy; along with having having a comparably easy-going personality when compared to many other Senators. She is well know in the smuggling circles and perhaps the only Senator in the galaxy that has a good reputation with smugglers due to her willingness to overlook small crimes as long as they are not harmful, and benefit more than one person. Within the Imperial remnants and Sith circles she is known as a "decent diplomat not totally blinded by stupidity" for her willingness to negotiate and do small trading of mutual benefit (usually under the holo-table). Within the Jedi circles she is tolerated with kindness, but has earned a reputation for being an annoyance by having a few too many close relationships with lower ranking Jedi (and notable one female Togruta Master that nearly left the Order for her after a few too many drinks one night).
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John Wellington Wells

Dealer in magic and spells

Name: Jak Mor'in
Species: Gungan
Age: 54
Gender: Male
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 185 Ibs
Hair: N/a
Eyes: Yellow

Faction: The Kybal Syndicatel (At least until he finds someone who pays more).
Alignment: True neutral
Force sensitive: Y
Force Stealth: Jak is able to mask both his capability to use the Force and his entire presence from other Force-sensitives.
Force Suppression:
Marksmanship: From slugthrowers to blasters, Jak is more than capable of using a wild variety of guns.

Lightsaber combat: Trained in both form IV and V, Jak is a force to be reckoned with.

Inconspicuous Presence: Most people don't notice Jak, and few of those that do see him as a threat. Instead, he's largely seen as a bumbling idiot fit only for either the simplests of task or suicide missions.

This is something Jak prides himself on, often taking great care to further the illusion by doing things like constantly slouching and talking with somewhat exaggerated Grungan basic accent.

Agility: Jak is suprisingly agile even by the standards of his race.

Gadgets: A purple lightsaber.

Ship: N/a

Special stats

Tactics- 5
Force/Special power- 9
Martial Skill- 10
Influence- 2
Piloting skill- 4

Extra: Strong believer in the philosophy of the Potentium
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Knight boi

Malignant astro
(In his early life he was human though he had transferred his intelligence into an Androidic body.)
265 pounds
Imperial hands
Chaotic neutral
Force sensitive:
Force speed:
Enhances his speed greatly and enhances his stamina greatly when the ability used.
Allows him to access the ability to lift/push things with his mind, and use it for other resources.
Dark transfer:
Allows him the ability to save someone from the blink of death, and even save himself from death.
Malignant is feared all over the galaxy from his name and his lightsaber dueling abilities, he is known for his unknown stance and his great offensive and defensive ability’s.
He is also know for his great stamina and deletion of his attacks that can overwhelm the opponent he is facing against.
Another set of skills he has is his general influence and the way he takes to people highly sets himself from the rest of the sith, he has a way of his words and chooses them wisely.
Malignant also has a great skill of tracking living things, especially Jedi and has killed many in his time.
He obtains a custom built lightsaber with a longer wield/blade than usual, this lightsaber has a great history with ancient siths hundreds of years ago.
Imperial dreadnought (2)
Venator-class star destroyer mark 3
Empires Star destroyer (4 Ships)

Special stats:
Tactics: 8
Force/special power: 5
Martial skill: 10
Influence: 9
Piloting skills: 5
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U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Emperor Taizak of the Imperial Hand
Species: Sith Pureblood

Age: 266

Gender: Male

Height: 7'1"

Weight: 244lbs

Hair: None

Eyes: Yellow-Orange

Faction: Imperial Hands

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Rank: Emperor

Force sensitive: Yes

Force Walk- Over the course of his life, the current Emperor has gone on numerous excavations and forays into ancient Sith ruins once thought lost to time. Using the force and strength of will, he has bound a number of ancient Sith ghosts to himself in order to amplify his abilities and connection to the Dark Side. Though he has to deal with the bound spirits constantly, he finds the powers they grant him far worth the price. Dealing with their constant attempts to fight against his will has sharpened his hatred and spite into a finely edged blade, though not even his closest aids are aware of his inner war. Only another sensitive to the force would be able to recognize the Prison he's turned his body into, one he adds to whenever some potential Usurper or Jedi assassin decides to test their might against his.

Force Maelstrom- His most destructive ability bar none, the Emperor's Maelstrom is uniquely potent yet unwieldy. While he is able to encase himself in a dauntingly resilient bubble shield, it also sporadically unleashes telekinetic abilities and lightning as well. The Emperor is unable to direct these powers, merely allowing them to run rampant whilst enjoying the safety of his bubble. He has been able to tear apart entire areas with this ability, ripping chunks out of the ground and sending lightning every which way. The primary weakness of the maelstrom is that he must maintain it through focused hatred, requiring him to essentially meditate throughout its usage. Though hard to do, if his meditation is broken the Maelstrom becomes unstable and disperses.

Create Force Wraiths- Giving the Dark side form in the shape of shadowy creatures which he can control at will, the Emperor can create Force Wraiths. Essentially physical manifestations of the Dark side, these wraiths radiate the feeling of cold and death to all who near them, with even those not connected to the force being able to easily identify them as manifestations of pure evil. Powerful monstrosities which are often imbued with the Hatred of the Emperor's prisoners, these beings are rarely seen. Utilized mostly for the Emperor's plethora of 'Personal Projects', to come across one is to step before his direct gaze.


Corrupted Soresu- Soresu, despite being one of the earliest lightsaber styles to be created, was indisputably the best when it came to raw defense. A style that emphasized energy conservation and , tight movements and constant defensive coverage. A master of said style was to be invincible, yet the style was often detracted due its focus on survival rather than victory. Due to this, it became primarily used by Jedi as a true display of their non-aggressive policies. However, the Emperor found that he could utilize Soresu in a far more lethal manner while still maintaining its defensive origin, The Corrupted Form III is basically reliant on its users abilities in the force. With the lightsaber used solely as a defensive instrument, the Emperor can focus on using destructive control over the force for whatever offensive attacks he may require.

Dark Scholar- Saying the Emperor was well-read would be an understatement of the highest degree. Having plotted and studied for decades before his rise to power had even started, the Emperor is privy to ancient knowledge, some of which has been reduced to legend by the peoples of the modern day. He's of course exploited this to the fullest degree, spending most of his youth going on excavations and journeys through long forgotten battlefields and tombs in order to steal their knowledge and technology to help his eventual ascension.

Droidsmith- What most may not expect from the current ruler of the Imperial Hands is that he's quite the Droidsmith, having been dependent on robotics plenty of times in his more vulnerable youth. At first fixing maintenance droids, he's become exceptionally savvy at building his own droids. The number of them he's made himself are rather small, as the acquisition and holding of power is a full-time job with few chances for indulging in such hobbies. The primary result of his time working on droids is him being rather prickly when it comes to the standard of droids, finding those of poor construction or maintenance distasteful to the eyes. It has also led to the Saber Drones. His primary means of communication with the rest of the galaxy, the Saber Drones are actually his personal training robots, but he uses them to carry his message to subordinates and diplomats fairly often.

Lightsaber- The Emperor's Lightsaber is yet another 'Personal Project' of his, one that he replaces fairly regularly. Every time he crafts a new one he alters the process slightly in an attempt to make use of the powers granted by his Force Walk Prisoners. He has yet to be completely satisfied by the results, and many of his former lightsabers end up being wielded by the Saber Drones. But since a lightsaber is merely a defensive tool for him, he's perfectly willing to engage in such trial and error.

Saber Drones- What the majority of the Galaxy sees as the Emperor's Ambassadors, these Drones are machines of his creation which are rather few in number. He actually uses them for quite a number of things: Bodyguards, Training Partners, standard laborers. Due to his tendency to go off on 'personal projects' that may keep him away from subordinates for long periods of time, he leaves a number of them behind to keep in contact with the rest of the Imperial Hand while he disappears. Being programmed with knowledge of the various Lightsaber styles, the drones are formidable fighters despite their lack of the force.
S1A1- The Emperor's Pilot, one of the few droids Emperor continues to utilize from his youth. The S1A1models are wholly unique to him, as he refuses to fly himself anywhere unless subjected to only the most dire of scenarios. Pretty much the only droids he's created without a focus on combat efficiencies, their effectiveness as his Chauffers are not to be underestimated.

Duralite Armor- The Emperor is primarily seen in his Armor, which actually consists of a light plating of Durasteel. While it may fare well against standard blasters, this armor won't be much help against heavier weapons or lightsabers. This is fine to the Emperor, as he believes more durable armor wouldn't allow him the mobility needed to utilize his Corrupted Soresu to its fullest potential.

The Ecclesium- The Emperor's Personal Capital Ship, the Ecclesium is a uniquely designed Star Destroyer focused more on being extremely resilient. While it may join other fleets in rare times when the Emperor must engage in person, this Vessel mostly disappears whenever the Emperor embarks on his 'Personal Projects'. The events which occur on board are unknown to many, as the vessel is primarily staffed by autonomous security and maintenance crews. The few that do enter and leave the ship are often heard describing it as 'Just an average Star Destroyer' by all accounts. Of course, the rarity of these accounts coupled with the general unknown factor have led to numerous theories and rumors of what the Emperor himself could have on board this mysterious ship.
The O31- The Emperor's Consular-Class Cruiser serves as the vessel he primarily uses to get around. It tends to get left docked in the Ecclesium whenever he stays in one place for long periods of time.

Special stats:

Tactics- 9
Force/Special power- 10
Martial Skill- 9
Influence- 10
Piloting skill- 7​


Glorious Purpose!!!!
Darth Siberious



Name: Darth Siberious (Formerly Jedi Knight; Kaen Tsta)

Species: Nautolan

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Height: 6’3

Weight: 189lbs

Skin: Pink with Black striped

Eyes: Black


Faction: Iron Shadow Legion

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Rank: Sith Master

Force-sensitive: yes



  • Form V/ Form VI: Shien/Niman- when Siberious studied as a Jedi Knight, he standardly used a shota lightsaber with form v in a reverse grip manner that emphasizes the use of his force powers while mixing in the solid stance and balance of form VI. Siberious now uses this form until he feels the need to fight seriously or is forced against a strong opponent with his normal length saber. This form utilizes a crouched defensive stance that leaves one hand free to perform simple force abilities such as push, pull, as well as his special force powers.

  • Form VII/ Jar'Kai (Semi Reverse-Duel Wield Juyo): Siberious uses two sabers with one hand as a reverse grip and the other a normal one-handed grip which he will flip back and forth from forward to reverse grip , held horizontal to his body in a defensive posture. This stance allows him to simultaneously defend with the forward saber and attack with his dominant reverse grip saber. Using his agility, Siberious will spin, kick, and flip to disorient his opponent before attacking in an erratic yet controlled way that is enhanced by both his bloodlust and his force abilities.

  • Lightning saber: While using force lightning, siberious can imbue his saber with said lightning to create deadly attacks.

  • Non-saber Combat: Teräs Käsi (steel Hand) Using a fighting style directly created to combat Jedi, siberious enhances his attacks using the force which results and a blinding flurry of acrobatic punches and kicks that are said to have the force of blaster fire. During his time as a Jedi knight, Siberious came across a text that illustrated an ancient fighting form that was effectively used against Jedi and sought to learn it in order to defeat sith. After converting to the sith, siberious uses these techniques how they were originally meant to be used; to kill Jedi.
  • Underwater combat: As a nautolan, siberious has learned to fight underwater even better than he can on land.

Gadgets: Lightsabers

Before converting to the Sith, Siberious killed one of his two padawans before taking their lightsaber and bleeding the crystals to create a red saber (his own Lightsaber) and a purple saber( his padawans, lightsaber)



  • Wrist comm

Elderrok: Invictus class starship

A massive warship that houses a large number of ISL crew and ranking officers loyal to Darth Siberious. This ship was built for speed and thus does not have many weapons systems but makes up for it with high repositioning ability and can perform up to three lightspeed jumps before needing to recharge.


Personal Ship: StarSkipper

StarSkipper is a Republic U-Wing that has been remodeled and fitted to accommodate Siberious. it has two cabins and is made for both speed and stealth, being able to jump into lightspeed faster than most republic and empire ships. StarSkipper has a low fuel capacity and must refuel more often, it is also not suited for direct combat, only having two guns located at the rear of the ship.


Special stats

Tactics- 9

Force/Special power- 9

Martial Skill- 10

Influence- 10

Piloting skill- 7


May The Me Be With You.

Surface level
Name: Darth Nanploo, Sith Lord of Souls
Species: Ewok
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Height: 3ft 4in
Weight: 98lbs
Hair: Brown with black patches
Eyes: Glowing Orange

Faction: Iron Shadow legion
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Rank: Sith Master
Force sensitive: Y
Create Force Wraiths- Nanploo is able to summon the souls of fallen Sith Lords he has claimed with Force Walk usually them being his failed apprentices. These manifest as dark side force ghosts complete with lightsabers, and the skills and power they possessed in life. He currently possesses five wraiths but has only ever manifested two at a time.

Force Walk- Once he has Felled one of his failed Apprentices Darth Nanploo will use this ability to entrap their soul and draw upon it for dark side energy, the more ones soul resists the greater power they gain. When the resistance finally ceases he converts them into force wraiths.

Transfer Essence- Nanploo was not born an Ewok rather when The apprentice prior to his most recent one surpassed him he was cut down. He did however possess a unique ability to transfer his consciousness to bodies he had prepared before hand with seeds of the dark side. Many believe he has used this tactic for many years to the point where few are certain of his actual age. The current Ewok body is eighty years old, but he was still a master class Sith for over three hundred years in his prior body, and he has never revealed how many times he has relocated or how old he truly is.
Master duelist- Nanploo’s small stature and Mastery of ancient Sith forms of saber combat make him a whirling windmill of red and a mirror image of master yoda in combat, making up for his small stature with an aggressive rushdown style that emphasizes agility and aggression, with a decent balance of speed and power.

Spiritual Leader- Master Nanploo truly understands the emotional spectrum and how to best exploit it to further the dark side something he views as a sacred. He may not be the emperor, or the most powerful Darksider, but many would acknowledge him to be a sort of dark pope and cultivator of future generations at the lowest, and a kind maker at the highest.

Dark Wisdom/Knowledge- The dark side is known to possess abilities that many would consider unnatural…and Nanploo has knowledge of and even the ability to use many of them though his most heavily mastered Are those involving the manipulation of the soul.

influential Manipulator- You don’t become a devious manipulator of souls without having power in hidden places. Nanploo has spies everywhere most times this is a boon, but on a few rare occasions these spies have lead an unfortunate Jedi to their furry doom.

Saber Pike- his small stature limits Darth Nanploo’s reach and to mitigate this he wields a saber pike with a surprise detachable shota saber in the bottom base.
Holocomm- Much as he disdains technology he does carry a communication device to connect with others.
Ship: N/A (Hitchhiker)

Special stats
Force/Special power-10
Martial Skill-9
Piloting skill-0


May The Me Be With You.
Name: Mr. Metal Bones AKA Virus DSL-13579 (DSL-Odd)
Species: Droid
Age: 440
Gender: N/A
Height: 6ft 2in (Varies)
Weight: 220lbs (Varies)
Hair: N/A
Eyes: White glow.

Faction: Metal bones clan.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil, True neutral (Depends on your Organic to Mechanical percentage.)
Rank: Ultra Moff Supreme.
Force sensitive: N
Machine Soul- The DSL-Odd Virus is a unique thing that creates a disembodied digital copy is a droids A.I which had additional code added to it that allows it to learn, develop, and even evolve. Mr. Metal Bones is the Longest living recorded case of this virus and has thus learned and developed to a terrifying degree. What makes this growth nearly unstoppable and truly a potential threat to all life in the galaxy is the fact that if his current body is destroyed he can always possess another droid body and continue to exist in that way. It is believed that one can delete the consciousness with a powerful enough electromagnetic pulse, but this has already occurred on several occasions and mr Metal bones always seems to have a back up on standby.

Feel the Burn- Mr. Metal bones is able to infect other droids with a Replicated version of the DSL Odd Virus. This manifests one them as a sudden awareness that grows into emotions and individual personalities. Oddly enough most of them quickly descend into a blinding rage of all things organic viewing them as cruel slave masters and truly evil beings, even those organics without sentience may one day develop it and invariably become the enemy of the perfect synthetics. Droids infected by this will have their databases copied and transferred to one of the original Source Virus’s servers adding to the collected information and making the virus that much more deadly.

Surge of Ingenuity- By far the most dangerous aspect of the Virus is its ability to learn grow and evolve , but that can be accelerated greatly by the acquisition of new data, for example a new kind of energy technology that is understood can very easily be applied to all blasters, vehicles, and units within the metal bones gang. Two such surges occurred, one even happening during the invasion of mustafar and resulting in its fall. Researchers worry that if one occurred allowing for the fall of Naboo it would allow the drones to become nigh unparalleled in aquatic conflict which could cause a chain reaction as it would free up many ocean worlds as targets.
Stop that ship- being mechanical in nature it is very easy to understand the way a ship works and with centuries of accumulated data Mr. Metal bones has been known to fell starfighters with one or two well placed blasts to their intake valves, or cripple a ships engines with a single well aimed salvo. What’s worse nearly any vessel can be stolen and operated by this droid.

Blast them- Mr.Metal bones Targeting cpu has been upgraded countless times to the point where his accurate range actually exceeds that of most blasters and his ability to lead targets and hit even fast moving things like a star fighter or a missile are among the best in the galaxy and nearing the point of biological impossibility even with the force being factored in.

Roger roger- as a brilliant tactician Mr. Metal bones has been formulating plans since his begininning centuries ago as a tactical command droid. While more skilled and experienced admirals have bested him many say it’s one of their most difficult victories and he has never used the same tactic twice making any conflict with the gang a dangerous endeavor.

Feeble Jedi- those who use the force will find this driod to be strangely aware of its existence and having an understanding of it nearly on par with Jedi or Sith. He knows to target a foe as they gather force power, can predict oncoming force pushes and lightening, and has even shown reflexes and predictive capabilities that can allow him to briefly contend with the force uses in melee combat. He is even rumored to have slain a Jedi on Naboo recently, and clashed with a Imperial hand Inquisitor Sith several times on mustafar and each time their battles were basically just the droid locking down the Sith so that his own operatives could succeed in their mission. In the end the Sith had to flee the molten world.

Beskar Enamel- the outermost layer of Mr.Metal bones frame is made of a thin liquid beskar layer that has long since hardened into a solid state. As such his frame can withstand limited blaster fire and lightsaber strikes while remaining operational.

X3 Ion grenades- The ideal weapon when dealing with concentrated heavy blaster fire, an ion grenade can hit an area of around 50ft with an electromagnetic surge that will short out blasters in its range and can even shut down small vehicles. They make excellent sabotage tools for larger vessels and stations as well if used on the proper systems. That said the shorting of blasters can be reversed easily by the user in just a few seconds and any engineer worth his salt could fix the damage from a surge.

Solid Beskar Virboblade- A sword capable of easily cleaving men in two and capable of withstanding repetitive lightsaber strikes. However prolonged contact with a saber can cause damage.

Dc-17m- an interchangeable blaster with attachments for a variety of firing types including burst, full auto, Ion, grenades, sniper, scatter, pulse, and a variety of more modern attachments. Whats most impressive is that this weapon is the standard issue for the droids of the Metal bones clan making each unit a versatile force with ample options for combat.

The Mustache of Greatness- a purely Optional attachment that offers no real benefit besides letting mr.Metal bones stand out to the meat sacks as he slays them.

Tie Destroyer- honestly this ship is a tie defender with modernized weapons, shields, and hyperdrive…plus a wicked cool paint job with a mustached skull on each wing. To this date the details on this ships capabilities are foggy as no one has yet to survive a dogfight with it and thus only limited eye witnesses to its capabilities exist. Those details show it to be a deadly agile ship…literally as in the turns and rapid direction changes it achieves would liquify the insides of an unprotected person, it is apparently outfitted with Six blaster cannons, two heavy blaster cannons, six ion torpedo ports, boost capable engines, personal shielding, warp drive capabilities and anti targeting tech which scrambles a ship or missiles lock on the vessel. It is usually accompanied by a squadron of around six similar ships but with less…flamboyant colors and flight patterns.

Special stats
Tactics- 9
Force/Special Power- 7
Martial Skill- 9
Influence- 10
Piloting skill- 10

(the seven in force/special power comes from his unparalleled communications with his fellow infected droids, his inability to be permanently killed, and his adaptive programming recently allowing him to understand how the force works even if he cannot use it.)​


Glavenus Slayer
Name: Zerek
Alias: Slick, Z, Zetamax, Jackass, the renegade, Greatest Thief in the Galaxy
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair: Black, and slicked back.
Eyes: Green
[Images to be added later... once I find some.]
Faction: Kybal Syndicate
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Rank: Ace
Force Sensitive: Not even a little

Background: Zerek's past is a mystery, some of which even to himself. What is clearly known is that he was an orphan from an early age and fought to survive on the streets. Though it was rough for him early on, he managed to squeak by through his quickness and cunning. Developing fast hands was a must for him, as was playing a con. Eventually he managed to make it to young adulthood with a decent pile of cash to his name and an earned reputation as a decent thief.

The next few years are a blur, from being given a proper rank within the Syndicate to completing his first flawless heist. In truth, he was simply honing his skills during this time and making connections that would benefit him later. His own personablity coupled with his love of booze made him a common sight at bars looking for another job or information on the various galactic goings on. Things really got going when he managed to figure out who the current Dealer of the Syndicate was.

It started out innocently enough. Just a few friendly ops with some of the trusted lieutenants to build trust, get them on his side. Slowly building his influence until the day he finally struck. It was supposed to be a friendly game of sabaac, and that's what it started as. At least, until Zerek proposed the final wager. If he won, he'd get control over the Syndicate. If he lost, the Syndicate could collect on any of his bounties they so choose. The former Dealer, smelling a ruse, tried to get him gunned down. Issue being, Zerek had already turned the guards to his side. Now the leader of the Kybal Syndicate, Zerek works to make it something worth a damn in the crazy messed up galaxy he lives in. He's got lines, but they're few and far between.

Skills: Evasive Combatant - Zerek is notorious among any who try to face him in combat as, and he quotes, 'the most slippery bastard ever, oh god, just stay still for five seconds so I can stab you with my laser sword.' His primary tactic is to avoid attacks and instead retreat to live another day. Not to say that he can't fight when pressed, but he would much rather live another day than die in an alleyway. For most engagements, he uses a plethora of blasters and vibroknives to keep his opponents at bay while looking for his out. If a lightsaber jockey comes after him, he pulls out slugthrowers instead to avoid getting hit by his own shots.

Tactical Ace - Through his various heists and other such exploits, Zerek has developed a keen tactical mind that can adapt to new situations on the fly. As such, he's become notoriously difficult to capture or kill despite numerous attempts. His tactical mind extends to the battlefield as operations he's in charge of usually succeed in their intended goals.

Ship mechanic - With his mobile lifestyle, he's learned how to work on and refit starships and starfighters to go beyond their intended designs. His talent has extended to his own personal craft, both have been fitted with modifications and custom security measures to prevent anyone from stealing his shit that he rightfully stole.

Practiced Thief - Thanks to the environment he grew up in, he developed and honed the skills of a thief. Fast hands, picking locks, getting out unseen, everything he would need. These skills have grown to the point where his jobs and heists are notorious cases where the perpetrator was never found. A point of personal pride for him is managing to steal a single valuable gem from an Imperial core world with the person it belonged to none the wiser until it was already off-world.

Gadgets: Grappling hooks, net launchers, flamethrowers, grenades of various types from smoke to EMP, computer spikes, lockpicks of all kinds, microfiber cables, comlinks, datapads, frequency decoders, duct tape, various equipment for breaking and entering, blasters, slugthrowers, vibroknives, a full vibroblade, beskar inserts in his gloves, and a custom break-action high caliber pistol he's called The Gutshot.
Ships: For the most part, Zerek cruises around in an old retrofitted Decimator that he's dubbed The Club. If he's caught in a battle, he switches to a custom TIE Interceptor so that he can effectively engage in ship-to-ship combat. The Decimator tends to be used as his mobile home-away-from-home, fitted with all the creature comforts he could need and a secure comlink so he can effectively coordinate the Syndicate on the go. His interceptor is equipped with a short-range hyperdrive for quick escapes when heading back to a friendly system or his Decimator isn't an option.

Tactics - 10
Force/special powers - 0
Martial - 7
Influence - 10
Piloting - 8


Surface level


Name: Grandmaster Cadeus
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Weight: 186lbs
Hair: Cyan
Eyes: Blue

Faction: Ordus Republicus
Alignment: Lawful good
Rank: Grand master.
Force sensitive: (Y)
Spoiler: Spoiler: Force powers


One with The Force - Cadeus has devoted much time to honing his skill in using The Force. So much that he has become quite a master in his own right in using it. Using knowledge gained from Holocrons and teachings from when he was younger, his knowledge of The Force is almost of par with the contents of the Jedi Temple Library.

Master Duellist - Cadeus has studied each and every form of Lightsaber combat being able to use each one. Depending on the situation he will use either one or both of them. They seemed to have developed a rather strange combination of both Form II Makashi, Form IV Ataru and Form VIII Juyo. The result is.. quite a sight to behold.


Duel Lightsabers - Cadeus wields two Pure White Lightsabers of his own design. It is said he spent at least a whole year searching for a pair of Pure White Crystals.

Experimental Armour - The armour that Cadeus wears is a combination of Songsteel and Phrik making quite durable against Lightsaber strikes. With enough force it will be sliced though.


Nicknamed "The Shadow" this ship is a fast, sleek and of course earned it's name via it's cloaking device rendering the ship more or less invisible to scanners and the naked eye. Of course certain ships scanners will detect something there. They just won't be sure as to what.

Special stats

Tactics- 9
Force/Special power- 10
Martial Skill- 9
Influence- 10
Piloting skill- 7


You needed someone to blame, so you cast it on me.


Name: Dernic Broeren
Species: Human(?)
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6”6
Weight: 225 lbs
Hair: Dark blond
Eyes: Brown
Faction: Imperial Hands

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Rank: Major
Force sensitive: N


Master Engineer: Partially due to his father’s insistence, and partially due to his rather great disdain for Jedi force powers, Dernic has spent a lot of time mastering the finer points of repairing, upgrading, and overall tinkering with mechanical gear. His skill does kind of fall off, however, when it comes to matters concerning advanced droids.

Inhuman qualities: The truth behind Dernic’s existence is not well known, even to himself, yet there is no doubt-the man is as far from ordinary as they get, and while he does not seem to have any talent with the Force, he demonstrates many other abilities that most would consider unnatural…

Enhanced Physique: Dernic’s physical attributes are boosted beyond the limits of normal humans, especially when it comes to physical strength. In addition, he has a remarkable ability to recuperate from injuries much faster than normal.

Strange Alchemy: Dernic seems to have some innate understanding of chemistry-of awfully specific facets of chemistry, which he can then inject into himself to gain some temporary benefit. This only seems to work on himself-any other individual who partakes gains no real positive effects, and may instead suffer a myriad of consequences that comes from partaking in rather poisonous, unstable toxins.

Mindbreaker: Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of his abilities by far is the effect he has on nearby force-sensitive beings, who find their minds assaulted by unsettling feelings, visions, and sounds, all apparently originating from Dernic’s position. This effect worsens the more attuned to the force an individual is, or the longer they spend in Dernic’s vicinity. Amusingly, this effect is not present in Sith-instead, the permeating aura of madness and agony makes connecting with the Dark side much easier. Most puzzlingly, this does not seem to be a conscious effect-Dernic has no real control over it, and actually frequently seems to suffer from the same ailments he inflicts on Jedi, mostly during moments of apparent calm.

Murderous Reputation: A combination of his unsettling physique, long list of deeds, and incredible combat ability have all but made sure he commands respect no matter the situation. His presence in a field of battle bolsters the morale of any allies, who view him as a sign of imminent victory, while being incredibly worrisome news to any would-be adversary of the Imperial Hands.


The Iron Maiden: A special suit of super-heavy armor, largely inspired by the armor worn by the Praetorian guards of old. It is a heavy, intricate mesh of plastoid plating, impregnated with wirepaths that, once powered, create an intense magnetic field. The gauntlets, in particular, seem to have been reinforced even further. While the plates are heavy and prolonged exposure to the magnetic field is painful, the durability offered by this armor more than makes up for it, and Dernic while wearing it is disgustingly resilient. Testing has revealed that even lightsabers will struggle to cut through it, although a concentrated thrust on anywhere but the gauntlets will still more than likely prove enough...at some point. That being said, the suit does kind of cut down noticeably on his agility-it is suspected that his near-inhuman strength is the only reason why he can move with any semblance of speed at all. The suit offers several vision modes and is environmentally sealed, allowing survival in even many hostile environments. The helmet has been altered, too, although largely for aesthetic purposes.

Rampart IV shield generator: A marked improvement over its predecessor, this allows for far more control over the shape of the shield, and the distance in which it can be projected. Also is considerably smaller, too, which is a large boon considering the weight of all his gear.

Wrist mount(Right): Although plenty of weapons can be mounted there, he usually sports a heavily bastardized blaster, which seems to fire not one, but six shots in a cone in front of the user. While greatly inaccurate over even medium ranges and with the shots losing power much faster than a most regular blasters, it is an absolute menace up close. It can be retracted to right below his elbow for when he intends to parry things with his gauntlets.

Wrist mount(left): The offhand wrist mount instead sports a novel device that he has prototyped, inspired loosely by the effect of seismic charges that are traditionally carried by ships. Upon activation, and after a brief wind-up, a powerful seismic blast is emitted, powerful enough to break bones at those close to the point of origin. Those further away are still very heavily disorientated, deafened, and are likely to suffer concussions. The blast can go through solid walls assuming the point of origin is very close to one side, but it has a lengthy recharge period before it can be used again. Like the right mount, it can be retracted under his arm.

Utility Belt: Several belts and pouches filled to the brim with gadgetry, tools, and ordnance. A lot of these can be secured to the belt, to prevent falling out during...unorthodox movement(getting flung around), as well as a deterrent for aspiring thieves.

Endor’s Avenger: This cumbersome weapon seems to be some modernized variant of a somewhat bulkier TL-50. It’s rapid rate of fire make it incredibly lethal against massed squads, or even jedi, who might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of shots coming their way, while a charged blast, although immediately overheating the weapon for a few moments, allows it to severely damage or even punch through most armor types, especially man-portable designs.

Shoulder-mounted grenade launcher: Why throw detonators by hand when machinery allows you greater range and precision? It can be retracted behind his shoulder when he needs to maneuver enclosed spaces or simply doesn't want the launcher to be targeted.

DL-44: This weapon has been modified the least-it is his service-issued pistol, and he plans to use it only if all of his other, flashier options have been spent.

The Executioner: An Electrostaff, which his Father claimed has been in the family for generations. Notches on it's side denote the number of Jedi killed by it(current tally is five). Dernic has not only toiled greatly in improving this weapon, he has also expertly incorporated parts of a BL-155 laser axe. This has resulted in a weapon both capable of electricity strong enough to instantly fry an large adult male, but in the weapon also having the capability of instantly transforming into a double-bit laser axe at the press of a button for when cutting through armor is required.

Background: For a man as amusingly straightforward as Dernic, there definitely is a lot of mystery surrounding his origins, not helped in the slightest by his faulty memory and unreliable accounts. As far as anyone knows, the man showed up little over a decade ago, enlisting into the army of the Imperial Hands. It rapidly was made very obvious that he was far, far too overqualified for the position of a trooper, and this, in addition to his many impressive deeds, resulted in a meteoric rise through the ranks. His unique abilities have been noted, and he has been questioned excessively on the matter, but has never quite been able to explain anything beyond ‘my father told me I was special’. Regarding that aforementioned parent, there does not seem to be such an individual anywhere in Imperial records. Dernic himself claims he was killed by the Republic, in what, judging by his tremendous agitation, was probably a greatly traumatic event.

Maybe the truth doesn't really matter-maybe all that matters is that he’s a good military leader and an even greater warrior.

Ship: None. He belongs to the stormtroopers, dammit, it’s the navy’s job to get him where he needs to be! That being said, due to his rank, connections to the navy, and reputation, he can commandeer most ships to take him and his men where they want to go.

Tactics- 8
Force/Special power- 9
Martial Skill- 10
Influence- 8
Piloting skill- 0



Name: Mala Drastee
Species: Human
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 6,5
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Emerald Green

Faction: Kybal Syndicate - The Shadow Company
Alignment: True neutral
Rank: Leader
Force sensitive: Y
Force Lighting - Mala has become quite adept in wielding Force Lightning which is a light Cyan colour.
Force Barrier - Mala has trained this ability extensively since she first learned how to do so.
Force Inspire - Mala uses this to inspire her troops with hope and courage to face even the most terrible odds should the need arise and possibly even make them slightly more resistant to injury in some cases.


Blaster Master - Mala has been training with blasters since she was a child and as such is an expert marksman.

One shrewd negotiator - Mala is not only a top Bounty Hunter, but she is also a damn good businesswoman, buying and selling items to those that want what she can offer. She could sell wood to an Ewok.


Single Blue Lightsaber

Duel wield DE-10 blaster pistols

A modified Z -6 Blaster made to hold 2000 rounds rather than the usual 1500

Mala leads The Shadow Company an elite force of Mercenaries, guns for hire and Ex soldiers. The main force is comprised of the Infantry. However..

There are also the Juggernauts, the "Heavy Hitters" of Shadow Company.

Heavy battle capable of withstanding smaller blaster fire and small explosions these units are more or less walking tanks. The two mounted modified Z -6 Blasters make short work of anything their path. One alone can take out a small group. Now just imagine a small army of them.

The Shadow Company from time to time use Mechs for when they need to make a point.

They have 30 of them

A small transport Gunship


These make up the main fleet for The Shadow Company. Massive ships that are great combination of Offence and Defence.

They have 20 of these.

The Helix

Shadow company's Capital ship.

Tactics- 7
Force/Special power- 6
Martial Skill- 10
Influence- 6
Piloting skill- 6
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