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Fandom Star Wars Scenes: Youthful Force [Closed]

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Ben Solo – Takodana - 10

The planet was hot, green, and full of strange stalls and stranger people. For Ben Solo, this wasn’t unusual, and the dark-haired boy with the prominent ears looked around, curiosity masked behind an irked frown as he followed in the shadow of his father and the even larger Chewbacca who was there to visit with Maz Kanata. The grump of a boy had his arms folded across his chest as he strolled behind them, something his father did notice.

“Lighten up, kid,” he said, glancing back and down at him, “I can practically feel your annoyance.”

‘Good.’ He thought, but didn’t say.

“I thought you wanted to come along?”

“I did,” Ben stated, glancing at the castle they were heading towards, “but I thought I’d get to go exploring.” He never got to explore. “You said I could.”

“I said you could in the castle, not out here. Your mom would kill me.”

Leia was overprotective, of course. Ben would be a great kid to kidnap. He’d be worth millions of credits. Even not considering that, Leia still had countless enemies, and Han Solo had even more. “The castle’s fun.”

Ben rolled his eyes, and continued to sulk all the way to the castle, and inside it even as he took a seat initially by his father to spite him by not wandering around but hanging by his hip, making it awkward when Han’s clients showed up to talk, and he kept giving them The Stare every bored child had mastered.

“Gimme a second,” Han finally broke the meeting up, put a hand on Ben's back, and led him away and around a corner. He stooped down to his level, and held up a finger, “Okay kid,” he said, “if I let you go wandering outside, you promise me your mom never finds out. Deal?”

Ben’s eyes lit up, before they narrowed, “What’s the catch?”

“What—there’s no catch. You know, besides don’t go getting yourself kidnapped,” Han said, “I don’t think I can hide that, even if I do get you back.”

“I’m not going to get kidnapped, I have the Force.” Not to mention he didn't really stand out. Han didn't have him wearing his Alderaanian clothes, just some beige and brown tunic and slack mix. Boring. Blended in. His dark hair wasn't even braided, just put back in a bun, although it was long enough for braids since it went beyond his shoulders when it was loose.

“Yeah that’s what worries me sometimes,” Han sighed, but didn’t elaborate. He never did, and Ben always felt that disconnect whenever The Force was brought up. It was a force between them, something Han clearly had mixed feelings about, and very few of them felt positive when he addressed Ben about it, and Ben had no idea why. “Oh, and maybe you could go find some wires for the power converter?” Ben groaned. There was the catch. And the distraction. “What? I’ll give you enough credits for it, and more so you can have some fun. What do you say?”

Ben frowned, but put his hand out, “Fine.” He might just talk his way into getting the wires for free. Maybe Han would approve of that use of the Force? He always prided himself on talking his way out of situations, even if Ben was pretty certain he talked himself into more corners than anything else.

The credits were exchanged, and Ben went running off – unaware that when Han returned to his own negotiations, he asked Chewie to go follow at a distance. No, Ben was enthused about this freedom, and hurried through the stalls of Takodana outside the castle, seeking out the wires he needed so he could have some fun with browsing and mingling on his own terms.

Of course, he wasn’t used to navigating marketplaces, let alone chaotic ones where just about anyone could lay down a table and sell whatever they wanted. Takodana’s lawlessness was infamous, after all. He was quickly lost in the mess of it all (not that he ever lost sight of the castle, of course), and found all sorts of strange things he couldn’t let himself linger at, because he had a mission first.

He wanted to ask someone, yet didn’t, at the same time. That streak of needing to find it manifested in him not asking an adult, but recognizing another child in the crowd, he approached her, “Hello,” he sounded formal. Stiff. He didn’t like it. Why did he always revert to that? ‘Leia.’ “Uh—” well now he was uncertain, darn it! “—are you from here?”

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Zephyr Melchan - Takodana - 7

While she always knew that it was easy to get lost in the twisting marketplaces of Takodana, Zephyr had practically grown up in the musty environment. It was partly her fault, of course, that the vendors were always shifting around. He shenanigans in the past had proved just how stealthy she could be. She had practically made a living out of stealing and reselling what she stole weeks later. The girl was a master.

Living as a thief was tricky, but she got the handle of it very quickly. Such as now:

She slipped through the many pairs of feet strolling the market and ran up to the only meiloorun vender in the square and ducked behind a couple of the boxes. These fruits only lasted a week or two once picked, so she wouldn’t be able to sell them back. Instead, she was going to eat.

The girl stuffed a couple of the fruits in her side bag and ducked out from behind the stall, rushing into the crowd so she couldn’t be followed if she was seen. Zeph then went to where her family had been hiding. They were on the edge of the forest, living with a group of people who had no homes.

“Father, father!” she yelled, looking for her dad in the mass of people.

“Z! There you are! Don’t go running off again,” her father, Sel Melchan, cried, standing up to point himself out.

“I got food for us! We can eat tonight, I promise."

“How many times have I told you not to steal? We can get food on our own once we get the money. I know that I’ll be hired soon by the Imperials, we just have to wait,” Sel scolded her, placing a hand on the girl’s shoulder.

Zeph whined in protest, but in the end, she knew he was right. She just placed the bag down where she and her father were camping out. It was only a temporary situation, he always said, but it never helped.

The girl just scampered back off into the crowds, but this time, her eyes met someone’s. Someone young, like her!

And he was approaching her.

As she listened to his words, Zephyr lit up.

“My name is Zephyr, but you can call me Zeph if you want! I live around here. Want a tour? I know everything to know about this place, from top to bottom, right to left, and so on!” She gave the boy a smile and pointed with her thumb right to her heart, feeling as confident as ever.

Great start.


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Ben Solo was a bit surprised at her immediate talkative – and helpful! – nature. ‘Zephyr.’ Or Zeph, if he wanted. It was a lot shorter to say that, but the informality made him wonder for a few moments. Then again, what should he expect on Takodana? Everyone was informal here. This wasn’t like one of his mom’s senate meetings.

“I’m Ben,” he introduced himself. There wasn’t much of a way to shorten Ben. His tone was a bit cautious, but not unfriendly. He couldn’t quite match her smile, but curiosity still glimmered in his dark eyes at her friendliness and immediate willingness to help him out – for no apparent cost, with no apparent catch.

That didn’t mean there wasn’t one. This was Takodana. He knew the kind of people around here, even if Maz was nice, Maz was still a pirate. “I do want a tour, I’m not from here, I’m from Chandrila,” kind of. That was a long story. He traveled so much, sometimes he wondered if he was from anywhere.

His mom probably felt the same.

His father just accepted being a spacer.

Either way, Ben wanted to see what was around, “but I need to find some starship wires first,” he needed to get that out of the way, after all. Then he could enjoy the market. “Can you help me find that? I can even pay.”

Considering he planned to ‘haggle’ for the wires by using the Force, it was only fair he paid a little to her for showing him the way, right? Besides, he was still certain there was a catch somewhere. This ought to help mitigate that, or make his payment the ‘catch’, without it being something sneaky.

Then again, she was just a kid like him.

Maybe there really wouldn’t be a catch.

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Zephyr's eyes lit up when she heard that the boy was from off-world. She had never met an off-worlder before, but he certainly fit in with the dress code here. If he hadn't spoken, she would have never known the difference. His tone was too formal to be from Takodana.

She was a ruffian. A ruffian with a dream.

And that dream was to make her father proud.

Her father would be proud if she helped someone in need.

This boy was in need.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Ben! I'd be happy to help you out. I know exactly where the spare parts stall is and you don't even have to pay up a dime! Keep the money for yourself." Zeph gave a bright smile, happier than anything to be helping this boy.

Ben seemed too hesitant, so she tried to be really friendly to show that she just wanted to help.

Zephyr ran off to find the spare parts stall that she'd seen in the past, and returned a couple of moments later with some very stolen starship wires. She held them out in her hand to the boy with a grin.

"Toldja I could get them!"


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Ben was surprised that Zeph would help him for free, and suspected there was still some sort of trick going on, but he nodded. He’d save his credits, then. Yet then, she suddenly ran off – “H-hey!” and of course, he ran after her, a bit irked by her decision to go running without telling him.

He wove through the crowds, not as easily, but he still managed, and caught up to the area she’d paused in, just in time to see her nick the wires from a stall. He frowned a bit at it, ‘Like you weren’t going to do the very same thing.’ That wasn’t completely false, but he planned to do it so that the guy knew the wires were missing, he just…conveniently chose to give them to Ben at a steep discount.

He probably shouldn’t encourage this.

He took the wires, “You know you shouldn’t steal,” he pointed out, and despite his original plans, his need to be a Good Example and not encourage people to be like his father won over. It was one thing when he did it, another, apparently, when someone else did it.

So he walked over to the stall, as if he’d just been browsing himself, and held up the wires, “Excuse me – how much are these?” they were at least the right wires he needed, although so far as Ben knew, wires didn’t change that much between place to place on a starship.

The merchant looked down at him, “Eh, those? 16 credits.” Which Ben had ready access to, so in spite of not planning to part with them earlier, he did take out the credit chip now to pay the guy and get this over with properly.

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Zephyr huffed when Ben told her that stealing wasn't right. Yeah, sure, she knew it wasn't, but that didn't mean it was going to stop her. Her mouth fell wide open when he asked how much they were.

She'd spared him some credits, and he just wanted to be a goody-two-shoes? At least she was trying to be nice. Nice people on Takodana were a rarity. They never appeared in any setting. Zeph decided to make his life infinitely harder as she disappeared into the large crowd of people.

If he truly wanted her help, then he would have to accept that being an honest person wasn't an option unless you were stuck working in Maz's castle, which she did at times. There were some points where she needed the credits, so she helped Maz keep the castle clean enough for the new guests. She was a really hard worker when she wanted to be.

When Zephyr wasn't working in the castle, she was a dishonest thief.

That was that.

She stayed within visual range of Ben, from where she could see him but he couldn't see her. If he came looking for her, then maybe she would decide to help him out again.

It was up to him on the matter.


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Ben finished paying for the wires, and he shoved them into his pocket when it was done. He glanced around for Zeph, but saw no sign of her. ‘Huh. Did she get scared?’ That seemed the only rational thing to Ben. She must have been afraid he’d turn her in, or that she’d be caught as the one who stole them. Of course, he hadn’t snitched on her.

He frowned a bit as skimming the crowd gave him no sign of her, but a sign of Chewbacca. It was hard to hide a wookiee in a crowd, although Chewie had managed it up to that point, and was still pretending not to be following, looking invested in something at a stall, trying to hide his presence in the shade of the overhang.

Ben just sighed.

No, of course his dad didn’t trust him.

Well, while Chewie was busy, and since he couldn’t locate Zephyr, he supposed now was as good a time as any to escape Chewie and try to get his own tour of this market without anyone to annoy him. So, he quickly darted through the crowd, and towards what he thought would be one end of the outside market, hoping to go from one side to the other and see it all! Or, at least, as much as possible.

The problem was that the ends of the market weren’t exactly the best place anyone should be roaming alone, let alone the son of a smuggler and a princess. Ben found the market goods to also be a bit more questionable as he perused them, noting a decent portion seemed to be small, live animals that were probably illegal to be selling, and the other things seemed to be…well, someone could say medicinal, but ben at least knew what drugs were.

However, all of that left his head as his attention was drawn to a stall with a broken lightsaber, and he went right up to it and picked it up.

“Hey! Watch it kid, that’s a rare artifact! Fragile!”

“Broken,” Ben said, frowning, “the kyber’s gone.”

“Kyb—you know lightsabers, kid?”

Ben nodded, turning over the Inquisitor blade in his hand before setting it back down, “How much?”

“How do you know lightsabers?”


This was the wrong kind of attention, wasn’t it? He lifted his hand, “You will forget I know anything about lightsabers.” Luke said it was that easy. Well, that easy, with some focus, but he didn’t have any training besides a few things his mom showed him.

It wasn’t enough. The merchant chuckled, “Cute. You think…wait a minute, you are a little Jedi, aren’t you? Yeah, you’re Leia’s son, Luke’s sister, so—so you got it, too?”

“Uh—no?” that wasn’t very convincing. He tried to turn away but the man left his stall and grabbed his arm.

“Wait, don’t go, you can help me with some other things I have around here,” his grip was almost painfully tight on Ben’s arm. “Just come to the back with me, yeah? Then I’ll let you take that for free.”

Ben knew that was not a good idea.

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