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Fandom Star Wars, Riverdale and More! Fandom Search (Canon x OC)

Sub Genres
Star Wars, Supernatural

a little bit squirrely

Argues with Squirrels
Looking for any of the following, canon x oc, multi-character/doubling is preferred. Detailed/Lax writing. Normally mxf pairings but there are a few exceptions, specifically Ahsoka from Star Wars. I ship her with anybody.
who I'm looking for you to play is mentioned, as is my confidence with all main group canons. Don't let my character ask deter you, ask anyway we can work it out!
I tend to post multiple paragraphs one or two times a week unless I have an abundance of free time or we're shooting things off really fast. I can post multiple times in a day, especially if it's a weekend or I am off work.


(Preferably Clone Wars/Prequel era, but I can probably do the sequel trilogy.
Looking for Anakin, can 99% play any of the main people for you. Please let me play Ahsoka.
I haven't watched the original trilogy movies enough to be able to play anyone. I am briefly familiar with Rebels, I'm working on watching all of it. Let's cross over with Doctor Who!)

Percy Jackson/Rick Riordan-verse
(I am caught up with everything this guy has written. Mostly interested in PJO/HoO and ToA, but I'm familiar with everything.
Looking for Percy, am confident with everyone.)

Riverdale/Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
(Again, familiar with both shows and caught up. Looking for Archie, Let's cross over!
Fairly confident with any canons.)

Vampire Diaries/The Originals/Legacies
(seen it all, confident with canons.)

Teen Wolf
(seen it all, confident with canons)

Wynonna Earp
(Love this show. Let me play Wynonna, confident with anyone let's crossover with TVD, Teen Wolf, Lucifer, Buffy or Supernatural!)

ask me about other stuff. my fandom list is LONG.
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Are you okay? BUSTER WOLF!
I've been looking for a Star Wars RP and I will gladly play Anakin Skywalker for you if you can play Zam Wesell for me. Also, could you PM me?

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