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Fandom Star Wars: Revival on Korriban

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Action, Star Wars

Kurupt Khaos

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Revan had returned to the Light side and destroyed the Sith. A glorious moment for the galaxy. Finally, peace would be on the way! The war will end and the troops would be able to return home! That's what foolish people all throughout the universe thought. They couldn't have been more wrong if they tried. In fact, the fire of the Sith's rage burned and bubbled under the surface like never before. Whilst the Republic enjoyed a grace period, the Sith moved quickly, abducting a great many children in the night. They slaughtered families and caused chaos on distant worlds. You were a victim of the Sith's anger. Stolen from your home and your family killed before your very eyes, you were dragged to a ship and soon landed in Korriban. Once a child, you are now a teenager, having grown within the Sith Order. As part of new generation made to cleave the universe asunder and claim it for the Dark side once more. Perhaps, we should learn a bit more about you first.

What is your name?
1) Val Halcard
2) Kham Harend
3) Ailyn Madon
4) Jynna Javand
5) Write-In/Other/Re-generate for name based on species chosen

What species are you?
1) Duros
2) Bith
3) Rodian
4) Twi'lek
5) Zabrak
6) Human

What gender are you?
1) Male
2) Female
3) Write-In

You truly hold hate in your heart, but who for?
1) The Sith. They killed my family and tried to create a monster. Unfortunately, that same monster will destroy them.
2) The Republic. They do not save lives. They waste them. They are too weak to even protect children from being taken in the night. The strength of the Sith is the only way to a lasting galaxy.


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4) Jynna Javand
5) Zabrak
2) Female
1) The Sith. They killed my family and tried to create a monster. Unfortunately, that same monster will destroy them.

Kurupt Khaos

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Let's talk about your potential masters. Jynna Javand.

As the Sith currently stands there are three heads of the academy, Sith Lord Duar, Sith Assassin Ignus, and Sith Marauder Ket Zualia. Sith Master Duar is the most senior of the trio. He operated a Sith academy on a separate planet while the Sith were under the rule of Revan, once aspiring to overthrow them and become the new lord of the dark side. After their defeat, Duar returned to Korriban to take what he saw as his rightful place as Sith Lord. Unfortuntately for him, he came into conflict with two other worthy sith lords. Sith Lord Duar is known for being one of the most potent Force users of the the current era. Now, in his twlight years, he looks to finally raise apprentices.

Sith Assassin Ignus is a middle aged Twi'lek woman. Perhaps the most versatile of the trio, she is eerily peaceful for a Sith. Despite such unnerving inner peace, the dark side radiates from her more potently than any other to come before. It is believed that she is behind the Sith's mass kidnapping and subsequent training of children from across the galaxy. The mastermind behind the Korriban revival, she seems content to simply watch over the affairs of the academy, though a student or two may go missing upon a request to meet with her.

The final member of the trio is Ket Zualia or the Mad Kath Hound of the Sith. Far more than the other two, he enjoys battle with a near unquenchable thirst. Wielding two burning red lightsabers, Ket always takes to the field personally with his troops and controls from within the battlefield. While his abilities with the force may seem menial, his martial might and battle prowess is double that of his compatriots. The most dangerous in close quarters and in the field of mind games. Ket has a group of students that he trains under his banner, who fight with unnatural fervor and eagerness known simple as the Brigade Hounds.

1) Sith Lord Duar - You are incredibly gifted when it comes to the Force. Only Master Duar had the knowledge to teach you the full extent of your powers. Your martial skills are lacking.
2) Sith Assassin Ignus - You are decent with Force and blade. Ignus spotted you as a diamond in the rough that she could chisel to diamond. Balance between Force skills and lightsaber skills.
3) Sith Marauder Ket Zualia - Ket noticed from the very moment you stepped in that you had great martial potential and (even better than that for him) you could go much further under his tutelage. He would let no other have you. You would be in his Hounds no matter what. Your combat abilities will be great, but your Force abilities will be lesser.

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