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Fandom STAR WARS: Resurgence OOC Chat

hey guys! this is the ooc thread for star wars resurgence. be respectful to each other!
Here's the link to the Discord server. As I said, joining isn't required, but I do recommend it just for further OOC purposes.
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here's the character sheet thread. be warned, i'm really bad at making character sheet templates!!! if you guys wanna wait a little bit, i'm almost finished with rey's, so you can get a better look on what i mean if you want. or you can just go for it.


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I have a couple force sensitive characters who live rent free in my head. I typically write them as Clone Wars era since that's my favorite time period but they can be changed easily enough. Sticking characters in new settings is always fun. One is an Anomid girl who's all about kindness and utilizing connections between people to strengthen the Force. The other is a Tusken boy who has a utilitarian view of the Force and struggles with control and the old Order's view on non-attachment and emotion suppression.
I've had a few ideas on how to start the rp and when exactly after Rise of Skywalker it would be. The first idea I had could work with your Tusken character, where it's directly after, and Rey is still on Tatooine. Anomids look sick though.
Of course it's all up to you really! I plan on Rey changing a lot of the fundamentals of her sort of "newer Jedi" to avoid what happened to the others. Attachments and emotional suppression would probably be two of the big changes when it comes to that.


cursed with ideas
I'm fine with either really! If I had to pick I'd lean toward the Tusken since I think some of their viewpoints could be interesting to drop on Rey, and also honestly he'd probably be more useful if we encounter bounty hunters and such haha
Though if you don't mind people doubling up on characters I could bring them both in eventually
I don't really mind doubling! I'm actually making another character so I don't have to focus on just Rey. He's a like hyperspace lane charter who used to work for the New Republic before they were destroyed, and now does freelance work for shipping companies and people who need trade routes.


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Nice! I'll just work on the one guy for now and wait to see if we'd like more non-force people running around. I've got an idea for an Ubese (because I can't stop making characters with masks apparently) underworld type person I can bring in if we need


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I have made... a lot of them in my time on this earth lmao
Looking through resource threads in the BBCode center gets me a lot of ideas on what to include and also nice code to display things in since I don't have that talent myself P:
bbcode has always been something i wanted to get into, but i stopped rping on here a while ago. it's like i don't even know where to begin lol
but yours looks really good!! i liked the aesthetic a lot and it fits the character really well from what i've seen so far
but anyways when everyone gets their sheet posted we can talk about ideas on where we want to start. like i said before i have a few ideas, but it's good to coordinate things


cursed with ideas
Your character sheets are totally fine btw. They give a good idea of who the person is without being like, a biography
okay! so i'm thinking i'll have rey start on tatooine during the ending scene of rise of skywalker--as for my togruta character, i'll probably put him on a planet like kessel or another trade world. if you guys have any ideas make sure to lmk otherwise i'll start writing a first post soon


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the only thing on my end is that my character would probably need some external factors to get her involved in things, her bio ends with her more or less in a resistance prison, so if somebody could arrange for her to be released to go do something or go pick her up or something that would be cool.


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well as a Sith Eternal stormtrooper she would probably have value to some private entities. Maybe my bounty hunter could come pick her up?
finally!!! sorry it took so long!!!


cursed with ideas
Hey guys, sorry work has been kicking my butt. I'm going to work on this tomorrow

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