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Fandom STAR WARS: Resurgence Character Sheet Page

Home Planet:
Weapons/things that they always carry:
Who do they side with?:


Skin Color:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Dressing Style:
Other Descriptions on Looks:


Flaws (physical or mental):
Force Sensitive: (yes or no)

Other information on character:


I'm bad at character sheets, sorry!!!!!! as long as you have the basic information, i really don't care what you do. you can make it longer or as basic as you want, format it differently, as long as we know what your character is!

also if i miss anything make sure to let me know. i'm still sort of new to this kind of rp (i haven't done it in, like, over a year) so i'm very rusty

Rey Skywalker

20 years



Home Planet:


  • 4a04156878c924065bd945d73bf8a9fc.jpg
    A yellow-bladed lightsaber, indicating her interest in Jedi-related scholary pursuits and interest in other hobbies. It was constructed on Ajan Kloss out of parts from her quarterstaff.


After her parents left her on the desert planet of Jakku, Rey went her entire life waiting for them to return for her. She became a lone scavenger girl, working tirelessly each day for food from the local junk boss, until the First Order came. She was soon swept away in the war waged between the Resistance and First Order.

She went on to become one of the prominent fighters in the Resistance, alongside Poe Dameron and Finn, realizing her Force sensitivity when she came across the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker.

Soon after following the map to Luke Skywalker, she became a Jedi, training under both Luke and Leia to do so. She was already a prodigy due to the Force Dyad between her and Kylo Ren, also known as Ben Solo; it allowed her to use parts of Ben's training for her own.

A warning in the form of a transmission was picked up by the Resistance. It stated that Palpatine had finally returned, and was ready to take back what was his. Rey soon discovered that her father, a genetic clone of Darth Sidious, and mother were both killed by Palpatine.
Both Kylo Ren and Rey had found their way to Exegol, where a massive battle between the Resistance and Final Order raged on. On the ancient Sith planet below, Palpatine commanded the Final Order, beckoning Rey and Kylo to come before him so he could dispose of or use them to his will, depending on what became of the situation.

Rey and Ben both renounced the Dark Side, the former of which sacrificing her own life to destroy Sidious once and for all. Ben, having returned to the light, brought Rey back to life, but in turn perished, ending the Skywalker bloodline.

Rey refused her heritage as a Palpatine, took the last name "Skywalker" to honor them and continue their memory through her. She now seeks to restore the Jedi in a new light; building it from the ground up, and carefully avoiding the mistakes of the past.

Aligned Faction(s):
Resistance, Jedi


  • rey1-jpg.921236

Skin Color:

Hair Color:
Darker Brown

Eye Color:

Dressing Style:
Normally robes of a lighter color and weight to assist in her flexible, more acrobatic nature. Rey is usually seen with her hair tied up, braided, or put into buns of various fashions.

Rey has an average voice, speaking with a Coruscanti (British) accent despite growing up on the backwater world of Jakku.

As both a Jedi and former poor scavenger, Rey has learned to be a kind, patient, person, and is not one to often give into her emotions.

Rey's current goals are fitting in with her new life following the First Order's near-defeat and attempting to rebuild the Jedi. Though, she acknowledges the Jedi of the pasts' mistakes, and intends on avoiding them, going so far as to establish a new Order from the ground up.

Despite being a prodigy of the Force, an experienced scavenger, and more, Rey still lacks a lot of knowledge about the Galaxy. She survived on her own on the backwater world of Jakku for nearly twenty years, and only recently has been able to travel with the Resistance.

She is also not very physically strong, though she makes up for this with acrobatics and the Force.

Force Sensitive:
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Alarmed and Strangerous
Name: KA673321
Age: 18
Gender: female
Species: human
Home Planet: Exegol
Weapons/things that they always carry: Literally nothing

While the battle of Exegol raged, deep below the planet's surface a second army slept. While the Sith Eternal had been arrogant, even they expected to suffer casulties in their conquest of the galaxy, especially among their ground troops. To ensure they would have a steady supply of battle ready soliders, the Sith Eternal trained many more times the soldiers than were fielded on Exegol, keeping the excess in a kind of cryo stasis to ensure they would always be ready for deployment. Taking from their parents among the sith cult, these children were trained and conditioned from birth to be the perfect soldiers: aggressive and adaptable yet unquestioningly loyal and obedient. Even while frozen, the training of these soldiers continued as advanced thought conditioning protocols manipulated their dreams into training exercises and technical instruction while medical technology kept their muscles from atrophying.

Due to the cult's heavy reliance on technology this process was largely automated and even after the Sith's defeat at Exegol these systems continued functioning unbeknownst to everyone, sharpening the instincts and training of its charges to an ever sharper points. Eventually though time began to take its toll on the automated systems if Exegol. With no one to maintain them, generators, power relays and other vital substructures began to fail. To conserve its limited energy the system began rerouting power away from the stasis pods it deemed as less essential: those cadets who underperformed, or hesitated or contemplated anything remotely like disloyalty within their dream training had their life support systems shut down and died in their sleep: the very structures that were supposed to sustain them becoming their coffins. Over time as more and more machinery began to fail more and more pods had to be switched off; eventually there were no more incompetent cadets left and the systems were forced to preserve only the best, most promising cadets, then even these elite prospects were winnowed down to a handful of the best of the best. Then, finally, at the very end of the systems limited ability to sustain itself, there was only one stasis pod still active, the last soldier of a dead army that had never fought.

This was the state of the Final Order reserves when the Resistance sent a survey force back to Exegol to ensure it was empty of hostiles and dangerous technology. This survey team found a mausoleum: a mass tomb filled with rows upon rows of dead reserve soldiers and one, barely functioning pod and within it, a single, teenage soldier: trooper KA673321. KA673321's first contact with the resistance degraded almost instantly into violence as her training and instincts kicked in she was able to seriously injure three, armed, fully grown surveyors before finally being subdued by a stun bolt and taken into captivity. When KA673321 awoke the survey team attempted to explain to her where and when she was and the state of the galaxy. KA673321 disbelieved all of this, suspecting some kind of dirty, rebel trick until the team took her to the surface of Exegol, showing her the decaying wreckage of the Final Order fleet.

Nothing in KA673321's endless training had prepared her for this possibility, how could it? for even the high ranking officers who had established the parameters of her regime to even conceive of it would have been treason of the highest degree. KA673321 had been raised from birth to understand her role and to carry it perfectly and unthinkingly, she was to be a weapon, a killing machine in service to the greatest empire in history as it conquered the entire galaxy. Instead, that empire had been defeated utterly in its first real battle, while KA673321 slept. KA673321 broke, everything that she had ever understood to be true about the universe had been proven false, everything she had conceived of as possible was now impossible and everything she had believed to be impossible was now immutable fact and it had happened overnight from her perspective. KA673321 lapsed into a frozen stupor, a kind of waking coma as her mind desperately tried to process everything she had learned. With KA673321 in this compliant, barely responsive state, the survey team took the teenager back with them where she was placed in the custody of a Resistance facility while they puzzled out what, if anything to do with the sleeping soldier.

For some time now KA673321 has remained a prisoner, more of her own state of confusion than the medium security detention centre she is being held in. What is she supposed to be doing right now? What is her purpose not that the empire she was supposed to serve is gone? KA673321 cannot answer these questions right now let alone begin to conceive of something beyond them. To make matters worse KA673321 has begun to hear and see things that aren't there, sometimes she thinks she can hear the guards or other prisoners speaking only to realize later the voices were inside her head and while she sleeps she has begun having strange dreams. KA673321 assumes that her mind, so far out of its element, is finally collapsing into full blown insanity, a possibility she feels nothing but apathy towards. After all from KA673321's perspective the rest of the world has already gone mad, she might as well join them.

Who do they side with?: neutral

Occupation: detainee


(picture WIP)

Skin Color: Extremely pale, KA673321 has never experienced more than a few hours of natural sunlight
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Dressing Style: whatever she is told to wear, currently a standard issue prison jumpsuit
Other Descriptions on Looks: KA673321 is in near peak physical condition, her health having been maintained first by her medical stasis and then in prison by a self imposed regime of physical training to stave off boredom, she has an extremely athletic build.


Voice: A clinical version of standard Coruscant speech derived from long decades of military training by sith officers, KA673321 speaks very, very little these days and when she does usually evinces a flat affect with vary little emotion, giving her an almost robotic speech pattern.
Personality/Attitude: Confused and detached, KA673321 feels adrift in a world that no longer has a place for her. She has no idea what she should be trying to do, who she should be listening to or what she should try to be and no real tools for finding the answers to these questions, any sense of curiosity, independence and agency have long been buried under decades of training and indoctrination. Unearthing these instincts would be a long, slow journey
Flaws (physical or mental): KA673321 has very little understanding of the galaxy at large, everything she has ever been taught came through the skewed lens of Sith Eternal indoctrination. More pressingly, KA673321 has almost no sense of motivations or agency, she doesn't feel particularly inclined to do anything and could be swayed in almost any direction depending on who manages to make it past her emotional barriers.
Force Sensitive: yes

Other information on character:
KA673321 was trained almost from birth to be an elite soldier, after her basic training as a child she was put into stasis and further trained through thought altering protocols, over time she has developed a wide range of proficiency and honed them to a high degree of competence. Skills like marksmanship, small unit tactics hand to hand combat and handling explosives have been ingrained in KA673321 almost to the point of instinct.


cursed with ideas

"The tribes spread far, distant from each other, but all as Sand People, and all cherished the land that remained."―Translated segment of Tusken history
basic information
Kohvee Arur'ukr
fourteen (14)
Ghorfa (Tusken Raider)
home planet
force sensitive


Dresses in layered and rough fabrics of varying shades of tan in the manner of your average Tatooine resident. He has drifted away from the distinctive garb of the Tusken Raiders to attempt to blend in with the human inhabitants, but still wears wraps under his clothing along with his vocoder mask and goggles to ensure there is no exposed part of him. Typically wearing a wrap style shirt with a hood, knee length pants, and a darker toned multi-pocketed vest.
Rough and inarticulate making Galatic basic essentially impossible, utilizes a vocoder mask to speak in an even-toned voice with a mild Outer Rim accent

Kohvee is a chronically curious individual, always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong and asking questions people might not be happy to have been asked. Contrarian. Loves to be right and refuses to back down in an argument.

Fast learner, good with animals, great shot, adept at sneaking in places

Sense of self-preservation is quite low, doesn't understand politics, can't read, easily frustrated
Before the age of 12, Kohvee's life was unremarkable. He grew up the same as any other Tusken child in his tribe. Learning the ways of a tribe warrior under his mother and father, playing in the desert wastes with the other children, caring for his young bantha, but this stability took a heavy blow when sickness swept through the tribe's bantha herd. It claimed many of their lives, including Kohvee's own young bull. The loss was irrecoverable for the tribe, which dissolved under the loss.

It was then that Kohvee started to take interest of things outside the sheltered world of the tribe. He began to observe with great interest the activities of the outlanders. He had been taught they were an irredeemable evil scourge upon the land, but as he saw it, they didn't seem all that different at their core. Kohvee's curiosity eventually worked up enough for him to try to interact with the outlanders where he quickly learned that to be able to do so in any effectiveness he would have to disguise what he was. He changed his appearance, bartered for a vocoder, and then a new world opened to him.

Kohvee found himself overwhelmed with the volume of new things to learn and see among the outlanders. He made it his mission in life to learn as much as possible about how the rest of the world works, and in the two years since the tribe's tragedy he managed to integrate himself into the outlander community as much as could be expected for a 14 year old going through life on their own, known for being a minor information broker.

He is as of yet unaware of his sensitivity to the Force, and has no knowledge of the Jedi, legend or otherwise.
any fruit, wind instruments, poetry, logic puzzles, arguing
being wrong, seeing injustice, cold, snakes
Cycler rifle, vocoder mask

Other: Due to his history of sneaking around where he's not meant to be, he's unconsciously but highly talented at shielding his Force signature
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Down bad
Roleplay Type(s)

;; dalton

Dalton Molbren​

▹ general
Age: 40
Gender: Cismale
Species: Human
Home Planet: Coruscant
Weapons/things that they always carry: SE-14r blaster

▹ bio
Backstory: Dalton Molbern was raised as part of a Resistance cell operated by his parents in the Galactic Core as the First Order encroached on the galaxy. His parents were assassinated by the First Order during a mission to integrate the local Resistance cells and New Republic remnants to restore the Republic. Knowing that any exposure with other cells would be dangerous, Dalton took charge and ran sabotaging and infiltration ops on First Order targets to varying degrees of success. However, it was enough to unite the other cells in the Core to his cause and launch offensives against the First Order retaking vital systems like Kuat and his homeworld Coruscant.

When the First Order fell at Exegol, the New Republic was reformed albeit in a limited capacity. With control over the inner core and colonies, the New Republic had reinstated its military capabilities.

Dalton had played a role in modernizing the New Republic fleet, working with Kuat Drive Yards to make new ships and create new naval doctrine.

He was then named admiral of the 2nd New Republic Fleet responsible for guarding the Kuat Sector.

Who do they side with?: New Republic

Occupation: Fleet Admiral


Skin Color: Fair
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Dressing Style: New Republic Dress Uniform | Naval Unifrom
Other Descriptions on Looks: Standing at 6' and with good posture, Dalton always likes to display a commanding presence and wants people to understand that he's worth the attention he should be given. He always has a wide grin for appearance's sake but also has a noticeable twitch when irritated.


Personality/Attitude: Dalton's demeanor comes from a place of privilege and self-importance. Grown-up in the core worlds left him to be an opportunist. He feels as though people should look up to him and he should jump at every chance to prove why he is so magnanimous. He hates being proven wrong and is known to get passive-aggressive on more than one account.

Flaws (physical or mental): Dalton is known to have a Napoleon Complex, stemming from the fact that he was always in the shadow of his parents who were apt tacticians. While he likes to credit himself for creating the united front against the First Order in the Core and modernizing the New Republic fleet. While his role was substantial depending on who you ask, Dalton was never at the forefront of any significant event in his career.

Force Sensitive: no

Other information on character: Despite his social behavior, Dalton is competent in naval warfare and strategy and is reliable in any given military situation.

coded by reveriee.
Cress't Sunni

27 years



Home Planet:


  • Cress usually keeps a leather satchel with him to carry various items that help with hyperspace lane charting and other navigational tasks. Many items he carries on his person is stored in here, such as:
    • A datapad used for charting/mapping areas.
    • A datapad used for journaling.
    • Ammunition for his blaster pistol.
    • Various survival tools—gauze, a small knife, etc.
    • Credits he's made on various jobs across the galaxy.


Born on the Togrutan homeworld of Shili, Cress't Sunni's childhood and early adolescence was standard, albeit unremarkable for most children of his species. He had an average education, partook in the various Togruta traditions and worships, but longed to separate himself from his home and travel the galaxy. Doing the same thing over and over for nearly nineteen years had begun to wear the young man down, but finally Republic recruitment season came along.

The New Republic visited Shili, and sending those among their ranks that were willing to waste their days on a population united by togetherness, in an attempt to recruit the Togruta people for their cause. Though Mon Mothma and others of the Senate had passed the Military Disarmament Act long ago, they still needed to maintain a steady flow of pilots. Perhaps they sent the recruiters to Shili because they knew they were people bound by tradition and wouldn't leave one another, keeping the numbers low, but whatever the case, Cress't signed up to be a pilot, and was soon accepted.

Though he soon found out that it wasn't all that it was made out to be, as many others had. The young Togruta's days were spent mostly on the ground or out on patrol, and very rarely was he able to actually explore the galaxy as he'd hoped. So he quit. Quit being a pilot, and sought out another venture, another occupation, and found the solitude and freedom he wanted after a few spacers in an old bar on Hosnian Prime gave him an option of hyperspace mapping.

Cress't soon took them up on their offer, training under them for several years. He learned that they worked for the New Republic, learned how to properly fly a ship, learned how to not only travel, but to navigate the stars. And then, after navigating them, charting them down. Cress't practiced for years and discovered his passion in the field. It wasn't one that most people thought of immediately when thinking of working for the New Republic, but it was one of the most necessary, and unfortunately, it was both an incredible opportunity, and a very, very dangerous task.

Although Cress had separated himself from his home planet and his people, he'd still practiced many of their traditions such as surrounding himself with many people, and strove to make friends wherever he went. It did, unfortunately end up painting a target on his back; during one of their mapping runs the First Order attacked their ship. Thankfully they hadn't been in wildspace, which allowed their ship to find its way to a rocky landing on Glee Anslem, but the spacers that he had traveled with for four years were killed in the process. He was the only survivor.

Things did not get better. The Togruta had to use the skills he learned to continue working for the New Republic, but that same year, it was destroyed completely by the First Order's Starkiller Base. Gone in one fell swoop. Hosnian Prime and its sister planets were no more.

Left with not much other than himself and his ship, Cress't made his way through the galaxy via freelance contract work. Shipping companies, smugglers seeking a clean route under the First Order's watchful eye, or worlds that just want safe trade routes established between one another—he'd taken any job he could in order to stay afloat. Now with the First Order's destruction and more and more worlds becoming independent, Cress't is a part of a dying career, and must face that fact sooner than later.

Aligned Faction(s):
New Republic (former), Neutral

Hyperspace Charter. Cress't used to help chart hyperspace lanes on maps under the New Republic, though with their destruction at the hands of the First Order, he's had to seek for new employment. Recently Sunni has taken to freelance work under various shipping companies and smugglers with an extreme case of paranoia. With more worlds seeking to become independent, work will more than likely become scarce.


Skin Color:
Reddish Orange. He has two identical skin pigmentations over his eyes, resembling clouds in structure.

Montral/Head Tail Color:
Sunni has a healthy set of Montrals and Lekku, resembling most Togruta. His Lekku are about average, if not short for his species, only extending for about a foot down his shoulder and back, while his Montrals—the horns at either side of the top of his head—are roughly half of that. They sport a rustic whitish-pink color with dull, green stripes and decorative pigmentation.

Eye Color:
Light Blue

Dressing Style:
The Togruta keeps the appearance of a stereotypical spacer, because that's what he is. Jackets ranging from tan to brown, lighter undershirts, cargo pants, he really doesn't need too much of a fashion sense in his line of work besides what's already been established. And, of course, he always has a satchel filled with various mapping and navigational tools.

His speech and talking patterns are crude and oftentimes rough and flavorless, having taken after the spacers he used to travel with. Cress't's voice is slightly rasped.

Cress't started out as a carefree young man, but having suffered through a great many hardships, his carefree nature has grown into something that could be described as apathetic and bitter. From losing the family he'd made to the First Order, to losing his career with the New Republic on two separate occasions, it's become hard for him to care about many things other than trying to survive. No longer are his goals to travel the galaxy and see as many new things as he can. It's strictly survival and making it to the next day. Maybe it's unhealthy, but it works.

Cress't practiced for four years in wildspace navigation, as well as having an additional two years experience on his own. This has given him a sense of awareness and presence among the stars as well as experience in a pilot's seat. Needless to say he knows his surroundings and how to fly a ship.

All Togruta have the ability of echolocation due to their hollow Montrals and Lekku, and Cress't is no different. Though he hasn't had much need for such an ability, it's still there if the need arises.

Cress't can be described as apathetic and careless when it comes to others, oftentimes only caring about something if there's money to be made. HIs first priority is survival.

When there is something interesting, something new to be seen, curiosity often gets the better of Cress't and he can't help but get a slice of it. After all, the child who wanted to wander the stars is still lurking around beneath the cold exterior, and if the need to see something new overcomes his need to make money, so be it.

He isn't very skilled or experience when it comes to close quarters combat or even in a blasterfight. Conflict has never been in Cress't's nature and very rarely has he gotten into a position where violence has been needed.

Force Sensitive:


average one punch man fan
Name: Carlo Rycar
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Home Planet: Moon of Concord Dawn
Weapons/things that they always carry: Two vibroknives, one karambit, one ka-bar style, a pair of custom assembled blaster pistols, ammo for his blasters.
Backstory: Carlo was born in the Concord Dawn, to a family of Mandalorian refugees. At the tender age of 13, he was essentially press ganged into joining a mercenary crew. He worked with them for most of his teen years, learning how to fight and how to fly. Much of his fighting style was picked up from a quixotic Jedi type (a non force user who adheres to the ways of the Jedi as much as possible) He left the crew at age 20 after losing his right hand in a massive mishap. Using the money he'd made (which was quite a lot) he bought and repaired a heavily damaged U-wing fighter. Since then, he's been working on his own as a bounty hunter. Carlo has also had quite a few close calls with the First Order and occasionally the Resistance, enough that certain people from both factions would probably recognize him on sight.
Who do they side with?: Whoever pays him.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter


Skin Color: Light brown
Hair Color: Golden brown, and kept in cornrows.
Eye Color: Amber
Dressing Style: Eschews regular armor, as it cuts down on his mobility. Instead he dresses as if for cold weather, with a, thick, fur lined coat, heavy pants, and fur lined boots. His boots have attractive devices on them that allow him to run on walls, and his entire outfit is actually designed to dissipate distant blaster bolts.
Other Descriptions on Looks: Missing his right arm, has a custom built prosthesis. Its plated with Beskar to resist blaster bolts, and has a built in grapple gun.


Voice: Imagine Elis from L4D2 minus the southern accent.
Personality/Attitude: Carlo's personality matches his fighting style. Very energetic. Talking helps him relax, and he'll often recount old stories during fights or during other stressful situations. Generally, he's very friendly and polite, not getting mad easily. While his constant chattering may make him seem unintelligent, he's actually quite smart, occasionally bringing up obscure topics that confuse most of his companions. Carlo is also very adaptable, able to quickly react to changes in his situation, whether in battle or out of it.
Flaws (physical or mental): While his mechanical arm is useful, can also be a hindrance. The Beskar plating makes it pretty heavy, and it doesn't have much dexterity. For situations requiring a delicate touch, Carlo is stuck with his left hand. He also doesn't like killing targets if he can avoid it (partially because he gets paid more if they're alive) and will go to great lengths to capture a target, to an almost absurd level.
Force Sensitive: No

Other information on character:
His fighting style is heavily based on mobility and controlling his environment. He's also a bit of a gearhead, developing or modifying most of the equipment that he uses. The U-Wing Carlo uses has been essentially rebuilt from scratch, with heavier weaponry, more powerful engines, and lighter armor.
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