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Fandom Star Wars: Renegade Squadron (Closed)

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Platonic, Romance, Star Wars


Get in the robot Shirou!
No idea why you would think that...

*Cen giving important briefing before mission*

Neva: "OMG are you done yet!? The Emperor is gonna die of old age before you get done talking, Bucket Head! Damn I need a drink now!" *Walks out of briefing*


Get in the robot Shirou!
She would have been really harsh to them in the beginning. Not wanting to get to close to them because of the high fatality rate of A-Wing Pilots. But if they have survived a few mission with her they would be in her "friend category" and she would be extremely protective of them and constantly inviting them to bars to drink with her. birdgeoisie birdgeoisie


leedle creecher
Hmm i think she an milo would definitely be bros then, if thats 👌 with u
Milo has been an a-wing pilot for quite awhile and hasn't blown up yet, so!!

Rusty of Shackleford

Seven Thousand Club
Alright, so High Moon High Moon made me realize that I haven't really dealt with ranks. So, there's Cen, who's the Commander. Under him is Red Two, the Captain ( ONI ONI ) , and then the Ones of the other Groups are Lieutenants.


v tired
she is! Though I doubt a lot of Corellians want to claim her as one of them since she spied/smuggled for a lot of the noble families and didn’t really have loyalty to anyone so she would’ve ended up double crossing quite a few people


Get in the robot Shirou!
The LT in Blue is the youngest person... just like the real military... I'm slightly annoyed by that even though I made Neva's age. Lol.

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