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Fandom Star Wars: Renegade Squadron (Closed)

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Platonic, Romance, Star Wars


Bad Civilization!
No idea why you would think that...

*Cen giving important briefing before mission*

Neva: "OMG are you done yet!? The Emperor is gonna die of old age before you get done talking, Bucket Head! Damn I need a drink now!" *Walks out of briefing*


Bad Civilization!
She would have been really harsh to them in the beginning. Not wanting to get to close to them because of the high fatality rate of A-Wing Pilots. But if they have survived a few mission with her they would be in her "friend category" and she would be extremely protective of them and constantly inviting them to bars to drink with her. @birdgeoisie


New Member
Hmm i think she an milo would definitely be bros then, if thats 👌 with u
Milo has been an a-wing pilot for quite awhile and hasn't blown up yet, so!!

Rusty of Shackleford

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Alright, so @High Moon made me realize that I haven't really dealt with ranks. So, there's Cen, who's the Commander. Under him is Red Two, the Captain (@ONI) , and then the Ones of the other Groups are Lieutenants.


v tired
she is! Though I doubt a lot of Corellians want to claim her as one of them since she spied/smuggled for a lot of the noble families and didn’t really have loyalty to anyone so she would’ve ended up double crossing quite a few people


Bad Civilization!
The LT in Blue is the youngest person... just like the real military... I'm slightly annoyed by that even though I made Neva's age. Lol.

High Moon

The First Pasha of the Triumvirate

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