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Fandom Star Wars: Renegade Squadron (Closed)

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ Friendly, Platonic, Romance, Star Wars

Rusty of Shackleford

Seven Thousand Club
Hello everyone! So I've recently gotten back into Star Wars, and I'm particularly loving the spaceship stuff. Ya know, TIE Fighters, X-Wings, A-Wings, etc. So, my idea is an RP set in the aftermath of Episode V, when the Empire is pressing down on the Rebellion, the latter of which is trying to make a counterattack. Our characters are part of Renegade Squadron, an elite fighter group responsible for crippling Imperial instillations, and doing seemingly impossible missions. This will be pretty grounded, so Force Sensitivity is kept to a minimum (my character is Force Sensitive, but it's so weak that he couldn't even be a Jedi. It gives him a slight edge, but nothing more.) So no Luke Skywalker's, aight? Renegade Squadron is made up of three flight groups with four pilots each: Red Group, Blue Group, and Green Group. I'll go over each Flight Group and their role, as well as the reservations for spots in them. Any unfilled spots will be NPCed until further notice. Romance, friendship, and drama is encouraged, and don't be afraid to work out pre-existing relationships! Anyways, here we go!

Red Group:
Red Group is the main group of Renegade Squadron, made up of X-Wings. The Commander of the entire Squadron is in this Group, and acts as the tip of the spear. This Group is made up of the most experienced pilots, as they are responsible for leading the missions.

Blue Group:
Blue Group is the anti-fighter group, made up of elite A-Wing pilots. Only the most reckless and frankly insane pilots are chosen for Blue Group, and the death rate is quite high due to the A-Wing's design. Whenever TIE Fighters are launched, it's Blue Group's job to cover the rest of the Squadron's flanks, doing hit and run attacks before anyone can react.

Green Group:
Much like it's name, Green Group is where all members of Renegade Squadron start out. This Squadron flies Y-Wings, responsible for taking out key targets. Most members are called "Greenies," though this term is quite affectionate, and the rest of the Squadron is quite protective of them.


Red Group:
Red One (Commander): Reserved for @Rusty of Shackleford
Red Two: ONI ONI
Red Three: Destiny_Dreamer Destiny_Dreamer
Red Four: RayPurchase RayPurchase

Blue Group:
Blue One: Midoria Midoria
Blue Two: birdgeoisie birdgeoisie
Blue Three: geminiy geminiy
Blue Four: rikunobodyxiii rikunobodyxiii

Green Group:
Green One: Reserved for High Moon High Moon
Green Two: Bradchon Bradchon
Green Three: TheTypestitute TheTypestitute
Green Four: Cicada3301 Cicada3301
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Get in the robot Shirou!
Thanks! I'll be playing a Star Wars Version of Revy from Black Lagoon basically lol. So lots of anger, disgruntlness, and death sticks.


"Always Vigilant."
"Red Four standing by."

I feel like playing a SpecForce soldier filling in as a qualified pilot since the Rebels are always undermanned.

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