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Fandom Star Wars Male OC x Male Canon Character RP (Oc's welcome too) LGBT Centered Romance ~Open perminately~

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Magic Eight Ball
Hi Everyone!

First off this is an 18+ RP so please no minors! I am in my 20's and don't feel comfortable roleplaying romantically or platonically with anyone under 18. Also Please be open about what you would like in the rp. I am open to most things and do not judge. However, I will not accept a few things and will be upfront about them.

I'm looking for a male top for Star wars rp. I'd prefer you to play canon characters like Obiwan/Anakin or even Bail but I'm down for OCs too. This also will be MxM. I'm also pretty open-minded about ideas, Just be open & run it by me first before adding it I'll happily do the same. I also prefer Novella, literate, or semi-literate writing styles. I'd also prefer this to take place during the Clone Wars/Prequel or OG Trilogy.
I can also play a canon character but mainly wish to play ocs. But I am happy to change the rp as long as we talk about it.

Idea 1: Forced Spy - MC's family gets kidnapped by Dooku & he is forced to be a spy for him or lose them. He tells himself that he can do this, that his family is worth being a traitor (something considered a sin to his race) but that's until he starts growing to care about the people he's spying on. It's only made worse when the one destined to be his mate walks in one day & makes it all the harder because now he must chose between his family & love. But to do either is to go against his very nature. (I would like an Obiwan for this idea but I'm totally open for an oc or other character)

Idea 2: Arranged Marriage. MC is the heir to the throne and a senator in the republic (or Just a senator). He agrees to an arranged marriage to show his people that the republic can be trusted & are a united front. He resigns himself to a loveless marriage with a spouse who is probably a good person but what he doesn't expect to fall head over heels for his husband. The thing is, will he love him back? (I would prefer someone to play Anakin or Thrawn but if you prefer an Oc Im happy to do that too.)

A 3rd idea that could be awesome is if one of our characters is injured or needs protection and the other is the one to provide either much-needed help or protection and they begin to fall in love that way.

Sample Starter for Idea 2: (Note: I can change these based on who you chose to play)

1. As Aperion stood at the Council chamber doors, he took a moment to himself to appreciate the calm of the force within the temple itself. It felt so different from the planet-wide city just outside its walls. The force here was serene and gently even with the thousands of souls that lived within. It's something he only really felt while back home and Yathana'shal. Only just the energy was brighter compared to the gentle shade that surrounded his home planet. This moment allowed him to soothe his nerves to maintain his composure perfectly as he face one of the biggest decisions of his life. Not that he truly had a choice. This plan had to go well or it would be disastrous for not only the republic and the Jedi but his own system as well. He had already agreed to the arrangement, but the Jedi who was to fulfill the other end of this marriage had yet to be asked or even arrive so he could be. Apparently, as time wore on, his anxiety began to show through even with his own stone-faced facade because he could feel the two people next to him shift toward him.

A warm hand touched his shoulder followed by an equally warm and kind voice. "Brother. You don't have to do this. You don't have to shoulder the entire galaxy on your shoulders." He turned and smiled at Uzen and Bail, both of whom held a twinge of concern in their expression. "She's right. You don't have to do this. You are allowed to say no." The older senator clearly did not want his young friend and colleague to be pushed into something he didn't want. It truly touched his heart that they cared about him so much but as the firstborn, duty came before his own wants. Taking Uzen's hand, he gave it a tender squeeze as he put on his most composed and sure face yet. "I know that I don't need to do this. But this is best for us all. It may even help end this war all the sooner. Plus, the Chancellor asked me himself to go through with this. How could I refuse?" Well, he couldn't but he didn't need to let them know that. Still, it seems that neither bought it and said just as much. "But you hate Palpatine."

He didn't answer that and while the second oldest Lapis child wanted to push the subject, Organa cut her short. " They should be arriving soon." And with that, Aperion released his sister's hand to straighten his outer jacket and dress out. He knew he looked fine but it didn't hurt to double-check everything.

2. Esarian looked at himself in the mirror next to his bed, looking for any wrinkle or imperfection in his clothing to straighten out. His entire outfit and person were meticulous and immaculate but he couldn't stop himself from fretting as his nerves got to him. For all his time in the senate and facing the council of Elders numerous times, nothing had ever terrified him as much as the thought of meeting his new fiance did in that moment. He knew of him of course but they had yet to meet in person. Honestly, this entire situation was more of a business deal than anything. With the war going on as long as it had and how hard it was on everyone involved, a solution to raise morale and faith of the republic people was needed. And in the end it was decided a marriage between two different factions within the republic to show their solidarity with one another.

To be frank, the Prince and Senator of Dorie knew this would result be a loveless marriage of necessity but it wasn't what he wanted. He wanted a marriage like that of his parents. On his home planet, arraigned marriages were a dime a dozen. A normal occurrence where the spouses came together in agreement and typically treated each other well. Most were even agreed to after a long courting period once they were matched together. But his own parents had chosen each other. Esarians father happened to be one of the Clerics of their Lady, of low born birth and barely beginning his path of devotion, when he had met his mother, the Queen herself. There was no advantage or union of families to be made. Only love and admiration between Lotrial Borath and Emerain Koroth. But he stood there, on the eve of his wedding, knowing that he wouldn't get that chance. All the dark-skinned male could hope for that this all went well and that they could be amenable towards one another.

He sighed softly as he allowed himself a moment to mourn his dream before turning the figure that stood at his door. His mother, dressed in the garbs of one of his handmaids, looked at her only son with nothing but love in her eyes. "My little Ketosh. You make me so proud... I just wish there was something else I could do." Some worry made its way into her normally regal voice and within an instant, Esarian smiled to help ease her anxieties. "You've already done all you could mother. You raised me well and showed me a good marriage works. You're an amazing mother." He said softly, his soft smile never fading once. Even if he didn't truly feel it. They both knew his smile was more just for show but neither said anything about it. Instead, Emerain took her child's hand and gave it a squeeze. "They've arrived my dear. Let us greet your intended." And with that, he followed her into the entrance hall to greet his fiance and his party.
My dm's are open so feel free to dm me if interested!


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