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Fandom Star Wars: Legends never die

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Action, Adventure, Realistic, Star Wars


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

Star Wars: Legends never die.

This is a Star Wars RP based solely on the classical Pre-TCW legends continuity of Star Wars. In place of TCW, we will be following the events of the clone Wars multimedia project, covered in books, comics, video games, and the clone Wars micro series.


The plot will follow the clone Wars as depicted in the classical Star Wars legends clone Wars multimedia project. The difference being how our OC's could change certain events, for better or worse.


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I mean specifically. Part of the Republic forces, an independent group, Separatists, etc. Or would this be agreed upon by the players?

Vulpes lagopus

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Sounds cool! I already have an underutilized Star Wars oc that would be perfect, however, I might be too busy to join... we'll see.


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