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Fandom Star Wars AU Interest Check

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Hey there! Is anyone interested in a Star Wars AU group roleplay?

I have this idea.
I've made a Star Wars AU that takes place in an alternate timeline and I would love for somebody to play through it! It's a very open, sandboxed world so anything can happen! You can do whatever you please! You can be a rebel or you can be an Imperial! You can save the Galaxy from the Sith lord or become a Sith lord yourself and rule the galaxy.

Meet dozens of NPCs that can join you on your adventure! Romance them or build an NPC army! Make up to two or three characters, have one main or double up! Make side characters galore! This adventure is yours for the taking!

The First Imperial Empire dominates the stars. Moving from galaxy to galaxy to conquer and colonize in the name of their leader, Darth Pius.
The Rebel Federation has been fighting against the First Imperial Empire since they started but their forces are greatly outnumbered in comparison.
Jedi are few and far between amongst the stars but still make their presence known as they strive to bring balance to the force.

If you're interested, leave a comment! If I get three people interested I can make the Roleplay!

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Interested! Already in a few RPs, so I probably shouldn't join but whatever! As stated above, I'm probably taking a Rebel/Jedi, a Mandalorian, and maybe a Sith/Dark Sider.

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