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Futuristic Star Sea Savior (CS)


The Crimson King

Pity this busy monster, manunkind.

  • At the dawn of all creation, from which is was born, was an endless sea beneath the empty void, filled with dreams and stardust, Mother Prim. From it emerged the moons, stars, planets, nebulas and what would become life as we know it, the Precursors, an enigmatic race that all organisms call ancestor. Each mass withheld a piece of Mother Prim inside them, a physical essence of creation, simply called Prim in passing. It flows in the air around us, the earth beneath us and our veins inside us. It can be used by gifted individuals, called Casters, to make miracles, like magic, capable of anything one can dream of, but only Pure Prim can perform acts of healing, found deep beneath the earth, a planet’s lifeblood. Corruption can take a planet’s heart, tainting it’s Prim, killing it from the inside. Impure Prim cannot be used to heal, only harm; it sullies the mind of the gifted, transforms beasts into monsters and shifts the face of the planet into an uninhabitable wasteland.

Full Name:
Preferred Name(s):
Race Explanation:
Trivia / Other:

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Encrypted connection confirmed…_

Accessing database…_


“The First Age is the crucible that forges the next”

Welcome, User. Please submit credentials.

Username: jneumann
Password: **************

Logging in…_

Welcome, Director Neumann.

}open dossier LRS-2760

Long Range Survey dossier #2760

Basic specifications:
LRS unit type:
Species template: Human
Hair color: #0D47A1 (Dark blue)
Eye color: #1E88E5 (Light blue)
Skin color: #8D6E63 (Light brown)
Height: ~145cm
Weight: ~80kg

“The internals for this one are slightly older, Director. We couldn’t quite streamline the weight of the frame.” -Dr. Wong

Service history:
Active period:
Completed surveys: Callisto, Tuchanka, Cadia, [CLASSIFIED]
Current cover identity: Dr. Weiss Heiter, doctorate in Geology, Applied Chemistry, and Xenosociology from University of Sirius-6. Recipient of Prodigy of the Dog Star Award, year 3130.

Notable features:
Renraku AE-2065 Datajack:

Enables interface with any galactic standard computer networks and terminals through hardline connection or wirelessly within 20 meters of a connection point.

“Neural tissue of 2760 has been structured to handle data flow and biofeedback.” -Dr. Wong

Internal database:
Intended to be regularly updated with detailed knowledge and technical expertise matching the certifications of the current cover identity, but the most recent updates have not been possible due to the length of the unit’s current excursion from base.

(Custom) drone charging dock:
Connected to 2760’s internal reactor and accessed through the back of shoulders, using a proprietary connector meant only for the paired escort drone.

(Custom) aerial recon drone:
Compact drone designed to aid this unit in surveying and self-defense if necessary, capable of hovering using tiltrotors or hoverjets as needed. Can fold into a compact 15cm x 15cm x 4cm state for charging and storage. Onboard armaments include taser and concussive charges.

“2760 has shown anthropomorphizing attitudes towards this drone, as it is her only constant companion on the current deployment. Such behavior is within acceptable psychological parameters.” -Dr. Wong

Last known status:
Using the guise of “Dr. Weiss Heiter”, 2760 has taken initiative to cut contact with the Enclave and has answered a call from Council command for consulting staff on an expedition spacecraft. This behavior is not part of its existing survey parameters and a direct recall and memory flush by field agents is advised.

“And here is the main reason for our discussion today. Why have you not authorised the recall of unit 2760?” -Dir. Neumann

“Well, I believe that 2760’s curiosity and…uncharacteristic initiative may afford the Enclave some fertile new opportunities. She will be touching down on several planets that should yield promising new findings, and the fact that this excursion is to hunt a void wyrm that has apparently engorged on impure Prim means that if it succeeds, 2760 should be able to bring back abundant samples of it for our work. I ask that she be allowed to complete this task.” -Dr. Wong

“I am willing to overlook this breach of protocol in light of you and 2760’s exemplary history with the Enclave, Dr. Wong. But be clear: I expect results from this, and I expect you to keep a close eye on 2760 all the way.” -Dir. Neumann.

Created by blending organic and cybernetic components and looking no different from a (considerably augmented) Terran girl, “Weiss” is a bio-drone constructed and deployed by the mysterious organization known as the Horizon Enclave, rumored to be a remnant of early Terran colonists of the Fatum Mare system, now driven to observe and catalog the natural details of every planet in the system and its inhabitants to an unknown end.

Usually deployed to infiltrate academic establishments, Weiss has lived many human lives and made many relationships, abandoning just as many when her duty calls her elsewhere. Despite her programmed curiosity, she has seen many of the dangers and misdeeds of the galaxy’s inhabitants on her travels, and her experience has tempered her demeanor, giving her a generally serene (some might say angelic) bearing and an attitude that is generally cautious or condescending to sapient beings, and more comfortable with animals or machines.

On her most recent deployment, she cut open contact with Dr. Wong, her handler in the Enclave, and joined the excursion from Ariel for reasons even she isn’t sure of. Maybe she just wanted to travel and use her knowledge on her own initiative for once. Or maybe she’s looking for people she can stay with for at least a bit longer before leaving them behind.



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jump 3 sh.pnggriiin.png

--Spooky Professional--

Full Name:
Ar’tur Lyster

Preferred Name(s): Criminal identity: Lull

Race: Zirzolan

Race Explanation:
Zirzola is a small, arid planet whose soil isn’t suited for large-scale arable farming. This situation facilitated the evolution of the humanoid species known as the Zirzolans (or Zirzol). They are functionally carnivorous, due to their need for pastoral farms due to the planet’s form and are also noticeably larger than Terrans by about 5%. This size difference has been theorised to have improved survival through both athleticism and water retention on a dry planet. (Moxie et al.) Zirzolans also have the ability to process blood, and seem unaffected by prions (Zaggeb and Phil), which explains the numerous records of cannibalism among Zirzolans at times of famine and desperation. When this finding was released into the scientific sphere, it resulted in some negative connotations, and resulted in Zirzolans being referred to negatively as ‘Zampires.’

Zirzolans began to develop brain functions to ‘catch and interpret projective psionic activity’ (D’ran et al.), allowing the Zirzolans to understand strong, simple projective thought of their farm animals. Farming would become much easier, since a Zirzolan farmer would instantly know what their animals needed, and which ones might be unwell.

In addition, Zirzolan brains develop in childhood to project their own psionic activities to a much lesser extent, meaning, from the age of about 4-5 and onwards, a Zirzolan cannot ‘catch and interpret’ the psionic activities of another Zirzolan. This also appears to be a method of species survival, as a parent Zirzolan can instantly understand the needs of their infant through their psionic interpretation.

Most other species project psionic activity, and so a Zirzolan can interpret simple, strong feelings or apprehensions as they would with their own young, or animals. This has assisted in rocketing Zirzola into the socio-political eye of the galaxy, and many Zirzolans have used their psionic interpretations to become skilled interrogators, lethal combatants and charismatic leaders. However, the downside of being surrounded by other species is, according to many Zirzolans, having to withstand a near-constant cacophony of psionic noise which cannot be ignored. It is not uncommon for an off-planet Zirzolan to seek out certain narcotics which dull their sensitivity to psionic projection.

One other oddity of the Zirzolan species is that they are an intersex species. Moxie et al. furthered their survival theory with a footnote that their intersex nature assists in breeding, as all partners in a relationship could become pregnant together. Notably, asexual reproduction (breeding with oneself) has never been successful.

Gender: Intersex (male pronouns)

Age: 38

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 280lbs or ~127kg or ~20 stone

Personality: He’s got about three modes. Mode 1, mellow and calm, usually when high, likes a little bit of privacy. Mode 2, surprisingly professional and driven, pretty good at taking criticism, but doesn’t like being told what to do in an area he considers himself the ‘most experienced’ in.

- Cleanliness – Lull is a bit of a germaphobe.
- Nihilism – Most of what he does comes down to ‘why not, I’m gonna die anyway.’
- Friends – Likes people who don’t take things too seriously, and people who tell the truth. Liars cause too much mental dissonance, since he can interpret their own awareness of their lies. Gets a bit tiring.

- Sibling: L’is Lyster – Lull is exceptionally protective over her.
- Sibling: Rhy’sis Lyster – Lull barely knows Rhy’sis, owing to his separation from Rhy’sis as a child when one of their 3 parents left, taking Rhy’sis with them.
- Someone who definitely isn’t Lull’s drug dealer.
- Parole officer - Even in space, they gotta check you're not breaking parole.

- What a list.
- Smoker of cigarettes (will vape if he really has to).
- Definitely not addicted to space narcotics (sparcotics?) that dull his psionic interpretation.
- Criminal – mostly what he would term ‘little’ things like full body assault or an actual heist, but he’s done some time, and has passed parole enough to get onto the government Skilled Criminal Rehabilitation programme.
- Not really that friendly.
- In fact, not friendly at all.
- But he’s pretty witty if you get to know him.
- Will threaten to eat you in the real Zampire way. For his own amusement.

- Skilled with firearms – due to Lull’s size (his weight in particular), he is not suited for hand-to-hand combat, but his proficiency with firearms more than makes up for that. His psionic abilities make him a deadly foe against those with projected psionic activity.
- Juggernaut - Even though hand-to-hand combat isn't his specialty, he's very good at taking a few hits. His childhood was pretty dire, so his ability to shrug off the mental shock that comes with a physical attack is much higher than normal. He is also suited to heavy armour, and has worn it in the past when conducting his... criminal affairs.
- Lying and subtlety – despite his appearance, Lull can be very convincing. He can adopt a tone of speaking which essentially gaslights others, making them question what they’ve been thinking. This isn’t any kind of Zirzolan ability though, he’s just developed this after years of criminal activity and too much attention from the law.
- Singing - Pretty good at singing. I bet that'll come in really handy in this kill-the-void-wyrm mission.

Lull is on this ship because he’s part of a government programme to ‘pardon’ criminals in an effort to, supposedly, rehabilitate them. In short, if he and the crew kill the void wyrm. he will gain full immunity from his past crimes and may get more bounty work in future; if, however, the void wyrm survives, it’ll likely destroy the ship so then Lull won’t be a problem anymore. Either way, it's a win-win for the government. And, in a way, it's a win-win for Lull too because either he wins his freedom or he dies and as a strong nihilist he's not opposed to that bit of freedom.

(If any changes need to be made, do let me know in PM or OOC.)
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