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Futuristic Star Rangers

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This RP is inspired by the stories of the Texas Rangers. It is set in the future of an Expanse type setting long after the development of a jump drive. It takes place far from Earth among the Outworlds. The Outworlds are located too far from Earth to be within reach of the Law. They are the new frontier.

Law on such worlds is generally carried out in the same fashion as the Wild West - with sheriffs, deputies, and marshals. But every now and then the criminal element gets too strong and a stronger force is required. Much in the same manner that Texas employed, the Star Rangers have been re-created.

The Star Rangers were originally created 46 years ago to deal with the threat of banditry and alien raiding parties. Then 10 years ago the region decided to declare itself free of the Terran government. The war lasted 5 years. The Outworlds lost - badly. But at the same time the war cost Earth plenty. Support from Earth to cover reconstruction dwindled and eventually ended altogether. Earth has had its hands full with other problems.

With the lack of support pirates, alien raiding parties, and such have been on the rise all over again. Six planets of the Outworlds have united forces to recommission the Rangers.


Each of you is a new recruit, mostly picked up from worlds or colonies recently ravaged by pirates. The newly recommissioned Star Rangers are looking for men to hunt down the pirates and bring Law and Order back to the land. You are told under no uncertain terms that this will NOT be a mission of revenge, but of justice. If you are still interested they will be waiting at their base camp.

Very similar to the original Texas Rangers.

Ranger (Sergeant)
Assistant Chief

*Recruit is added. Technically not a rank as a recruit is not considered a full ranger. Members of the group will begin as recruits.

Generally the highest rank on a mothership is Captain, or Lieutenant on a dropship. Majors and above generally serve on planets.

Engineer / Tech (note sub specialty)


Starship drives will be jump drives. The group will be assigned to one of four dropships (375 ton displacement) attached to a fleet corvette (12,500 ton) mothership. The dropships also have a warp drive, but these are very slow (on the order of Pre-Star Trek Enterprise).

Both dropships and motherships have atmospheric streamlining for landing on planets with atmospheres.

Starship weapons will be similar to ST: Enterprise era weapons. Phasers and star torps.

No transporters.

I am leaving out some alien weapons, as well as some weapons only used on aliens that are considered inhumane.

Blasters (think Star Wars)
Lasers (silent and invisible)
Slug throwers (bullets)
Needlers (good for unarmored targets. “Low” tech, and quiet)

Monowire edged

This ain’t Star Wars kid.

The common armor worn by almost all spacers is bioplastic. Rugged and cheap. Self sealing, self repairing in light. Bioplastic is also used for tents. Color schemes are programmable.

Reflex armor - bioplastic with microsensors that harden targeted areas to effectively double the resistance to impact.

BPC (biphase carbide) plate This is about as tough as most Rangers will ever get. Rigid armor generally reserved for the torso and head.

Quicktime (QRD) - made from quoropa leaf, something discovered on an alien jungle world long ago. Greatly speeds healing. Every sick bay carries the stuff. Hard to come by in the Outworlds though.

Biohound - sensor that is specialized to detect drugs, explosives or trace DNA. Great for tracking someone.

Planetside Vehicles
Grav Cycle - think of the grav bikes from Revenge of the Jedi.

Dropship Crew

Flight Crew 3 (pilot, copilot, astrogator)
Specialists 7 (min of 1 medic, 2 Comms, 4 Eng/tech, 3 other)
Combat 4

1 eng stays with the ship
1 comms officer stays with the ship
Other specialties could include science (CSI type), and scouts

ALL Rangers are rangers first, then their assignments. This means training with a gun and the power of a badge.


For a start, the Rangers are hunting down a large pirate fleet, easily many times their number. Fully crewed the Ranger mothership and 4 dropships will have about 250 men. The pirates have been ransacking worlds for supplies. So where are all those supplies going?
Futuristic - Star Rangers - CS
Futuristic - Star Rangers - OOC
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Never played the game, but probably along those lines. If you ever watched the movie, Texas Rangers (currently on Netflix), the RP's recent background is something along those lines, but set in the future.

The Pre-FTL era follows the chronology of the Expanse TV series.

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