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Multiple Settings stalkers, ghosts, angst, conspiracies, and more!


we are the walking dead

About Me
hello, i'm ashen.eidolon, you can refer to me as that or as my real name which is petra.

i'm twenty-six, a stay at home mom of a four month old son, and a passionate writer hobbyist. besides writing i dabble in painting, collaging, cooking, and reading is my true love.

i began roleplaying when i was entirely too young to be on the internet, let alone communicating with strangers on it haha, but have been at this for many years. i've had a rpnation account before, but started fresh as i have been out of the game for quite some time. still, i am familiar with how all of it works.

i'm not the biggest into coding or using coded replies in rps, but am learning a little bit here and there.

i'm a moderate to advanced roleplayer, i enjoy thoroughly discussed and planned plots, characters with the ability to develop as the story moves along, and post length doesn't matter as much as the quality of the post itself. i'm no grammar police, just appreciate when everyone is doing their best, as i will always try to do mine as well.
Looking For
i am looking for another moderate to advanced style roleplayer who is willing to co-plot as much as co-write. i don't demand that you speak to me out of character/chat for fun, but am very welcoming of it if you decide to. but i do expect communication about the rp to remain strong, as i feel that is the only way to truly keep one going.

preferably i would have another adult who is relatively lax on posting consistency. i would rather post once or twice every week or so and keep the story moving at a good pace than try to crank out a ton of replies every day. besides, i am unable to respond more than the aforementioned consistency, since my time on here is sandwiched between my baby napping and managing my little household lol. my patience is legendary so i do not expect immediate responses from you, either.

i would say i am relatively ghost friendly. however i am also easy going and not going to be upset if you decide to let me know you're not feeling it anymore, or your schedule has become too full to accommodate the roleplay moving forward.

a reasonable amount of literacy is required, and i would prefer a partner 18+

for romance i am only looking for m/f right now but am happy to play either males or females and i am also fine with doubling!

ps not capitalizing any letters is an aesthetic choice and in roleplay i will definitely be using proper grammar and punctuation lol
Interests and Plots
i only do original plots and characters. i'm picky about my media as it is but i rarely ever feel comfortable writing in a fandom setting or with their characters. however, i do enjoy roleplays based on existing settings from time to time.

i have no triggers or hard lines, please make yours known if you do.

i do not do spicy scenes, they would be fade to black. but happy to do general romance.

word bank

⋆ gritty ⋆ fairytale ⋆ mythology ⋆ folklore ⋆ horror ⋆ supernatural ⋆ paranormal ⋆ witchy ⋆ historical ⋆ slice of life ⋆ apocalyptic ⋆ song based ⋆ slow burn ⋆ dysfunctional families ⋆ school/academy ⋆ boarding school ⋆ royalty ⋆ fae ⋆ science fiction ⋆ cryptids ⋆ mystery ⋆ religious ⋆ religious horror ⋆ gothic ⋆ forbidden romance ⋆ arranged marriage ⋆ taboo ⋆ angst ⋆ restaurant life ⋆ addiction ⋆ crime ⋆ gangs ⋆ dark secrets ⋆ nomads ⋆ van life ⋆ dark academia ⋆ 1980s ⋆ 1990s ⋆ circus / sideshow ⋆


modern or recent history

cop ⋆ stalker ⋆ small town ⋆ modern
muse a is a smalltown cop with big city dreams. they worked hard to obtain their job, but always wanted more. their goal was to become a homicide detective in a larger city, maybe new york, who knows? the sky was the limit, always had been for them. or, it used to be... their job had started out great, they loved their coworkers, excelled in their position, but something happened. after about a year of working, they were having trouble sleeping, their job performance started suffering, they were placed on administrative leave to figure things out. what they had not yet told anyone was that they were paranoid. about what? it was hard to say. they had started feeling uncomfortable in their own home like someone or something was watching them. considering it might be time for some therapy and perhaps a career change, muse a is faced with making difficult decisions.
muse b is their best friend. unlike muse a who had a relatively structured upbringing, muse b has always had relative chaos in their life. parents split, older siblings flew the nest the second they could. as the youngest member of their family, they have always felt forgotten. the only consistency in their life has been muse a since graduating high school and becoming friends at the age of 18. neither one had left their hometown yet, and muse b didn't really plan on ever doing so. they were intimidated by the idea of a big city, a real career. they would rather make ends meet and maintain some semblance of security in a small town. when muse a became a cop, this was already one serious violation in their mind, as they felt their friend was putting themself at risk. over time, their affection for muse a turned into obsession, and now, willing to do whatever it takes to keep them from leaving, they have taken to, as they put it, keeping a close eye on their friend. making sure that they aren't taking any steps to leave town, or ditch the friendship.

ideas: muse b is sort of stalking their best friend of several years, and also manipulating circumstances in their life to try to scare them into staying in their home town and not going back to work as a cop. they slowly try to isolate muse a from their family and friends. for a while, muse a is none the wiser, and even opens up to their friend about the feelings of paranoia they are experiencing.

i'm feeling lots of drama, isolation, mental gymnastics, maybe muse a starts to have feelings for muse b in the midst of all the insanity, maybe muse b starts to feel guilty for stalking/actively trying to ruin muse a's life... sort of inspired by You but not super heavily so. wouldn't be disappointed if perhaps it went in a similar direction to that show, happy to do something totally different as well!

romance ⋆ paranormal ⋆ drama ⋆ mystery ⋆ modern
muse a is a conspiracy nut. also really into the paranormal. and any other nerdy thing you can think of. they have been this way since childhood. running after one tall tale to the next, always wanting to discover bigfoot or see a ghost. it was their dream to grow up and become a paranormal investigator. they've just graduated high school and plan on doing that alongside their best friend.
muse b used to be really into these things, too. their fondest memories of childhood are the ones made with muse a growing up, exploring their town in search of answers to local mysteries. but, that is all it is to them now, memories. they are growing up now, ready to settle down. they have feelings, real feelings, for muse a and hope that they can plan a life and settle down together now that they're adults. they haven't spoken this out loud to muse a but they believe the romantic interest is mutual. it's time to put childish things aside and plan college or careers, or marriage...

ideas: muse a and muse b have always been best friends, but after all these years both of them are feeling something a little more than friendship. unfortunately, that feeling is a little stronger for muse b than muse a. muse a just isn't ready to grow up yet. now that they're adults muse a believes they can realize their childhood dreams of hunting ghosts and solving mysteries, and muse b has other plans that involve discussing their feelings for each other.

for this i see a lot of angst, maybe it starts out okay, but as it goes along muse b starts to realize muse a isn't going to grow up anytime soon. muse a doesn't want to lose muse b so they try to do just enough growing up to get by, but muse b starts to talk about marriage, children... muse b realizes they're never going to have what they want but just can't bear to let go... lots of sad.

romance ⋆ angst ⋆ drama ⋆ crime ⋆ modern
muse a had a rough upbringing, with addict parents, living below the poverty line, foster care homes, and constant chaos. they've graduated high school and started community college, while living with roommates and working as often as they can at what is mostly a dead-end job with no real opportunities. they're just holding out until something better comes along or they're able to complete college and land a dream job in their field. there are big things ahead, as far as they're concerned. they haven't dated anyone in fears of taking their attention off of the goal: financial success and a stable life. that is, until they meet muse b.
muse b is charismatic and fun, goes to the same college as muse a and seems to have big dreams. they had a more stable upbringing, a little cushion of parent-supplied money, but overall seem to have solid work ethic and plans for their future, too. they hit it off right away and muse a thinks it's just another puzzle piece falling into place. a perfect partner to go along with a perfect life and future. they have plans of becoming self-made together, opening a business together, and being happy.
until muse b gets in with the wrong crowd. black markets, illegal substances, and shady characters abound, muse b finds themselves constantly lying, hiding things, hoping muse a doesn't catch on to their new lifestyle and addictions...

ideas: for this i think it would be good to start when everything is fine, they've just met and are getting to know each other. some light romance and fun stuff, then over time muse b gets into some precarious situations and illegal activities. maybe both characters even start a business together, and muse a even drops out of college to focus full time on the business because they really believe that there's hope for their future if they keep working hard at it. slowly muse a starts to realize something is up, and then all kinds of drama because this is the very lifestyle they were trying to escape. ideally, i would have a partner who wouldn't mind maybe involving other characters down the line for us to introduce to keep the story going, someone who is fine with keeping communication up so we can keep the story moving forward.

drama ⋆ angst ⋆ addiction ⋆ slice of life ⋆ modern or 70s-90s
muse a and muse b both recently left separate rehab facilities. they met years ago in high school but were never friends, muse a being more alternative and muse b being more popular. the only thing they have in common now is dealing with a recent past of addiction and struggles. they have both moved back to their hometowns and live with their respective families, for better or for worse. they have to try to build themselves up again after being given this one shot at a clean slate.

ideas: obviously this isn't much of a plot. i would just like to do something with two in-recovery characters as they develop their relationship and see if they can walk the straight and narrow. i like the idea of their hometown being smaller, and they have to come up with ways to distract themselves and also stay away from any triggers, but maybe both of their families are kind of chaotic and play a part in recovery being really difficult for them.

modern or 70s-90s ⋆ drama ⋆ kidnapping
muse a had been kidnapped and held hostage for several years. they finally escaped thanks to their strong determination and clever planning. their kidnapper is now on the run, but they have returned home to live with their family. muse b knew about the kidnapping from the news, but had never met muse a until now. muse b just wants to help in any way they can, but muse a is having a difficult time adjusting to the outside world after several years in captivity and just continuing on with life is not going to be an easy thing.

there are several options here, and since i derived much of this plot from the movie room i am happy to go in any direction closer to or further away from that idea. perhaps muse a had a child while in captivity, and being a single parent while also coping with this traumatic past can be a dynamic for that character. maybe muse a thinks Muse b should not be trusted regardless of how nice they seem. maybe muse b does have sinister intentions. Or maybe muse a gets themselves into another type of trouble while trying to cope with life outside of captivity. for this plot i do prefer that muse a be female and muse b male, but romance is optional either way! i am happy to play either character.

family themes ⋆ cult ⋆ dark ⋆ modern

a family with only one daughter has recently completed the process to become a foster family. they are a tight-knit crew with moderate success and every member is eager to welcome a new child into their life.

muse a is particularly excited, she has always been an only child and has dreamed of having a sibling to hang out with and hopefully become close friends with. she is thrilled when she learns their first foster child will be a girl her age, because she had secretly been hoping for a sister.

muse b is a girl who was removed from a religious cult for what the state considered to be abuse and neglect, she has limited understanding of the outside world as she has always been very sheltered. she is partly excited to learn what life is supposed to be like for a girl her age, but a little sad to be leaving what she had always considered her family back home.

things are great at first, she finds her new home very accommodating and her new sister is especially kind and helpful.

muse a is going out of her way to make things work, she really wants a sister and she feels that this is her family's chance to finally adopt one for her. and for a while, it's all fun and games as summer is coming to a close and the school year is approaching. she is prepared to help her new sister find her way in high school.

things take a dark turn faster than anyone could see them coming. muse b becomes obsessed with her new sister's life, friends, and the boy she likes. she seems to be setting out to take everyone from her, even their parents. when her lack of social skills proves to be a problem, she resorts to more underhanded ways of making everyone like her and forget all about muse a.

ideas for this: i was thinking muse b, having been from a religious cult, starts trying to put spells on the people around her to make everyone like her more. i'm actually fine with this going even darker as she plots to totally remove muse a from the picture and take over her life completely. there can be romance involved, as she obviously tries to get muse a's love interest to like her more. in general i would just like to discuss options for this. i would really like a partner who is comfortable with dark themes and can handle playing a minor appropriately (although i don't want the characters to be younger than 16ish going on 17 or so) and someone willing to be communicative as we decide what direction to take this in. doubling would not be initially required but as we introduce other characters it would eventually become necessary.
yes it's loosely based off of the devil in ohio netflix series.

medieval fantasy

in a coastal town driven by religion, they serve a wrathful goddess. she is obsessed with human beauty, for her own form is great and terrible and no living mortal has ever cast their eyes upon it. hundreds of years ago, this goddess made a pact with the town that she would forever protect it, and grant them great prosperity, and in return she wanted their daughters.

they erected a beautiful temple in her honor, situated at the very top of the cliffside it overlooks the raging seas. there are servants of the goddess who live there and attend the temple, but they have a far more important job than maintaining its beauty.

every eighteen years a selection of newborn girls are taken from the town below, brought up to the great temple to be raised by its keepers. the girls are prepped for a ceremony, but only one will be the guest of honor. once the collection of girls reach eighteen, the goddess will choose one to be her mortal vessel, and she will be enslaved to this goddess, forever surrendering her free will to do the bidding of the goddess and give up her mortal body to be used by her. she will serve for another eighteen years while another group of girls are raised up, and the cycle repeats itself, ending with her ultimate sacrifice in the name of traditional and the goddess' lust for the blood of the beautiful.

of course no one wants to give up their precious baby girls, but it is what keeps the town safe and prosperous from the rest of the world where terrible creatures prey on the innocent and evil alike, wars occasionally rise and are waged between kingdoms that foam at the mouth for more and more power against each other. its a world no one wants to live in, and if they choose to accept the sanctuary of the little coastal town, they accept that the price that they pay will be their daughters.

still, there's hope. only one girl is chosen every eighteen years, the others are allowed to return home to their families and readjust to normal life, it is what they all secretly hope for.

muse a has, however, been selected by the goddess to succeed the current vessel, and it is her destiny to attend the week-long festival in the town where she will be crowned successor, and then do the eternal bidding of their goddess.

muse b is just a local town boy she meets during the festivites.

but what will happen when muse b tries to rescue her? they leave the coastal town, rid themselves of the terrible pact but also its divine protection? will they find the outside world a more cruel fate? will the goddess finally hunt them down and take back her prized vessel? does the goddess even care?

ideas: i was thinking a measure of adventure mixed with a little romance as the two characters search the world for a safe place where the goddess won't find them and they can lead a normal life. of course we can have just about anything happen along the way and decide their fates as we go!

most of this was covered in the about me section but just so it's laid out in one place for clarification:

moderate to advanced roleplay style and literacy

happy to add you on discord for ooc stuff but it's not a requirement

romance is welcome and encouraged, but fade to black for anything explicit

be patient with me and i'll be patient with you; i am a stay at home mom, my posting frequency will fall within the every week or so scale, sometimes more or less. i am happy to be patient with you for any reason as well

i love drama and angst, please be ok with mature and/or dark themes

realistic face claims only, please
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