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Fandom ST: USS Athena - OOC

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I have to admit, I was considering this week of trying a new Star Trek RP or restarting the Freedom, but this will be much easier.
If you'll have my character,I think I can make him work whichever setting you come up with, though Athena works best.

But I'd like to try a Star Trek RP.
Yeah I can work with Athena. Honestly if you want and think it wouldn't be confusing, we could do both. Regardless I'm working up a starter now for Athena to get us back into motion.
A few months back I decided to take a hiatus. RL was being a pain. It had been so long that I was no longer getting Notifs.

This RP died a couple years ago. If folks want me to revive it I can (I think). I tend to keep everything saved in Google Docs. Not sure if the links to my images, etc are still accessible.

LOL, it has been so long I don't remember the story arc I was using. (Hope I have notes about that ...)
For my part, I already tracked down my notes. That means that I remember the story arc I had in mind for a first mission.
Okay ... one thing we will need will be a Medical officer. The main story arc for the first story is heavy on human and xeno-biology. (Alien races heavily involved, some very exotic.) I can create a medical officer if no one else wants to. Might be easier as that character will have to report a lot of information.

There will also be a heavy involvement in xeno-engineering, first contact (with species that have already begun to suffer from major violations of the Prime Directive (so basically damage control).

Yes there will be one or more hostile alien species.

Left unchecked Starfleet is in extreme danger.
Hmm, apparently I already created the doctor way, way back when, just never posted her. I even had another NPC often associated with her. But not sure I want to use both.
I figure we could continue with the arrival scenes, at least until the crew is mildly acquainted. I know most characters know each other but meeting the man that put them all back together might be interesting.

It may also pull some new people in, if that's something you're looking for.
Sounds good. If I do anything it may be adding the medical officer and a short post for her. I just want to give everyone chance to go before I have them all meet the Prometheans.
Nuitari Delphiki Nuitari Delphiki

I will probably do up a post specifically for the Captain from Starfleet that will be a communique concerning the first mission. Might help get a feel for the adventure that awaits. Pretty vague info to start. As a hint, it will mention a DSX (deep space exploration) mission that is overdue for a report.
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