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Realistic or Modern St Ivy's Youth Institute

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amateur sleuth

8:00 - wake up
(sounded by ringing of the old bell. patients who need to be monitored, such as eating disorder patients, will be weighed and have vitals taken)

8:30 - breakfast
(some patients are on specific meal plans. others are not. patients line up in a cafeteria and can choose their food if not on a meal plan. patients on meal plans have chosen their food in advance with nutritionists and will be handed these in the line. meals must be eaten in the cafeteria at assigned tables. patients cannot leave the table during meals for any reason. medication will be administered at the end of meals if required. bathrooms are locked for an hour after meals)

9:15 - morning activity
(this works on a rotating schedule. all patients in this role-play will be in the same group and so will be on the same schedule.
monday & thursday are arts and crafts.
tuesday & sunday are board/card games.
wednesday is a guest speaker.
friday is trust/wellbeing exercises.
on saturday, patients are allowed to take a bus into town in groups or pairs. they must be supervised.)

10:15 - light exercise
(mondays, wednesdays, & fridays are a leisurely supervised group walk around the grounds.
tuesdays & thursdays are gentle yoga with an instructor.
saturday is free time, as most patients choose to visit the town. sundays is swimming!)

10:45 - snack & break
(similar to mealtimes but can be taken outside of the cafeteria. on saturdays, snack can be taken outside of grounds if supervised)

11:15 - group therapy

12:30 - free time
(time to unwind after therapy. can be spent in games room/tv room/dorm rooms/outside if supervised)

1:00 - lunch
(same rules as breakfast time)

1:45 - afternoon activity
(some patients have to spend afternoon activity with other people with the same problems- they do specialised activities. for example, self-harmers learn alternatives, phobic patients are gently exposed to phobic stimulus, patients with low self esteem do body positivity, etc. this is the only time of day when patients do not work in their regular groups. patients who do not fit into any particular group (or multiple) are able to choose their afternoon activity.)

2:45 - individual therapy

4:00 - afternoon snack

4:30 - study hall
(patients can do schoolwork/homework/coursework provided from the outside if they wish. if staff deem doing this to be detrimental to their health, eg if it causes anxiety, it won't be allowed. patients can also do workbooks provided by the institution- these cover a wide range of subjects. if none of the above are suitable, patients may be assigned tasks by their individual therapists to work on, such as keeping a journal)

5:30 - free time

6:30 - dinner
(same rules as breakfast & lunchtime)

7:15 - free time
(patients may spend this time however they like)

9:00 - quiet time (must stay in rooms)

9:30 - lights out

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amateur sleuth

dorm rooms
rooms are shared between two people and will always be same-sex. in the case of transgender/nonbinary individuals, they will be placed wherever they feel most comfortable, even if is this means rooming on their own. each room contains two beds, a shared closet, and a desk with a chair. all furniture is nailed to the floor, for safety reasons. rooms are cleaned on mondays. each corridor has four rooms, two on each side, and houses eight people. these are on the third floor of the building.

shared bathroom
bathrooms are shared between sixteen people and separate two corridors. they are nearly always supervised. each bathroom has six shower stalls, six toilet stalls, and six sinks. patients are permitted to use the bathrooms whenever they want, as long as it has been an hour since their last meal. some patients may be subject to more stringent bathroom rules, depending on their illnesses. there are also smaller bathrooms on the first and second floors with no shower stalls- it's an unspoken rule that these are usually unsupervised.

recreation rooms
there are various rec rooms, in which morning and afternoon activities take place. these are on the first and second floors of the building and can vary in size depending on what activity is taking place. the games room and tv room are on the second floor. the study hall room is on the first floor. the swimming pool is in a separate building and can only be accessed by staff keycards.

therapy rooms
individual therapy rooms are small and minimalist with comfy chairs. family therapy can also be held in these rooms if necessary. therapy rooms are usually found on the first floor. group therapy takes place in one of the recreation rooms as there is more space.

this is where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are consumed. it looks much like a school cafeteria as patients have to line up and choose their food from an array of options. patients who are on strict diet plans will choose their food in advance with a nutritionist and will simply be handed their meals by giving their name when they reach the front of the line. they may also have strict rules regarding fluids/seasonings/etc. patients will eat in groups of eight and will be supervised.

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