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Sei Teshima

Watching Moku lift off, Sei turned her attention to her own copy of the useless map. She pulled out a pencil and scratched a few notes on it, trying to get a few of the visible details down before moving forward and losing the perspective. "I'm going to put out a couple of traps here along the border just as a precaution. Do you want to help," Sei looked up at Ashi, trying to gauge her teammate's mood, "or did you want to work separately? My snakes are pretty good scouts and they'll cover a lot more ground than just the two of us."

She returned the map to her pouch and drew out a few of her modified smoke bombs and some tripwire. It only took a few minutes for her to rig a simple trap. Anyone crossing into the valley would trip it, set off the smoke bombs, and be greeted with a pepper-spray smoke. Not lethal, but enough to prevent them from seeing correctly for a few hours if not treated. Assuming they don't have a medical ninja with them. Sei pushed the thought away. They'd deal with that if they came to it.

Turning back to the valley, she scanned the scene once more before offering Ashi a friendly smile. "Shall we?" She walked forward and descended into the valley.

"So, defensive position, what are you thinking?" It was nice to have someone to talk to besides Kuro's younger siblings and little cousins. "If its closer to the border, we should be able to prevent anyone getting in and interfering, but if we're closer to the village, we'd be able to aid the other teams if something were to happen." She paused to examine a soft patch of earth before deciding it wasn't covered enough to hide a trap. "Once we get a better idea of the geography, and if there's enough time, we can try using traps to direct enemies, but that's assuming they aren't already here or close by. And if the Leaf does broker an alliance with this village, then we'll want to be able to remove the traps quickly." She paused and glanced back at Ashi. "Sorry, I'm rambling. Easier to think out loud, sometimes."

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From the depths of the blizzard, a lone traveler walked. He was heavily covered in coats and wore a pair of snow goggles. He was having great difficulty crossing it and kept falling to one knee, bracing himself against a shukajo, a ringed staff. Atop his heavy coat, a set of prayer beads, shaped into a magatama rested. No ninja headband was on his head, though a large symbol long forgotten was on his back.

As he finally crossed the barrier of the blizzard, he glanced down, noticing a snake.

"Interesting to see snakes thrive just outside such a frigid climate. They couldn't have wandered in here. Then again, this is a valley lost to time, I suppose it'd be more confusing if they weren't. Good to note."

A glare from the sky caught his eyes, not quite the sun. The traveler sighed, and pulled out a book from his side. It was an ornate book, with a thick silver covering. Large green jades ornated each corner, and the center of the front and the back. The word 'Heaven' was written on it.

Opening it while resting his staff against elbow, he chuckled.

"3 are weird, approximately 6,000 others. Or perhaps I should say 3 normal, 6,000 irregulars. Hmm. This should be interesting. Maybe should have brought some company, it's rather boring traveling by myself. Not that I'm left alone as is. At this rate I'll have to purge this book by the end of the night. Well... I'll be out soon enough."


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Moku Ozaki

Moku was a bit disappointed to not see anyone within the first few minutes of flight. Not other village members, or random townspeople, or perhaps even a random traveler. He expected to see.... someone. It was almost eerie, like he was looking down on a place that had escaped the reach of humans for centuries. It was disconcerting, but also in his opinion kind of pleasant. Nature was at peace here it seemed. He liked that.

A minute was all that passed between that thought and the emergence of a... man? Perhaps. A person emerged from the snowstorm, heavily clothed and hobbling on a staff. Moku couldn't quite make out a lot of his appearance. But what he did note immediately set him on edge and made the mission seem far more worrisome than it had five minutes ago.

A magatama was on his neck. That was something Moku had only seen in books about ancient civilizations, and in some ruins he once visited with his dad. It was supposed to be the symbol of some powerful shinobi from numerous centuries ago. His dad even had a theory it might have been the first shinobi's personal symbol. Moku wasn't sure, but either way something like that on a person in a place this mysterious did not bode well.

What else concerned him was the symbol on his back. The whirling symbol was from the Village Hidden in the Whirlpools. That village was supposed to have been destroyed decades ago in the war between the Leaf and Mist. Either symbol by themself was concerning, but both together...

Moku had to tell Ashi and Sei immediately. Moku noted the man's position relative to where they came out of the storm, and flew back to talk to his teammates. He really hoped they were in plain enough sight to find quickly. He was sure whoever that man was they needed to resolve things peacefully. Or at least all be together, whether they need to fight or run...

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Ashi had simply nodded in response to Moku's response not really being able to tell he was trying to show anger towards her. Perhaps it was just Ashi being dense or simply a lack of understanding what the expression looked like. As feisty as she could be it wasn't like she really looked in the mirror at herself. As he took off her head turned looking a bit puzzled at Sei. She blinked scratching her chin not quite certain how to react. The friendly demeanor was... strange to Ashi. It wasn't like her old teammates weren't nice to her despite her 'rough' nature. It was perhaps a bit more friendly then she expected something that her own rather disheveled mindset wasn't quite certain how to react.

"Uh.... sure? I don't really... do traps... but if he has the sky it couldn't hurt to stay her for a little bit at least..." She spoke with her words being slower in their delivery almost as if she had some suspicion of it all being some elaborate set up. It only felt a bit more awkward when she began to ramble on. It was probably for the best as Ashi looked on more so dumbfounded. It was as if she was speaking some alien language talking about setting up traps and the various elements to consider when doing so. While Ashi had learned to be a bit more sensible with her approach, she had only adapted from 'charge straight in' to 'step to the side and attack from their flank' type of approach.

"Uh... yeah.. what? Nah! I got it. Don't worry I understood everything you were saying." She spoke with a smirk creating a fist and placing it on her chest absolutely having no clue really what she had been saying. She didn't want to come off feeling stupid by admitting she was lost. She glanced out sniffing in at the air as if by instinct not smelling anything, granted it wasn't very likely she would of picked anything up.

"Well... guess I'll go scout around. Mr. Katty will probably get fussy and be a jerk if he gets back finding out I didn't go scouting off like I was suppose to. It doesn't seem likely anything is here already yet... but if it is, my nose will find it if nothing else could." She spoke gloating a little bit as she lowered down to all fours before jumping off leaving Sei alone to finish up with some traps.
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Sei Teshima

Sei took her time setting her traps, keeping one eye out for her teammates and snakes while also looking out for any strangers-- locals or enemies. For a hidden village, she'd expected someone to make their presence known, or at least see signs of ninja, but it didn't seem like there was anyone there.

They could just be focused on defenses closer to the village since a blizzard tends to keep people away.

Moving further into the forest, Sei worked with genjutsu traps, smoke and sleep bombs, and some basic net traps. Nothing too fancy until they found a base of operations to use. Every once in a while one of her snakes would approach and report on the geography or simply tattle tale on one of their siblings or cousins. She always thanked them and shooed them on their way with more promises of games and treats once the mission was completed.

She was working on another genjutsu trap when two of the snakes slithered for her as fast as they could. "Nesan! Nesan!" The little brown snakes coiled around her ankles. "Ssomeone passed through the barrier. He came from the ssnow."

Sei looked back towards the line that marked the edge of the valley, suddenly thankful she'd moved further into the tree line instead of staying near the edge. Enemies already? "How many were there?"

"Just one."

Sei frowned. A scout, perhaps? Or just a traveler? Looking up, she wondered if Moku had noticed the newcomer yet or if Ashi had picked up his scent. Until they could reach her, she had to stay hidden and keep the stranger from reaching the village.

"Alright. I need you two to help me. One of you go find my friend Ashi, and the other needs to go back and keep an eye on the stranger."

One of the snakes reared up. "Do you want me to bite him?"

"No. No biting. Find someplace where you can hide, like a log or under a bush, and just watch him. If he uses any jutsu or if he starts to go further into the valley, you come straight to me, understand?"

"Yes, Nesan." The two of them slithered away.

Slapping the finishing touches on her trap, Sei bolted for the trees, jumping up to the sturdy branches and ducking into the safety of the foliage. Okay, plan is . . . She looked around, first for her teammates and then for the stranger; no sign of either. Plan is to delay the stranger without revealing our presence. Hopefully, the others turn up soon and we can come up with a better solution.

Careful to remain silent and hidden, she made her way towards the road. If the stranger wanted easy travel, the dirt path was his best bet. Sei settled in position where she could see clearly both the forest around her and the path ahead of her. She forced herself to breathe quietly and to sit perfectly still, and wait.


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Moku Ozaki

Moku descended through the storm once more, ignoring the cold via fear for his comraded. He landed and strode through the storm wall into the warmth of the forest's edge. He didn't see either Sei or Ashi at first. However he did see one of her adorable little snakes. He wasn't really sure of any of their names, but he knew they could both speak and understand human speech.

He canceled Mirror Body before squatting down to the little snake, sure to make careful and even motions to not spook them. He gave a small smile and spoke softly bit urgently to the little snake. "There's a likely very dangerous man here. I need you to get Sei and Ashi if she's with her and bring them here ok? It's important that we try not to fight him unless we have to. And definitely not alone! Can you tell her that?"

With a tiny, shy nod but no verbal response the snake slithered off into the woods. He was admittedly a little bummed they didn't talk to him. He was kinda jealous of the shinobi who had talking summons. Maybe he'd get one some day. He stood, summoning a clone with just enough chakra to let it watch his back. They stood at the ready in case of attack while he waited for his comrades. Yet question on his mind was: what kind of animal would suit me?

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Ashi jumped through the trees keeping a steady pace as she went about scouting propelling herself forward quickly through the forest. She sniffed at the air, careful to try and see if she could pick up anything loosely as she traveled through. She didn't really expect she would find anything though it made her feel a bit less useless rather then just sticking to one place. She didn't want to come off sounding dumb either if Sei tried talking with her more about traps. It was far easier to avoid a topic she was clueless about rather then having to try and fumble a good response to make it sound as if she was oblivious.

The Inuzuka teen suddenly paused as a scent was picked up in her nose. She stopped on the branch she was on, her hands resting on the branch with her feet carefully resting to her side as if in a dog like sitting position. She sniffed the air more, her attention shifting towards where the strange barrier kept the frigid snow from entering the area. She sniffed at the air, seeming a little bit uncertain. It had been brief but she swore she could smell something in the air that felt out of place, though it was hard to tell. It was possible perhaps it was just Moku somewhere above flying around with the smell having lingered down. The jerk did come off like someone who might give off an odd scent.

She jumped from the tree dashing towards the edge of the barrier. Her nose sniffed at the air as she moved trying to pick up something new not really sure even if it had been fluke and her nose had mistaken the smell to be something else.

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Sei Teshima

Sei's eyes scanned the forest from her hiding place. One hand over her heart, reminding herself to keep calm and quiet, while she held a paralyzing smoke grenade at the ready in her other hand.

Nothing. No movement on the ground or in the trees around her. She'd worried the stranger might use the trees for travel and accidentally discover her but it hadn't happened yet.

"Come on, guys, where are you?" She let her eyes dart skyward for a second, half hoping to see Moku coming down to help her. "I can't protect this whole valley on my own."

A soft hissing from the grass beside the tree drew her attention. A small snake sat curled by the roots, flicking its tongue out at her but never looking up or calling out to her.

Sei surveyed the forest once more before dropping down and kneeling beside the snake, offering her hand. "Did something happen?"

"Your friend Moku ssent me. He'ss at the boarder again. And there's a sstranger he's worried about."

"I heard. Thank you."
Sei placed the snake on her shoulder, letting it slide around her neck before she took off, jumping up into the trees and racing from branch to branch back towards the edge of the valley. "Was there any word on Ashi? I sent someone after her but I haven't seen or heard from her."

"No. Sorry."

They reached the edge of the valley and Sei jumped down beside Moku. "I'm glad you're alright." She gently petted the snake's side. "Ren said you noticed the intruder. Have you seen Ashi?"

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The man would finally appear in Sei's sights along the dirt path, much as she had predicted. He had taken a while due to being in no hurry, and took the road more oft traveled as a result. His eyes were buried in his book, it must have been fascinating, for he hardly bothered to look up other than to make sure he wasn't walking into a tree. An explosion rocked the area, the sound, smell, and sight would easily be noticed by Ashi, Moku, and the snakes around.

Inside the blast, a book fell to the side, bouncing against the tree, miraculously alive after such a blast. It was quiet for a handful of moments before a fluttering of pages was heard, paper reforming into the shape of a human. The man appeared again, looking a little ruffled, burns on his clothes, singed hair, and a bit unhappy; his reaction time hadn't been perfect. But it had reduced the blast.

"Interesting. I expected them to ambush me, not traps. Kudos to the one who laid them I suppose. Well... I suppose even I am mortal if I don't keep up my guard."

Reaching over, he picked up his book again, opened the pages away from him. Paper ripped out of it, forming a clone which ran forward, detonating a trap. He repeated his trick a handful of times clearing the way in a very loud and purposeful way. It seemed like he wanted the attention of those around him. He held the book to his chest, it was very important to him, and seemed to be part of his kit as a ninja.
Sei Teshima

Sei frowned as she watched the man from her hiding place. She'd never seen a clone made from paper before. And at the rate he was going, the man would set off all her traps before help arrived. Glancing at the nearby trees, she briefly wondered where the others were and what was taking them so long. The clone she'd sent out to find them hadn't disappeared yet so perhaps they were still gathering forces?

But if he gets past all of my traps, it'll be dangerous and difficult to get ahead of him again and stop him. He might even set some traps for us.

She closed her eyes for a second, trying to think. I don't know enough about him to try a physical attack. Better to hang back and try to slow him down until help arrives.

Ren, the little snake resting on her shoulders, flicked out her tongue. "I could still bite him. His foot would swell up and he wouldn't get far on it."

"And he could stomp on you and Kuro would be mad at me," Sei whispered. She rubbed the scales under Ren's jaw with the tip of her finger. "We'll save the biting as a last resort."

The man was almost out of her line of sight. Sei would have to change positions if she wanted to keep an eye on him. Putting her hands together, she carefully gathered her chakra and formed her handsigns. Sly Mind Technique. A breeze sent some leave across the path and the smoke from the explosive traps swirled for a moment. The forest around him would warp to confuse him, circling him back through this spot. It would buy them some time, assuming he didn't realize he was caught in a genjutsu.

Once sure he hadn't noticed her, Sei jumped from one tree to the next, careful not to make a sound as she landed. Moku and Ashi had better get here soon. She crouched in the tree top and watched.

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Ashi traveled forward not in too huge of a rush following the trail she vaguely picked up. That changed quickly as an explosion. She blinked a bit surprised pausing in her tracks. Oh yeah, Sei was setting up those traps and all over there.... She shook her head as she darted forward moving towards where the explosions happened, hearing as several seemed to trigger at once. It was rather unlikely some poor soul would stumble around in that area as it was, and having multiple explosions only made it seem that much more likely whoever it was wasn't likely just some random passerby who had unlikely stumbled into a trap.

Tsukiashi flew through the air using the trees to jump off as she made her way quickly to where the commotion wise. Her eyes and nose were quick to lock onto the strange man holding a book in his hands. Some boring type to be holding a book at the very least, though he seemed to be dealing with the traps in some way as her eyes caught sight of another explosion as a clone hit another trap. It was a good enough sign to her that he was trouble. She pulled back suddenly pushing off the branch taking off in a spin towards the man.

Passing Fang.

She set out to strike him directly not apply enough force to likely straight kill a shinobi who was capable of using clones though enough to hopefully knock him off his feet and possibly unconscious. She prepared herself to land in place positioned on all fours on the ready in response unsure just how the man would take her attack being on guard even in her more brash straight forward approach.

"Who are ya and what are ya doing here?" She shouted out swiftly as if the thought of simply asking him first might of been a good idea. Still, her attempt to ambush him seemed to make more sense even if her choice of words was perhaps a bit silly sounding at this point.

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