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Pumpkin Pie

𝚒𝚝 𝚒𝚜 𝚜𝚙𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚢
Good day or night, fellow writers of RPN. As is the case every year when autumn rolls around, I’ve been hit with the strong urge to write in a world of fantasy, slight horror or downright strangeness. I don’t have too many rules. Please be over 18 for my comfort, be respectful of myself and others, and write a minimum of a paragraph. I don’t ask for perfect grammar but please make your posts legible. Don’t ghost; if you need to leave or take a break, just shoot me a message. No need to explain why, if you don’t wish to. I just like a heads up. Other than that, I’ll preface this by saying I usually write M/M, though as the title suggests, all pairings are fine. I love OOC communication, but we don’t have to chat if that’s not your thing. As long as we talk about the plot, that is. Please PM me if anything catches your eye.

•• Spooky Pairings (bolded character is my preference): ••

• Werewolf // Human
Witch // Human
• Vampire // Human
Witch // Werewolf
• Human // Fae
• Shapeshifter // Human
Demon // Human
Witch // Demon
• Ghost // Human
• Ghost Hunter // Skeptic
Slightly Magical Person // Supernatural Fan

•• Little Plot Prompts ••
All plots are subject to change as we see fit. I am open to suggestions on other plots as well.

Muse A is a witch on the run from trouble. Muse B is a newly turned werewolf. When they run into each other in the same small town, they decide to team up for the benefit of them both. Now, if they could keep from getting killed, they just might be able to

Muse A is a traveler, lost in the dense wilderness of an unfamiliar forest. In the rain and cold, they stumble for hours in search of a landmark, only to find themselves on a long abandoned property. With no one in sight and freezing, they take refuge inside the building. Little do they know that it’s not quite as abandoned as it seems. Muse B, cursed to forever wander the property, is thrilled to at last have company. Well, human company, anyway.
Loosely based on Beauty & The Beast.

Muse A and Muse B both wake up in an unfamiliar place: the lobby of a hotel. Neither of them remember how they got there or how, but at first glance, it seems like they’re the only ones present. Together, they wander and explore the hotel, with each door unraveling even stranger secrets.

Muse A is a tricky demon, sealed inside an old book. One day, Muse B finds the book in a library, and opens it without thinking. Yet when Muse A is freed, it turns out that they no longer have any of their former power. They are, really, no stronger than a human.

Muse A, a foolish college student, goes on a field trip to a historical house in their town. As they’re joking around with friends, they somehow manage to fall down the property’s old well. When they wake up they are, of course, no longer in their own world. Muse B is a sorcerer out on a couple errands, who just so happens to hear Muse A’s cries for help.

#6 - TAKEN
Muse A and Muse B are new roommates, who have just moved into an old apartment complex. Everything is all fine and dandy, until they start to experience strange things, and learn that there may or may not be a portal to hell in the basement.

What’s worse than a summer vacation stuck doing nothing? A summer vacation ruined by a zombie outbreak, of course. Muse A and Muse B are survivors, either from the beginning or two who run into each other along the way.

•• Fandoms ••
I will not write canon characters. Sorry, but I would much rather learn about your OCs, and I’m not much good with canons anyway.

• Harry Potter *****
• Percy Jackson ***
• Castlevania (based on the tv show) ****
• Fairy Tales (including Disney) **
• Genshin Impact *****
• Stardew Valley **
• Fablehaven ***
• Warrior Cats ***
• BNHA **
• Skyrim ***
• Pokémon **
• More, which will be added as I remember them.
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Always up for a good tea party!
I would be interested in Harry Potter! I got a young but male character, 1st year. DM back if you would want to do a rp with him (for age purposes, if they do find to like each other, we can obviously work around a little timeskip, but I’m open to ship, fight, casual friendship, etc.)

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    2. Adventure
    3. Horror
    4. LGTBQ
    5. Romance
    6. Super Powers
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