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Fandom Splatoon - Ink or Sink [Closed]

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Ink or Sink

Summer in Inkopolis means sweltering heat, melon smoothies at the Crust Bucket, and the end-of-summer Festival of Colors. Of course, with any major upcoming festival in Inkopolis, the place is swarming with young Inklings and Octolings more so than usual, drawn in by the food, the party, and of course, the Turf Wars. But the Festival of Colors is not your average Splatfest, no. This time, there's no sides to take, no moral dilemmas to leave up to the whimsical paws of a cat and a kitten. The Festival of Colors is most popular for its annual tournament, the Ink or Sink Open. Any team of four can sign up to compete, they need only put in the registration fee, a team roster, and a team name. They also have to supply their own equipment.

But there's a lot more at stake here than just bragging rights, and a lot more games than just Turf War to play. Becoming a professional athlete in Turf War or its similar counterparts is the dream job of many Inklings and Octolings, but much like our world, it can only be achieved by very few. Typically an aspiring athlete will need to go through the public leagues and work their way up. The Ink or Sink Open, however, provides young new teams with a golden ticket opportunity - the winning team is often picked up immediately into the major leagues with some large brand as a sponsor, launched directly into stardom and the job of their dreams. The only hard part? Actually winning. Thousands of teams sign up every year, and only one can win the tournament.

This is where we begin our story - with you, a young aspiring Inkling or Octoling, here for the Ink or Sink Open. Whether new in town or a long-time local, you've been contacted with an offer. A local boy by the name of Raymond, or rather known by his callsign, Ray-Ray, put out an ad for three teammates to join him in entering the tournament, and despite all better judgement, you took him up on his offer. You're about to move into a small apartment with three people you don't know, all on the off-chance the team somehow makes it through the Ink or Sink Open and comes out the victors.

And you have absolutely no doubts on your ability to win.

tl:dr - there's a big festival tournament coming up and we're a team trying to win

Hello! If you managed to slog through that intro, thanks for sticking around! I'm Noivian, as you know, and I'm wanting to try a more advanced Splatoon rp. Clearly there is a plot, as explained in the intro, and I'm actually quite excited about this one. I'm looking for three other people to play the other teammates. I, of course, will be playing Ray-Ray. The characters are young adults, as I doubt any logical society would allow children to play a dangerous sport professionally, and should be aged in the range of 18-25, preferably within 2-3 years of each other, but we can pick the exact area of that range later. Inklings and Octolings are both on the table, preferably no hybrids, and no other sea animals either. You can play whatever gender, but do note that all four characters will be bunking in a room much like the above video. It's a cramped space with not a lot of privacy options aside from the bathroom.

I do expect the people who join to be able to post at least a paragraph or two of quality writing. I would prefer if this were a more literate and advanced style rp. If you're interested, please leave a comment below! I'll make more threads when there's proper traction.



Number 5.
i am.. interested 👀 i have an octo boy i haven't used in a while that i wouldn't mind using again ehehehe


Leech Boy
Throwing the big interest over here with my boy Mop (:< I was going to pass because I main a slug character, buuuuuuut Mop is a good second choice. He's an inkling. <3


Drinker of coffees
Here's the thread!


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