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Fandom Splatoon: Echoes from the Deep [Character forms]


The Known Stranger

Echoes from the Deep

Images are welcome for the appearance section, though not required.
Agent Form:

Alias: (Agent 4(inkling) or Agent 8(octoling))
Appearance: (What is their usual style when not in uniform?)
Approximate skill level: (C - X)
Favorite weapon type(s): (No you don't have to stick to these all the time)
Personality: (How do they go about life, both in their agent work and outside it?)
Backstory: (Who are they outside of their agent work?)
Other info: (secrets, siblings, traumas, relationships, etc)

Non-Agent Form

Inkling or Octoling:
Appearance: (How do you do your hair and clothes?)
Approximate skill level: (C - X)
Favorite Weapon Type(s): (No you don't have to stick with these all the time)
Personality: (how do they go about life?)
Backstory: (Who is your character and how did they get to where they are?)
Other info: (Siblings, relationships, secrets, etc)

Agent 3: Jason - Morzone
Agent 4: Valentine - Bloody_Death
Agent 8: Open

(Characters like Cap'n Cuttlefish, Marie, Callie, Pearl, Marina are going to be more background characters,
but if you think you can rp them well enough I could be convinced to let you do so)


Ciel - Morzone
Reis - VeiledPariah
Spy - PeppermintTea
(There's no limit to these atm, but I don't want an overwhelming amount)​
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Roleplay Type(s)
Agent Form:

Name: N/A
Alias: Agent 8
Approximate skill level: S+
Favorite weapon type(s): Octoshot/Splattershot
Personality: (How do they go about life, both in their agent work and outside it?) Eight is focused and determined in her work as an agent, taking the matter very seriously. Outside of such work, she shows a lot of curiosity towards Inkling culture, and upholds a very kind and semi-quiet demeanor.
Backstory: Eight was a former member of the Octarian ranks, but fled due to having more compassion than she felt the others under Octavio's rule had. After getting into a conflict with Agent 3, she fell into the Deep Sea Metro with Cap'n Cuttlefish and had to fight for her memories and freedom back. Escaping first from Octarian society and then from the Metro, she has finally gained full freedom and is more than willing to protect the freedom and safety of others.
Other info:
• Even though Eight has regained most of her memories, one that she still doesn't have is the memory of what her name was.
• Eight has a strong dislike for cyan as a colour, as it reminds her of the Metro's testing facility.
• Eight had used to be friends with Mizuta (dedf1sh) before Mizuta seemingly vanished from Octarian society. This was one of many factors that led Eight to leave as well.


The Known Stranger
Name: Jason

Alias: Agent 3
Appearance: 1658980746762.png

Approximate skill level: X

Favorite weapon type(s): Prefers a simple shooter weapon like the N-zap, but is skilled in all types. (also has a soft spot for bucket weapons, but doesn't use them often)

Personality: Serious and mistrustful. He expects perfection from himself, especially during his agent work. A loner when it comes to his social life.

Backstory: Jason came to inkopolis when turf wars first boomed in popularity, playing with his friends and improving his skills. Eventually he was scouted by captain Cuttlefish and became a secret agent. Because of his secret work, he ended up falling out with his friends who kept playing for fun while he disappeared to fight Octavio. For the longest time he worked alone, fighting rogue octarian soldiers and improving his skills risking life and death. Even after Agent 4 and 8 joined he found it hard to open up to them, though he recognized their skills and found he could generally trust them in the field.

Other info: Often has nightmares about when he was taken over by the sanitized-goo and was forced to fight agent 8. He offered to quit afterward, but the captain assured Jason he didn't blame him and should stay on as an agent.


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~~Agent Form~~

Name: Valentine
Alias: Agent 4

inkling blank.png
(Credit to @_nitronic on Twitter.)
Approximate skill level: X Rank
Favorite weapon types: Blasters and Splatlings. Though, he knows a bit of every type thanks to Sheldon making him test different weapons all the time.

Personality: Valentine is very laid back at a first glance. Almost appearing lazy as he tends to complain about work a lot. But in actuality, he cares a lot about his work and fellow members of the Splatoon. Working hard behind the scenes as he likes to appear that he can achieve lots without putting in a lot of work. He thinks that seems cooler. Not to mention he is a bit competitive and always wants to out best those around him.

Backstory: Before joining the agency he lived a bit of a normal life. Just an Inkling doing turf. However, he made a bit of a name for himself as he progressed through the ranks fairly quickly. Making it to S+ in a little over a month. However, he seemingly disappeared from the scene for a while. Some speculate he was taking a break, but really he just started getting all wrapped up in agent work and stopping Octavio. Once he did that he finished up his quest to X but left it at that since he wanted to get more serious about his agent work. If he isn't working he can often be spotted playing some casual turf or hanging out at the arcade.

Other info:
- Might have a bit of a one-sided rivalry with Three.
- Feels a bit upset that he wasn't able to help his fellow agents in the deep sea metro.
- He has a small group of childhood friends. They often play turf together when he has the time to.


The Known Stranger
Totally didn't accidentally delete my Faceclaim image, spend forever trying to find it again then eventually just give up and find one similar


Name: Ciel
Inkling or Octoling: Octoling

Approximate skill level: B

Favorite Weapon Type(s): Likes brushes, makes her go fast :D

Personality: Ciel is, in short, an energetic fangirl. She loves good food, good fun, and is a ray of sunshine whenever possible. Massive nerd when it comes to turf war games, even if she only plays herself casually. Cares a lot about fairness and doesn't like being ordered around.

Backstory: Like many other octolings, Ciel came with her siblings to inkopolis after the o'l DJ Octo was defeated. She was never a fan of battling and hated being part of the octarian army. So when she and her siblings finally came up to the surface, ciel decided the #1 priority in her life was going to be having fun. (and eating good food, once she found out how AWESOME the food was in the city) Ciel began to play turf war casually, and spent many hours watching ranked players battle it out and keeping up on all the ranked player gossip.

Other info: Lives in a small apartment in the city with her two sisters, but they're not really into turf war so she doesn't hang out with them so much.
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The Answer to all your problems!
Name: Reis
Inkling or Octoling: Inkling
(Her normal everyday wear and hairstyle)

(When competing, uses make-up to get the details and coloring into her hair)

Approximate skill level: (A)
Favorite Weapon Type(s): Splatterscope, Dualie squelchers
Personality: Reis actually works as a cafe bartender(a serious mixologist as she calls herself) during most days and actually enjoys it very much. It allows her to be socially active and express herself to customers. Although like anyone she can have her bad days and during that time it’s best to keep your distance she is normally nothing less than helpful and cheerful. Due to her personality she prefers to provide support for others and that blends into her game, preferring to snipe from afar with a splatterscope relishing the satisfaction of taking someone down before they ever knew she was there. She can hold her own up close though and has slowly begun making her way through the rankings as a competent teammate. With that she would never play solo if she could help it not enjoying being alone in any kind of way.
Backstory: Reis’ story is one of a dreamer, her wary home life in the more rural parts of the world were unexciting. Her dream to own a cafe one day brought her to Inkopolis where she knew her dream would come true one day. For now she is earning her keep as a bartender and prior to that she started as a waitress. While in schooling for her profession she joined a group of friends to compete casually but grew a taste for it after many losses and with those lessons many wins. To this day she still competes even with random players that are struggling to find a team. Her savings are slowly building and she is closer to her dream than ever to opening a cafe of her own and ruling both the competitive scene and cafe industry hopefully.
Other info: Reis has a mother(Amelia) and father(Reno) as well as a younger sister(Filli) however they are all back in her home town. She does contact them regularly though as she does love her family and always wants to know how they are doing.
Mr Watanabe(Cafe owner)(Friend)


Jaden Yuki
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Name: Caramel
Inkling or Octoling: Inkling
Approximate skill level: She doesn't always fight opponents, but she is quite skillful at fighting, so Caramel would be B
Favorite Weapon Type(s): Basically slosher
Personality: Caramel is an unconfident inkling who desires to be an idol. More info will be here soon as I'm adding more infos for her.
Backstory: (She is totally undeveloped since this character is a W.I.P.)
Other info:
(coming soon)


lurker but flavorful
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Name: Spy (N3245, Clown)
Inkling or Octoling: Octoling
Appearance: Physically, Spy has dark brown skin and yellow-ish eyes. His pupils are cut up into 2 (for a total of 4 pupils) that are greyish in color. He usually keeps his tentacles in a spiral pompadour. He wears a pair of to not only hide his eyes, but to also look cool at the same time. He usually wears a tri-color hoodie with the sleeves cut off paired with shorts and flip flops or rough sneakers. Spy's usual ink color is purple.

Approximate skill level: S/S+
Favorite Weapon Type(s): Splatlings

Personality: He's a pretty easy going guy who prefers to take everyday as if it's his last. A daredevil at heart, Spy doesn't mind doing insanely stupid and insanely dangerous acts. However, he refuses to harm another, and goes out of his way to defend if he sees something happen. This usually results in backalley fist fights over something honestly rather small. He's aggressive towards his enemies and hyperactive around friends. When it comes to responsibilities, though, Spy often shrieks them in favor of something more interesting. He doesn't mind blowing people off and is blunt and brash most of the time. There are moments where he can be serious, but they're few and far inbetween.

Backstory: (This is a rather brief version! Here's a link to the longer one if you want to read all of it! it's not done but decently there: here! )

Spy was born in one of the farming / food production-orientated domes of Octo Valley to two low-ranking Octolings. He wasn't anything extraordinary himself - he got average grades and was known to be a bit of a daredevilish prankster. While his pranks never did any harm, he got into a lot of trouble for it. So much so he was given the name "Clown" - it was tradition in their dome to name children after achievements or personality traits as they got older.

However, when he was a pre-teen, one of his pranks didn't go as planned. He accidentally broke their water pumps, causing a food shortage in their dome as well as disease to run rampent due to toxic water. As punishment, he was sent to another dome to a academy. The headmaster saw some sort of promise him in and accepted the referral (his punishment was not supposed to be a transfer, but rather, something more sinister). He was put in the boys' dorm and program, however took extra classes with the elite students and after school training sessions with the headmaster. The headmaster was one of the few that knew that Clown was partially blind. She gave him the name "Spy" in honor of his dome's traditions (and insulted the "Clown" name), as Spy was naturally sneaky and a perfect, well, spy.

One day, one of his elite classmates asked him if he knew of the "truth of their society". He didn't, and she tried to tell him about it, but he refused to listen. A week later, when the classmate went missing, Spy decided to figure out why. He found out that the girl and her family had been killed in the night. Fearful, thinking that the girl had been telling the truth, Spy started to compose a notebook of things he's found or gathered. Since he couldn't read that well due to his eyesight, he came up with his own language and would quickly try to translate documents once everyone was asleep. He even got the boys in his dorm in on it. When the news of Octo Canyon gaining electricity - and subsequently losing it - got out, the boys argued with Spy and declared him a traitor. He escaped the dome and ended up in the Valley. Deciding to risk it, Spy jumped to what he assumed was land. It was; it was just the sides of the Valley.

He made his way, underneath stars that he thought were fake, towards a city. He found out rather quick that it wasn't an Octarian city, but an Inkling one. Was he bothered? Not really! With notebook by his side, he started to make a life for himself in the city. He didn't know the language or culture, but he was quick enough with his mouth (and feet!) to bargin or steal what he needed. He lived contently until he met an Inkling girl whose name was Hannah. They were both 14 and became quick friends. Hannah loved to investigate and explore, and Spy loved living on the edge. Spy gave Hannah the name "Cam" since she always carried and old polarid camera with her, claiming to be a journalist.

When they were 16, Cam got into a gang fight. Cam's older sibling, named Clips, ran a vigilante style gang. Spy knew about it; Cam didn't. He made a promise to Clips not to let Cam know, but that flew out the window when they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. During a hurricane, the two tried to help with relief as much as they could (they lived in the outer slums, near the ocean. It flooded often and there was little help for the area). Cam got stabbed and Spy carried her body away as the fight got worse. In a sketchy clinic, a doctor took care of Cam. The fight left Cam without any memories, but Spy didn't mind it. They became quick friends once again, and Spy gave Cam her name again. Not wanting to stay - and honestly wanting to explore more - Spy convinced Cam to come with him to an upcoming city on the opposite coast. And they did, hitching a ride on a train and heading towards the city of Splatsville.

Now, the two have a run down apartment (They both like the gritty atmosphere, it fits them). They're both still adventure-loving, though Cam convinced a grassroots news station to pay her gold for stories and information. Spy goes into the Splatlands and comes back with random shit all the time, which usually fetches a pouch or two from metal workers or estranged collectors.

Other info: He's mostly blind; he can see color contrast, however depending on how much light is in an area he can be completely blind (in the case of too much or too little light). At the very best, he can make out rough shapes. If said rough shape is moving, it is akin to a blur to him. He's gotten used to telling who is speaking to him and assuming where blurs are going - but all of it is just estimation in the end.


lurker but flavorful
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Name: Eight (Ver Verdis, 8084)
Alias: Agent Eight
Appearance: He has the standard Octoling mohawk with bright orange-reddish eyes, pallor skin, and a growth on his right ear. He usually wears dull green contacts, a durable grey winter coat that he keeps open with a crop top underneath, and dull green combat boots. His coat has various badges and paint splatters on them and the crop top is black with an Annaki symbol on it. He wears standard leggings as well.
Approximate skill level: B+
Favorite weapon type(s): Octoshot
Personality: He's a naturally curious and helpful guy. He believes in the goodness of all; it only takes a little bit of extra help for that goodness to come out! However, he also believes there's varying amounts of goodness, and that sometimes that "good" is done in a selfish manner. He can't stand those that harm someone else, especially for "improper" reasons. He's got a martyr complex and believes himself to always be morally correct and takes it upon himself to hurt or even kill those who are morally incorrect.. according to him. His moral compass is one of the few things he has to his identity, after all.
Ignoring his morality, Eight isn't overly ambitious. He's stubborn and puts himself entirely into whatever he's doing, but if that's just being a barista until the end of his days then that's how it is. The only thing he's actually ambitious about are stuff involving the Squidbeak, but that ties into the morality and martyr complex instead of his ambitiousness.
Backstory: (Full Backstory Here (There's trigger warnings, so be careful! None in the summary))
8084 was born to an Elite Commander alongside his twin sister. However, due to the nature of his dome, he was separated from her and given to a lower level, nameless Octoling. He was raised in the slums of his dome and was taught early on the insignificance of his life - in his dome, men were frowned upon and seen as a pointless addition to Octolings. It didn't help that he was half deaf - his right ear didn't work. It was the rule that Octolings with physical disabilities would be "taken away", never to be seen again. He told his mother and his mother told him to lie about his deafness and to do the best he could to pretend he wasn't. He had to be merciless and unfriendly when he wanted to be kind and forgiving. His mother was the same as him - a wonderful woman who would do anything to help another - but they had to survive.

Before he was allowed to go to school, he and the only other boy in the slums were told to fight by the leaders of their dome. Music played and the other boy seemed to go feral - he only stopped when guards pulled the boy off of him. He was bloodied and bruised and couldn't really see, but nobody really told him why that had happened and instead they were both allowed to go to school. That boy apologized to him and 8084 forgave him. That boy disappeared when they were 10, because the boy got a bad grade. Bad grades meant you disappeared too. There were a lot of ways to "disappear" for insubordination.

When he was 12, 8084 got a bad grade, too. His mother held him as she cried, and when a soldier found them hiding in an alleyway, she killed her and ran with him in tow. They hid out at her friend's house, where 8084 saw a girl that looked like him. He passed out there from exhaustion and stress, and woke up in a cubby in a wall. That girl from before took him out, told him to pretend like he always did, and gave him up to soldiers. He was placed in front of a military tribunal and charged with murder - however, one of the Elite Commanders pardoned him. He was sent to a orphanage / boarding school and was the subject of many tests and trials. Sickness and death was rampent there, but 8084 was one of the few that survived.

When the Great Zapfish was stolen for a second time, he and a couple of other kids from the orphanage were sent out with trackers around their necks to find the Inkling and the King. Things didn't go as planned as their trackers exploded - one of the other kids survived due to their own genetic mutations and managed to just barely save 8084's life. He was unconscious for awhile until he woke up to her screaming, telling him to run. In his daze, he fell into a sinkhole.

He woke up without any memories. Following a man named Captain Craig Cuttlefish, he - now given the name of Eight - explored a train system trying to figure out who he was and where to go from there. He only ate a couple of the mem cakes before refusing to eat any more, instead giving them to a isopod named Iso Padre on their train. He decided then he didn't want his memories. He wanted peace. At the end of his journey, he got exactly what he was looking for.

Other info: Him being deaf is due to a growth on his ear, only noticiable when he's in his human form. He periodically cuts the growth off (it has no nerves in it, but sometimes he gets a little too close to his nerves and ends up cutting them too), but it regrows rather quickly. He can't hear out of that ear at all.

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